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What To Do After You Make a Crystal Grid

What To Do After You Make a Crystal Grid

What To Do After You Make a Crystal Grid

So, you have made and activated your crystal grid, but now what? In this guide, we will look at what YOU should do after you make a crystal grid and how to get the best results from your manifesting.

Different Types Of Crystal Grids

Before we get into it I want to be clear about the type of grids this article is about. There are three main groups of crystal grids and they can be made for many different purposes.

1. Location Crystal Grids

These are most often placed around the boundaries of a room or your home. Location-based crystal grids are the largest kind and can be massive. They are usually used to change the energy of your living space.

Here the crystals are placed in the four corners of the home. For more about this grid click here

2. Body Crystal Grids

This is a type of crystal healing layout, a temporary crystal grid placed on or around a person’s body. They are more of a crystal healing treatment and may be repeated if needed.

These crystals are placed on the chakras and around the person laying down. For more about this grid click here

3. General Crystal Grids

These are the most common and popular type of crystal grid. They are usually small to medium-sized and can be placed on a piece of furniture. They are the most versatile grid and can be made for any purpose.
This article is mainly for the most common type of crystal grid as it is the one people most often use for goals and manifesting purposes. They are also used to create other changes in the world or in ourselves, such as healing or developing confidence for example.

This crystal grid can be used to attract a loving relationship. For more about this grid click here

Crystal Grids Are Spiritual Tools

Crystal grids are not like the magic spells you see in the Harry Potter movies. Manifesting things (especially big changes) is rarely quick and can take some work from you. Crystal grids are a spiritual tool to support your goals or intentions. I see manifesting as co-creating, which means we accept our role in the process of creation.

“With the right mindset, crystal grids can be a highly effective manifesting tool”

That’s why I wrote Crystal Grids Power so that people have the right knowledge, realistic expectations, good mindset and tools to see results as I have.
I personally found it much easier to manifest things with tools like crystals than without anything and only using my mind.

The Angel Crystal Grid from Crystal Grids Power

After I make a crystal grid do I need to do anything?

This is a common question I get asked on my blog from those new to crystal grids or who are still curious about how they work. I have always recommended you do whatever you can within your power to achieve your goal. With some grids and intentions, there is little that can be done but most of the time that is not the case.

Take Action Steps

Really think about what you can do, write a list of these as a reminder. Always take consistent action steps toward your goal. Anything else just shows the Universe you are not that serious. A crystal grid to increase your income might need you to apply for jobs every week. A grid for attracting a new life partner won’t be very effective if you are couped up in your house all day and don’t speak to anyone.

Your Mindset Is Important

If you’re constantly doubting what you’re doing, fearful or negative all the time, then this could be blocking you and is certainly weakening and slowing the effects of your grid. You should really try to work on this if this sounds like you. No manifesting technique will work well with this mindset. The same applies to non-spiritual stuff like fitness, diet, work and studying.
After you make your crystal grid it is important to keep positive and trust that things will happen for you. A good mindset will also mean accepting your role in the manifesting and being happy to do your bit.

Divine Inspiration & Signs

Often when we work with the energy of a crystal grid, we get ideas and inspiration. These could be solutions to problems, ideas that will make you money or help you see something you overlooked before. We want to be open to these things, write them down on a post-it note and promise yourself to take action. Otherwise, we are throwing this cosmic support down the drain.
You may also see signs and have synchronicity that guides you towards opportunities and nudges you in the right direction. Again, you must be open to this and looking.

Vision Boards can be general or very focused on your intention. Learn more.

Working With Your Crystal Grid

Your crystal grid will work if you do the above and keep it clean and cleansed. I am often asked about ways to do more and if we need to meditate with the grid, do affirmations or visualise after we have made a crystal grid?
The crystal grid does not ‘need’ you to do those things but they do all help. They can help focus your mind and allow a deeper connection to your crystal grid. These are also well-known ways to direct more energy towards your goals.
To be clear, these are optional steps to enhance your manifestation work. If you are already someone who has a daily spiritual practice or morning routine these are likely things you are already doing. You can just incorporate them into your practice.

TIP: Wear the same type of stone used in your crystal grid to bring its energy with you

What Should I Do?

What you do, for how long and how you do it is completely up to you, your lifestyle, spiritual practice and what works best for you. You can do this in front of your crystal grid or anywhere you feel relaxed and have privacy. If you have an altar or other sacred space, that’s great but you could do many of these things in bed when you wake up or go to sleep.
Here are some ideas to try. These are just different options, you don’t need to do all these things. You would have to customise things to suit your intention of course.



Statements of your intention



Contemplating your grid

Vision Board


EFT/ Tapping

Wearing or carrying crystals

What will you be incorporating into your crystal grid work? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,
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5 thoughts on “What To Do After You Make a Crystal Grid

  1. Michelle

    This is perfect. I often set the grid with the intention of really working with it, but get so busy with life I forget. I do contemplate the grids, and use prayer with them, and find both to be helpful. Thank you for writing this.

  2. Ava Adames

    Thank you Ethan. I just set and activated the abundance and prosperity grid. I plan on dedicating some education and travel work towards the blessings that are on their way.

  3. Mahrukh sutaria

    I usually put an intention under the main centre piece. I also say my intentions every day either through a singing bowl, sometimes I smother them with safe whilst saying the intentions and lastly since I know Reiki I draw the power symbol of cho ku Rei and Sehike over them.

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