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Home Protection Crystal Grid with Black Tourmaline

Home Protection Crystal Grid with Black Tourmaline

Home Protection Crystal Grid with Black Tourmaline

Learn how to make a Home Protection Crystal Grid to protect your home from negative energies and create a sanctuary. Block harmful psychic energies from entering a room or your House with this simple but effective Black Tourmaline Crystal Grid.


Why Protect Your Home?

Your home should feel safe and secure. Some people experience problems from negative energy leaking into their home either from shared accommodation, other apartments, the neighborhood or nightmare neighbors.
If you have experienced a Psychic Attack or are Empathic you should have a Home Protection Crystal Grid in place. This grid will be your first line of spiritual defense before anything has the chance to get near you. So let’s get to it!


Home Protection Crystal Grid

Home Protection Crystal Grid (Pin this to Pinterest)


What You Will Need:

4 Large or Medium sized Black Tourmaline Crystal Points
1 Large or Medium sized Red Tiger’s Eye (or use Golden Tigers Eye)


Raw Black Tourmaline Point

Raw Black Tourmaline Point


Red Tiger's Eye also known as Dragon's Eye

Red Tiger’s Eye also known as Dragon’s Eye


Simple Crystal Grid Activation Method

If you already know how to activate a Crystal Grid, feel free to use your prefered method. Otherwise to keep things nice and easy, I am going to show you a really simple method to activate the grid. Activation programs or charges the crystals with your intention, so they can begin to do their work for you.


Black Tourmaline Crystals and a Red Tigers Eye

All you need are 4 Black Tourmaline Crystals and a Red Tigers Eye


How To Activate a Home Protection Crystal Grid:

1. Hold all your cleansed crystals in your hands.
2. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.
3. Raise your crystals up in front of your Third Eye Chakra (brow area).
4. Focus on your desired result, use visualisation and emotion. Say to yourself or out loud a statement of your intention like “I program this Crystal Grid to protect my …………….. and all who live here from all forms of harm.”
5. Lastly arrange your crystals into position (see below).


Home protection crystal grid diagram

Home protection crystal grid diagram


Setting Up Your Home Protection Crystal Grid

Now that your crystals are programmed and charged with your intention, all you have to do is arrange them. Please see the diagram above. If you have more than one floor, use the ground or lowest floor for the grid. With irregular shaped floor plans, you may need to get more crystals to grid the extra corners.
If your ground floor is not the biggest floor then you can either grid the widest floor or you may want to grid all floors. You can also bury the Black Tourmaline crystals outside, if you have a garden. I recommend putting them in glass jars to protect them from water damage and so they can be retrieved later if needed.
(1) In position 1 place a Black Tourmaline Crystal Point at each of the four corners of your home or a room, standing up or pointing outwards.
(2) In position 2 place the Red Tiger’s Eye crystal near your main entrance or door. Ideally it should be just inside and visible.


If you have any questions about this grid just post them in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,


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27 thoughts on “Home Protection Crystal Grid with Black Tourmaline

  1. Tina Gartlan

    Do you mean placing a tourmaline in each corner of the room with your from door or making a small grid next to your front door?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Tina, each Black Tourmaline crystal is placed in one of the four corners of the home to protect the boundaries of the house or home. If you just want to protect a single room then you would use the four corners of the room.

  2. Elizabeth George-Hall

    I’m quite lucky that my home is already protected and I can call my stones from where ever I am. Even people who come to visit can not see my altar.

      1. Elizabeth George-Hall

        Technically yes but I can feel when they want me. I never ask anything from them which gives me a better connection. They give off smells when they want my attention when I’m at home. When I’m at work and they are calling, they give off a high frequency that gives my husband (who works at home) a heavy pressure in his head which he is not happy about.
        Ages ago I ask you about a name they call me by and whether it was common or heard of.

  3. Simone

    Hello, do the black tourmaline have to go on the floor, or can they go on units? The corner of our kitchen has a washer in a built in cupboard, which if I put behind it then machine won’t fit back. Could I place it above it in the corner? Then the other corner is a bathroom which I worry children might move, could I put in a plant pot in the corner? Wondering if they all have to be on the floor at same level or can go on units or in cupboards at various levels, and if it’s ok to put one in soil but not the other 3.
    Sorry that’s so long. Very new to this! Thank you

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Simone, you can place them anywhere in that area, on or under things, hidden inside a box or a jar. They do not need to be on the floor or at the exact same height. Make it work for you and your home.

  4. crystal

    hello ethan,
    i have used black tourmaline in the 4 corners of our home for years and it works great! mine is a bit different thought with a large hunk of rose quartz and a large black tourmaline crystal at the door. i like your red tigers eye at the door so i will have to add that to the other crystals and see how it feels. thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      You could work with the downstairs but place one Black Tourmaline in the missing corner, outside in the garden to make the square. Or alternitively put the Tourmaline on the upstairs level if it encompasses the entire home. If that still does not seem to work then grid the tourmalines on each level. The L shape can be made with 6 crystals if you place at all the corners. The other stone should still be by the front door.

  5. Richard Lee

    I smudged my apartment and then placed black tourmaline in as following:
    I have a 2 bedroom apartment and I have a black tourmaline in the corner of each room.
    I do customer support from my home and have a large black tourmaline on my desk especially good with angry customers I have found. I also carry a black tourmaline in my pocket each time I leave the house.

  6. Marilyn

    Hello, I was given two black tourmaline stones and two amethyst stones to bury around our new property in the ground. But I can’t get a hold of her to find out how she intended to place them as a grid. Do you any suggestions?

      1. Marilyn

        Thank you. Her intention, I believe, was for protection. But I wasn’t sure if having the amethyst could be part of the four corners for protection. This is all very new to me, and I’m very intrigued by crystal grids. I think I would be interested in your book.

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