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7 Crystals For Protection From Psychic Attack

7 Crystals For Protection From Psychic Attack

7 Crystals For Protection From Psychic Attack

Which crystals give protection from psychic attack? Learn how to shield and protect yourself from psychic attacks with these protective and highly effective crystals.

What Is A Psychic Attack?

A psychic attack is when someone intentionally or unintentionally directs a large amount of harmful energy at someone else. This usually happens while they are in a state of anger, jealousy or hate. Most psychic attacks are unintentional and we may have done this to someone else at some point in our lives.
There is much more to this and different levels of a psychic attack that I go into in much more detail in my book Psychic Protection Crystals. This is if you need more info or specific help tailored to your unique energy and situation. This guide and the crystals here are general but should help for most situations.

protection from psychic attack
Black Obsidian Arrowheads are a useful tool for psychic protection

How Do You Know If You Have Had A Psychic Attack?

There are many different ways you can experience or sense a psychic attack. I have found that people who are sensitive to energy, very spiritual, empathic or psychic are more likely to sense when they have been attacked. They are also more vulnerable to them.
Below I have listed some of the most common signs of a psychic attack. Just keep in mind that these things listed can have other causes completely unrelated to anything spiritual. If you feel unwell, please see a doctor.


1Suddenly feeling depressed for no reason
2A sharp pressure in the Third Eye Chakra
3Waking up in the night with a pressure on the chest
4Feeling negative energy all around you
5Suddenly feeling drained of energy for no reason
6 – Having nightmares where someone is attacking you
7Feeling angry at others or yourself for no logical reason

How Crystals Can Help You

If you are experiencing a psychic attack, it is very important not to panic and keep grounded. Stay in your power and focus on solutions. The following crystals can help strengthen your energy and shield your aura. I recommend you wear or carry the stone on you for at least a day afterwards.
Wearing or carrying these crystals will offer good protection from psychic attack. For best results, I would program your crystal for this purpose and combine with other psychic protection techniques (more on this later).

protection from psychic attack
Crystals for protection from psychic attack

7 Crystals For Protection From Psychic Attacks

The following crystals are just a few of the ones I have found to be highly effective for shielding and protection from psychic attacks.

Polished Hematite egg


Working with Hematite adds spiritual armour to your aura. The reflective qualities help avoid unwanted attention, plus deflect harmful psychic energy. This metallic stone also strengthens your aura.

Polished Amethyst crystal point


This easily available and popular crystal works on a spiritual and psychic level where psychic attacks get in. It transmutes negative energy and also helps heal the aura following a psychic attack too.

Raw Black Tourmaline crystal point


Black tourmaline protects on many levels but can also block psychic attacks. I find larger pieces to be the most effective but it depends on you. Black Tourmaline also works to build up the strength of your aura over time. If you do not find this stone to work for you then you might need something stronger. See Black Obsidian.

Dragon’s Eye tumble stone


Also known as Red Tiger’s Eye. This fiery red stone offers strong psychic protection when needed. Dragon’s Eye works well against jealousy, it also offers excellent protection for the home environment.

protection from psychic attack
Black Obsidian Arrowhead


Another powerful and highly protective stone for those that need it. Black Obsidian helps sever the energetic connection between you and the person who is psychically attacking you. It is in my opinion one of the stronger stones for psychic protection.

Raw Tibetan Black Quartz double terminated crystal point


Also known as Tibetan Black Spot Quartz, these earthy crystals block psychic attacks. They absorb and transmute negative energy while strengthening our aura and raising your vibration. These high vibe crystals are not as easy to find but worth seeking out.

Polished Almandine Garnet crystal


I find red and dark red Garnets such as Almandine Garnet or Pyrope Garnet work best for psychic protection. As well as stoping and repelling psychic attacks it also replenishes lost energy. This makes it useful against Psychic Vampires (aka Energy Vampires) too.

Working With Psychic Protection Shields

Learning and using psychic protection shielding techniques is a fundamental part of psychic protection. Crystals work with these techniques in an amazing way, amplifying their effects even more. I highly recommed for the best results that you combine using protection crystals with psychic protection techniques.
Visualising white light around you is not always effective and there are many stronger shielding techniques available that protect on many levels and dimensions. To learn more about this and try my powerful self-regenerating protection shields, please check out my book Psychic Protection Crystals.

protection from psychic attack
Available in paperback and Kindle ebook formats

If you have a question or comment post it below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,

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38 thoughts on “7 Crystals For Protection From Psychic Attack

  1. Lisa Hopkins

    Hi Ethan. I want to know what you would suggest I do to protect myself before the attack happens. One of my family members has had this ability since I was a young child and when I’m in this person’s presence I have learned to be able to feel her attack before it happens. Can you recommend something that I can do to protect myself before so I don’t have to deal with the aftermath? The attacks have broken me down so much over the years that my recovery for it takes longer then it used too. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Blythe Vrindavana

    Thank you! Your articles are always wonderful to read. I’m never without smoky quartz and black tourmaline, and tiger’s or dragons’s eye not only protects, but also helps to feel fearless in the face of negative energy.

  3. Erika Weston

    Ethan is showing you what these crystals look like. You can buy others on eBay or Amazon. His books are great, and you can get those on Amazon Emma.

    Thank you again Ethan, you do own some beautiful crystals! No wonder Emma was keen!

  4. Blue Whisper

    Hi Emma,
    Black obsidian arrowheads avaialable at Shamans crystals, a relaible place to use, also KSC Crystals and He Hi She Lo are online sources I use and have bought some good quality crystals from all three. All very helpful too. It is a bit daunting trying to figure out where to buy on line, so if you are unable to choose your crystal in person then try one of these sites. I use them regualrly when I am unable to find what I want in local shops.

  5. Maryann

    Hi Ethan,
    Your article says that a person can unintentionally cause a psychic attack on someone. This disturbs me. Is there anyway to tell if I have done that to someone? I do get angry at people sometimes.

  6. Kelly

    I also find smoky quartz to be wonderful for protection. I use both smoky quartz and obsidian to help me set clear boundaries and reinforce those boundaries when I need them.

  7. Cindy

    ok, I knew better BUT I was not carrying my protection on my person, but because I’m an empath I had them in my bag. Unexpected on a visit I encountered a very strong psychic attack. It was verbal and not towards me but I absorbed it anyway.
    I’ve cleansed with sage, ETC. What stone will work best to remove these emotionally scarring (for others, not me ) from my thinking?

  8. Chris

    Hi I was just curious what does it mean if you are still being attacked, even while constantly carrying 13 different protective stones on myself (including black tourmaline).

    Hi there, so I have been attacked by entites for years, they cause bad luck. Bad energy. They scratch me which manifests as bloody scratches sometimes. It used to be sets of 3 scratches (I see others have the same issue) But lately it has went down to only 1 scratch at a time usually? So I got the protection stones and the scratches are not commojn anymore but just last night it happened again. I had all my stones right near me some in my pocket some out in the open yet I was still scratched on my lower leg (only one scratch) It happens while I am awake and the feeling is unmistakable and so i know it is not me or any animals doing the scratches. So i was just curious why the stones have not protected me from the scratches? Do they take time to work or do I need to program them? I usually rinse them with water each day to cleanse them. I felt like they worked better at first though when I got them 2 weeks ago. Now it seems like the bad energy is bad. Even though I constantly wash and put the crystals in the sun. The one thing I havent done is programmed them as I just believe in each of them to do a certain thing. Well thanks for any help.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Chris, sorry to hear about your situation. Okay, first of all I personally do not recommend people carry so many stones. Not all protection stones are equal or work well for everyone or any situation. Black Tourmaline is a good general protection stone and although many swear by it, I find Black Obsidian to be much stronger and more effective in high level psychic attacks. Crystals are just tools and should never be a substitute for daily psychic protection techniques.

      As well as cleansing crystals, we must be cleansing ourselves daily and our home regularly in your situation. I always recommend people cleanse, consecrate and program their crystals before use. There are many things you could try. Articles like this are just the tip of the iceberg really. Shielding techniques and protection crystals are less effective if we doubt them or don’t believe we can overcome our problems. That’s how they get in… Working on your mind and emotions is also needed. I dont know enough about physical attacks so, I would suggest you get specialist help with that as hauntings, spirit attachments and such need to be treated at the source really.

  9. Pascaline


    Thank you for writing this. I really like your approach to introducing crystals in one’s life to improve its quality.
    I experience energy fields, everywhere, it’s like I am never alone even when I don’t see anyone around.
    It is not always a good vibe and I am very new to this.
    So I am going to use some of the nice crystals listed above for psychic protection. I would like to wear the stones on me everywhere I go, but I have a question about stones in a pendant.
    How does the fact that there is -a hole in the stone / that there is silver or gold around the stone or even metal that covers the whole base of a crystal point for example- affect the function of the stone? Doesn’t that block the energy flow through the crystal somewhat?

    Have a beautiful day everyone and thanks for your insights Ethan!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      The hole makes no difference and the metal is perfectly fine. In Mineralology ‘metals’ such as Gold and Silver are types of minerals, all ‘crystals’ are minerals too. They actually grow together in the Earh and are often the reason one stone is green or one red.

  10. Vandana

    Hi Ethan, I have read your book Psychic protection crystals. I want to know that the daily protection shield which you have described in this book can we make daily protection shield for other person like children and our old parents. Can we keep crystals for house protection at our parents house on their behalf or they have program the crystals and do by their own.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks for getting my book. I know some people who have placed shields around other people but I have not done it myself. I usually ask Archangel Michael to protect them. You could give a programmed protective crystal as a gift or even grid someone elses property. The only problem with this is if they will keep the crystals or grid cleansed or if you will have to do it for them.

  11. Randa

    Hi Ethan,
    I’ve been looking up dragon’s eye over the internet, and I’ve read that most red tiger’s eye stones are artificially heated to look red, and that it’s almost impossible to differentiate between natural red and heated red tiger’s eye, so does it make a difference? should I just treat my red Tiger’s eye as one with the properties you mentioned for protectiveness, energy etc.? because I’m wondering if it could be just golden tiger’s eye that looks red (in terms of properties I mean).

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I think if it looks bright red rather than rusty and dark red it could indicate that the stone way dyed. All Tiger’s eye is protective. Colour is vibration regardless of its origins, I wouldnt worry to much about it. Buy from a good source and ask sellers if they know if they are dyed of natural.

  12. Shaila Akashi

    what stone’s to use for protection from accidents especially from vehicle accident?
    please suggest some stone’s to carry always in the pocket/ wallet/ bag, car.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Conceiçāo,

      Shungite is a carbon mineral, a rare kind of coal, which is found in the Karelia region Russia. It gets its name from the village of Shunga.

      Shungite is superb at neutralising EMFs, and is also a protective crystal. Black is the colour of protection in Western magic, by reason of it being able to ‘cloak’ someone and hide them from bad luck or energy. It is quite potent, and not everyone can work with it, but – I have to take the word of others here, because each time I move to buy a piece I’m energetically pushed away, so it probably isn’t right for me, at least at the moment – the rewards if you can work with it, are great. It can be brittle so, if you have any, I recommend handling it with care. Its energy is dense and vibrationally “low”, so it’s probably best to adjust to it slowly before working a lot with it. It’s a stone of balance between masculine and feminine energies, and being made mostly from carbon it’s an electrical conductor; there have been reports of it boosting a weak WiFi signal! It appears to have originated about two billion years ago, and its helpful properties are under study by mainstream science as well as the crystal community. In its pure form it contains a small number of special carbon molecules known as Fullerenes (after Buckminster Fuller): one form of Fullerene which might be found in Shungite is the so-called “Buckyball”, a spherical form of carbon-60 which is the only known molecule that doesn’t break apart when it rebounds from a Diamond surface. Another form of Fullerene which I believe many people have heard of is the tubular form of carbon-60, “Buckytubes”, which have been posited as a possible material for a “Space Elevator”.

      Love and Light.

  13. Cherry

    Okay, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but there are quite a number of alternative protective crystals one could look at:

    Citrine – natural or heat treated – is a protective crystal. It also has the benefit – I believe this to be more potent in its unheated form – of increasing abundance with the right programming. More even than this, Citrine is one of the two best crystals for toothache, alongside Aquamarine.

    Amethyst: one need only read the Greek legend to understand this: Amethyst, so it goes, was a humble maiden and devotee of Diana. She was attacked by Dionysus’ tigers when, drunk, he became enraged at being insulted by another, unrelated mortal. Dionysus commanded his tigers to attack the first mortal they saw… and the first mortal they saw was Amethyst. Amethyst prayed to Diana for help, and the Goddess of the Moon heard her prayers and turned her into a white crystal (turning away the tigers or calming Dionysus might have been more effective, but, hey…) Dionysus sobered up, saw what he had caused, became ashamed and poured his cup of wine over the crystal that had been this innocent young girl, turning it permanently purple. The ancient Greeks named the crystal for their word “amethystos”, meaning, “not drunk”; it stands for sobriety in most of not all senses of the word, and they believed that drinking wine from a cup or goblet made from Amethyst would prevent inebriation. Nowadays, Amethyst stands not only for sobriety, but for grounded spirituality; this combination makes it a powerful protective crystal, whatever shape it comes in. Bonus fact: before the exploration of South America, and the discovery of the mass deposits in Brazil, Amethyst was one of the Cardinal Gems, right up there on value and rarity with Sapphires!

    Peridot can also be considered as protective: certainly the Romans did! They believed it would ward off jealousy and envious hangers-on, so they gave it to their high-ranking officials. It’s unquestionably warded off both nightmares and dangerous bad luck for me. Peridot’s action is subtle: rather than the more direct protection of Black Tourmaline or Obsidian, it casts out/wards off bad energy, which of course is often the root cause of bad luck, simultaneously drawing in positive energy to replace it.

    Chiastolite – the “Cross Stone” – is also protective. Its cross-shaped Graphite inclusions connect it to the Divine, enabling its user to call on Divine aid and protection, and the four cardinal compass points, which means that this lovely form of Andalusite has magical connotations. It can also increase abundance and ease neuropathic pain, in this last working spectacularly well combined with Amphibole Phantom Quartz.

    Any crystal with Angelic associations can act as a protector, so: Celestite, Amphibole Phantom Quartz, Angelite etc. They help you to ask your guardian Angel for intervention, which they cannot do unless you request them to. (NB: this can also be done with the help of Amethyst.)

    Emerald, the crystal of Higher Knowledge, is protective too: Mother Earth doesn’t like her children coming to harm, and Emerald is one of her most representative gems.

    In similar fashion, Heliodor can act as a protector by bringing in the stupendous power of the Sun.

    Aquamarine draws in the protective energy and strength of Mother Ocean; it is believed that Aquamarine is so pure, negativity cannot survive in its presence. It is especially protective for travellers.

    Goshenite is similarly protective to Aquamarine: this pure form of Beryl (pure meaning, unlike the other Beryls it has no atomic substitutions, and thus no colour) doesn’t allow negativity near.

    Labradorite is one of the most protective crystals there is, against anything from turning your ankle to energy vampires. It works in a similar manner to Obsidian. Galaxyite (Galaxite) is another form of Labradorite with sparks of light instead of sheets: it carries the same protective properties. Both are also protective when travelling.

    Danburite is protective, both in its Angelic context and against self-sabotage by our own internal negativity.

    Jade has been known since antiquity to be a lucky and protective stone. As for colour, well, take your pick, but I like Red Jade.

    Clear/Milky Quartz: the “old faithful” of the crystal world, the Master Healer, is always protective. The best formation of Quartz for a personal protective talisman is Shield Quartz, which has a dominant, backward-sloping, six-sided terminating face.

    And we mustn’t forget that it isn’t only the Black variety of Tourmaline that can protect; all colours of Tourmaline share this property. Brown (Dravite) Tourmaline appears to have a direct line to Gaia; Blue (Indicolite) Tourmaline can be paired very successfully with Aquamarine; Green (Verdelite) Tourmaline has a similar protective effect to Emerald; other varieties like Peach, and Canary aren’t so easy to come by but have their own ways of protecting.

    Love and Light.

  14. Lionel

    Hi Ethan and community!

    I would appreciate any feedback on how to deal with psychic attacks from (and I know its gonna sound weird) alien entities, Orion group to be specific!

    I notice your book has the eye of Ra and Ra speaks about this Orion group and how they can manifest psychic attacks on us!

    please help!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      My opinion is there is good and bad in every group, just like on earth. I don’t believe that symbol or Ra is negative, its been used for protection for thousands of years. Any crystal that protects from psychic attacks is going to help. Protective crystals that have a starseed energy that may help you include Flame Aura Quartz (AKA Titanium Aura) Lapis Lazuli and Libyan Desert Glass.

      1. Lionel

        Thank you!
        …and yeah, Ra is a positive social memory complex, I meant those from Orion that are negatively polarized and have been influencing our elites for years!
        Much much blessings, love and light to you brother!
        (if you haven’t, check the Ra material AKA the law of one teachings as they constantly talk about crystals)

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