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Welcome to my FREE Crystal Healing Resources page, a growing library of helpful articles and step-by-step guides for working with your crystals.
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A Beginners Guide to Crystals & Crystal Healing

New to Crystal Healing? Looking for a refresher or some new ideas? These Crystal Healing Resources cover the foundations for working with crystals:
7 Must-Have Crystals for Beginners
How to Choose a Crystal
How to Cleanse Crystals Safely
Why I Never Cleanse Crystals in Water
How to Consecrate New Crystals
How to Program Crystals
How to Deprogram Crystals
Where Do The Properties of Crystals Come From?
5 Myths About Crystals Busted!


The Best Crystals For…

My recommended crystals for different purposes and properties:
Crystals For Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth
Crystals For Anxiety
Crystals For Connecting With Your Ancestors
Crystals For Depression
Crystals For Empaths
Crystals For Energy
Crystals For Grounding
Crystals For Healing, Health & Wellbeing
Crystals For Lucid Dreaming & Dreams
Crystals For Mercury Retrograde
Crystals For Motivation & Goals
Crystals For New Beginnings
Crystals For Psychic Abilities & Intuition
Crystals For Positive Thinking
Crystals For Psychic Protection
Crystals For Psychic Vampire Protection
Crystals For Self Confidence
Crystals For Sleep
Crystals For Stress Relief
Crystals For Studying, Focus & Memory
Crystals For Yoga Practice


Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids are a way to harness the power of crystals with Sacred Geometry to manifest anything, heal or protect. Learn what they are and how they are used plus lots of crystal grid recipes for you to try:
What Is A Crystal Grid?
How Do Crystal Grids Work?
How Long Should You Leave A Crystal Grid Up?
When Should You Cleanse Your Crystal Grid?
Why Your Crystal Grid Isn’t Working
Must-Have Crystals for Crystal Grids
Flower of Life Crystal Grids Explained
Crystal Grid For Love
Crystal Grid To Cleanse The Aura
Crystal Grid for Healing
Crystal Grid for Protection
Crystal Grid For Stress Relief
Crystal Grid To Connect With Angels
Crystal Grid for Home Protection
Crystal Grid for Success
Crystal Grid For Letting Go of Your Ex
How To Make a Vision Board
Crystal Grids Power (My Bestselling Book)


Working With Your Crystals

Working with your crystals and learning more about energy:
What To Do With New Crystals
Can You Carry or Wear Too Many Crystals?
Learning Crystal Healing & Overthinking


Looking After Your Crystals

Learn how to best store and take care of your crystals:
How To Store & Organise Your Crystals
How To Physically Clean Your Crystals
What Does a Broken Crystal Mean?


Cleansing Crystals

More ways to work with crystals and crystal energy.
How To Cleanse Your Crystals Safely
How To Cleanse Crystals By The Full Moon
Cleansing Crystals With a Copper Pyramid


Crystal Buyers Guide

Buyers guides and tips for finding, choosing and buying crystals and other metaphysical tools:
How To Choose a Crystal
Must-Have Crystals for Beginners
Crystals: Does Size Matter?
Good Places To Buy Crystals
Gem Show Tips & Buyers Guide
Must-Have Crystals for Crystal Grids
How To Choose a Crystal Skull
Cut Crystals Shapes & Their Meanings


Identifying Crystals

Learn how to identify different crystals or crystal formations and discover what they mean:
Natural Crystal Formations & Their Meanings
Is it Aquamarine or Aqua Aura?
Lemurian Seed Crystals & How To Identify Them
Generator Crystals & How To Spot One
Natural Citrine Vs Heat Treated Citrine


Chakra Crystals

Having a good understanding of the Chakra System and how it relates to crystals is a valuable skill in all Crystal Healing work:
5 Crystals For The Heart Chakra
Chakra Crystals Cheat Chart
10 Minute Chakra Balancing & Clearing with Crystals
Activate Your Upper Chakras with Crystals
Activate Your Lower Chakras with Crystals
Crystal Healing For the Chakras (My Book)


Psychic Protection With Crystals

I always recommend people who are sensitive to energies use some form of protection. Learn how to strengthen your aura with crystals:
What Is Psychic Protection & Do I Need It?
7 Powerful Crystals for Psychic Protection
Crystals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People
Psychic Vampire Protection Crystals
Crystal Grid For Protection (Free Template)
Crystal Grid for Home Protection
Discover Your Guardian Stone (Free Ebook)
Psychic Protection Crystals by Ethan Lazzerini (My Book)


Guardian Stones

More information and support for readers of my Free Guardian Stone Book:
How To find Your Rising Sign with No Birth Time


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