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7 Crystals for Lucid Dreaming: Awaken Lucid Dreams

7 Crystals for Lucid Dreaming: Awaken Lucid Dreams

7 Crystals for Lucid Dreaming: Awaken Lucid Dreams

Discover 7 crystals for lucid dreaming and dream work. Choose your crystal and try the lucid dream crystal ritual and meditation. Warning: These potent crystals can stimulate vivid dreams, lucid dreams and even astral travel…

What Is Lucid Dreaming & Why Would You Do it?

Have you have ever had a dream where you became aware that you are dreaming? That was a lucid dream. The reason people want to do this is that as soon as you are lucid, you can then influence your dream. Designing your own dreams is not easy but many with practice are able to do this. Lucid dreaming is an altered state of awareness that has many other benefits.

What Is Dream Work?

Dream Work (Also known as Dreamwork) involves using your dreams to access information, understand yourself better or receive spiritual messages. Most often people will actively try to have dreams and then interpret them. This mystical process can be traced back to ancient times.
Crystals for lucid dreaming

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How Crystals Can Help

There are a number of crystals for lucid dreaming and dreams that can help. They work best when combined with other methods. I have personally experienced dream filled nights and fully lucid dreams with crystals. Having a clear intention and focus over a period of time will give you the best results. The world of dreams is related to the astral plane and the subconscious mind. Neither of these is very predictable or easy to control.
The following list of crystals can all be used. As always these are just my recommendations and you do not need more than one crystal. Sometimes you will find that one crystal works better for you so you may need to experiment to find your best dream stone.

A Word Of Warning:

Some of the following crystals are very powerful and if you want a peaceful night’s sleep then you are reading the wrong article!



This popular crystal is easy to find. Amethyst stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and connects you with the spiritual realms. It triggers dreams, lucid dreams and can be used for astral travelling.
Amethyst Crystal Point

Amethyst Crystal Point

Angel Aura

This crystal is also known as Opal Aura. It is usually a Quartz crystal that has been enhanced with Platinum and other precious metals. Angel Aura stimulates lucid dreams and the dream state.
Angel Aura Crystal Point

Angel Aura Crystal Point

Shamanic Dream Stone

These clear Quartz crystals have fantastic inclusions inside. They are known under many names including Lodolite, Shamanic Dream Quartz and Garden Quartz. Shamanic Dream Stone activates dreams, lucid dreams and can be used for astral travel.
Raw Shamanic Dream Stone Crystal Point

Raw Shamanic Dream Stone Crystal Point

Herkimer Diamond

These bright little double terminated Quartz crystals awaken the Third Eye Chakra. Herkimer Diamonds support all dream work and can cause lucid dreaming states.
Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond


This green form of Tektite is becoming harder to find and more expensive. Moldavite is not for the faint-hearted. It is highly stimulating for dreams, lucid dreaming and astral travel. If you do not feel good holding or meditating with this stone, then it may be too strong for dream work. It can take weeks or months to adjust to its strong energy.
USE WITH CAUTION: If you’re new to Moldavite, I recommend you learn more about its potentially life-changing properties and possible side effects in my YouTube video:

Raw piece of Moldavite

A raw piece of Moldavite


Common Moonstone has a creamy off white colour and a soft pearlescent sheen. This stone connects you with the subconscious mind. Moonstone is gentle yet effective at helping you enter the dream state.
Moonstone Tumble Stone

Moonstone Tumble Stone

Rainbow Moonstone

This stone is also known as White Labradorite. Rainbow Moonstone is white to clear but with an intense brightly coloured sheen. This is a stronger form of Moonstone for dreams. Rainbow Moonstone activates the mind and spiritual states of awareness. It is good for dreams and dream work.
Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon

Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon

Lucid dream crystal ritual

How To Work With Crystals For Lucid Dreaming

There are many ways to stimulate dreams and have a lucid dream experience. All you need is a tumbled stone or raw crystal. If you have a large crystal then place this by your side of the bed so that it is within your aura (see below). You could also place it under your bed where your head is. Just remember not to leave it there if you want a deep sleep.
If it’s not a rare stone you could use a beaded crystal bracelet which can be easily worn while you sleep. The following bedtime ritual can be used with smaller stones. If you have a large crystal you can just touch your Third Eye with it and do the same meditation. If using a Crystal Point, have the crystal pointing upwards on your forehead.
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Be Careful Sleeping With Crystals!

A word of warning with placing crystals on your nightstand, under your pillow or in your bed. If your crystal is fragile or expensive this is highly risky. The chances of the stone being pushed out from under your pillow, bed or your hand while sleeping are very high. If it falls onto a hard floor, it will break or smash into pieces…
Even placed by your bed there is the potential of knocking it while sleeping.  If the crystal is a raw, fragile, rare, valuable or expensive then don’t do this. I do NOT recommend placing crystals under pillows or in the bed in this article for this reason. There are plenty of other safe ways to stmulate dreams with crystals in this article, so please try them.
Moonstone bracelets could bring you sweet dreams

Moonstone bracelets could bring you sweet dreams

Lucid Dream Crystal Ritual

1 – Before you go to sleep lay down in your bed, close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

2 – Place a small raw crystal or tumble stone on your Third Eye Chakra. Just above and in between your eyes.

3 – Focus on your intention and visualise it glowing and pulsating with its own light.

4 – After a few minutes remove the crystal. You can place it by your bed if it is fragile or place it under your pillow.

Remember to cleanse your crystals each morning to make sure they don’t carry any negative energies and work their best.
Do you have a question or comment about working with crystals for lucid dreaming? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,
P.S. If you know anyone who may be interested in this article please share it with one of the sharing buttons at the end or side of this post.
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43 thoughts on “7 Crystals for Lucid Dreaming: Awaken Lucid Dreams

  1. Jacqueline Myers

    Another brilliant blog. I love reading your books and blogs and feel they help me so much on my reiki/crystal journey. Thank-you so much.

  2. Sonia

    This is really interesting topic and I love how you write about it 🙂
    I have a problem with Angel aura. First, I’m not able to find its name in my language and second- I cant find where to buy it.
    And its so fascinating crystal for me.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Sonia, these days this is a very popular crystal. If you can’t find it in your local crystal shop, any good crystal website should have some. If you look on Etsy for example there are thousands of angel aura crystals for sale all around the world. Hope you can get one.

  3. Dot Schmitt

    Thanks Ethan. I’ve been extremely drawn to amethyst of late and have had some wild meditative experiences with it. I’m going to try it for lucid dreams

      1. Isis

        Thanks. I asked because it seems to be a stone that encourages visions. Haven’t experimented with lucid dreaming, will have to try this out actively!

  4. Ana

    I have angelite, I believe thats the name for it, its a sky blue color. I leave this every night beneath my pillow; I only sometimes use amethyst at night though because I find it is SO strong, and I most certainly cannot get any rest. My question though is, it appears my third eye is very sensitive; when I go to reiki and a crystal gets placed on my third eye it almost feels like someone placed a brick on it. It’s so heavy, my third eye overall is always very stimulated and constantly feels “on” I guess. I am always told to mediate with crystal placed on my third eye, but as described that always proves quite some discomfort. Anyways, does anyone have any suggestions for to alleviate this?
    Thank You, xx.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I have had a similar experience and there are lots of reasons why this might be but a very sensitive Third Eye Chakra is likely. In this case I would not place crystals here for long periods of time because you may not need the extra energy and it could unground you.

    2. Lisa

      I would ground and protect your self before with example rainbow obsidian. For protection of not letting anything in that is not for your highest good. After you do this it can be activated by tapping your thymus. For protection.

  5. Jess

    Hey, I literally stumbled upon this site as I recently broke one of my favourite moonstone bracelets and I was doing some research before I purchased another.

    I get terrible sleep paralysis ALL the time and because of it I feel I’m in a permanent state of exhaustion. Now I’m wondering if wearing it (I never took it off for bed) could have somehow amplified this?

    So I’m wondering if anyone knows of anything I could use to block this from happening or have a more positive/protective power?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Andrew

    Hi there I am wondering what should the intention be for the crystals should it be something like “I energize this crystal with the intent for it to help lucid dream” thanks also I am using selenite crystal under my pillow

  7. Akhil

    Hi Ethan, What are your thoughts about Prehnite for lucid dreams? I heard that it is very good for lucid dreams.
    Also which is better type of crystal for most effect ( tumble stone or raw rough stone).

  8. Beyond Enigma

    Awesome. I’ve been researching crystals and how they really help power up the chakra centers. Dreams might I add, are also doorways to other realms, the astral realms and inorganic dream realms with alien entities according to shaman sectors.

  9. Phung Phan

    OMG, these crystals are so beautiful. Sugoi!
    I have lucid dream for 8 years, however without crystal.
    Rarely, I had a group lucid with my family, play together in one dream. (about 5 times)
    I have tried with some quartz few years ago but not work for my lucid project.
    Thank you so much for sharing the information.
    I wish that we could built a server storage lucid dream world. And everyone can join this beautiful land, we can relax, meditate, learning new language, transform body as wish, magic sport, healing, bring more peace, deep feeling psychic to understand crystal properties in dream, solving world problem together…
    Yep, never give up. I’ll try these crystals and give you result


  10. Angie

    I would like to know if a stone of crystal can call out to you in a dream…
    I just recently purchased a new collection an on the night of receiving them, on particular stone – a Zebra Jasper – came up vividly in my dream and told my I need it.
    Whether it was Spirit or the stone is what makes me curious.
    The next morning I ddid my running water cleanse and mudra and started reading up on the stone to see if it’s gifts are what I lack and sure enough it was…

    1. Cherry

      @Angie, yes that’s happened to me too. Several times. Some of them have yet to appear, but I know that when the time is right, they will. One I keep seeing is a slightly grey, 18″ tall Clear Quartz; can’t wait to meet that one!

      For example, one night in the summer of 1994 I dreamed that I walked into the crystal shop I worked in at that time, and there was a wicker basket of small Smoky Quartz crystals on the counter. In the dream I rooted around among them and found a double terminated Tantric Twin Smoky which I immediately bonded with, so I bought it. That was where the dream ended.

      The next afternoon, the dream replayed itself in real life. The crystal was identical in every single detail, and I knew it must have called to me to come and bring it home.

      So, if you dream about a specific crystal, keep an eye out for it, because at some point it’s likely to appear in your life!

      Love and Light.

    2. Cherry

      Yeah, happens to me all the time, as well as in my waking life.

      For some while, something’s been telling me I could use a particular group of three crystals which I didn’t have: Pink Petalite, Lithium Quartz and Charoite. I balked at the Charoite in particular -it’s getting pretty expensive now as the only known deposit is in Siberia and might be running low – but on Tuesday, I purchased all three online and, sure enough, a little bit of research told me they were just what I needed.

      Strangely, on Tuesday night I dreamed about a crystal I’ve never been drawn to: Mango Quartz. The circumstances of the dream were strange, too: the crystal – a tiny little thing of about a cubic centimetre – had a price tag clearpy visible, yet was actively encouraging me to steal it! Stealing crystals when there’s an obvious price tag involved (or when it’s obvious they already have a home) is very bad karma, so I’m slightly confused as to why what’s obviously a message from Spirit, or a crystal that’s waiting to come home, would encourage me to do something that’s wrong.

      I guess I’ll find out; and, given the pattern my crystal dreams normally follow, it probably won’t take long.

      Love and Light.

  11. Phung Phan

    Good news. After 1 months working around rainbow moonstone, I found the way suitable for me and got amazing result.
    – In the first day. After received the item, I cleaned the crystal and consecrated it. In that night, I entered lucid dream with ability change perspective ratio FOV. Changing FOV is never happened before.
    – The next day is have a colorful tree dream. And very fun when flying between the tree.
    But the next next day I can’t access lucid dream. I tried to clean it every night. Then I put it closer to my head, it did not work.
    If I not use it in a few day and then use it again, it worked. It’s like a power storage self charging via noise energy wave from space around. The lucid dream I got still not enough powerful for the project.
    Then last night, I decide to change the position by make a necklace to combine the crystal as pendant and wearing it. It worked better and stronger. I was able to travel and discovery last night, launch visual screen without forget the current world (however the software contained tons of bugs )
    I will make more experiments, and give you result.
    Look like the crystal doesn’t need to close to the smoke source when cleaning. And I’m feeling that the crystal can self cleaning and charging through human steam and aurora. What do you think?

    1. Cherry

      Hi Phung,

      You obviously have a strong connection to the dream world, and the right crystal to explore it.

      As far as a human charging a crystal, I know this is possible: I’ve done it, reviving a nearly dead Citrine tumblestone which had been kept in absolute darkness for nine months. The key is incredibly simple: to recharge a crystal – I know it’s a cliché – all you need is Love.

      Love and Light.

  12. Meg

    Amazing article and exactly what I was looking for. I am a long time lucid dreamer but, unfortunately, I have not had good luck inducing a lucid dream in a while. I can’t wait to try this with my Amethyst. Thanks!

    1. Kenneth Chung

      Recently I tried to sleep with different crystals, such as small smoky quartz tumble stone, rutilated quartz tumble stone, fluorite and labradorite. Only one or two times the sleeping experience is smooth and dreamless, at least I can’t recall any dreams..
      But the other times were really with dramatic and chaotic dreams. Most dreams setting are in my house, with disaster or dangers happen. Wonder if you guys have any similar experience.
      I don’t consider it as a lucid dream yet perhaps? Because the dreams were more like a movie, and I feel like i have control over it. But more like a vivid dream that really cost me a good sleep. Will you guys share some thoughts/advices on it? What should I do to get lucid dreams? Or is it normal to get such dreams? Or is vivid dreams considered as lucid dreams?

      1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

        Vivid dreams can turn lucid, so it’s a good sign. Going to bed every night with a crystal and the clear intention of having a lucid dream will eventually give you a lucid experience.

  13. Pingback: Mercury Retrograde Reverse Psychopomp Ritual – The Way of Witch

    1. Cherry


      During astral travel, the spirit temporarily leaves the body, so it’s essential to protect the body against intruders.

      Any protective crystal can do this, but the best ones for the job are the protective and spiritual types. Lapis Lazuli, Celestite, Labradorite/Galaxyite/Spectrolite, Amethyst, Petalite and Clear Quartz are each superb. However, the more traditional protective crystals, like Black Onyx, Obsidian or Black Tourmaline, may hinder you because they protect partly through grounding, which isn’t what you’ll need; at least, not until you wish to return home. When your journeys are done, one or more of these (Smoky Quartz is a good alternative if you find them difficult) will guide you gently back to Earth.

      The exception to the above, if you can get hold of it, is Black Star Diopside. It’s very protective, grounding, yet still a terrific astral travel enabler.

      One more tip: if you don’t already, then please do make use of the astral umbilical cord. This is almost exactly like a newborn baby’s umbilical cord, except that where the infant’s cord connects it to its mother, the astral version is an infinitely elastic connector that ties your spirit to your body and helps with the returning process. To use it, simply visualise your soul outside your body, with a bright silver cord running between your body’s navel and your soul.

      Of course, occasionally it happens – it has to me – that there isn’t time to enforce that connection… but don’t worry, your crystals will keep you safe.

      Love and Light.

  14. Moonshyne

    Girasol quartz and selenite combined seem to work very well for me. Well..they used to. Until a year ago I had very frequent lucid dreams my whole life. I have since had a lot of trouble recalling my dreams which is odd for me. At first I didn’t think much of this “dark” life was dark, my brother in a vegetative state after accident and so much more but even now, a year later I have almost no dreams or barely ever. Any insight why this would happen after a lifetime of frequent dreams/lucid dreams?

    1. Cherry

      Moonshyne, did you perhaps take any prescription medication to help with your emotional state? I’m one of the fortunate ones who doesn’t suffer from mental or emotional difficulties, but because of the nerve damage caused by my rogue immune system I have to use a tricyclic antidepressant, which has off-label uses for helping sleep and stopping neuropathic pain (helped along by Tourmaline and others).

      Before all this happened to me, I used to be able to recall my dreams in perfect detail for weeks afterward, although I’ve only ever had two lucid dreams (my normal dreams are like movies and always have been); but ever since I started taking theat particular medication, I lose recollection of them pretty quickly, within an hour or two if not straight away on waking. I’m pretty sure it’s the off-label antidepressant which has caused the change.

      Just some food for thought.

      Love and Light.

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