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How To Program Crystals for Beginners

How To Program Crystals for Beginners

How To Program Crystals for Beginners

Learn how to program crystals easily and discover why you would do this. Do you really need to program a crystal? Learn how to set a crystal clear intention for a crystal in my simple crystal healing guide for beginners.

What is Programming?

It sounds like you will need some tech skills but it’s actually pretty simple. Programming a crystal is basically working with a crystal for a very specific purpose. It is a way of communicating with the crystal what it is you need it most for, so it can help you towards your need or desire.
Most crystals have a special crystalline structure which is believed to hold energies, thoughts and information.
Interestingly these metaphysical concepts are similar to how silicon (which is what crystals like Quartz are made of) is used in computer chips. See your crystals as sensitive tools which hold and transmit energies.
Program crystals quote

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Why Would I Program Crystals?

Crystals do not have to be programmed to work but many people find it helpful for certain purposes. When you program a crystal you are setting a crystal clear intention for what you need help with. Programming gives your crystal a laser like focus. It will do what it can to help you and however it can.
This is ideal for when there is something very specific you chose a crystal for. This could be a crystal you wish to carry with you for a time period, crystal healing jewellery or when creating a Crystal Grid. These are all long-term goals. There is no need to program all your crystals or to program a crystal for a day for example. If you want to benefit from the general properties of a stone or if you chose it intuitively, there is also no need to program it.
Your intention should follow the natural properties of the crystal. You are harnessing the energies, not adding anything that isn’t there. Some crystals such as Quartz are multipurpose and can be programmed for anything. You may have the intention to program a crystal for healing, protection or attracting abundance for example.
Setting clear intentions never harmed anyone

Setting clear intentions never harmed anyone

But Won’t The Crystal Already Know What I need it for?

Programming crystals is a personal choice. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. The way I look at it is, crystals have many different properties. Crystals work in their own ways but crystals are more than happy to help you if you communicate that to them. I don’t see it as telling the crystal what to do or that it will limit its effect in some way. When we program a crystal, we are being clear about what we most want help with. We do not tell the crystal ‘how’ to do it.
I think there are a few misconceptions out there about programming and I feel some people, especially those new to crystals can have a knee-jerk reaction to the word ‘program’. I use this word at the moment as that is the most well-known word for this. It could be called charging the crystal with my intention, communicating my intention or empowering it for a purpose.
Crystals are here to help

Crystals are here to help

I do not see this as any different from placing a Rose Quartz crystal on your Heart Chakra. People that work with crystals choose different crystals for different reasons all the time. If you have ever used a Crystal Wand in energy healing, you used the crystal for a specific reason and channeled the energy in a very specific way.
If you go to see a good Energy Healer or a Crystal Healer they will ask you to tell them what you’re having problems with or what results you wish to gain from their expertise. The healer can then work with you as well as tune in and see what needs to be done. You are not telling them how to do their job and I bet you will get better results than not speaking to them. How is this any different?
Crystal grids are all about intentions

Crystal grids are all about intentions

I feel programming is how a Crystal Grid works and I do not see anything wrong with that. Our programmed intention, guides the crystals and they help us however they can. In many spiritual, shamanic and metaphysical traditions people ‘charge’ or ’empower’ their spiritual tools and items with their intentions. This includes herbs, oils and incense. They understand these are from the earth and consider this working with these natural items and their energies.
These are ancient practices. Crystals are also a part of these traditions and I wish people would be a little more respectful that there are different paths and ways for working with crystals.

The Benefits of Programming Crystals

You can work passively with crystals if you wish. When I started to program/charge/empower certain crystals with my intentions, it not only made them more effective for me, it also helped connect me consciously with the stone. I do not feel this limited those crystals in any way. I have known many people who were not seeing the results from their crystals until they started to program them. It can be a great way to build a relationship with your crystals.
Crystal grids power book by Ethan Lazzerini

Crystal grids are an excellent way to amplify your intentions with the power of sacred geometry. Learn how to make them in my step-by-step guide. Click the photo for more info!

Other Ways

Unlike those that may tell you not to program crystals, I do not tell people that they have to do things my way… If you have read my books you will know that I offer alternative ways to communicate your intention and request for help from the crystal. I have added these alternative wordings to the programming method below to keep everything in line with my latest books. Choose the wording that works best for you or create your own.

How To Program Crystals for Beginners

How To Program Crystals . Save this to Pinterest!

How to Program a Crystal:

Step 1:

Find a quite place where you will not be disturbed. Relax and take a few deep breaths…

Step 2:

Take your cleansed crystal in both hands and hold it up in front of your Third Eye Chakra (just above eye level).

Step 3:

While focusing on your crystal and your clear intention, say one of the following or similar words out loud or in your head:
“I program this crystal for… (state purpose/request)”
“I charge this crystal with my intention to… (state purpose/request)”
“Crystal, please assist me with… (state purpose/request)”
It really is that simple. You can add to this or change it as you wish but that really is all that’s needed. If you’re wondering how to remove a program from a crystal check out my article How to Deprogram a Crystal.
If your interested in learning more about crystal healing do check out my Beginners Guides and other helpful articles in the Resources section by clicking Here.
Have you had good experiences with programmed crystals? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response). If you know anyone who may benefit from this article please share the link with them or use one of the sharing buttons at the end of this post.
Thank you,
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90 thoughts on “How To Program Crystals for Beginners

  1. Marios

    Hallo Ethan! Your article it’s pretty helpful,but i want to ask you, can i program my crystal for more than one property? For example can i program a citrine for abundance and clarity of mind?

  2. Michael

    Hi Ethan,
    A few weeks ago I bought some crystals, and the last 2 days I have been feeling different. I am a gay man, who suffers with treatment resistant depression, I take my meds, I have been on every one under the sun and every combination, I have suicidal thoughts, life is so dull, I have no energy I haven’t been out of bed in 3 years for the most part. I also suffer with dyslexia, generalized anxiety disorder, and spinal stenosis among other things. Well today I went crazy that I even felt a little better, that I went online and found every crystal for energy and fatigue and depression, and got a amethyst Geode or a cluster alone with a cluster of clear quartz. All in all I spent about 130 dollars.. My faith is against crystals, but I am desperate there is nothing more the doctors can do.
    So I figured, this is a one time expense, it either works or it doesn’t or maybe it will just help, I have nothing to lose, but some money in my wallet, which I really can’t afford to lose, but my health is so bad, that it is worth it.
    So I have a few questions first on programming them, can I program them for more than one thing. Like the ones for depression, I want to program to help with depression, anxiety, sleep problems, healing of dispear, and dyslexia as I can’t move forward with all of these mental problems. Will the crystals work on more than one issue.
    Then I have a set I got for pain, which I am going to program for healing or help with spinal stenosis, arthritis, herniated discs, scoliosis, and pain.
    The 3rd category I am calling no energy, fatigue, like of life force, for which I want to program for the depression, but more importantly to have energy, and feel alive. I have some stimulants the doctors gave me, but I don’t like them, they only work for a short time, and after a few weeks don’t work at all, and I only feel like I am burning up what little energy reserves I have.
    So I hope maybe you can shed some light on those topics.
    My last question how many of these can you carry on you at one time. Is there a limit? Some of the crystals I bought came in a pack of 5, so I am hoping to have some to put under my pillow, and then have some to carry on me at all times, and see what happens in a month.
    My body is so depleted of energy, and so broken down from years of fighting depression, that I am like ok the more the better at this point. Any thoughts about how to balance this.
    Thank You

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Sorry to hear you have not been well. Just remember crystals can help but are not a substitute for any medical advice or treatments you have been given. Also like anything different things work better for different people. Sounds like you have alot to try out now and experiment with. You can program a crystal for multiple things but I think if you want the general properties of a stone then there isn’t much point in programming them. I use programming to focus on one or two things I need from the crystal. If you feel better about programming the crystals then do it, it is a personal thing. I have an article on using many different crystals that you may find helps:

      1. Sarah

        Michael, how are you getting on?
        Please don’t see dyslexia as a burden though. It’s not really something to be cured. Your writing is totally understandable and I would guess your reading isn’t too bad either. Enough to get by at least. I’m also dyslexic and from my experience of and that of others its not a dissability as such, just a hurdle. They typically tend to be artistic or musical or have talents in other areas. There’s nothing wrong with your brain it’s just different from the majority and you learn in a different way. What is it that your best at? Have you ever tried to draw or paint or play music? You could find real joy and peace from finding your talents. Wishing you well x

    2. Elizabeth Horvath

      Hi Michael,
      How are you doing? I was wondering if you are seeing a therapist or councelor. I know it has helped me with my depression and anxiety somewhat. My heart goes out to you.
      My son also suffers from depression and has no energy. I hope you are feeling better.
      Sincerely Beth

    3. Anne

      Would it be an idea not to focus on each and every problem/issue, but rather on the result? Imagine how it would feel the day you get rid of all these issues, how it would feel the day you ARE HEALED and have all the energy, joy etc. that you need and long for….and then send THIS ENERGY/FEELING into the crystal – to ask the crystal to help you reach YOUR UTLTIMATE GOAL…not to spesify all the issues….?

      Whatever you focus on increases! So why not focus on the result you long for, rather than fousing on your problems. you get more of what you focus on, whatever that might be.

      I now realized that this is an old thread…. I really hope you got the help you needed!

    4. penny

      hello, i just wanted to reach out with much love. i too am struggling with severe depression and other serious health issues, and i know you will get through this. best of luck with the crystals ❤️

    5. Shira

      Hi Michael,
      Aside from trying every useful crystal, as someone who has also tried many conventional medicines with no improvement, I want to recommend to you 5-HTP brain nurishment supplements, ( aminoacids that help create serotonin naturally) and exercise. It is another natural way, and in my experienxe it worked amazing to get rid of depression and tiredness. Highly recommend!
      Best of luck to you all!!!!

  3. Carol A Valenza

    Hi, I would like to program my Hermiker diamond so as to be more attune. Can you tell me a way of putting this into a sentence?

  4. Raven

    Actually it works far better if you hold it between your palms focusing your own energy on a single word so that you are fully concentrating on your intention and making your energy flow. Once it grows hot, the crystal has responded to and stored your energy. It will release it with its own in small quantities over time.

  5. Niina Heikkinen

    Hi Ethan,
    can I program more than one crystal for the same purpose? I am pregnant and I would like to program unakite and pyrite to help me with this difficult situation.

  6. Mary freeborn

    Dear Ethan : I am having some health issues that require financial problems and it is quite serious . Money is a issue and so is my health ; theses are my two I have had health issues for a long time ! Money is very low . What stones would help me the best , I suffer from seizures severe migraines ( from a enursym that I had 31 yrs ago have metal clip in my head, ) arthritis , back problems, now I need dentures top and bottom but cannot afford to pay for them. Can you suggest any stones that might help my burden ?? Mary freeborn

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Good question. If you mean programming a crystal that is calming to give you more energy then I would not do that. Best to work with the properties of the crystal, unless it is all purpose like Quartz.

  7. Mercy

    Hello Ethan, can you program a Crystal for someone close to you to help them and give them the Crystal so they can have it with them?
    Thank you

  8. Mercy

    Hello Ethan I apologize for asking so many questions. I have a few more sorry, if you program different crystals for different purposes do you have to carry them with you or can you leave them at home would they still work for you or are there specific ones that you must carry with you? I know protection ones you should carry with you. But I mean other ones. My next question is I’ve heard you can program certain crystals for pets.
    I have a small dog that I adore very much my daughter got him for me. He has been a huge therapy since my daughter left to college 3000 miles away and she’s my only child. But he has terrible separation anxiety my fought he’s so little I take him everywhere and since I was working out of the house it seem ok. Beside the fact that I feel very calm when I have him around. But now I feel bad for how he gets and feels when I try to leave him alone it breaks my heart. If there is a Crystal that can help which one would you recommend and how would I program it for him? Also where would be the best place to put it?
    Thank you so much,

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      For programming, it often depends on the purpose. If you programmed a crystal for personal protection but leave it at home it seems a bit pointless. If someone programs a Citrine for prosperity for their shop, it makes sense to leave it at the shop. You can manifest things from crystals at home like in a Crystal Grid. Many people like to have crystals around them or to wear that match their goals or help them in daily life. There is no right answer but I don’t think it is a good idea to carry tones of crystals around.

      I have not used crystals much with animals but you could try a large Rose Quartz (Nothing that they can swallow) near your dogs bed for comfort.

  9. Mercy

    Thank you once again for your help and guidance. I actually have an Amethyst next to my bed and would hold it before going to sleep which has been pretty much 4-5 am which is not normal. I have quite a few crystals they are all next to my bed in a glass heart. It’s Amazing how you actually named the Amethyst one like if you knew. And
    About my dog I was told to put an Amethyst under his bed for separation anxiety. All I can say is Wow !!!
    I am so grateful to you.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      ALways just test things out that you learn and see how they work for you. I am working on a new article about crystals for sleep and the bedroom area as I get this question a lot.

  10. Tina Sladen

    Could anybody help identifying a crystal and what is had been used for.
    I have tried to get it identified but I am getting different opinions with no definites, very frustrating.

  11. Niina Heikkinen

    Hi Ethan,
    when I have programmed crystal do I have to clean it regularly? And if I have to clean it do I have to program it again or does the crystal “remember” earlier programming?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi, yes all crystals need cleansing from time to time. Your programs are not removed by cleansing them unless you intend to remove them. See my deprogramming article and cleansing articles for more info.

  12. Aurély

    Hi Ethan, this article is super interesting because I will program my crystals for the first time today but I was wondering if I can program a crystal for someone else. I mean, I want to give a crystal to a family member and would like to program it myself to serve my family member. Is that possible ?

    Thank you so much !

  13. Dana

    Hello Ethan! Thank you so much for this article and the few other’s I have been able to read and will continue reading even more of your articles. I am a jeweler, but am new to this aspect of the stones I use. I read somewhere else, that there are stones that can be used together to “super charge” the intentions/outcomes that we are needing and looking for. For instance rose quartz and garnet for love and relationships and citrine and jet for money and abundance. What do you think of this? And if you agree, would I program both the rose quartz and garnet with the exact same intention (I have a specific person in mind) or would one be one thing and the other be another>? The same question for the citrine and jet…I am have been working on getting a business loan for 2 years now to rebuild and expand my business after having to close down to fight and beat cancer. I know I am so close to getting it. Would I program the citrine one way and the jet another or program both the exact same way? Thank you so much for your time and help and any information you could give me!!!!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Well more crystals do increase the energy behind the intention but you can have great results from just one carefully chosen crystal too. If your talking about jewellery with several types of stones in it then I would just program the jewellery piece itself once finished for the intention/s. With separate crystals you can do either, it is really up to you. If your carrying them for a specific purpose you can program them for it or program them separately.

  14. Dana

    Thank you so much!! May I ask 1 more question please? I have been reading on what each crystal is best used for, but one place says one thing and another says a different thing. How can one really know what each crystal is meant for? Not that they are that far off, but for some, they really are. And please know, I mean no disrespect to you or am I questioning you at all, I am just trying to find out who to trust and not trust in this journey and want to make sure that I am getting the correct information, not only for myself, but for my customers as well, as I am making and selling my jewelry. Again, thank you for your time and information and direction!!!!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Dana, from now on I am asking everyone if they can keep any questions posted on articles be on topic. I hope you understand. Seemingly conflicting info is something I may cover in a future article at some point. In the mean time look to well respected authors on the subject.

  15. Teri

    My husband and I were having problems. He was just so mean to me that I was constantly a nervous wreck! I programmed a rose quartz to make him love me more and be kind to me. I keep it in the left side of my bra, close to my heart and the results are astounding. He’s now like he used to be and were happy! I also programmed one for a friend who’s life was in ruins. It started working immediately and now a couple weeks later she said she feels like a new person and everything started coming together for her!

  16. Michelle

    Wanting to use a single citrine crystal to heal/open my naval chakra and to dissapate negative energy from people around me. Should I program it at all? Should I purchase another and carry 2 separate citrine crystals? What do you recommend? Thanks for the informative website! Very helpful!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      If you are using a crystal for lots of different things then programming it does not make much sense. If the crystal is dedicated for a purpose or a use then program it for that. Otherwise just use your intention when you need to use it.

  17. Roxy

    Great articles. If you use a grid for health and healing do you have to wear the crystals with you too or just leave the grid with the crystals on in the house?
    Also, the crystal bracelets with several crystals on, so I need t program that for one purpose? or because there are a few of them on the bracelet they l they working against each other ? Thanks!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Roxy, wearing the same crystals that are used in a grid is optional and an extra way to support you if you want. Programming is your choice, if you are wearing the jewellery for specific reasons then you can program it for one or more purposes. Otherwise you can leave it and get the general benefits.

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  19. Brenda

    Hi Ethan, I loved your article and the feedback stories. When I read Michaels post from 2016, i could have written every word. Life is hard. Going to program my crystals and will let you know how it goes. Thank you for the information!

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  21. Ruth

    Hi thank u for the article i really loved it. Does programing a crystal for specific purposes deprive it from its other general benefits

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I don’t believe so, and it will likely use its other properties to help you towards your desired change. If you want a crystal to be used for multiple things, then there’s no need to program it though.

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  23. Ian

    Thanks for the great article and books you wrote. They sound phenomenal. I do love crystals. My Ancient Crystals that comes in the shape of the pyramid are just astonishing. Thanks. Again. Best of luck!

  24. Beth

    Hi Ethan.
    I have a few a questions about Shungite crystals.
    I have read many articles on line but they give a different facts about it.
    I’m still not sure haw to clean them proper way, program them, make
    a shungite water (proportion of stones to water), do I have to replace
    a stones after some period of time, haw long I have to wait before
    I can drink the water and haw to find realiable seller of real stones
    from Russia. I bought a few of them at a crystal store but they were fake.
    I know it is a lot of questions but I hope you find some time to help me..?

  25. Mahesh


    I’m loving my friend so much , I can’t leave without her, i want to Mary her, I want to be with her up to the my end,
    I have 4 rose quartz, 1 clear crystal, 1 mala chute, daily I’m programming , keeping crystals in hand , visualising her, and commanding to crystal.
    Is it right way to attract her. Please guide me.

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  27. Priya iyer

    Hi thr, I read ur books.. It’s really good.. I’m having financial crisis n lots of debts on that I lost my job due to eneminity reasons plus having health issues, from past 2months money is a major pbm fr me n my family I dnt knw Hw it gets spend lk that, loads of losses in money, jealously, evil eyes n negativity.. Presently I have tigers eye, green aventurine, clear quartz, sun stone, citrine, in bracelets form n pyrite stone..So could you tell me these crystals r fine to clear my issues or any others r req? A doubt: I can program crystals according to my thought right? Eg: For financial issues, I can say like this, I’m manifesting money from unexpected source or should I make any changes in it?? And can I carry all these above crystals bracelets n can I wear it daily?? Just little confused so.. Thanks in advance

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi, I have just responded to you on the article about crystals for abundance. Only you can decide what crystals you need and if you need all of them. You can state the source of the money when you program or keep it general. Sometime being too specific is not good. I personally have never requested money from unexpected sources so I can’t be sure it will work.

  28. Priya iyer

    Hi Ethan, Priya iyer here.. Can you tell me about Law of attraction?? I had read d book called “The Secret”.. I’m trying to manifest things but mind s wavering all d time.. I tried all d techniques but nothing’s working coz my feelings r nt believing it.. I’m trying to do breath up exercise.. My focus s very strong but getting it in present tense s being hard as my inner feelings s nt accepting.. If u know anything can u plz tell..
    Thanks in advance

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I think that others that specialise with the law of attraction and positive thinking mindset areas will be the best place to learn more about it. There is lots of information in other books and on youtube now. It takes time to change how we think, I’m still learning myself.

  29. Priya iyer

    Hi there, How u?? I have a qust
    I’m carrying crystals bracelets vth me whenever I go out but unfortunately things r turning out to be strange.. Whnevr I carry those crystals I get d opposite reaction than d positiveness.. Any idea why’s it hpng lk tat??
    The name of d crystals r:
    Tigers eye
    Green aventurine
    Clear quartz
    Sun stone
    Pyrite stone

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  38. Deirdre Treanor

    I have been having some issues in my career that could have derailed me from practicing my chosen profession. Friday there was a meeting. I bought a Citrine, cleansed it and programmed it using this method. Although the outcome wasn’t exactly what I wanted, it does allow me to keep my job and my career. Thank you Ethan!

  39. Kameron

    hopefully i did it right. a little confused about where to hold the crystal. i held the crystal against my third eye chakra with my fingers while i was programming it, is that fine? or does it need to be enclosed in both hands?

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