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5 Crystals For Anger and Frustration, Anger Management Crystals

5 Crystals For Anger and Frustration, Anger Management Crystals

5 Crystals For Anger and Frustration, Anger Management Crystals

Explore crystals for anger and frustration. Try any of these five crystals to calm anger and soothe you during stressful times and frustrating interactions. Get your cool back…

A Holistic Approach To Anger Management

Are you struggling to manage your anger? If so, you’re not alone. Anger is a natural emotion, but when it gets out of control, it can be harmful to your well-being and your relationships.

In this blog post, I will explore some of the best crystals for anger and how they can be used to help you manage your emotions.

Crystals for anger, rose quartz buddha
Soothing Crystals For Anger


Please note that crystals are not a substitute for other treatments or therapy. If you have a serious anger problem you should speak to someone and get the help you need.

These crystals are for everyday anger and offer support. They should be used along with other methods to safely manage your anger.

Calming crystals in a copper bowl
Keep calming crystals nearby in times of stress

How To Use Crystals For Anger

There are different ways you can work with crystals for anger management. You can wear them, carry them on you or have them nearby on your desk or by the phone for example.

Generally, people do find handling any of these crystals to be helpful when they feel anger. Try this before sending someone a paragraph! 😂

Rose Quartz Laughing Buddha
Rose Quartz Laughing Buddha

Release Negativity In 1 Minute

Try the following quick breathing exercise from my YouTube channel to help release anger and any negative energy. Hold one of the following crystals for the best results:

5 Calming Crystals For Anger


When you really want to tell them what for, reach for Rose Quartz. This crystal is soothing and calming. It opens your heart chakra which is the perfect antidote for anger.

Rose Quartz helps you feel more compassion and get closer to forgiveness. It softens harsh energy and encourages making up.

Rose quartz heart
Rose Quartz


Blue Lace Agate is like a breath of fresh air. This stone is also soothing and helps you find your calm in the storm.

Blue Lace Agate assists in opening up closed lines of communication with others when you’re ready. It also helps reduce miscommunications and avoid arguments.

Blue lace agate tumbled stone
Blue Lace Agate


This crystal is also known as Milky Quartz or White Quartz. Snow Quartz is another soothing gentle crystal to work with. This crystal cools anger with its calming pure energy.

Snow Quartz promotes peace and helps you feel inner peace. Work with this white stone if you want to choose tranquillity over drama.

Snow Quartz tumbled stone
Snow Quartz


This is a good alternative if you can’t get hold of Blue Lace Agate. Blue Calcite is also calming and releases stress. It helps balance your emotions and reduces feelings of anger.

Blue Calcite promotes peace and calm. This blue crystal helps you communicate better and let go of things you can’t change.

Blue calcite tumbled stone
Blue Calcite


You might not hear this one mentioned for crystals for anger but it rightly belongs on my list. Green Aventurine is soothing and helps calm anger and reduce frustration.

It releases stress especially when it’s related to work, money or the workplace. Try it.

Green Aventurine tumbled stone
Green Aventurine

I hope you enjoyed these crystals for anger. Which of these are you going to try? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please use the search box or visit my FREE Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

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2 thoughts on “5 Crystals For Anger and Frustration, Anger Management Crystals

  1. Iris

    I would try all of them one by one and use the most effective one that responds to my anger. Thank you love your Crystal work and how you teach us about the crystals.

  2. Cherry

    I rarely get angry; frustrated, a lot, for obvious reasons, but true anger is not a frequent – or welcome – visitor.

    When I do I tend to steer clear of my crystals entirely: when really, furiously angry I can be extremely sarcastic and negative, and it isn’t fair to my crystals to subject them to that.

    If for some reason I’ve found myself unable to shake or control my anger, it’s usually one of my dear, sweet Fluorite octahedra which volunteers to help me calm down. They’re startlingly good at it, too.

    Love and Light.

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