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7 Must Have Crystals For Your Home & how to use them

7 Must Have Crystals For Your Home & how to use them

7 Must Have Crystals For Your Home & how to use them

Discover seven must-have crystals for your home. Turn your space into a peaceful sanctuary and sacred space with these beautiful healing stones. Learn their Feng Shui properties, where to place them and my recommended shapes and forms.

Minerals As Mother Nature’s Art?

More and more people are adding crystals to their living space. All crystals connect us with the Earth and nature. So, it is no surprise to me that people without any belief in anything metaphysical are drawn to them and get pleasure from being around them.
I hear so often from people that just looking at crystals makes them feel relaxed, calm and at ease. Crystals and minerals are like Mother Nature’s art.

This Shamanic Dream Stone (Lodolite Quartz) looks like it contains an Autumn/Fall Forest

Creating Sacred Space With Crystals For Your Home

Those of you that believe in or are sensitive to the spiritual properties of crystals have even more reasons to have crystals in your home. It is not uncommon for people who have lots of crystals around to have visitors comment on how their home has such a nice energy.
Certain crystals can be placed in your home to alter the energy by cleansing negativity, bringing in positive energy and protecting you from bad vibes.

Crystals for your home altar
Crystals For Your Home Altar

Placing Crystals For Your Home

This is related to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, though it is not traditional and a more modern take on it. Many people will place crystals intuitively, others focus on certain key areas. You can use a combination of both methods if you want.
I will give you some general suggestions for crystal forms and placement below. Like moving furniture or adding something new to your home, you may have to move it around till it looks and feels right.
You can always test things out, try it for a few days or a week and see how you feel.

Crystal grids can be a great addition to the energy of your home. Learn the step-by-step guide to creating an intention-based crystal grid. Click the pic for more info!

What About the Size of the Crystal?

To gain the most from crystals for your home, generally larger crystals are prefered. This is because you’re no longer working with just your aura, you’re changing the energy field of an entire room or your house.
Try to look for display crystals where possible. You don’t have to spend a fortune on giant crystals or museum quality specimens, just use common sense with the space you have and your eye.
If it looks lost on your coffee table, perhaps something bigger will be more impactful and effective? The crystal may work better in a smaller room or area. It is all about proportions and every space is different.

Crystals for your home
Different sized Clear Quartz points in a Moon dish from Urban Outfitters


TIP: As a substitute, you could use a bowl or dish of smaller crystals to create more mass. Also, a group of three medium-sized crystal points will be similar in energy to a large standing crystal point for example.


Crystals For Your Home (Pin To Pinterest!)

Must-Have Crystals for Your Home


Energetic Properties

Also known as Satin Spar. In the home, Selenite works hard to keep the area clear of blocked, harmful or negative energy. Selenite raises the vibration of your space and brings in more light.

Location Suggestions

Good locations for Selenite are within the main entrance or near any doorways. Also the corners of rooms, on an altar or window sill. Office or computer desks, cellars and dark places.

Recommended Shapes & Forms

Selenite Towers, Natural or Carved Wands, Standing Crystal Points, Angels, Spheres, Eggs or Lamps.

Selenite crystals for your home
Selenite Towers are more affordable large display crystals for the home


Energetic Properties

Rose Quartz brings a peaceful, calming and soothing atmosphere to a room. Traditionally associated with love, it can be used to attract and encourage loving relationships, romance and bring family harmony to the home.

Location Suggestions

Place Rose Quartz in the Living Room, Bedroom or on the Dining Table. It is also good for a Home Office or Computer desk.

Recommended Shapes & Forms

Rose Quartz Sphere, Heart, Tealight Holder, Lamp, Goddess, Raw Chunks and Standing Crystal Points.

A Rose Quartz heart represents love and relationships


Energetic Properties

Black Tourmaline is a powerful protection stone for the home. It helps protect from negative influences and energy in the environment. This crystal is also very grounding.

Location Suggestions

Place Black Tourmaline near the main entrance or any doorways. Add some to the corners of rooms or the window sills. Learn how to make a simple Black Tourmaline grid around your home here.

Recommended Shapes & Forms

Black Tourmaline Crystal Points, Obelisks, Raw chunks or Pyramids.

A raw Black Tourmaline crystal point is very useful and easy to find


Energetic Properties

Amethyst is a spiritual and high vibration crystal. It transmutes negative energies and offers psychic protection. This crystal supports your spiritual path and psychic development.

Location Suggestions

Good locations to place Amethyst in your home are on your altar, library, yoga or meditation space. Avoid windows and direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Recommended Shapes & Forms

Amethyst Standing Crystal Points, Clusters, Geodes, Angels, Spheres, Buddhas, flames, Pyramids, Goddesses and Eggs.

Raw Amethyst Crystal Clusters bring a spiritual vibration


Energetic Properties

All natural pink salt is a crystal (Halite) that is known for producing ions when warmed. Himalayan Pink Salt also carries cleansing properties and helps protect your space from negativity. I have a few salt lamps on my spiritual tools list on Amazon if you’re interested.

Location Suggestions

It can be placed near the main entrance or any doorways. Bedrooms or in the corners of rooms or the outer corners of your house. Home office, computer desk or near any devices with EMF’s.

Recommended Shapes & Forms

Himalayan Salt Lamps, Tea Light Holders and Raw Chunks.

Himalayan Salt Lamps come in many shapes and sizes


Energetic Properties

Citrine is a well-known stone to help attract abundance, success and prosperity into your life. It also brings sunshine energy and helps with positive thinking. Please see my guide to Spotting Natural Citrine if needed.

Location Suggestions

Place Citrine in your home office, workshop or on a computer desk. Keep it with or near where you store money. Place Citrine on the dining table or on a prosperity altar.

Recommended Shapes & Forms

Standing Crystal Points, Clusters, Pyramids, Spheres and Laughing Buddha.

Natural Citrine is becoming quite rare and expensive so smaller pieces are acceptable


Energetic Properties

Clear Quartz can be programmed for any intention and enhances the energy of other crystals. It channels healing energies and spiritual vibes. It helps cleanse, focus the mind and brings mental clarity.

Location Suggestions

Pretty much any part of the home could benefit from clear Quartz. It works well on altars, in meditations spaces, home offices, workshops, libraries, the living room and on window sills.

Recommended Shapes & Forms

Clusters, Geodes, Standing Crystal Points, Spheres, Pyramid, Tea Light Holder, Lamp, Buddha, Angel, Skulls and Wands.

Clear Quartz is available in a variety of different shapes and forms

Remember To Cleanse Crystals For Your Home

Crystals are sensitive tools and pick up all kinds of energies from people and places. I recommend crystals placed in the home are cleansed and dusted at least once a month to keep them working at their best.
If there has been a challenging time, stress, illness or arguments or lots of big changes in your life it is a good idea to cleanse your display crystals. The easiest way to do this is to cleanse the room or your home with sound or smoke methods.
Check out my blog post on cleansing crystals if needed. For a detailed and in-depth guide to spiritually deep cleansing your home of old, stuck energies and negativity please see my book Psychic Protection Crystals.

Crystals for your home
Tibetan Singing Bowls are an easy way to cleanse crystals for your home

Do you want me to do more blog posts on this subject? Let me know in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,

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30 thoughts on “7 Must Have Crystals For Your Home & how to use them

  1. Bertus

    These stones are on each own and in a group a Real must have- you see them in a picture and you Want them with you. thank you Ethan

    1. Simone Colicchio

      Dear Ethan,
      I’m an currently getting my house ready to put on the market. Is there any Crystal that could help with this process?
      Sincerely Simone

      1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

        I think the most important thing is cleansing the home and creating a good feeling with crystals, like I suggest above. I would avoid displaying too many crystals though, stick to a few carefully chosen crystals, include the front door/entrance.

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  3. Mona Fernandes

    Hi. I am new to the world of crystals. Have my own little collection and find a lot of peace n happiness when around it. Have placed it in a box below my altar. Can’t keep it out in the open as in India our windows are open and we get a lot of dust coming in,else I will be dusting and washing my crystals daily. Have small pieces.
    Thanks Ethan I love reading your posts and follow it to my best.

  4. Becky

    Thank you for this article. It helps to validate that you are placing crystals in the most beneficial places for you and your space.

  5. Eleanore Russell

    Thank you Ethan. I have been working with crystals for few years on and off. I have been putting amethyst stone under my pillow at night sometimes with rosequartz. That is why I dream so much and some nights I don’t have any sleep. I will forget about the amethyst under my pillow. I have a bronze ringing bell. Can I ring the bell through the house to get rid of negative energy. I find you very helpful on crystals and I want to thank you.

  6. Susan

    Thank you Ethan. This was a great informative article.
    Can you use a Tibetan Singing Bowl to cleanse your crystals? If so, could you please advise the method?
    Thanks again.

  7. Ashleigh

    This was very informative. Can you recommend a reliable source for pure/quality crystals? I bought my first chakra stones and a clear crystal last week at my local crystal store. They seem legit but would be interested to know if you have any suggestions or where you get yours? Thanks for helping us newbies. Keep the posts coming!

  8. natalia

    recently I keep seeing cystals in bathrooms and kitchen, what do you think about it? are good places to decorate with crystals? if so, which ones?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      It depends on your beliefs and reasons. I personally try to avoid crystals in bathrooms, partly because it is a damp and wet room. Also because it is not advised to add attracting/energising/spiritual objects here in Feng Shui (energy drains away here). I don’t have too much of an issue with the Kitchen other than it really is not very safe for fragile items.

  9. Madison

    Hi Ethan,

    I’m fairly new to crystals but have good interest in them. I came across a post (not your website) saying that if black tourmaline is used or worn for too long it can have a negative effect because it’s such a powerful crystal.

    Ultimately I want to protect the house from any negative or harmful energy but nervous I might cause more problems

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      People wear Black Tourmaline every day. As long as you cleanse it often (like you should all crystals) there is nothing to worry about. Saying that I never advise people wear a stone 24/7 anyway, you could give it a break at night. As I’ve said in the blog post you still need to cleanse the grid or your house once a month to keep them working well.

      1. Cherry

        Black Tourmaline is very potent, and it can over-ground the wearer leaving them feeling like an overloaded aeroplane; but personally, with the Tourmalines among my soul crystals, I feel lost without it!

  10. Silvia

    Hi Ethan,

    I noticed that my black tourmaline is scratching the surface of my nightstand. Would it be ok to put it on a piece a cloth? Are there any materials that work best to use that will not disrupt the effectiveness of the crystal?

      1. Vishnu

        Hi Ethan. Can I keep standing point crystals in a closed glass jar as to prevent dust from sticking on it’s surface and also to prevent others touching it. Does it lose effectiveness if I place like this? I believe Selenite attracts dirt/dust as it’s a delicate one.

  11. Trissha

    Hi Ethan,

    Can I place my Citrine in my living room corner which is near my main entrance door? Some people advised me to place Citrine in far left corner of my house. I don’t have a far left corner space in my home as it’s pointing out to my bathroom.

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