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How To Cleanse Crystals Safely

How To Cleanse Crystals Safely

How To Cleanse Crystals Safely

One of the first things you should learn when you begin working with crystals is how to cleanse crystals. This is not physical cleaning I am talking about but how to energetically cleanse them.
Crystals are sensitive tools that absorb energies as well as emit them. If you have never cleansed your crystals before don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Cleansing crystals can seem intimidating to some people or even complicated but it’s really not once you get started.

Why Do We Need To Cleanse Crystals?

Crystals pick up all kinds of energies from our thoughts, feelings, other people and places.
Sometimes these energies are not in alignment with the crystal’s higher purpose, they may even be negative or can simply clog the crystal weakening its properties.
If you use a crystal for chakra healing, for example, it can take on energies which you would not want to keep or pass onto others. If you have purchased or been given new crystals, you should always cleanse them before you use them. Also if someone else handles your crystals it is a good idea to cleanse them too.
The following list is a general guide only and based on my experience over many years. Opinions on cleansing crystals vary and you may develop your own cleansing routine over time.

When To Cleanse Your Crystals:

1. When they are new crystals
2. If you have never cleansed them before
3. After using them for a crystal healing treatment
4. After using them for chakra balancing
5. After wearing or carrying them throughout the day
6. If someone else touches or handles your crystals
7. Before and after using them in a crystal grid
8. At least once a month for display crystals
9. If you feel that the crystal needs cleansing
Crystal healing for the chakras book by Ethan Lazzerini

My beginner’s guide to the chakras and how they relate to crystals. Learn more about this little book by clicking the photo.

How To Cleanse Crystals

There are many methods available which you can use to cleanse your crystals and bring them back into balance. Some methods you may come across online and in books can actually damage your crystals (I know because I’ve learned the hard way). I do not recommend you use water, salt or the Sun. So I am going to be sharing with you only those which I have used and know to be perfectly safe for your crystals. Some of these methods are well known but some you may not have heard of before.
Whatever method you choose remember it’s all about your intention. Focus on energetically cleansing your crystals as you do it.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals SAFELY. Clear your crystals of negative energies.

Smudging & Incense

This popular Native American cleansing method uses dried White Sage bundles which can be purchased at most metaphysical shops or websites. You will need a dish to catch any ashes or cinders.
Open a window for ventilation. Light the Smudge Stick then blow out any flame. You can now pass your crystal through the smoke a few times to clear it. Carefully stub out the Smudge Stick in the dish.
You can also burn part of a stick of Palo Santo wood in a similar way. Burning Palo Santo is a tradition that comes from Peru. Please make sure your Palo Santo is sustainably and ethically sourced and only gathered from naturally fallen branches.
Alternatively, use other cleansing natural incense in other forms such as sticks, cones, powder or loose incense. You could use Sandalwood, Camphor, Copal, Lemongrass, Sage, Frankincense and Myrrh. Or any blend of cleansing/purifying incense. Burn it in a suitable heat resistant holder and pass your crystals through the smoke. Remember to open your windows. For an in-depth guide please read How To Cleanse Crystals With Incense.
TIP: Sensitive to smoke or don’t like the smell in your home? You can always sit outside in the fresh air to do these methods.


At night when the Moon is full place your crystals on a window sill that faces the Moon. If it is safe to do so and dry you could also leave them outside. Use a glass jar or bowl to cover them for extra protection if needed. The moonlight will cleanse the crystals overnight.
Remember to remove them first thing in the morning so they don’t get too much direct sunlight which can fade them over time. For a detailed look at this method please read How To Cleanse Crystals By The Full Moon.

Energy Healing

If you are a Reiki practitioner or use any other energy healing method you can use this to cleanse your crystals whenever or wherever you are. Simply hold your crystals and pass the healing energy through them.
These days you can learn many healing modalities online through Home study courses. A Usui Reiki level 1 course is usually inexpensive and give you valuable self-healing skills. Please also see below.

Universal White Light

This is a completely free way to channel white light using visualisation to clear your crystals. I share this in all my books for readers as it requires no special training, tools, smoke, sound or water. I have a detailed guide on how this works if you want to know more here How To Cleanse Crystals Without Tools.

Tibetan Singing Bowl

These Buddhist metal bowls come with a cushion to rest them on and a wooden stick. When struck they emit a tone which is both soothing and cleansing. You do not need a big one, there are some beautiful handmade ones on my recommended Spiritual Tools List on Amazon.
Don’t put your crystals inside the bowl itself (it may damage them) place them outside, around it. You can also hold the bowl in one hand sitting on the cushion and sound it above the crystals. Gently strike the side with the stick and slowly rub the rim or outer edge of the Singing Bowl in a clockwise direction several times.
For a more detailed guide to singing bowls and a video demonstration by me please read How To Cleanse Crystals With a Singing Bowl.


This is another cleansing method that uses sound and originates from Tibet. Tingshas are metal cymbals which many find easier to use than a Singing Bowl. I have now added a detailed guide to them and this method (with a video demo) for those who are interested, How To Cleanse Crystals With Tingshas.

Copper Pyramid

Not very well known but one of the simplest methods to use. This is a specialist tool but you can find these online and they are made of copper pipes or rods. Look for ones based on the proportions of the Great Pyramid to tap into powerful Sacred Geometry. Remember that a really small one will only be good for smaller crystals.
Use a compass so that you always have all four sides facing the four cardinal directions. Simply leave your crystals in the pyramid for an hour or longer if you wish. Pictured below is a Meru Pyramid I got from Shamans Crystal.
To learn more about these energy tools and how to use them, please read my article Cleansing Crystals with a Copper Pyramid.
how to cleanse crystals in a Copper Pyramid

I often cleanse crystals in my copper Meru Pyramid from Shamans Crystal.

But Can’t I Just Use Water?

You may be wondering why I don’t recommend using water to cleanse crystals. This is one of the methods which can damage certain minerals. To learn more about the potential dangers of using water with your crystals check out my blog post: Why I NEVER Cleanse Crystals in Water.

Will Cleansing Remove The Good Stuff?

Cleansing crystals will not remove any good energies from your stones. All you are removing is energies that do not belong there or are clogging up your crystal and stopping it from working at optimal level. Cleansing crystals will not remove any pragrams you have placed inside your crystals unless that is your intention. That is called deprogramming and is not the same thing as cleansing.
These are just a few methods you can use. In time you will likely develop your own ways. After cleansing the crystals will feel revitalised and renewed as well as work at their full potential.
If you’re interested in learning more about crystal healing do check out my Beginners Guides and other helpful articles in the Resources section by clicking Here.
If you know people who may benefit from this post please share the link with them or use one of the sharing buttons below. I would love to know what ways you use to cleanse your crystals? Let me know in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
Thank you,
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108 thoughts on “How To Cleanse Crystals Safely

  1. Celine

    Great information, thanks Ethan. I have used 1 of these methods – moonlight – but now I know to use Reiki as I’m attuned to Reiki and my new Tibetan Singing Bowl!

    Yes I bought a beautiful medium sized Tibetan Sing / singing bowl as at the website link on my You Tube channel above. Did not know I could use it for crystal clearing. 🙂

    I almost have a copper pyramid = well, I have a crystal pyramid quartz with copper coils projecting from out to the four directions. This article has really helped me alot, I am going to share it.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Yay you got a Singing Bowl! In my opinion one of the most useful spiritual tools you can invest in. I use mine all the time. They clear and balance the chakras too. If thats your bowl in the video, it is really beautiful.

      I have been thinking of getting a new one as mine is small (Had it for 15 years) and like the use of mantras on some of the ones you can get now.

      1. Elle

        Hello Ethan, I’ve learned so much reading your articles and two of your books (which I must admit I speed-read and need to go back over to truly absorb them). I’m intrigued by your comments on Singing Bowls and have searched your site for more information. Are uses as spiritual tools something you might explore in an article, or could you direct me to a resource? My mother gifted me with a Singing Bowl years ago, it has been cherished but now I am making use of it to clean my crystals. So helpful as I am sensitive to sage and smoke in general.


  2. Daisy

    HI. I have a few crystals, and was trying to figure out exactly what my large crystal is (for what is considered the main healing properties of this crystal) and how to cleanse some of my crystals. I asked on a forum about it and someone told me that my large crystal was something she calls a phantom crystal, and I think I found the type she meant. I think it’s a lot like the Amphibole Angel Phantom Quartz. It’s not like the phantom crystal that you describe on the formation page. It also has a lot of fractures. She said she cleanses hers by putting them in a leather pouch and burying them in the ground for a day or two, then putting them in the full moon, which she recommended for me to do both. But then she also said they are sensitive to temperature, and since its summer, it’s getting in the 90’s during the day where I live. You don’t mention burying them here. Is burying them something you would do? Is there a negative to that? I’ve heard of burying crystals before. im just not sure that it’s a good way to go for cleansing with the temperature changes where I live.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Yes the phantom in Angel Phantom Quartz is very unusual looking and there are all kinds of phantoms which may look different to the basic phantom formation. I know some people bury their crystals to cleanse them but it is a lot of work to me. My main issue with burying is keeping things dry and clean. I would use a secure glass large jar. It is up to you but there are so many simple and effective methods to try. There is no one right way to cleanse.

  3. Kendell

    Hi Ethan,
    This information has been super helpful for me thank you. I’ve always had a love of crystals but have only recently started getting into them seriously. I’m just wondering how often the crystals should be cleansed?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks for your comment. Opinions do vary on this so see what feels right for you. I personally cleanse any crystal I have carried, worn or placed on a chakra that day. With crystals that are on display, maybe once a month with a Singing Bowl as thats easiest. I may write an article on this at some time for more detail.

  4. Michael

    Is there any truth in crystals that don’t need to be cleansed as they cleanse themselves? Also some say selinite will cleanse other crystals. I need to keep things practical for me. Smudging is not practical for every day. Maybe the copper pyramid would be better

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I think some crystals do cleanse themselves an can cleanse other stones but I just think it makes more sense to cleanse all of them just to be sure and to keep things simple. The Copper Pyramid is a bit of an investment if your new. If you are okay with it you can hold your crystals and visualise divine white light coming in from the top of your head down to your heart and out your hands filling the crystals. After a minute or two your crystals are cleansed.

  5. Angela

    Hi! Very useful article, thanks 🙂 I’m just learning about crystals and I’m about to buy some tomorrow (I saw your article on basic crystals!) because I want to take advantage of the full moon from the next few days to cleanse them. And also because my city is very cloudy so you can barely see the moon, and I’m gonna be travelling to a beach where the sky is really clear. And coincidently I’ll be there for the supermoon on november 14th! So I was wondering if the supermoon has any additional effects on crystals or is it just the same?
    Also, do you have any recommendations for what size and shape should my crystals have? Considering I’m just getting started. Thanks!!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hey Angela, that sounds amazing. Yes I do believe that a Supermoon is even more powerful but any Full Moon will clear your crystals. I will go into size and shape on here at some point soon but just for beginners I think small to medium sized Tumble Stones are perfect. If you want some small natural crystal points of Quartz or Amethyst that is also good. No need to spend a fortune or buy rare stones when your just starting to build a relationship with crystals.

  6. cheri

    what exactly is that beautiful blue stone outside the copper pyramid in your picture? Its gorgeous!! Thank you so much for this article. I am just getting started with crystals myself and have been washing them in the ocean!!

    I look forward to reading/learning more from you!

  7. April D.

    Hello. Thank you for the informative article. I often use sage or moonlight to cleanse my crystals. I have however had a difficult time finding any information about cleansing ruby fuschite. I have a necklace that absorbed some oils from my natural moisturizer and have yet to find anything about how to cleanse the ruby fuschite stone. Any tips? Thank you!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi April, thanks for your comment. I personally do not use different cleansing methods for different crystals. If you feel guided to use a different method for certain stones, then follow your intuition. Neither of the two methods you mentioned is harmful for that stone in my opinion. I do not know of a way to remove oils from a stone but remember that is going to be a common thing when people wear crystal jewellery. Crystals also absorb natural oils from our skin and it will deepen the colour. There is no way to stop this.

  8. Yurii

    I was into it until you said not to use water. .. you know crystals grow outside, right? I’ve gone rock hunting and found them myself. Water is not going to harm your crystals. Every crystal you’ve encountered has been washed in water. And possibly chemicals.

    1. Cherry

      @Yurii, that’s not always the case.

      Take Angelite. It’s a prime example of why one should be careful about that assumption.

      Angelite is a special anhydrous form of Gypsum. It’s formed at depth, and thus under high pressures and temperatures; it gets no exposure to water whatsoever during its formation. Chemicals, maybe; everything is made up of them, after all, and all crystals, and even water itself, are technically chemical in nature — but it’s all about the relationships between chemicals and how they react together. If you get an Angelite wet, it will turn into ordinary Gypsum. It appears to be reversible, provided the exposure was to plain water; but it’s better not to risk it.

      And then there’s another factor: chemical leaching. If you cleanse a Pyrite – which is basically Haematite with added aluminium – in water, the aluminium will leach out into the water and pollute it, to say nothing of turning the Pyrite into Haematite or a mixture of the two. If you then drain that water into the mains sewage system, or even just tip it away on the ground, you’re causing pollution. If you aren’t aware of it already, I invite you to look up the Camelford water poisoning incident in Cornwall in the late 1980s; it’s an extreme version of the point but does illustrate what happens when aluminium enters the water supply.

      Love and Light.

  9. Mercy

    Thank you, Ethan so much for all your valuable information it’s really hard when your starting out. The web is filled with so many different ways and it can become very overwhelming. My question: When I get a new Crystal I smudge it with White Sage and sometimes with both White Sage and Pablo Santo. I also bought a pointed Selenite flat bed and I place my Crystals their to cleanse them every time I use them. Is cleansing with Selenite on a regular basis ok. As you mentioned you cleanse your Crystals after each use. I also want to Thank you again for all your help. I feel like I do not need to check the web anymore for questions and information.
    Checking for information on your site it’s all I need.. I emailed you once with a question on a Crystal and you answered right away with a very clear understanding answer. It was was very comforting and felt right.
    I hope you don’t mine but you will probably be getting more emails from me from time to time with questions.
    Thank you again,

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thank you Mercy. I know a few people that use Selenite to cleanse other crystals and feel it works well for them. I just have not used this method so thats why I do not mention it. Selenite is one of the most cleansing crystals but I cleanse all my crystals including Selenite and other crystals said to be self clearing. I wonder if cleansing the Selenite plate from time to time would be a good idea.

  10. Mercy

    Thank you. I will clean my Selenite crystals from time to time with white sage and palo santo. Will try to do so every week or two. Does that sound like a good idea?

  11. Mercy

    Hello Ethan, can you clean them also with voice toning or tingsha bell? And if you can is it possible for it to be the only cleasing method you us?

    Thank you,

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  13. Dot Di Prisco

    Ethan, what are your thoughts on placing the crystals on an Earthing Mat for cleansing. since the mat gives off the same frequencies as our Earth? Easier to do than putting in winter Canadian ground. Another thought for your opinion is using a copper wire wrapped around the crystal and the other end of the wire put through a window and dug into the ground. I use the copper wire this way with one of my indoor plants over the winter.
    I recently soaked a beautiful tangerine quartz crystal in distilled water with a bit of eco detergent and it totally disappeared after several hours! I put another clear quartz in water and it was fine. They were both clear quartz. I even weighed the clear quartz before & after the soak and it weighed the same. I also measured the water with a TDS tester and it tested the same for the clear quartz but was much higher in total dissolved solids for the tangerine quartz that melted. Could the tangerine have been a fake? Thank you kindly for your expertise. Dot

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Dot. I haven’t personally used the earthing mat or copper grounding wire to cleanse crystals but both sound like they could work well to me. Tangerine Quartz usually has a Iron oxide on the surface. Water + Iron is not a great combination so I would not recommend it. Losing the surface coating would not surprise me but I would not have expected it to completely dissolve even with natural detergent. It is entirely possible that you had a fake crystal but cant be sure. Sorry to hear this happened.

  14. Ashlee Dominic

    At the advice of another individual, I have used tepid water and sunlight on some rose quartz. Does this mean they are permanently damaged? Is it possible to revive them?

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  20. memento blackfox

    I discover this site just recently, but I love it!
    the accuracy of the information are delightful and is really easy-reading.
    being a cristallotherapist myself, I love reading about other people’s experiences as I find it one of the most amazing way to improve!
    I want to suggest also another method that I find really nice, that I call the “reverse method”.
    you simply put your crystals in a jar, close tight the lead, and then put the jar in a bowl of salt or earth (even water if the jar is completely waterproof) for 24h.
    begin pagan, I follow the wheel of the year, and during imbolc I performe a deeply cleanse of all my tools, also crystals ^^.

  21. Marta Ramirez

    Hi Ethan,
    Thank you for this info, so surprising about the water, as most people recommend placing them under running water as a quick cleanse, but also “before” cleansing them!
    I wanted to ask you, as I have asthma and cannot burn sage, would it work as well with incense, and does it have to be sage or can it be anything else, as I cannot find it where I live.
    Last, yesterday I watched a video that recommended all your methods, but also putting them in a glass bowl filled with brown rice and leaving them overnight. Do you know of this method?

    Again Ethan, thank you so much for your blog and posts.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Marta, yes you can use incense but check it is natural and not just a fragrance. Any cleansing herbs can be used like Frankincense, Sage, Copal or Sandalwood. You should burn this outside to avoid the smoke or by an open window. If not stick to other methods. You can use brown rice but I would not want to reuse the rice, which means throwing it away and some people might not like to do that, plus it could be an issue if you have lots of crystals like me.

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  24. Dixie

    I had a Rolfing friend who cleansed his crystals by putting them on top of his large amethyst geode. Do you think this is an okay method?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      The reason I personally don’t use this method is that the Amethyst will need cleansing itself. If you do that afterwards then why bother using the Amethyst to cleanse the crystal? It becomes two jobs, when these other methods are once only.

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  26. Trinity Faith Matthews

    Thank you for sharing this information. This has definite potential for me in my work with crystals. I do have a question though. This may be a silly question, but I’m only at the beginning of understanding crystal healing, a journey filled with knowledge. Do different crystals have designated cleansing rituals that only work for a specific crystal. Now, what I would assume would be that you can use any type of cleansing ritual on any crystal, but each crystal has a preferred and designated routine. I’m not quite sure which proposal is accurate yet, but I will further continue my research. Thank you again for sharing this information and thank you for reading this question.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Trinity, I personally use my prefered method/s to cleanse all my crystals and it works for me. I feel cleansing is cleansing and so I teach people to use the method that they feel comfortable with and will actually use. Some people do use different methods for different stones but deciding which method and why could be tricky, plus will make cleansing lots of stones a lot more work. It’s up to you.

    2. Cherry

      Hi Trinity,

      Each crystal is affiliated with one or more of the classical Elements — Earth, Air, Fire, Water and, occasionally, Ether. I’ve found it’s a good idea to get to know which Element a given crystal in your collection is affiliated with – the information is readily available online (I recommend The Crystal Council’s website for this) – because if you cleanse a crystal using the wrong Element it can be, at the least, offended by that, and at the worst have its powers damaged.

      Of course, using an “Element neutral” method like Universal light, cleansing with Selenite or with Black Tourmaline, is a perfectly viable way to avoid having to worry about Elemental connections; but there will inevitably come a time when that’s not an available method, so I still recommend you take time to learn about your crystals’ Elemental connections. It could save you making a mistake that could be unfortunate to terrible, or anywhere in between.

      Love and Light.

  27. Louisa

    Hi Ethan,
    I am a big fan of selenite, towers, tumbled and wands. I have been growing my collection as I am so drawn to them and dream about them. I have them in a glass cabinet now for display and my go to for daily stuff.
    Coming across a crystal healer and another crystal cavern, he and they both suggested using selenite to cleanse. I have been cleansing the selenite on occasion with either a smudge or white sage incense even though I know they are self cleanses (outside of course) and when I do I cleanse my other crystals but do them in groups enveloping them in smoke and saying a little affirmation of removing all negative energies absorbed. Is this okay? My collection is growing so fast, I’m wearing them and can’t get enough of them. Also, I have found a disc which is made with all cleansing materials in a disc, are these okay as I thinking about buying one?
    PS: Loved your read on crystals in the bedroom, have just rearranged! Was having extreme dreams and thought placing them under the bed was fine, but wow, complete broken sleep patterns and very intermittent, even hubby was feeling the same. Have changed it up now, hopefully she works tonight
    Will also be trying out your grids
    Thanks for the helpful info have spent hours on your site tonight just absorbing

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, you are welcome. Yes I personally like to cleanse Selenite, although I agree that it is a deeply cleansing stone, I think it needs help. Smudging is effective but sound may be easier as your collection grows (Singing Bowl/Tingshas). I havent used the disc you mention, so cant really say. Hope you are getting a better night sleep.

      1. Louisa

        Thank You Ethan, l will be getting myself a singing bowl. I spent a few hours yesterday cleansing and I do this at least once a week. Can the singing bowl be carried throughout the house? I have my crystals everywhere as well as
        my display go to cabinet.
        And Thank You for all your help and guidance.

    1. Cherry

      Music is a key to the laws of the Universe. (Shame about the rusty lock.) The harmonies in properly composed music – not chart stuff, dance/rave or heavy metal – are great cleansers not just for crystals, but also for people and even spaces. My crystals – and I – love Medwyn Goodall, Philip Chapman, Phil Thornton, David Arkenstone and Jonn Serrie. Liquid Mind aren’t really my cup of tea, but whatever your preference when it comes to composers, you ideally want music that runs at around 60bpm – healthy resting heart rate – or less. If you can find it, Steven Halpern’s album “Crystal Suite” is also good, lots of pure tones and even sine waves!

      Love and Light.

    1. Cherry

      @Michelle, yes! Just talking to your crystals can help, particularly with bonding with them, but singing is a superb way to cleanse them as long as you don’t sing anything negative — I don’t think mine would appreciate heavy metal – not that I classify that as singing anyway – but sacred music, like Schubert’s “Ave Maria*, works a treat. Shame my AS is messing with my lung capacity. Mind you, Terry Oldfield did a great album back in the 80s,a New Age reworking of several pieces of sacred music with his sister Sally as vocalist, and that does just as well. It’s called “Star of Heaven”.

  28. Donna Morgan

    Hi Ethan still learning from your blogs they are so helpful I’ve now read your book psychic protection crystals and it’s been a great help. I’ve purchased a singing bowl now and wondered exactly how to use it properly as in will it cleanse all the crystals within a certain range of the sound? Also I’ve heard Tibetan bells can cleanse crystals too and wondered if this is true, as always thanks for all your invaluable information.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks for getting my book Donna. I believe that a Singing bowl will cleanse all items in a room, including your crystals. Yes Tibetan Bells/ Tingshas work the same way, though I prefer them for close range items.

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  31. Joanna Hirvela

    Hi Ethan! I recently purchased 3 of your books. They are what has been missing from my life. I’m currently devouring Crystals for Empaths and highly sensitive people. I listen to solfeggio sacred frequencies a lot via youtube. I was thinking that the solfeggio tones could cleanse my crystals. There are ones for cleaning energy from your home and I play it for hours near by crystals. What do you think about this? Thank you!

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  37. Jessica Toy

    Is there a way to safely physically clean the crystals as in sanitization since they have been touched by a lot of people’s hands?

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  44. lian

    great article! Im very thankful I read your blog before I start with my own cleansing of crystals. I was thinking of salt water and sun before I read your blog.

    Do you think it is a good idea to combine the singin bowl and selenite for cleansing??? and will there be an effect if I dub just a little holy water???

      1. lian

        Oh thank you so much for all the advice very helpful <3 especially for someone like me who is just starting to discover and explore the greatness of crystals/precious stones……….
        One more thing what is the classification/identifier of a good tibetan singing bowl?

        1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

          I look for seven metal ones, also be careful with very cheap ones. The safest way to buy is in a shop and test the sound. Genuine ones will give off a harmonic ringing sound when tapped, fake ones make a dull noice like a cooking pot.

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  49. chris

    On another crystal guru website she suggests using a bowl of organic brown rice to put your crystals in for a couple hours. Does this work do you feel? Thanks.

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  51. Júlia


    How are you, Ethan? I just discovered your website and I’m in awe. Thank you so much for being honest and open peoples eyes for the danger of cleaning crystals with water. I always knew it in my heart it wasn’t the best way and never did it.

    Can I clean my crystals using the moonlight method when it’s a full moon? The other moon phases aren’t good for cleaning? Why?

    Thank you so much.

    Love, peace and great energy to you,

  52. Liz

    Thank you for sharing information here. So helpful!! Could you please share regarding stones/crystals that are good around small kids and the ones to keep far from them. I know minerals in stones composition varies and some are to watch out for or handle cautiously. Since I have a toddler and staying at home requires use of air conditioning/heating systems, I want to be more aware of which stones I could leave nearby and which to place far from my kiddo and from the airflow.

    Thank you!

      1. Bas

        Thank you. The vendor says “Absolutely, you can place crystals, your shungite necklace, or other objects on or near the MWO Harmonization Machine to charge them with positive energy. The device emits a broad spectrum of frequencies believed to be beneficial for energizing and harmonizing objects within its field.”
        But I’m not sure if charging with positive energy also means that it’s cleaned from negative energies…

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