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Should You Cleanse a Crystal Grid and How Often?

Should You Cleanse a Crystal Grid and How Often?

Should You Cleanse a Crystal Grid and How Often?

Should you cleanse a Crystal Grid? When and how often do you need to cleanse them? Find out what the easiest and most effective ways are to cleanse your Crystal Grids.
People often ask me if they need to cleanse a crystal grid and how often this should be done. Once you activate a Crystal Grid which will be up for a while, you shouldn’t just forget about it. Crystals are sensitive to energies and will pick up energy from you and your Home. Crystal grids that haven’t been cleansed in a while can become clogged and lose their effectiveness…
How to cleanse a crystal grid

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Will Cleansing A Crystal Grid Remove The Intention?

Please note, cleansing a crystal grid removes negative energies only. It does not remove the intention and programming in the crystals, unless you intend it to. You can follow my instructions for deprogramming crystals if you want to remove the intention and deactivate your grid entirely.
The longer a crystal grid is up the more cleansing is something you need to consider. There are other reasons that could prompt you to cleanse your crystal grid:

When To Cleanse a Crystal Grid:

Your Crystal Grid has been up for longer than one month.

Someone else touches or moves your Crystal Grid.

You feel the grid is not working as well as it could or was.

You intuitively feel that the grid needs to be cleansed.

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TIP: Create Self Cleansing Crystal Grids

Here is a little known trick I first shared with readers in my book Crystal Grids Power. If your crystal grid is placed inside a Copper Pyramid, then all the crystals are being constantly cleansed and protected from negative energies.
This will only work on regular crystal grids, not ones placed around a large location. If you want to know more about how to properly align and a Copper Pyramid to cleanse crystals and grids then please read my article Cleansing Crystals With a Copper Pyramid.
Cleanse a crystal grid under a Copper Pyramid

Cleanse a crystal grid under a Copper Pyramid

How To Cleanse a Crystal Grid

There are many ways to cleanse crystals and you can continue to use the same method that you prefer. I like to cleanse my grids with methods that do not require me to remove all the crystals and put them back together again afterwards. I like to keep crystals in the same positions as much as possible. There are simple and effective ways to cleanse a crystal grid that allow us to do that:

Smudging & Incense

You can use a sage Smudge Stick, Palo Santo (please make sure your Palo Santo is sustainably and ethically sourced and only gathered from naturally fallen branches). Or use other hand-held natural cleansing stick incense (like Sandalwood, Sage or Frankincense).
These can all be lit then carefully blown out. Then wave them over the crystal grid in circular motions. You can use a feather or your free hand to gently waft the smoke downwards over the crystals. You can also gently blow the smoke, but watch no embers drop onto anything that could catch fire!
If you have a location-based Crystal Grid that is large and covers a room or your whole house then you can either smudge the areas where the crystals are or just cleanse the whole house or room.
Cleansing Incense and Palo Santo

Cleansing Incense and Palo Santo

Sacred Sound

A Tibetan Singing Bowl, Ting Shas or Tingshas (Tibetan Buddhist Cymbals) or a Brass Bell all cleanse a crystal grid easily with no mess or smoke. Simply sound the Singing Bowl over the grid, making several clockwise rotations with the wooden stick around the edges of the bowl. For a detailed guide to singing bowls and a video demonstration by me please read How To Cleanse Crystals With A Singing Bowl.
With a bell or Ting Shas, sound or ring them three times over the crystal grid. You’re done!
If you have a location-based crystal grid then just cleanse the corners or areas where those crystals are placed. Alternatively, just cleanse the entire room or your home at the same time. If you’re looking for Tibetan Singing Bowl or Ting Shas there are some on my Spiritual Tools List.
Tibetan Singing Bowl with mantras

Tibetan Singing Bowl with mantras

Tibetan Ting Shas with mantras

Tibetan Ting Shas with mantras

Energy Healing Methods

If you are trained to work with any healing modality such as Reiki or Seichim you can also use this also. Hold the palms of your hands over the crystal grid and allow the energy to flow through you into the grid with the intention to cleanse it.

Pyramid Power

If you have a Copper Pyramid that is big enough to cover your crystal grids, you could use it to cleanse them periodically. Just place it over the crystal grid and leave it there for one hour or overnight if you prefer. See my article for proper compass alignment of a pyramid for cleansing crystals Here.
Cleanse crystal grids under a copper pyramid

Cleanse crystal grids under a copper pyramid

What About Outdoor Crystal Grids?

If you have crystals that are placed outside your home or that are buried in the earth you can still use the methods above. The Earth, Sun and the Moon all cleanse crystals, so I feel that they are being cleansed by these natural cycles anyway.

“As a rule I think it is a good idea to cleanse crystal grids once a month. As explained above if you space clear your home with smoke or sound you are going to be cleansing your crystal grids too.”

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,
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  3. Micheline Gaudet

    Hello Ethan,
    Interesting that you share about putting crystals under glass. I have been planning on putting some of my quartz crystals in a shadow box to hang them on the wall. I have many as I went digging for crystals in Arkansas a few years back. I have many small crystals and some 1 to 2 inches in length. The shadow boxes have plastic and not glass face and I would have to glue them on a board . Any other ways I could show my crystals and hang them.
    Thank you,

  4. Micheline

    Hello Ethan,
    Thank you for the idea. I do have this but I have too many quartz crystals. I want to pick them up and display them in a frame. I have different sizes and I also have Lumerian crystals that I have pu. in a large glass bowl ; they seem to like being together in the bowl Will glue effect the crystals if I mount them? I have seen some window boxes with a large crystal. It looks nice but not sure if it disrupts the energy of the crystal. I have one of your books and always love to read what you share on crystals and how to work with them. I found Shungite years ago and have been working with these rocks. Do you work with Shungite ? Thank you, Micheline

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      It’s not something I have ever done. People do use glue (from a glue gun) to attach crystals to wall mounted crystal grids. I don’t think the glue is going to harm or reduce the energy. People dont realise that most traditional gemstone jewellery (like rings and pendants use glue to set stones. The problem with glue is that it limits what you could do with a crystal if its stuck in place.

      I personally rotate my crystal collection, allowsing crystals to have time on display at different times of the year. I do have some Shungite, if you search my blog you should find it mentioned.

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