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How To Deprogram a Crystal

How To Deprogram a Crystal

How To Deprogram a Crystal

Learn how to deprogram a crystal. Cancel, clear and delete any old programs or intentions from a crystal in this easy step-by-step guide.


What is Deprogramming?

Many people don’t think about depgramming or teach you how how to do this. Following on from my last blog article How to Program Crystals for Beginners I thought I better tell you how to deprogram a crystal.
If you have programmed a crystal for a specific purpose you can remove this at any time. Deprogramming is just clearing old programs and intentions from your crystals.


Why Would You Need to Deprogram a Crystal?

When you no longer need the crystal to work for the specific reason you programmed it.


You may have achieved what it was you selected the crystal for. Or your desires have changed and you want to use the crystal for another purpose.
If you created a Crystal Grid for example you would not want those crystals to be still broadcasting the intention of the grid once you finished with it. It is best to start with a clean slate.
Another reason is that you may feel while you were programing a crystal that you got distracted or chose the wrong words. You can delete and start again.


How To Deprogram Crystals. What to do when you want to clear a program

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How to Deprogram a Crystal

Step 1:

Find a quite place where you will not be disturbed.

Step 2:

Cleanse your crystal in your prefered way (See How to Cleanse Crystals)

Step 3:

Take your crystal in both hands and hold it up in front of you just above eye level.

Step 4:

While focusing on your crystal say the following or similar words out loud or in your head:
“I cancel, clear and delete this crystal of all previous programs now”


That wasn’t to painful was it? Now your crystal will be ready for any purpose you wish including programing it with a new intention.
If your interested in learning more about crystal healing do check out my Beginners Guides and other helpful articles in the Resources section by clicking Here.
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10 thoughts on “How To Deprogram a Crystal

  1. Gaye

    Again, so timely! I just had the occasion to want to use one of my larger quartz crystals for more focused healing and did the quiet time holding and reciting. However, I forgot to cleanse it! Needless to say, I knew right away that something wasn’t quite right 🙂 It took a couple of hours, actually, for me to realize my mistake. I started over again and it is working magnificently!! Thanks so much for all you do!!!! xxoo

  2. Val Enea

    Hi Ethan, can you please tell me for exemplar if I use citrine crystals to attract prosperity , ( I have citrine crystals in far left corner of the rooms and I clean them only on a full moon ) can I hold in my hand more then one crystal , for programming , or I have to program the crystals one bay one.
    Thank you.

  3. Jennifer

    When you say in step 3 to hold crystal in both hands, does that mean you have to recite the same stone in each hand? If your only doing one stone?

  4. DB

    I am relatively new to crystals and their work…..i don’t feel things like articles n blogs say I should….am I just not doing it right or is this something I shouldn’t even be doing?

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