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Where Do The Properties of Crystals Come From? Origins & Meaning

Where Do The Properties of Crystals Come From? Origins & Meaning

Where Do The Properties of Crystals Come From? Origins & Meaning

Where do the properties of crystals come from? Who decided the meanings? Discover the origin of Crystal Healing and why different stones mean different things.
A common question I get asked, especially to those who are just beginning their crystal journey is about the origin of the properties of different crystals. Where did they come from? Who decided what crystal means what or does something? How did they know? I get it…



Properties of crystals

Properties of crystals (Pin to Pinterest)


Origins Of The Properties Of Crystals

The thing I always try to explain is there is no one single answer to this question. The modern practice and belief in what most people call ‘Crystal Healing’ has many sources and developed over time. We can only theorise how this all came about as this story started thousands of years ago. I have given this a lot of thought over the years, what I share here is just my opinion and belief on the subject.


Colour Meanings

As I always say, colour is vibration. The colours of crystals relate to their energy and these colours play a big part in why people are drawn to certain stones. Different colours have different meanings. These meanings may relate to the elements, Planets in astrology or the chakras too.

“Understanding the chakra association is an excellent guide to the metaphycial properties of crystals.”


The chakras relate to different areas of our life, mind and parts of the physical body. Crystals bring those qualities into balance or help restore weak energies in the chakras and the aura. When crystals have a combination of colours this also indicates the additional energies and chakras. The practice of Colour Therapy also helps us understand the meanings of the different colours.


All crystals relate to the Chakras through their colour

All crystals relate to the Chakras through their colour


Shape & Form

Many crystals grow into interesting shapes and forms. Shapes also tell us lots about the intrinsic energy of a crystal. This may relate to Sacred Geometry and like colours, shapes have meanings and symbolism associated with them too. Crystals that are spikey, may be seen as defensive so could be used for protection. Rounded stones may be seen as more feminine, grounding and peaceful.
Then there is the look of the crystal and how it is affected by light. Transparency indicates receptivity and holds more energy. A highly reflective crystal is showier, an earthy-looking stone may be more grounding. These are just a few examples of where some of the meanings may have come from. In spiritual and metaphysical thinking, a natural form is not considered random or a coincidence.


Crystal Points are used to direct energy in crystal healing and crystal grids

Crystal Points are used to direct energy in crystal healing and crystal grids



Ancient people learned many things about our world through direct experience and trial and error. This is where the benefits of different herbs or essential oils come from. As they wore or carried different stones, people noticed how they affected them and how they felt. Today we have even more crystals available to us and new ones are discovered all the time.
People try things and share what they experienced, if others agree then these meanings tend to stick.


Energy & Intuition

Maybe you don’t feel the energy of crystals but some people do. Since before recorded history people who were sensitive to energy, perhaps those who were considered shamans, healers or wise people in their community would have sensed the energies of different stones. Once you can sense the energy of a crystal, it is not something that you can ignore. Energy does not lie.
In more recent times and to this day spiritual people such as crystal healers, teachers and authors like me are also sharing our impressions of different crystals. When you connect with the energy of a crystal you can get intuitive messages of what it helps with. I think if we ignored this part of Crystal Healing we would be missing a lot of information and it would be contradictory to a lot of the spiritual experiences so many people have had with crystals.


Why We Can’t Rely on Historic Meanings Alone

There are a few reasons why I believe we can’t rely on historic records and traditional meanings of stones alone. Firstly, very little ancient records have survived. It used to be mostly the Leaders, Priests and Royalty that could afford to have gemstones. Many records were lost or hidden. Even if we look at what survived from the medieval period, it is pretty limited. They did not have a large amount of different stones like we have today.
Also, they lived it a very different world to us, if you read what was documented about crystals by medival Physicians, you will see that a lot of it would not apply to modern people and much of it is very superstitious and innacurate (Rubies can boil water?). In the last 100 years so many new minerals have been discovered, crystals that were once only available to a select few are now affordable and easy to find.
This is why the practice of modern Crystal Healing is progressive. It’s constantly evolving and developing to adapt to our changing world and new discoveries. There simply are no traditional or historic sources for the properties of crystals we know and love today.


Location & Discovery

I don’t think that the location of a crystal’s discovery is a coincidence either. These areas of land hold energies and have all kind of history and legends associated with them (Larimar, Preseli Bluestone). Some stones have interesting stories attached to them and can develop an almost mythological status (Lemurian Seeds or Moldavite for example).
Was the stone first found near mountains, lakes, deserts, Sacred Sites or on an Island? Did it fall from the sky like a shooting star? This also can influence the properties that come with a stone. Also, note the name/s of the stone as it is used in the jewellery industry and any metaphysical names. These often indicate the location or certain spiritual associations it has.


Moldavite was formed by a meteor impact

Moldavite was formed by a meteor impact


Cultural Traditions

Different cultures have their own way of viewing different crystals. Many cultures associate certain properties and stories with stones. Sometimes these correlate with beliefs in other parts of the world and sometimes they are unique to a tradition. These have all influenced some of the properties of crystals we know about today and continue to survive outside of Crystal Healing.


Physical Uses & Effects

Despite what you may hear online in the past, just like today, most mining is not really for pretty crystals, it is much more practical. Minerals like Ores and Metals are used by different civilizations for making things. The ancients noticed how certain stones reacted to water, were poisonous, created coloured paints, changed colour or were needed to make metals for tools.
Hematite is rich in Iron and is still used to make this metal. Iron was used to make swords, armour and shields. Its physical properties are that it is strong and reflective. I don’t think it is a coincidence that it is one of the best crystals for psychic protection.


Hematite is used for protection

Hematite is used for protection


I hope this has given you some insight into the origin of the properties of crystals? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (please keep any questions you have concise and on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,


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22 thoughts on “Where Do The Properties of Crystals Come From? Origins & Meaning

  1. Susan

    This is so helpful, thank you! I was having a conversation just the other day about how you know what a crystal can help with. This answers many questions. I think meditating with a crystal gives invaluable insights that are personal to the individual – because everyone’s experience is unique.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles, and thank you for being so generous with your insights. 🙂

  2. Samamtha M

    Thank you for the knowledge ! I’m knew getting to know what is what .. So what is the difference (other then its makeup )between gemstones an crystal?

  3. Jocelyn Saggers

    really basic question.
    Some crystals are transparent other opaque and others translucent.
    Do these relate to mental, physical and higher self?
    Cheers Jocelyn

  4. Taryn

    Thank you for the information posted. I would like to find out where I could buy crystals in bulk, who are reputable and trustworthy suppliers?

  5. Didier

    Thankyou, this is really helpful. Can you tell me if special crystal types that have different colors have some overarching properties that are then being more specified according to color?

    For example, black tourmaline and pink have very different properties but does tourmaline have something black and pink both have and all other colours too? Is there a chart somewhere on the internet with color on one axis and type on the other axis? What would it look like?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Yes, generally there is often the main properties of a stone and other colours add or alter the meanings. This relates to the colour meanings as described above, and the best guide to them would be the chakra colours for crystal healing. Calcite is a good cleanser, so a red calcite relates to the Root Chakra, so this tells me that the stone would be good for cleansing that chakra and anything related to that chakra, such as fears about security for example.

    2. Cherry

      Yes. In your example, Pink Tourmaline is a shield for the heart chakra whereas Black Tourmaline is a great overall empowering and protective crystal. Protection is something all Tourmalines have in common.

      But the family also has other properties: they are all soothing, and they all have tremendous healing influence over the nervous system.

  6. Steven Lander

    Thanks heaps for the info. I do have a question if you don’t mind, does a crystal lose its power to heal if a side of the point is chipped off. I bought a nice small chunk of aqua aura. It cost me $59 and I was upset coz I only noticed a chip when I got it home. Cheers, Steve (Australia)

  7. Cindy

    Thank you for your no-nonsense, no-hype, bone deep honest approach to crystals. (Right, everybody?!?!) The love you feel for this is apparent — and contagious.

  8. Kristen

    Thank you so much for your article. I had been trying to find out how people determined what each crystal can do. I think you probably answered my question as best as I will be able to find.

  9. Catherine Nunn

    I’ve suddenly been drawn to crystals and am starting my journey having just bought my first chakra set of crystals. I’ve found your site very informative, educational and very interesting. Thank you for sharing your learnings.

  10. Kacey jones hockey stick assassin...

    To study anything you need to study many things…starting with the basics…if we’re talking about rocks and their energies… then I need to first know what physically was going on on earth at the time the rocks may have been formed…what jobs did they do….how they exist … so making connections between the metaphysical and scientific .

    myths …angels dem-ns the dev-l and Lucif-r shiva kali Thor or any metaphysical beings… they all hold a key to something deeper..all metaphysical beings they are described personification symbolism certain colors temperament behaviors jobs ect…

    planets even have certain aspects and energetic descriptions colors also personification… and also time I.e the astrology zodiac same thing … ….planets also have real physical properties,hot dry hot wet hot fast heat slow cold dry cold wet fast cooling slow cooling ect…so we’re talking about minerals , rocks and their energetic properties… well I need to study the physical part of their history…

    what was going on when the rocks were formed… was it hot ,cold , dry, was it fast and violent ? So let’s jump to the dinosaur… 100milion years they were living and on their way out …65 million years they are going extinct in a fast hot violent fashion…what energies are connected… I’ll say Mars and sat-nic..sat-n can also be any other being from another culture that has the same role…..

    . let me say now that good and evil are irrelevant here and are only our misunderstandings of these things… ..

    all things have a job …Mars energies would be the violent fast heat destruction…. now pay attention to how theses beings are depicted…Mars male red symbolizes the color of blood a hammer thunder and lightning….sat-n firey red barbed tail horns devourer of anything it’s contacts…what isn’t touched on so much or anywhere I’ve seen is the connection between their symbolism and a process of transformation they may represent .

    reactivity of elements making bonds and separating all very quickly things are being destroyed engulfed and transform in to materials for something new to be created…so …Mars destroyed spilled the blood sat-n came and devoured further deconstructed and purified in a way created a canvas in a way for a new period…

    so what survived? Birds and small mammals primates marsupials ect…more things did survive but it’s irrelevant to this…so we are now in the slow cooling phase of the catastrophic event 65 million years ago turned into 55 million years ago … fast forward basically birds and mammals are evolving primates are evolving…so now we hit 15 million years ago… the heat has finished its slow cool….but now the cooling is speeding up a bit …

    living creatures things are going to go through another transformation …but this isn’t a violent hot destruction.. it is still going to be intense and very significant changes will’s now time for the ice age to begin…things will have to endure a very cold not very exciting time of basically just staying alive…

    but now something else happened…15 million years ago a meteor fell near Russia …moldavite …it to has properties mysterious and extraterrestrial …

    this period of time was the beginning of a Lucif-ric energy…Lucif-r … the shining light in the darkness…Lucif-r is associated with Venus and Scorpio… …the creatures on earth are in for a transformation… Lucif-r is usually depicted in flames but the energy begins far in the distance where others who await in the harsh cold darkness… they finally see a bright light from afar… theses creatures on earth are those who await the light to return..

    moldavite fell … a light in the distance… earth was going through the beginning of of the ice ages… moldavite energy brought to earth a new energy that had not and could not be present until this moment…
    I believe those who saw it fall may even be the ones who made it through the ice ages … this brought the beginning of the evolution of Intellect , the awareness of things being beautiful,making of crude tools , hunting, things that make them closer to becoming human….
    mouldavite is green… Lucif-r is associated with green…mouldavite symbolizes things that are green like plants this was the initial energetic seed of a bright future for those who can make it through the cold temperance refining stages of creation ..I believe that the color was green when it was seen in the sky and gave those who saw a kind of hope that green was going to come back eventually… they may have even been searching for it thinking maybe greenery might have fallen somewhere… a kind of motivation to seek … move …. search …

    and all while this was their mind was connected with the great green that fell , mouldavite was slowly transforming their consciousness… the act of them was what was doing it but the cause for the actions were brought about by the hope mouldavite brought to them …maybe even stories were told among them about this … can you imagine… them searching for a shining green forest that fell to earth and one day after years and generations of searching they finally find the place … interesting concept…

    so the point of all of this is … ppl who think they are going to get a piece of mouldavite and go into an exciting difficult at times transformation … I think ppl get this idea that it will be something new so they want it regardless…

    but what we get from this stone is…
    the beginning of a cold dark harsh pretty unexciting significant transformation … but it does have much benefits to see it through… and you may not want to push something like this to hard…let yourself be guided…

  11. Madeline Zilelian

    I have travelled the world and I found a stone I have never seen before just a few months ago. The locals can’t tell me much about it except where it is found. The english translation is lightrock or maybe moonstone. How can I find out the meaning and use of this stone (I think it’s a stone, i’m not sure).

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