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How To DEACTIVATE A Crystal Grid: Step-By-Step Instructions

How To DEACTIVATE A Crystal Grid: Step-By-Step Instructions

How To DEACTIVATE A Crystal Grid: Step-By-Step Instructions

Deactivate a crystal Grid: Are you ready to take down your crystal grid? Finished achieving your goal or manifestation? Let me guide you through the process of disassembling and deactivating your crystal grid, step-by-step…

Why & When To Deactivate A Crystal Grid

You can deactivate a crystal grid once you have finished with it. This all depends on your intention for the grid. If the goal has manifested or you got the desired effect, you can take it down.

This allows you to use the crystals in other crystal grids or for other purposes. If you need more clarity on when to take a grid down, see this blog post for more info.

How to deactivate a crystal grid: a crystal grid before and after being diassembled
How to deactivate a crystal grid

Deactivating Your Crystal Grid

There are a few different ways you can deactivate a crystal grid, including using a crystal wand. Some of these methods are a bit more advanced. I talk more about using a crystal activation wand in my complete guide to crystal grids, Crystal Grids Power.

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In this blog post, I will be sharing a quick and simple method. You won’t need any additional crystals or tools for this either. Let’s get straight into it:


STEP 1: First, disassemble your crystal grid. Remove all your crystals from their positions. This includes any items you used in your grid such as a board or intension note.

STEP 2: Next, cleanse all your crystals and any items you used in your crystal grid.

STEP 3: Then, gather all your crystals together and hold them in your hands if possible. If not you can work in batches.

STEP 4: Raise your crystals to your third eye area (between your eyebrows). Close your eyes and focus on your crystals and your intention to deactivate them.

STEP 5: Repeat out loud or in your head the following or similar statement. “I deactivate this crystal grid and release it from its task. I thank you and release you

Metatros cube crystal grid on an altar
Lions Gate Portal Crystal Grid

Your grid and crystals are now deactivated and deprogrammed. They can be put away, become part of a new crystal grid or used in other ways. PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response.

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    Thank you for this Ethan. I will dismantle and create the Lions Portal grid. Fiordland the wand I did read about it in the book, does it only have to be used the activation or can you use a standing crystal point that can be used in a grid as well.

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