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What Does a Broken Crystal Mean? Broke, chipped, cracked crystals

What Does a Broken Crystal Mean? Broke, chipped, cracked crystals

What Does a Broken Crystal Mean? Broke, chipped, cracked crystals

What does a broken crystal mean? Why did it break, chip or crack? Has it lost its healing properties? Is there really a meaning or message and what should you do with the broken pieces?
This is a common question I am asked and there are a number of reasons why a crystal can break or crack. Before we look at any spiritual meaning behind this I think it is important to look at how and why crystals can break from a physical and scientific perspective.
Crystals are fragile items so I think it is important to remember this before jumping to any conclusions. I have lost a few crystals over the years, mostly through dropping them or knocking them over (yikes!).
What does a broken crystal mean?

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How & Why Crystals Break or Crack

Bumps & Bangs

If your crystal broke or cracked because you dropped it, banged it or during travel, I personally do not think there is much of a significance to this. The only message I think is here is that you need to be more careful with your crystals.
If you find you often drop things or bump into things, it can be a sign that you are ungrounded. Perhaps breaking something physical is a message to be more present and centered in your physical body. We are not much use here if we are not grounded. I have a grounding meditation here I like to use if you’re interested.
Tip: To protect crystals that you carry in your pockets use a bag. Get a quality thick drawstring bag or pouch to keep them in.

Hot & Cold

If your crystal has been exposed to extremes of hot and cold it can appear to break or crack for no apparent reason. The heating and cooling can cause a split in the internal flaws. It is important to look where you kept the crystal. Crystals near doors to outside your home, near a window, radiator, AC unit are at high risk of this.

Natural Flaws

Many crystals contain natural flaws and fractures which are weak. This is common with crystal Clusters, where crystals can come loose. You will not often be able to see these, they are also very common. These crystals can break, chip or crack over a period of time just through regular use and movement or any of the above reasons. Raw unpolished stones are the most likely to be affected but even tumbled stones can be affected especially if made from fragile crystals (see below).

Fragile Crystals

There are many crystals which are very fragile. They crumble, shed, pieces fall away with touch, movement or water cleansing. Common fragile crystals are Celestite, Tourmaline, Kyanite, Selenite/Satin Spar, Desert Rose, Aragonite and many Quartz crystal clusters with small crystals. This is the nature of the mineral and has no mystical significance. The only way to avoid this is to have then sat in a glass display box like a mineral specimen and never touch them…

Water Cleansing Damage

If you’re familiar with my work you know I don’t recommend using water to cleanse crystals. Water can permanently damage many minerals. A running tap or water from a stream can damage any fragile crystal or any type of crystal clusters. Water cleansing and why it is a risky way to cleanse your crystals is covered in my article here.
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Spiritual Meanings Behind Broken Crystals

There is no way for me to know exactly why this happened to your crystal, there are natural reasons I have given above. Only you know the condition of your stone and how it has been treated. The purpose of this article is to help you decide what caused it and if it may be a message for you. Please read the entire article and make your own mind.

Protective Crystals

I think that if a crystal breaks for no obvious reason there could be some significance to this. If your broken crystal is a protective stone such as Black Obsidian, Tigers Eye, Lapis Lazuli or Smoky Quartz for example it may have just protected you from some strong negative energy.
There is no need to worry, just be grateful. Any negative energy has been cleared away. If you want to know more about protective crystals please see my detailed guidebook Psychic Protection Crystals.

Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from any qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. This helps support me as an independent author and keeps my website running. Thank you!

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Other Types Of Crystals

The other way you can look at this is to understand that the crystal wished to become more than one crystal. As long as the crystal is not completely shattered you may be able to rescue the broken crystal parts and find them a new home? You could keep one piece and give away the others freely.
If the crystal is shattered completely or no longer usable then most consider this that the crystal completed its job in its current form. You might feel you want to return the pieces to the Earth or use them in other ways I will share below.

Crystal Statues & Carvings

If you break a carved crystal in the shape of a Power Animal, Ascended Master, God or Goddess such as Buddha or Quan Yin then you can’t really give anyone half of the statue.
As it did not wish to be used as two or more separate pieces I would say that this is a sign that the spiritual being associated with it has saved you from some negative energy or even dissolved some bad karma. Another hidden blessing. After cleansing, you could repair the statue or decide to return the crystal to the earth. See my ideas below.

What To Do With Your Broken Crystals:

1 . If the edges are sharp you may be able to smooth them down with sandpaper but check they are not toxic crystals.
2. Cleanse the crystals of any negative energies they may have absorbed.
3. You could use the broken crystal pieces as separate crystals.
4. Perhaps you could give some of the broken crystal pieces away.
5. You could bury the broken crystals in your garden. Try near plants or trees. They love crystals.
6. Put them in plant pots or use as drainage stones in the bottom of a plant pot.
7. Visit a place out in nature, a sacred site or place that has meaning for you. Bury the pieces here.
8. Fill up a clear glass bottle or jar with the broken pieces and place it by a sunny window!

What About Cracked & Chipped Crystals?

If your crystal gets a chip or cracks after it was dropped or damaged in some way, it is still useable or wearable. Crystals do not lose their healing properties from this.
Please don’t judge the crystal because it is not ‘perfect’ in your eyes. A Warrior Crystal is a crystal point that is covered in chips and damage and a highly healing and protective crystal.
If you’re okay with the damage to your crystal, then you should continue to use it. If you feel this could be because of some negative energy then cleanse it. Problem solved.
What have you done with your broken crystals? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you’re interested in learning more about Crystal Healing do check out my FREE Resources section by clicking Here.
With gratitude,
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173 thoughts on “What Does a Broken Crystal Mean? Broke, chipped, cracked crystals

  1. Star Wise

    i have been so un-grounded and jittery and carelessly broken some beautiful crystals including a smallish Tibetan quartz double-ended crystal that I foolishly left in my jeans pocket. When going to shower it fell out of my jeans and smashed on the tiles and a chunk from the side came off. I was not happy but I still have the Tibetan (not the pieces that came off). I also lose alot of jewellery which I don’t make sure are properly affixed (as in brooches not pinned on) and only now am realising it is for me a subconscious self-sabotage or an anger and discontent turned inward – like I am not a deserving person – I’m a loser – so I lose stuff. Crazy.

    Thank goodness things are swinging the other way for me now. About a month ago I lost one of my favourite badges with “Arms are for Linking” on it but did not realise until I was hurrying through the car park to the train and spotted it there on the ground. I picked it up thinking what is the chance of that – it laying there for days and me going exactly that way again and recovering it ! Yes we should take care of our crystals and things. Thank you for a great post.

    1. Kosmic

      Have you read “Finders Keepers” by Emily Rodda. Anything you lose that has meaning or is valuable will always be thrown back to you.

    2. Hilda

      Sometimes when you lose a crystal, it’s work with you is done & it needs to go to someone else in need of it’s help. Losing it outside helps it to be recharged & ready for the next person who finds it.

      The saying “If you love it, let it go – if it was meant to be yours, it’ll come back to you” is how I often think of crystals if lost.

      Always send love & healing to it because whatever you send out – comes back to you tenfold in another way.

    1. Erin

      Me too! I was just about to comment this. The local crystal shop near me actually sells little $1 or$2 baggies of fragments and I have a clear glass mini skull vodka bottle I keep them in and add too. It’s a really cool accent piece or addition to the spirituality corner of my apartment.

      1. Michelle

        Kind of glad to hear this. A little rose quartz skull of me is missing. I told a friend and as a matter of fact her daughters skull was gone too. Fascinating…. She told me skulls too lead their own life

          1. DeVonsia

            They totally DO just go missing. This year alone, my malachite, smoky quartz, rhyolite, bloodstone and citrine have all disappeared. Some even vanished off of my person. I know it seems hard to believe, but these stones/crystals are living beings. If they weren’t, they would be useless to vibrational healing.

          2. Sunshine

            I had a huge labradorite vanish from a clean minimalist room. I ended up having to fly home without it. Weeks later it arrived in the post with note saying it simply re-appeared days later back in the space it had disappeared from…. Dimensions

      2. Lauren

        I was wearing a rose quartz ring & the ring bent badly during a traffic accident when i knocked my hand on the bus causing the stone to bend back & break & cut my knuckle. I was on the bus on my way to see my psychologist & i ended up missing that appointment to get my hand checked. It took me a while to notice the pain in my palm maybe because of shock. I accidently left the ring at the doctors clinic later when I was getting the lump in my hand looked at & it went missing. They never found the ring so I never got it back. The doctor found a cyst in my palm that lines up with the tendon in my ring finger. Years later & the pain in my palm still comes & goes & makes my fingers curl when the cyst gets inflammed. It seemed significant that the rose quartz broke during an accident when people got hurt & that i lost it & never got it back . I remember sitting on the bus just staring at my hand & feeling very blank. I hurt my hand & a young girl on the bus hit her head & i remember her mum saying it was the second traffic accident that they had been in that week. I was told there was a car driving fast on the wrong side of the road that hit the front of the bus & sped off.

    1. Delan McLoren

      Interesting. I had a rose quartz stone thal disappeared a couple of years ago. I thought someone just tossed it, but maybe…?

  2. Mellissa

    I sent away for a Chakra point Crystal to go work my crystal healing…both of the ends of the crystals broke off on two different pieces…I always wondered what this means…it was a pendalum

  3. Kathleen

    I love being a crystal caretaker. Mine talk to me and let me know who’s supposed to be working with me and they tell me when it’s time for them to be passed on to others. They are full of amazing stories if you take the time to connect and play with them. I don’t believe in accidents so broken ones are definitely giving a message. I actually love mine because you get to really see inside them. I make “faerie islands” and most of my crystals like to be placed in the landscape. And a lot of them like to be semi hidden so the viewer can discover them for themselves. Thanks for a great article!

    1. Jan

      I just accidentally dropped my Malachite this morning. I had totally forgot about it and it fell. I guess i was overloading it with negativity since I have been purging. I apologized to it… will cleanse it. But looks like it wishes to stay with me. Lets see 🙂

  4. Kris

    I have a beautiful large moon stone pendant in a long oval shape that came off my necklace, hit the floor and cracked. It is still together in shape but I am too scared to wear it because I don’t want it to break and fall apart. Can I put glue on the back of it to prevent it from further breakage? Or do you have any other ideas?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Sorry to hear that Kris. You could try superglue if you want. It needs to be the gel kind not the normal liquid type. Otherwise get E6000 glue which is used by many craftspeople and jewellers. Hope this helps.

      1. Gloria

        Thanks for the tip! My Selenite wand broke in my hand when I rubbed it – it just fell apart down the middle! I’ll try to find E6000 glue, otherwise I’ll use supergle!
        Thanks for all your informative articles!

  5. Leslie La Bute

    Please, I am wondering what is a think drawstring bag or pouch? I have been putting them in organza bags to carry in my pocket or give a gifts. I was looking for something that might be a better choice.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Leslie, Organza is okay for gifting and packaging but will not protect the stones very well. Any material can be used, cloth, velvet, leather. Generally the cheaper bags are made from thinner matertial. Look on places like Etsy for handmade ones or even medicine pouches/bags.

  6. jazmyn

    I bought a beautiful double pointed Tibetan Clear Quartz a few months ago, I have been heavily reliant on this Crystal since purchasing as life as been stressful and i have been feeling rather run down. Earlier this week I misplaced my Crystal and couldn’t find it. I thought that may have been a sign that I am too reliant on the crystal. A few days later, the crystal fell out of my pocket and a few small pieces broke off (at the point), at the time i was thinking of how stressed I still feel and how much work I had to finish that afternoon. I collected the broken pieces and the crystal is largely intact. Just wondering if you think there is a specific meaning behind why it broke? Do i need to be more present and aware ? Is there anything i need to do to heal the crystal following the break?

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      As I said in the article about protective crystals it could be that the crystal took too much negative and stressed energy and released it through the break. It really is a question only you can answer. Cleansing the crystal should be enough, maybe give it a rest perhaps too.

  7. Kristy

    Okay I’ve had crystals literally dissapear from my car which the spot was safe and wondered if it just wasn’t for me or what it was hematite and black toirmaline…

  8. Rene Robertson

    I recently bought a citrine cluster and it has been sitting in the same place since the day I got it. A couple of days ago I noticed a large crack in the base, and on lifting it, it was actually in 2 pieces and crumbling. It is not in direct sunlight or near any heat source. I have no idea what happened to it…

  9. Lei

    Aloha.. I recently have been learning about crystals and I purchased them thru a lady from her home, who sells to the crystal stores. I picked up a basket of WANDS.. (this was the first I’ve heard of them)… Anyhow , as I picked up the crystals and admired them, I came across a Garnet wand.. and I suddenly saw Golden Stars for a moment. So I took it as a sign that I should get it. So I’ve had it for only a couple days and I put it in The salt mixture, and bought a Kyanite which I was told that it cleanses crystals, and cleansed it. Today I had it in my pocket and it weighs almost like a golf ball in your pocket. Feeling. As I got out of the shower and grabbed my clothes I had forgotten it was in my pants pocket and it fell out and cracked into a few little chipped peices from the pointed top. I feel that it was just clumsiness, I could be wrong but i was wondering if I could still use it as is after cleansing it again or if I glued it back together, would it still have its full benefits and meaning?

  10. Villy

    I had my Chevon Amethyst In my shirt and forgot it was there when Ingot undressed. It hit the floor and it broke! It broke my heart when I heard it fall to the floor. I am always unsure what to do with certain crystals that are meant for protection. Should I bury it in the soil or should I heal it with sage and keep it? It was a perfect flat oval shape and not I feel it’s flawed. Please advice

  11. Lorena

    I had a tormiated flourite point that broke into 3 pieces. I also had several Hawthorne limbs gifted to me by a relative in Ireland. I gave my sister, and daughter each a piece of the flourite, and a Hawthorne limb. Each of us used our flourite and Hawthorne limbs to make wands. By making wands together it strengthened our bonds with each other. Plus gave each of us a wonderful memory we could share together, and a magical tool to use.

    1. Erin Jones

      So beautiful. Thank you!
      I have a large, flat slice of tourmainated quartz which broke into 3 (due to my own carelesness) and I have been waiting for just the right inspiration as to what to do with the pieces. Your message spoke to me loud and clear. XXXXX

  12. Isis

    Thanks a lot for this post. I used to meditate a lot with a triangle-shaped golden rutilated quartz cabochon, but within weeks of my getting it, it fell out of my hand into an empty glass, and got chipped in the corners, although arguably, it retained its triangular shape. I gave it to water, but later wished I had kept it. It was such a good ally! Two weeks after that, a rectangular labradorite cabochon got chipped as it fell to the ground. I did not have the heart to part with it. I now think it is better to accept chipped stones as they are, communicate with them, and reach an agreement that I’m keeping them!

    1. Cherry

      Isis, chipping doesn’t really matter. I’ve had a stunning Clear Quartz, about 6″ × 4″ × 3″, since 1991, and in 2019 when hubby and I moved house, both it and my 8″ × 3″ × 3″ Amethyst tower got their terminations chipped. My fault; I should’ve transported them myself, instead of leaving them in the hands of the removals men (who also killed one of my house plants). But they’re fine. My initial reaction was that of horror because they suffered; but sometimes I forget, crystals have no sensation of pain! If I drop one, even onto my duvet or a thick rug (and with the pain and nerve damage from my AS, I sometimes do), I always say sorry, even if they don’t take any damage. A chipped crystal won’t usually lose any power, so as long as you give them love, they’ll be fine. They understand the limitations of our earthly bodies, and they know that accidents happen. And when you think of what they experience when they’re forming, and in being shaped, they’ve often been through and put up with considerably worse than being dropped. Look at Crackle Quartz for a prime example: it survives being heated nearly to the point of explosion, sometimes dunked in dye, and rhen dropped into ice cold water. And sometimes, on top of all that, it’s tumble polished. Yet it still has all the powers of any Quartz.

      Love and Light.

  13. C

    I had a twin flame quartz break in half on me last night. I couldn’t tell whether or not it was a sign. I had it on my nightstand when my water bottle fell over knocking it off the stand. I felt so heartbroken like I had failed. I’m not sure if I’m reading too much into this or not.

    1. Cherry

      C, I always find it heartbreaking when a crystal gets broken. It doesn’t happen to me very often, but on those occasions I’ve felt as if I’ve lost a family member.

      If a Twin Flame breaks, it can often mean a partnership of some kind is coming to a finish. It needn’t mean your marriage (if you’re in one) is about to crumble; the only time it happened to me – a spontaneous severing – my closest friend moved to another college and we lost touch. The crystal broke apart to forewarn me of the change, and I bless them both for that.

      Love and Light.

  14. L

    I have been wearing an Amethyst bracelet, and also an Unakite, for the past year or so. Just a couple days ago, I was having dinner at a restaurant and I felt something tight around my leg. I took a look, and noticed my Amethyst bracelet somehow ended up from my wrist to my ankle (maybe while I was changing?). Anyhow, the day after, I went swimming. As I was changing, I accidently pulled on my Amethyst bracelet and the wire broke. The beads scattered all over the floor. I picked them all up, but I was just wondering what this may mean. The crystal didn’t break but the wire that was holding it together broke.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      As a someone who makes bracelets I can tell you that if you wear a bracelet often, there is ware and tare like clothing. The only time I think a bracelet breaking has any possible meaning is if it is an evil eye bracelet. There is a traditional belief that when those break they have saved you from some bad energy.

  15. Kari

    Hello! I just purchased a beautiful crystal sphere that I believe is yellow Quartz. It has a ton of rainbows and looks possible that it was a composite of many crystals because it has lines running through it but elements inside look cohesive through the lines so I am not sure. Anyway I wanted to warm it up a little so I ran some warm water over it and it popped over an end in a very clear line but didn’t break. The area that popped lost some of the yellow hue and just appears more clear. I am baffled by this crystal as to whether it is solid or fabricated even more so now but could this mean anything other than I was dumb to try to change the temperature so quickly? Thank you!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      All crystals natural or man made are prone to breaking and cracking. I do think it sounds like the sudden change in temp caused a natural flaw to crack from what you have said. Keep it away from extremes of heat or cold now you know it is sensitive.

  16. Sandy Spencer

    I just broke a 10 inch tall smoky quartz crystal in half. I am devastated. It’s set on a rose quartz night light and which signed the room up as the main centerpiece of my crystals. I don’t know if I can glue it back together I know I’ve been very ungrounded and very Spacey and I don’t see that changing for a while. Is it possible if it’s a clean cut that it can be glued back together?

    1. Lady Jenavi

      I have a space on my altar that is my love/twin flame corner. I have placed my crystals that have cracked into 2 pieces there. I have glued them together to signify them coming together, and in keeping with that whole twin flame idea. They seem to be happy in this capacity. They do not seem to mind being glued together, but I think intention is everything. Just my opinion though. 🙂

  17. Debbie Tencza

    Hello, I attended a ceremony where crystals were drawn from a bag and given to all the attendees. The quartz crystal I received must have been an oval, polished piece but I received 1/2 of that so it is round at one end and flat/nearly sharp at the other end. I’m wondering if there is any significance that I received what appears to be 1/2 a stone and if i can still use it. It has pretty rainbows in it and I was thinking of using it for a special intention. Please let me know what you think. Thank you very much!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I don’t think this matters so much with polished stones like Tumble Stones. When they make them or any carved crystals, they use a larger stone and cut it up. All pieces carry the same energy. Quartz is ideal for setting intentions, good luck!

  18. Patricia

    I purchased your crystal grid book and just love it! There are so many information and different grids and can be a little overwhelming! I have a friend who has multiple sclerosis and I would like to create a healing grid for her, are there any specific stones that would be beneficial for MS? I look forward to hearing your response and suggestions. Thank you very much.

  19. Rosa

    I have a smoky quartz crystal that is about 3 inches long and 1 inch thick with a point at the top and the end looks like a feather. I bought my crystal in a shop off a rural road near the Black Hills. I brought the quartz with me on vacation, the route was not planned but I ended up visiting several sacred sites. When I got to Turtle Mountain I laid the crystal on the ground in an area that appeared to be a medicine wheel.. and the point of the crystal broke clean off, and inside the point rainbow inclusions appeared. The broken end is actually very smooth, it just looks odd because it now is blunt. Have had the crystal for almost a decade now and it never broke again…

  20. Mary

    Hello there! I just got a new crystal quartz and had it in a bag, close to my heart. It broke in half.
    Now that I have 2 pieces, I was wondering if because it was a certain shape that broke, can I still use the 2 pieces?
    Thanks for all the ideas too!

  21. Amy

    My clear quartz wand snapped in two when using it with a amethyst to cure a headache. It was just lying in my forehead when it snapped in half. I have cleansed it and I continue to use part of it the other part is included on my altar.

  22. Mary

    How do I keep the crystals from chipping if it was already broken? I have been cleansing them, but it is still chipping away (small pieces at a time).

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Sounds like a very fragile crystal Mary. I would keep it separate from other crystals in a small lined box or thick drawstring bag and be very careful with it. Fragile crystals are not ideal for carrying with you on a day to day basis.

  23. mjcrh

    Ethan, thank you for the advise. I have lost and found the other half of the crystal that broke. Cleansed it and will be using it in a different place. The bottom half I carry with me, on occasion.
    Quick question: As of right now, all my crystals are in a couple of plastic containers that I have in my purse. Is that ok or should I leave them at home?
    Thanks again!

  24. Nazneen

    First of all it was grt reading this article as i worry really curious to know why my amethyst crystal broke. So this morning i was just doung my cupbord and git my trekking bag out to realize that by crystal box fell from the shelf and lead to a part of amerthyst getting damaged. One small piece and some crushed tiny crystals were left. But fortunately majority of the stone was safe.

    Conclusion : It definitely saved me from a rainy /stormy day trek as one of my friends fell ill one day prior to the crystal breaking. It was a sign of saving us from the storm.

    What i did to the broken pieces I add it to my bathing oil (i normally add crystals to any oil i use) and kept that small piece of stone at my work place as i always wanted to have a small piece of it there as well. So all well in the end 🙂

    Blessed Be!!!

  25. Lourdes

    I gifted a close friend with a snowflake obsidian double terminated pendant, which she would wear everyday. We had a big fight one day and she became so angry with me that she pulled the pendant off her neck and threw it on the ground, causing the stone to break in half. Could she, or even I, suffer any repercussions as a result of this? Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks

  26. Jennie Ashwell

    I was doing some work with my crystal when it broke in my hand as I focused on a separation, this was a very interesting exercise. I felt it had separated on purpose after all it was work on speration.
    I was not sure what to do with my separate pieces so until felt ready I placed one half on my incent burner a long flat piece of wood and the other half at the other end with another crystal in the centre. I left it like this until the idea came into my head to go to our local lakes I found the perfect spot and said a prayer and throw them into the water where they rest to this day my job was done .

  27. Hilda Hicok

    I lost my heart shaped Angel aura quartz pendant in a ship during my vacation and I got it back from lost and found. However, it is cracked now. Should I still wear it? Any meaning to this?

  28. Lady Jenavi

    I have heard that you can place one end of the crystal at one end of the room, and the other piece at the other end of the room, and that it will create like an energy portal between the two points. This is most appropriate with actual crystal points instead of tumbled stones of course, but I have done this with my smokey quartz point that broke in half.

  29. Vidya

    This morning I had a chat with a friend and told her that my angels and merlin have stopped communicating. Few minutes back my green fluorite Angel which was in my altar fell down and broke when I was pulling the table to clean under. I’m heart broken. Don’t know what this means. Can someone please throw some light.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Vidya,

      Belated I know, but when a Fluorite breaks by accident as yours did, it’s said to be a warning of an upcoming misfortune or accident.

      Hopefully I’m wrong in your case!

      Love and Light.

  30. S.B.

    Hi, I love your website, your articles are so informative! I read your comment above about broken bracelets but I wanted to double check something with you….
    I’m new-ish to crystals. A new amethyst bracelet soon became my favourite but I didn’t wear it all the time as I was trying out different crystals to get to know them. After only wearing the amethyst bracelet less than 10 times, the elastic string broke, scattering the beads. I was very sad but just put it down to the string not being very strong. I waited a while but I really missed the bracelet so I went to a different crystal shop and paid a lot more for new amethyst bracelet, thinking it would be better quality. It didn’t give me the same feelings as the previous one so haven’t worn it much and after only a couple of weeks of owning it and only wearing it a few times, the elastic string broke. It hasn’t happened to any other crystal bracelets. They are not mistreated and are kept in a safe place away from the elements. Is it just bad luck?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Well that is a little unusual S.B. Just remember that the crystal did not break it is the cord/elastic or chain. I would try wearing Amethyst as a necklace, pendant or carry on you in a bag and see if anything else unusual happens.

  31. Stephanie

    My oldest daughter carries a rose quartz in her purse to school.
    Someone knocked her purse over, quartz broke in half, my daughter was very upset.
    She came to me holding it like it was a tiny animal that had been injured. “Mom!? What do I do? Is it OK?”
    So…. We went and got a cage for it. She now wears it around her neck along with her black tourmaline.

  32. Kay

    I accidentally dropped my silver pyrite stone it shattered, but it was big enough in the first place so now i have 3 small pyrite stones and lots of sparkly dust instead of a big one.
    I’ll put the dust over my aloe vera plant

  33. iAn Catap

    Hi Ethan, I just want to know what is the name of a black stone that I get inside a jade stone. The size of the jade stone is about 20 inches x 20 inches approx and this black stone is inside of this jade stone. The size of this black stone is more or less around 6-8 inches.

  34. DawnMarie

    Hi Ethan. My first crystal was a tiger ride that I still carry today. It’s a little bit small but it talks to me I carry it whenever I’m feeling uncertain because I’m just drawn to it at that time for some reason. Recently I’ve started carrying a little black shiny stone which I think might be hematite because it’s helping with depression and was given to me by special person. I am interested in learning more about Crystal healing because it has always been an interest of mine.

  35. Michaela Jenkins


    I was sorting though some old objects and found my tigers eye. I cleansed it at night and the following day I used it (I wore it in my bra lol)
    That night I placed it on the window seal and the filling morning I noticed it had holes all around it. Just wondering what caused this?

    Thank you for your help!

  36. Kss

    A rose quartz angel broke when I was setting a grid for someone’s personal relationship issue, so I intuitively glued it back together and performed the cleansing and reprograming. I got a clear indication that the shape and the presence of the angel is important, even if it glued and asked for guidance… it will still be there with all its LOVE.

  37. Dara

    I had a raw quartz crystal necklace I made in the 1980s, just wrapped in wire and hung on a thick suede cord; I never wear it, it looked ugly, the beauty of the crystal covered by the tarnished dull wire, and I didn’t want it to just sit there. I’ve recently gotten into crystals for healing purposes and use them for meditation and enhancement of my environment (I might create a grid but for now I”m going with my intuition on where to place them). I noticed the crystal had a few scratches from the wire. So I read your article, loosened the wire and got the crystal out, washed it off in water, dried it, and waved some sage smoke over it. I just read that it’s a good idea to cleanse crystals under a full moon which occurs tonight, but I’ll probably place them near the window rather than outside (I don’t trust the animals that wander around) It’s now been added to my collection of healing crystals. I’m happy with how I’ve repurposed it, and I’ll donate the suede cord.

  38. Stef

    Hi. Good afternoon.

    Not long ago I visited a friend who makes orgonite circuits.
    Among his collection of minerals I saw a precious Lemurian quartz tip and I asked him if he could link it with a “thick” copper thread for me.
    A few weeks later the crystal was delivered to my partner since I was traveling. When I returned I went for it and I noticed that on one side of the tip it had peeled and I removed the copper that wrapped the glass at different points to see the extent of the break.
    In fact, it had peeled off, a not very large piece, leaving the crystal devoid of almost 4 of the faces that made up the octagon of the tip. Nobody had let it fall, with which I imagine that it would be invoiced with the pressure exerted by my friend when designing the link. In any case, and given my ignorance about it, I would like to know what I should do with the quartz and with the broken piece. How should I interpret this and what is the best that could be done.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Cherry

      That must have been upsetting.

      Why did this happen? I think the crystal didn’t like being a part of the Orgonite setup, so it broke in order to remove the copper wire and the glass.

      On a related note, are you sure it was glass? Orgonite is usually set in plastic, and one thing I learned years ago is that crystals *do not* like plastic. If this is the case, the Lemurian Seed was probably struggling to push its energy through the plastic and decided it would rather break away a part of itself than exhaust itself trying (my copper-sey Lapis pendant, while quite happy to be a pendant, complained bitterly about being shipped to me from Georgia, former USSR, ina plastic air mail envelope; it likened trying to push its energy through said envelope to walking against hurricane-strength winds).

      What should you do? Apologise to your crystal for any upset it’s experienced; try if you can to remove the broken piece from the Orgonite assembly, keep it reasonably close but not too close to the main crystal (a couple of feet away is fine), and love and honour them both.

      Love and Light.

  39. Lorraine

    I have had the worst luck with flourite, every piece I’ve ever owned breaks immediately after I get/purchase it and lately they break even before I actually get them. (An online dealer recently emailed me to say that as he was packing my Yttrium Flourite i ordered, it broke).
    I have begun to believe that my energetic vibration might be too much for my favorite stone.

  40. Iren

    The topic on broken crystals is really very interesting. It was long time ago, I’ve had a hematite necklace, the string, it was on, was broken twice. After second time I decided not to wear this necklace. I love hematite, I was always drawn to this stone, even, from the astrological point of view, there is no direct connection…. At least not to according western astrology. I’m still not sure what was it, wrong particular necklace? Wrong time?

  41. Hollie

    I had been told by loving psychic to purchase a few crystal angels to remind me I’m protected in my space. A few sis earlier I was dealing w a negative entinity… it took great work to rid my place if it. Now my place is elevated as am I and it was all part of my path of deeper understanding between light and dark. One of the angels I bought which I had been sleeping w in my hand for a few nights (rose quartz) flung off the bed and broke in 3 as I moved the blanket too hard and it fell onto ground. I viewed the angel as archangel Michael. I glued it back together and it sits on my frint door shelf w other protective crystals. Do u think it was a sign and should I take it apart and put in my plants or garfden? Namaste!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I think its a sign that you shouldn’t place a loose crystal in your bed. It could happen to anyone. If you read all the article, I think glueing a crystal statue to fix it is okay but it really is up to you.

  42. Minoo

    Hi Ethan, I had purchased a Tiger’s Eye angel a couple of days back. Yesterday I had consecrated it after cleansing and programmed it for protection and grounding (I keep bumping into and dropping things a lot). Had meditated with it this morning and brought it with me to work as I felt it was helping me by giving me strength and confidence when needed. I had also felt it kind of pulsing in my hand while meditating with it and becoming slightly warm. However, a while back it slipped from my fingers, hit the ground and a part of one of the wings is broken. I’m quite devastated as this is the second time one of my crystals has broken (the last being an amazonite that broke into 3 symmetrical pieces that I buried in the earth in 3 of my plant pots). This particular angel was quite special to me, particularly as I’m going through a stressful phase with a lot of negativity around and even in me, and I don’t want to return it to the elements. I was beginning to feel that I was developing a relationship with it, that it was a kind of talisman that would protect me and give me courage. The good thing is that the piece of wing that has been broken can easily be glued back on, with hardly a crack visible. Can I use it after repairing it thus ? I really cant bear to dispose of this particular stone.

  43. Jezebelle

    I use the small pieces of broken crystals in offerings to the fae (fairy) folk, nature spirits and the spirit of the forest. I like to use them in decorating wands and walking sticks. Or sew them into healing cloths, curtains, bedding and clothing. The possibilities are endless!

  44. Ana

    I am relatively new to crystals, and I have come across your site a couple of times so far. I have a piece of blue calcite that I am attached to, and I just broke it. I was holding it and examining it in my hands and I popped it into two pieces. I didn’t do it with intent, however, the power I exerted on the crystal was the clear reason that it broke. Outside of feeling guilty, is there any reason that I cannot or should not continue to use this crystal? I just placed the pieces back together and put it back, but nothing feels like the right “thing” to do with it. Any ideas?

      1. Ana

        Ah thank you. I spent a lot of time scouring the comments and article, and didn’t find your previous responses relevant to my situation. I also do not seem to believe in gluing crystals, so I learned that about myself. I’ll continue the search. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  45. Twyla Menzie

    My mother, on her death bed, asked to hold my Amethyst and rubbed it and held it while she said to me…I can hold your Amethyst because you and I are one….I give you my power, my essence, my love. Approximately 2 months after she passed away, my Amethyst just seemed to jump out of a deep pocket sweater and broke into three pieces… a large, a medium and a small piece. I was devastated until it came into my mind….my mom wanted me to share what she had given to me with my daughter and my niece. I felt such peace come over me when I gave my daughter her peace and my niece hers. I know in my heart that this is exactly why that crystal “jumped” out of my pocket and that this is what my mom wanted me to do…share her essence, her power and her love with the only three women directly descendant from her.

  46. Anthony

    What does it mean if I have a clear quartz crystal I use spiritually and I got back with an ex and we separated and out of spite he broke it to make me feel some type of way knowing exactly what I use the crystals for and what they mean to me. What good are bad energy can come from that

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I don’t think it works like that. All energy can be cleansed. Just cleanse the crystal and then you might want to bury the parts in the earth. Then just go and find a new crystal.

  47. Iren

    God works in mysterious ways…
    I’ve had two hematite rings. Now I have only one. Another broke yesterday on my hand. I was devastated, it happened a few seconds after I spoke on the phone to someone with less than honorable intentions. I apologize, I have to mention that, however, it explains why my hematite ring broke on my hand, it protected me. I said to my broken ring how much I appreciated it, put both pieces inside my Meru Pyramid for cleansing. Now I’m planning to put these pieces in the flower pot near my outdoor. Appreciate and cherish your Crystals….

  48. Kirthana Sade

    I always loved and owned different colored crystals for 4-5 years. One of my friend recently suggested rose quartz and I bought one It broke as soon as I got it. Then I bought heart shaped rose quartz which I lost with in a month. I got another one from amazon which broke after I used it for 2-3 weeks. I am now scared if something isn’t right with rose quartz and me.Should I be worried??

    1. Cherry

      @Kirthana, I don’t think so.

      Before you start to think that you and Rose Quartz aren’t compatible, you might want to think over the signs and signals people commonly experience when they try to work with an incompatible stone. If you’ve been experiencing any of the following symptoms, and they’re not explicable by anything else (fatigue, stress, cold/’flu etc), then you may be right. The primary signs are:

      • A bad headache, or pain elsewhere in your body, which resolves soon after you put the crystal down;

      • A very negative feeling, the sense of something being “off”, or possibly even the word “no” popping into your head seemingly at random, when you touch the crystal;

      • The crystal is as cold as ice and won’t pick up your body heat.

      However it’s uncommon for anyone to have an incompatibility with Rose Quartz as a species. However, sometimes it is possible to have just one specimen of a crystal that will work with you, but any other individual crystal of that species won’t respond to you.

      Rose Quartz is a Master Healer, specifically a heart healer. It’s very good at resolving past traumas (and keep in mind here, some traumas can last across multiple lifetimes). Sometimes, though, healing those traumas can mean that the crystal exchanges the bad energy from the trauma, for its own unconditionally loving energy, whereupon it will break in order to release that bad energy back to the Earth, where it can be neutralised. So loving a crystal is Rose Quartz, it’s prepared to sacrifice itself for your healing.

      The one you lost, was probably using you as a stepping stone to reach someone it was destined to work with. It’s not nice, I know; but a crystal will only do this if it has no other choice. Human stepping stones are always a measure of last resort, because the crystal in question knows the frustration, hurt and sadness its actions will cause, not to mention the possible financial issues. Don’t worry. I’ve had this happen a number of times, and other crystals have always come along to fill the void left behind, even when a Clear Quartz I’d had for 26 years left me.

      If you have experienced any of the signs of incompatibility, then I suggest you forget working with Rose Quartz. If not, you will need to be patient, and perhaps stick to inexpensive tumblestones, until either your trauma(s) is/are healed and they stop breaking on you, or you find the Rose Quartz that’s meant specifically for you. If that is the case, when you do find it, it’s worth remembering something: that crystal has taken tens of millions of years to grow, made its way to the surface of the planet, gone through any polishing processes (assuming it isn’t a raw piece) and encountered who knows how many negative people, *because it grew specifically for you.*

      I don’t know about you, but whenever I meet a new crystal friend, remembering that is awe-inspiring, even if it’s a raw stone!

      Love and Light.

  49. Claudine

    Hi! I recenty bought a clear qquartz cluster but upon looking at it, and making it stand on the table, it fell and the twin part got removed.. still purchased it as i am still attracted to it even if the owner made me choose a different one.. just wanna know if this means something? Cluster looks good but the twin formation is just a single one now like the other ones… does this also mean something? thank you

  50. Dee Dee

    Last Saturday I went out of town to an outdoor event I felt great had on one of my crystal as a necklace, it was very hot outside and after a while I got very I’ll, head pounding, vomiting, nausea, by Sunday I decided to drive home and Monday I went to the hospital, I remember taking be off the necklace when I got in the shower, just put it down on the sink, after returning from the hospital with dehydration, and a higher than normal blood pressure, I felt pretty lucky, later I went to put on my beautiful crystal and it looked like a hole, with crust around it, rather dark I don’t know why? Was the crystal trying to heal me?

  51. anna

    I have a problem, all my crystals break. It used to just be my amethyst. but then my quartz crystal broke. It was larger than my hand. I gave the other half to my other half. my sister says Im just unconsciously channeling too much energy through them, and I’m stressing them. I have a habit of “feeding” off peoples emotions. sometimes, the extra is absorbed by my crystals I guess.

  52. Shelly Arnold

    Well…. Im super drawn to Crystal quartz. Every single one I’ve ever acquired has shattered inside.
    They were not dropped or banged on anything. At first I thought I was tripping out, after the second one shattered I had even asked a reiki master if that meant I was evil! 3 days ago my mom gave me a beautiful aura quartz she picked up in Utah. I simply picked it up and looked at it, returned it to a box lined with cotton and put in on the counter we sat down for dinner. After dinner I opened the box again and that beauty was shattered on the inside. My mom noticed the look on my face and then asked to see it and she was like WTH?!! I hadn’t said anything to her about it shattering or any of the others that had previously shattered. I was relieved when she noticed that it was shattered inside. I then told her my experiences with the others… She was completely perplexed!

  53. Sara

    I keep some of my more fragile crystals in a plastic case which is never really touched or used unless I need a pacific crystal. I haven’t opened that case in a good 2/3 weeks and when I did, I noticed my fluoride has broke into 3 pieces. It’s so bizarre because there’s no explanation or reason it could have been broken… I’m guessing it’s either negative energy or the crystal just wanted to be more than one.

    Also lost my rose quartz crystal for a good 6+ years, I figured I’d lost it in one of my house moves. I bought another one years later (recently actually) I was holding it in the palm of my hand while watching TV…. I randomly just had this thought on where to find my original rose quartz crystal… sure enough I found it within a minute. Which is very strange because It definelty wasn’t there before…. I am so sure that the new rose quartz crystal sent me that message!

    1. Cherry

      @Sara, Fluorite breaking spontaneously can be a warning of an impending accident. Always take it seriously, because the crystal has sacrificed itself for your safety. That’s a big deal.

      As for your Rose Quartz telling you where to find its missing sister, absolutely possible, especially if you were in emotional pain because you were missing it. I’ve had a similar experience: I got a gorgeous Heliodor and Zircon cluster pendant for Christmas 2018 which I love very much indeed; one day last year my husband was tidying our sofa and accidentally knocked it off the arm on my side, where I’d rather stupidly left it, down under the seat cushion. Well, I was totally frantic, couldn’t find it anywhere and couldn’t sleep a wink for worrying (has it gone up the hoover, has it accidentally ended up in the bin?) I’m a crystal whisperer anyway, and Heliodor is one of my soul crystals: I lay in bed and called to my pendant with both heart and mind: where are you sweetheart? I need to find you, can you show me where you are? A moment later a quite literal diagram appeared in my mind, showing the pendant and its chain stuck between the seat cushion and the sofa base, a little left of the middle of my seat as you look at the sofa. I got up, went into the living room, stuck my arm under the cushion….. and the pendant was exactly where it had showed me in the diagram.

      Clever crystals!

      Needless to say, I didn’t leave it on the sofa arm again; it was a silly thing to do, and sometimes hubby just doesn’t watch what he’s doing.

      Love and Light.

  54. Mason

    I was wondering, if a clear quartz crystal breaks into say two or three pieces, are the energies in all of the pieces connected? like if i gave the other piece to someone else would i feel something from them in their side in my piece of the crystal? i have a clear quartz that looks like it had been cracked before it was given to me, (the person who had it didnt really know what it was and didnt care so he gave it to me because he knew i have others like it) but one side looks as though it was broken off, so if the other piece is out there, will it be connected through its energies?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      There might be some connection but we need to think about how the crystal exists now. It’s role has changed for a reason. If you were concerned about a connection pieces of a crystal have make sure you conserate your crystal when you get it as that will stop any negative or unwanted connections to your stone. Please see my artcile on this if needed: How To Consecrate Crystals.

  55. selen

    My Selinite crystal broke. It was my favourite crystal. It did not seem to be an accident. I am thank ful to the stone but I was a bit scared as why it broke. It was in shape of heart. It broke into perfectly two symmetrical pieces. I was worried but after reading your article I am a bit relaxed.

  56. Jodie

    Some years ago after my mom passed away , a wand she had with an odd looking quartz had a chunk chip off after I accidentally dropped it. I’ve just recently learned this odd looking crystal is actually a lemurian seed crystal! It would be around 30 years since she made the wand and since 2005 when she died that I’ve held onto it but until now I had no idea what kind of crystal it was. Do you think the crystal retained its “knowledge” despite losing a piece of itself? I sense it’s ok but not 100% sure. What do you think? I feel so bad I broke her wand especially now knowing what a special crystal she used to make it but I’d like to start working with it.

    1. Cherry

      Jodie, if you sense that the Lemurian is OK, then that’s the crystal, directly telling you it’s fine. Accidents happen, and crystals know it. It’s extremely hard – maybe even impossible – to erase a Lemurian’s programming: even any program you give it yourself, will generally sit alongside the Lemurian one(s), unless you try to program the crystal for negative purposes or against your own highest good.

      I urge you to work with it as you’re obviously drawn to: I have a number of Lemurian Seeds in my own family of crystals, and they’re incredibly powerful but amazing to even exchange energy with, let alone anything more sophisticated.

      Love and Light.

  57. Pollen

    Scars are scars whether you’re a person or a crystal. Flaws give us character, same can be said for a crystals. I love them regardless of their imperfections because they have souls like any other being and theirs deserves as much love and respect as ours.

  58. Grace

    thanks for your book and insights.
    On this topic I just had a huge tantric twin Herkimer break, with barely touching, and I hadn’t used it at all yet. Any insights further on a tantric twin crystal breaking?

    much thanks

    1. Cherry

      Grace, Tantric Twins represent partnerships and relationships in our own lives. Usually, when one separates, it means the end of such a partnership or relationship. I had one separate on me once, just before I met the man I married and split from my (bloody awful) family.

      I advise you keep both halves and let them support you through whatever comes.

      Love and Light.

  59. Rylee | Many Blossoms

    This article immediately resonated with me since I recently took out my citrine wand from it’s package (so excited since it finally was delivered) and immediately fumble with it and drop it on the ground. It is still in one piece, but on one corner it is all cracked. I thought maybe it was telling me I wasn’t going to succeed financially or something like that, but maybe it was just trying to break into two crystals to give me even more abundance. 🙂

  60. Trish

    I have a Rose quartz crystal on a chain so I can wear it as a necklace, but the chain broke. The crystal was fine but just the chain broke. Does that have any significance?

  61. Jeanie

    Every time I hold a hematite, I get little electric shocks that I can still feel even after 10 minutes or so of not holding it anymore. I always thought that meant either I don’t need this crystal or I need more work with this crystal than I want to deal with. Any thoughts?

  62. Amy

    Hello! Thank u for this article! I have a big black tourmaline necklace that ive worn for about a year..well today as i was walking in the kitchen it literally popped off the necklace…hit the floor n broke in 2 pieces…i was so sad cuz I really luv that piece n wore it faithfully…i was so shocked n a bit freaked out the way it just popped off for no reason…the necklace that holds it is still all in was so crazy…i feel relieved n grateful after reading this..truth be told i was really startled by it n then worried about why it happened..i smudged both pieces n are letting them rest on a shelf right u think its ok to wear them again?

  63. Samantha

    I have a black tourmaline crystal. It was on the bed and my boyfriend sat maybe one it and it fell on the hard wood floor. It chipped and there’s a tiny tiny whole through it. Like if I shine light through it I can see it. Does that affect it in any way?

  64. Lea Baghamian

    I had so many crystal that were broken, and I have them to my friends after that I cleaned them, and made them like a necklace, and now all my friends are grateful for the presents that I have them

  65. Hell

    I recently bought an amethyst crystal and I wanted to create a necklace… when I took it out of the bag it broke into two pieces. Today I used a wire to hold it together. I like it even more now 🙂 I hope it keeps its power…

  66. carly lacombe

    My fiance’ accidentally chipped some of my quartz crystals i understand ot was an accident but it’s still upsetting, what should i do?

  67. carly lacombe

    My fiance’ accidentally chipped some of my quartz crystals i understand it was an accident but it’s still upsetting, what should i do? I did become kind of upset with him cause im so careful with my crystals. And i feel bad for it but should i worry?

  68. Mary

    Hi Ethan,
    I’m a little freaked out right now because one of my Raw Black Tourmaline and my Raw Amethyst just crumbled when I picked them up. I have not touched anymore of my crystals after this happened yet. What does this mean?

    1. Cherry

      Hi Mary,

      Was your Black Tourmaline a raw, natural crystal? I’ve had similar things happen with mine, although I’ve only had bits chipping off, rather than the crystal falling apart. With this one, there is a possible physical-world explanation and a possible spiritual one.

      Physically, Black Tourmaline owes its colour to a high iron content in its atomic matrix. While that is a part of what gives the stone its powers, it also makes many affordable specimens somewhat brittle, and prone to falling apart even though they haven’t been bashed about (and nor has mine; I know Tourmaline extremely well, so I’m rather overprotective of my raw black ones).

      Spiritually, I probably don’t need to even mention this, but just in case, Black Tourmaline is a protective crystal, and it’s quite capable of transmuting or deflecting any negative energy that comes its owner’s way. I think that something or someone has tried to send you some negative energy of some sort, and the crystal has taken the damage on your behalf; the attack was too strong for that particular stone, so its physical form has disintegrated. If you still feel that the remnants have any energy, then you could put them in a glass vial and perhaps wear them as a pendant.

      It’s interesting that the other crumbled crystal is an Amethyst. Again, this is a highly protective crystal; the fact that not just one, but two powerful protectors crumbled, may well mean that a very potent attack on you has been averted.

      As for their remains, I suggest you honour them. My other suggestion about the glass vial applies equally to the Amethyst; you could even combine both in one vial. Failing that, I think you should maybe put them in a glass bottle and leave them on display. Either way, please don’t forget to thank both crystals for their sacrifices. As for replacing them, if that’s something you’re wondering about, do so by all means; but with the Black Tourmaline, you might want to look for an A-grade or higher specimen which is a full crystal or a crystal on a matrix. These are usually somewhat less riddled with fractures, and the full expression of their crystalline form will usually mean they’re more powerful. For the Amethyst, simply seek out one you are strongly drawn to; and I recommend teaming the two with a Clear Quartz for boosting, and looking into adding more protective crystals to your collection. Citrine is really good; Aquamarine is great too (if you can get along with it: it’s a Beryl, and not everyone can work with this gem family); Fluorite is lovely and can even help you sleep; Obsidian is another superb protector, though I don’t recommend you keep it by your bed; and Labradorite is absolutely awesome as a protector, with the added bonus of being great for enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities.

      Love and Light.

  69. Mary Gould

    I’m sorry if I didn’t mention that I did not drop either crystal and did not change the atmosphere or temperature in space where I have them both. If you can explain why this happened please advise me what to do with them both please? Thank you.

  70. Mary

    Hi. I gifted a iceland spar to a friends mom who had Dimentia and recently passed. My friend wanted to know if i wanted the crystal back since i became close with her mom. I took the gem back (cleansed & charged it) and thought about making a pendant out of it and giving it back to my friend for a “memorial”. I decided to put the piece in a small vial w/cork lid. It won’t fit so i was wanting to break it up into chips and put it in the tiny bottle. I feel bad for breaking it but my intention is ever so important to me to make this happen. I’m fairly new to crystals, bout a year in. I love them. I’m a crystal skull guardian to 8 skulls. They are so AWESOME. Back on track-is it ok to break this tiny iceland spar? (Yellow Calcite).

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      It depends on how you want to break it. Pretty much all tumbles and lots of crystal jewellery is made by cutting a larger stone into smaller pieces. It’s really up to you but I think smashing a stone on purpose is seems harsh but cutting it into smaller pieces like a jeweller would would be a better idea.

    2. Cherry

      Mary, something for you to consider – although please do bear in mind that this comes from someone for whom crystals are family – is that this Calcite is a living, feeling, intelligent being. Physically, breaking a Calcite is an easy thing to do; but think of it this way: would you deliberately kill, say, a pet hamster because it didn’t fit in its cage? No. You’d just get a bigger cage.

      Personally I’d avoid intentionally harming a crystal, especially in this way. There must be another way to honour your departed friend, rather than shattering an innocent crystal.

      Love and Light.

    1. Cherry

      No Irena, me neither. They’re living, sentient, *intelligent* beings with wisdom and faculties greater than any human’s.

      Of course, accidents do happen… but crystals understand that.

  71. Narelle

    l rested a clear quartz crystal on some selenite now it has fracture lines inside the outside is still quite smooth. I also have an aqua aura quartz point on my bedside table and it has done the same thing. I don’t know why and would like to know what it means.

    1. Cherry

      Narelle, there could be one of a few answers.

      Sometimes, our crystals will take a ‘hit’ of negative energy or a psychic attack in our stead, and this can cause similar internal fractures to those in your crystals.

      Some crystals have invisible fractures inside them containing gases; the gases expand when heated until they do anything from creating visible cracks, to shattering the stone altogether.

      It’s also possible your crystals have been overcharged and have developed cracks because of the overload of energy.

      Love and Light.

  72. Crystal

    Hi Ethan,
    I am still a beginner and love collecting crystal.
    I did cleanse all of my crystals in running water tap after I received my item once buying from the store.
    I even soaked some with pink Himalayan salt and sea salt too because that time I still doesn’t know that some crystals cannot get in wet.
    (e. g: labradorite, obsidian, moonstone, pyrite and astrophyllite)
    How can I replenish my crystal energy?
    I afraid that it will damage my crystals, really need guide here.

    Thank you for your help.

  73. DM

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I chipped the end of my smokey quartz crystal after 1 day of owning it.

    I feel awful.

    I’m in a very stressful part of my life which is bringing out an anger problem, hence the purchase of the smokey quartz.

    Things out of my control suddenly brought me to a breakdown and I ripped my necklace off and threw it against the wall.

    Instantly I regretted it, the problem I brought it for was just taken away within a day.

    What should I do with this crystal?

    Do I get it fixed, or do I use the chip as a reminder of why I have it.

    Or have I ruined it?

    Thank you

  74. Matt

    I have lemurian quartz which is damaged. The top part. At the shop I have been told that they can smooth it for me. Is it necessary ? Does the crystal loose it’s energy during smoothing ? Many thanks, regards, Matt

    1. Pandora

      Hi, i’m from Acapulco, México , in Acapulco city theres no specialist polisher or mines, so i ordered a precioous moonstone with a bag stone crochet necklace. The reason What i asked for was i wanted sleep with the moonstone on mi bed with no necklace, just the stone. Well, after 2 days to get my order, i did put on Yukito (my stone) on the table, and i accidentaly dropped it and and Yukito geted a scratch , chipping and craking. I feel so stupid and mad with myself, in Acapulco theres no experts with gemstones so i I took it with a man and for a few bills he told me that he could fix it but he left it crooked and I felt damage to myself, i feel like lost an arm, like Yukito. After that I cleaned it with water and buried it in the ground, I put it on, but I tripped and my things fell. I don’t know if it’s the same stone telling me: let me go, you did hurt me a lot, or it’s the blame that i feel, I don’t know what to do , idk if Yukito are resenting the fractures, the hit,the craking and chipping from the first hit else the bad job that the jeweler did it. I feel my English, I’m bilingual, heelp.
      Bueno resumiendo esto en español compré una piedra luna en crochet, la quería para mí , usarla y adorarlo. Luego de wue llegó mi piedra Yukito solo duró dos días, en mitad del segundo por distraída lo tiré de dónde estaba puesto y se fracturó, pero no sé rompió, lo lleve con un joyero ya que aquí en Acapulco no trabajamos con minas ni cristales y él señor por unos billetes dijo que podía arreglarlo y lo dejó con un mal trabajo , desde ahí me siento más cansada, me tropiezo , me pego con otras cosas de mi casa al chocar, se me caen las cosas, limpie a Yukito, le pedí disculpas y lo volví a usar pero no sé si es Yukito resintiendo el daño, el golpe, las grietas, la fractura y el mal pulido que le hicieron . ¿Qué hago?. Lo uso o lo dejo ir?. Me duele verlo así, y me duele verlo porque no lo dejé ir sabiendo que en Acapulco si lastimas un mineral o gema nadie podrá arreglarlo. Debo dejar ir a Yukito? Auxilio. Debo dejarlo ir?

  75. Ave

    I had a very strange dream in which a small, column smoky quartz, (which I have never used) gifted to me by my best friend, fell off a table and shattered on the ground. I was viewing it as if I was on the floor the size of an ant. The crystal is fine in real life but I am so confused as to what this means spiritually.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Ave,

      Smoky Quartz is a protective crystal (and one I love dearly). The fact that reality hasn’t echoed your dream – which to me would be more along the lines of a nightmare because my crystals are my family – says to me it could be a warning of trouble in the future; or possibly a more literal dream, warning you to be careful with, not necessarily that crystal, but another (if you have any others).

      The other possibility that springs to mind is, it’s a message from the crystal involved to try to get your attention; it may have something it needs to share with you, and this may be a time-critical thing. Crystals don’t experience time the way we humans do; they are able to look forward as well as back, much more easily than we can, and they’re fully capable of influencing our dreams (and even our waking decisions) to avert harm that might be coming our way. I’ve had exact predictive dreams involving crystals, and the most prominent one, funnily enough, involved buying a particular Smoky Quartz… before I even knew it existed.

      I recommend you work with this crystal – at the least, meditate with it – and see what transpires.

      Love and Light.

  76. Raven

    Hi Ethan my question is ….what if I have purchased a Pyrite crystal with a hole already in it wasn’t drilled by me or the owner ???it’s a heart crystal in her true natural state not smooth. Is their a spiritual meaning to this ??? I’ve heard their called hag stones is this correct ???

  77. Donnay

    Hi Ethan, I meditated with my new clear quartz Crystal once and when I looked at it today it was cracked on the side. It hasn’t been dropped or handled roughly and I wear it in a necklace during the day. Could I have done something wrong? It’s not a fragile crystal either.

    1. Cherry

      @Donnay, no, Quartz is pretty strong stuff.

      I think it’s possible that you may have forgotten to set appropriate protection before meditating (within which state, after all, you are open to both the ‘higher’ Light realms and the ‘lower’ – for want of a better word – Dark realms), and something unpleasant may have made an attempt to latch onto your energy. Clear Quartz is not merely a healing crystal; it’s a Master Crystal, which means it can fulfil purposes most people associate with other stones like protection. It’s my guess that your Quartz has repelled whatever it was to protect you, and in doing so taken a ‘hit’ of negative energy in some form.

      I think you should love and honour your crystal, thank it for its aid and keep it as a ‘close personal’, because it seems clear to me that it and you have a strong connection!

      Love and Light.

  78. Charity

    I found your article very helpful, I have only had one crystal to break thank goodness and I placed it in my house plant that wasn’t looking so good. I thanked it for it’s protection before placing it there and my plant looks great now.

  79. Teshaya

    I’ve had a few break but most recently I had my black obsidian Gua sha break.(I’ve noticed I’ve mainly broken various types of obsidian) I was in the shower and went to wash my body first and it’s as if I felt that in that moment something was going to go wrong. I picked up the soap and it started slipping out of my hands, the soap fell and hit my obsidian off the side of the tub, it flew and fell and cracked on the floor. Compared to previous times where I’ve broken a few I felt very calm, I picked up the pieces and decided to give the crystal a break for the day. I got out of the shower and cleansed it, went online to read for some more clarity. In the end I think I was being told to go to the crystal store, and also to not think of negativity while trying to de-stress or at all for that matter.(I try to think positive but recently I’ve allowed my mind to wander off towards negative things during my showers before I use my obsidian) I’ve realized that there’s no need for me to think negative at all, I just need to be present.

  80. Sylvia

    I have never heard of Warrior Crystals but it makes sense. I create and infuse Crystals grids to send distant Holy Fire 3 Reiki Healing and many of my activating crystals and towers have ended up with a circular chip in them near or at the point… in Spanish we refer to it as “Ojo” or “evil eye”… I was hesitant to reuse them at times without cleansing them energetically. I’ve had many large raw obsidians chip this way as well…

  81. Jennifer K.

    I was given an amethyst pendant wrapped in copper, a cute necklace. As soon as I received it in the mail, I could just feel HORRIBLE energy coming from it, like someone died when they made it, felt it in my chest. Anyway, I’ve cleansed it in the sun, in the moon, in the water, in the ground.. Nothing has worked. It will feel better to my vibe wise, but every time I try to wear it, bad things happen, bad luck, and it makes me angry too. I couldn’t find anything about this, If some crystals just cannot be cleansed after certain events. I think I’m just going to bury it in the garden.

    1. Cherry

      I’ve experienced that myself. Often times it’s a sign that someone has made that crystal deeply unhappy, perhaps even abused it.

      Rather than burying it, I would – if you aren’t actually one yourself – see if you can find a crystal whisperer. Whisperers are equipped to communicate with a distressed crystal, find out what’s amiss, and suggest ways to heal it. Some can even heal the crystal themselves.

      Love and Light.

  82. Gabriela

    Hi Ethan. A client told me that one of the beads on the bracelet I made for her daughter broke for no reason. I told her that I think it will be enough to clean it again and have your little girl put her hand on it to clean it completely and recharge it with her childlike and pure energy. That is beauty and pure love, the high vibration of a girl is more than enough and I think that with that she can keep her bracelet

  83. Una Lekuze

    Hello there!
    Recently a few crystals – Tigers eye, Mugglestone and Citrine, as well as Smoky Quartz appear to have an A scratched into them. ( In the Citrine an A shaped inclusion appeared inside of it even though it was perfectly see through before).
    It seems odd, as I have not dropped them and the other pocket crystals with a lower hardness scale like the jet stone, tourmaline and shungite don’t have any problems at all, except for a few mild bruises and some stones ( apatite, chrysocolla and orange calcite) became noticeably brighter.
    It’s an odd situation, but are the crystals still safe to work with, even despite the A shaped inclusions?

  84. Kim H

    I have a 3” Shungite pyramid. It got a big crack from the bottom up for no reason at all. It sits by my wifi router all the time. The router stands vertical and only has heat emitting at the top, cool on the bottom. Makes me feel very grateful that it could be negative protection now that I read your article. My friend thought it cracked because it comes from Russia and there was something big in the news about Russia that day and it connects with the crystals there. Who knows? The great mysteries of the universe. Will have to meditate on this I think.

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