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6 Ways To Work With Crystals and Healing Stones

6 Ways To Work With Crystals and Healing Stones

6 Ways To Work With Crystals and Healing Stones

So, you know how to choose, cleanse and program your crystals but how do you actually use them in your life? This beginner’s guide will show you six different ways you can start to work with crystals and benefit from the properties of your crystals.

Your Intention Is The Key

Crystals can be used in a variety of ways in your life, some are simple while others are more complex. I believe that having a clear intention is the best way to not only tap into the energy of your crystals but also to be better able to monitor the effects and the results you have.
If you prefer to select crystals purely by intuition, I recommend you look up the properties of the stone afterwards and get confirmation on why the crystal called to you.
six ways to work with crystals
6 ways to work with crystals (Save to Pinterest)

Six Ways To Work With Crystals

Now that you know why you chose your crystal and what you want it to help you with, it is time to put it into action. Choose whichever method fits your situation and works best for you. The following methods are an introduction and guide only, there are many ways to work with crystals.

Carrying Your Crystals

This is one of the simplest, discreet and most inexpensive ways to incorporate crystals into your daily life. All you need is a Tumble Stone, thumb stone, palm stone or small crystal point. I recommend that you place your stone inside a small soft and secure bag or pouch to help protect it.
I recommend Tumble Stones and other polished stones because they are robust and less likely to be damaged. Crystal points could more easily break and may feel uncomfortable in your pocket.

TIP: I don’t recommend mixing tumbles with a raw crystal or point in a bag as they could get damaged.

Your crystal can be carried on you, in your pocket so that it is within your aura. Some people put have found other creative ways to carry crystals (bra). People also add crystals to their bags, purses or coats so that they are with them at certain times.
work with crystals
You can work with one or a few more different stones at once if needed

Wearing Your Crystals

People have worn stones for their metaphysical properties since ancient times. This allows you to have the energy of the crystal within your aura and also your chakras throughout the day.
This is why the crystal does not need to be touching your skin to work. Also, please note that metals in your jewellery do not inhibit and can enhance the properties of crystals. Gold, Silver, Tin and Copper are minerals that grow in the earth with other crystals.
Crystal jewellery also acts as a reminder to us consciously and subconsciously of our intention every time we wear it. In modern-day crystal healing, it is not essential that these be expensive or gem quality. A simple crystal beaded bracelet or pendant on a cord will do the job.

TIP: Please note, your crystal jewellery does not need to be visible to anyone unless you want it to be.

Choose crystal jewellery you feel connected to and will wear everyday

Work With Crystals in Meditation

Many people like to meditate with their crystals. This can be done for as little as 10 minutes. The crystal is within your aura for a shorter period of time but as with a crystal healing session, the connection is more concentrated. It works best for those who already like to meditate or who are open to this spiritual practice.
One way to do this is if you can sit cross-legged or in the lotus position while holding your crystal in your hands in your lap. With eyes closed, focus on the breath and enter a meditative state.
Then focus on your crystal and consciously connect with its energy. Be open and receptive. Visualise it glowing and sending its light and energy into your aura and body.

FREE Guided Crystal Meditation

For a more detailed guide to meditating with crystals please read my guide HERE. Or try my FREE guided crystal meditation over on YouTube! It’s very effective at connecting you with your crystals energy and wisdom.

Laying Crystals On Your Body

This includes what many crystal healers would call a ‘Crystal Layout’ or what I call a ‘Body Crystal Grid’, where several different crystals are placed on and around the body. It also includes working with a Chakra Crystal Set, where seven or more different crystals are placed on the chakras. Smaller stones like tumble stones or crystal points are ideal for this.
Although all this can be done by a Crystal Healer, you also do this yourself at home. When working with one crystal as we are talking about here, you can place it on a single chakra. The easiest way to do this is to look up its chakra association in a book or go by the colour. See my blog post containing a Chakra Crystal Cheat Chart or my book Crystal Healing For The Chakras for more info if needed.
Let’s say you have a Tiger’s Eye crystal that you wish to use for building self-confidence. This corresponding chakra is the Solar Plexus. You could lay down and place the stone on your Solar Plexus Chakra. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow the crystal to do its work. Give this at least 10 – 15 minutes.
Chakra crystal sets are a great way to work with crystals

Placing Crystals In Your Home Or Space

This is related to the modern development of Feng Shui and similar holistic practices. Our environment has an energy field and atmosphere that can be altered. By adding crystals into any space or our home we can invite these energies into our environment and life. Our environment affects us over time.
This method is not as direct as the others and I would only use it in conjunction with one of the others above. Generally, larger crystals are ideal but smaller ones can be gridded or placed in bowls. Any shape or form can be used from a Geode, standing Crystal Point to a carved Crystal Pyramid for example.
You could place a crystal for calmness near your bed or by your computer for example. Stones for protection could be placed near the front door. Think about the location, what you do when you are there and the type of energy you would like there.
Check out my blog post Crystals For Your Home for more detail and tips plus my must-have crystals for your living space.
How to work with crystals

Work With Crystal Grids

This is a more advanced method to work with crystals. Unlike all the others it works more indirectly and can also work distantly. Groups of several types of crystals are chosen for your specific intention. They are then arranged into geometric patterns which also hold symbolic meaning and charged with your intention.
Crystal grids send the energy out into the Universe and to the situation or person. A large crystal grid could be placed around a room or your whole house. For more detail on how to make crystal grids and how they work, please see the crystal grids section of my Resources page or my book Crystal Grids Power.
work with crystals in crystal grids
Full Moon Crystal Grid
How do you prefer to work with crystals? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,
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30 thoughts on “6 Ways To Work With Crystals and Healing Stones

  1. Tamara Rizea

    I always trust my intuition, when is about to choose the crystal I wear due the day. When I read proprieties after, is always the right choice for me. So my intuition never let me down. I have several books with crystals and I just choose the one where I open the book. I’ve got always crystals with me. Not having them in my necklace i feel naked and vulnerable. Is this a dependency? Should I go for crystal detox? :))

      1. Bertus

        I am So much more interested in crystals after reading your info around it. I inherited a lot crystals and wanted to give them away.
        no no no chance, I am going to work with my crystals now.
        thank you Ethan!

    1. Iren

      I believe , if you love and trust your crystals, they will love and protect you. This is the union and cooperation. Never dependency, if it makes you feel good. Just set your intention into your crystal 🙂

    2. Cherry

      Tamara, I also feel the absence of my crystals, even when I take them off to bathe. It feels like a fundamental part of me is missing. It’s not a dependency; it’s a communion of energies.

    3. Cherry

      @Tamara, is there such a thing as crystal detox 🙂 ?

      You don’t need to detox from your crystals. Quite the reverse, I think your crystals are detoxing you, not from substance abuse but from life in general!

      You actually sound a lot like me. I won’t leave home without my crystals and crystal jewellery. To give you some idea, at the minimum, every day I wear:

      • Black Tourmaline
      • Blue Tourmaline
      • Champagne Diamond
      • Larimar
      • Sky-Blue Topaz

      To these I add loose examples of:

      • Fluorite
      • Ametrine
      • Ocean Jasper
      • Paraiba Tourmaline
      • Blue Tourmaline
      • Rainbow Tourmaline
      • Brown Tourmaline
      • Auralite 23
      • Crackle Quartz
      • Heat-treated Citrine
      • Natural Citrine
      • Black Tourmalines
      • Two Amphibole Phantom Quartz tumbles
      • Chiastolite
      • Red Jade
      • Two very special Quartz points, one clear, one milky
      • A very special Quartz pebble with Black and Red Tourmaline (you can tell I love Tourmaline to bits, can’t you?)
      • Galaxyite palmstone

      I also keep two raw Heliodors and a 2″ Clear Quartz point in my bra at all times.

      When I have a horrible feeling it’s going to be one of those days, I add Emerald, Aquamarine and two Labradorite tumblestones.

      I choose other crystals, like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline or Alexandrite, depending on how I feel and which one(s) asks to be worn/carried.

      So you see, if anyone around here needs a crystal detox, it wouldn’t be you; it’d be me lol!

      Love and Light.

  2. Janice Kay

    Yes putting the in your certain environments works. I go to bingo with certain luck crystals plus wear bracelets and necklaces and I have been very lucky the last couple years with certain abundance crystals.

  3. Lis

    I just recently got into crystals. I keep a little velvet bag with a few tumble stones to carry with me to work or when I go out in my person. I also have some crystals in my home- a clear quartz in my living room and rose quartz beside mine and my husband’s bed.

  4. Juanita

    It’s funny I trust and go with what I feel. I automatically connect with my crystals and they are magnificent. I have a powerful lapis lazuli merkaba pendulum that is next level with what happens, before using with others I’ll put it in my bra to strengthen our connection. Many have wanted it lol. When I do my readings I always have my two herikmer diamonds in my bra. If my chakras are off I’ll intuitively select my crystals. I have quite a few powerful ones on my bedside table and never had any issues sleeping etc. In fact it feels strange if they’re moved lol. I got told to never do that but energetically it’s no problem. The only issue I have mostly is dust and cleaning apophylite or my rainbow hematite and a few other softer ones. I’ve recently learned more about spheres so am adding to my collection soon. I don’t attune mine to anything in particular, just connect and trust.

  5. Tayjasvini

    I want to know about Crystal pyramids. How we can use in a space to enhance prosperity and wealth. Kindly guide me.

      1. Laura

        Hi Ethan, I’ve seen people drinking crystal infused water on social media. I did a bit of research, some say you should absolutely not put crystals in water and drink it as it can be toxic due to some materials. Others say that it depends on the type of crystal. What are your thoughts on it and your personal experience?

        1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

          Yes, many crystals dissolve or leach in water and contain toxic or dangerous minerals that you dont want to drink. It is not something I do or teach for this reason. You can make gem elixiers using an indirect method, where the crystals don’t touch the water.

  6. Crystal Shop

    What I realized in meditating with crystals is that it works on how and what crystals you want to work with. On the off chance that you are taking a shot at something particular in your life, get clear on what that is and maybe record it. When picking meditation crystals I think of what lines up with your objective. Given above descriptions of different crystals and what they are capable off then you are good to go. Or on the other hand, you can rely upon your intuition.

  7. AtPerrys

    The best things about crystals is their amazing beauty. They can be worn as jewelry, used as decoration, used on a crystal grid, give as a gift, make your home feel nicer. They give me a lot of strength and I’ve started using them around me. They can even help with making money as well.

  8. Nessa

    I started my love affair with crystals by simply collecting them when they presented themselves to me. Then I started making jewelry. Now I find and cut my own stones and make jewelry from them. I feel best when surrounded by my stones, but sometimes it’s hard to work when they’re talking to me.

  9. G

    I picked my first one without knowing i was going to buy a crystal, I just looking at an interesting taxidermy shop while on holiday. I chose it because of it’s colour mostly. The shop owner tole me what it was when i asked after buying it. Somehow i got into it and now have collected 5 crystal in two months. I didnt know about grids but i made a shape, i guess. All of the crystals chosen by intuition but seemingly what i needed when i researched them more. Had no idea what i was missing out on. I like.

  10. Crystalline Dream

    My favorite is to wear my crystals daily as jewelry for constant contact with my stones and sleep with a few for protection throughout the night. I also place them all around my home and and also around my tub when taking a cleansing bath.

  11. Cherry

    I definitely favour wearing my crystals in pendants, where possible. If that isn’t possible, which would mostly be because they’re either too big, too small or too fragile, I and they mutually enjoy simply being together, exchanging energies. I try and incorporate “crystal cuddle time” into each day, especially before bedtime. And yes, I keep two raw Heliodors in my bra! They like it there, and it’s an easy way to keep them with me.

  12. Jacqueline Wilkes

    I would very much appreciate your help.
    I feel very anxious most of the time. I have broken my foot therefore cannot drive, worse still cannot walk any distance (No more than 10 yards) this makes me depressed as all my hobbies are connected to walking, dancing, driving.
    I thank you in advance of your reply

  13. Marie

    I’m new to healing stones. So you can wear a stone anywhere on you. Does that mean you can wear a bracelet on your ankle (quite far from all chakras)? I wear scrubs, so wearing on an ankle is better than upper arm or wrist, since I want to wear a selenite or clear quartz necklace. Also you say that stones do not have to be expensive. What about those sold on Amazon? They all say natural… What if they are partially manmade? Would they still have as strong healing energy?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      You can wear on your ankle. The legs and feet still relate to the lower chakras. Any crystal placed within your aura will have an effect on you and your energy. The energy will travel to where it needs to be. I don’t recommend anyone buy crystals through Amazon. Manmade and enhanced crystals have a different energy, but can be used. The seller should be honest though.

    2. Cherry

      Marie, buying on Amazon can be something of a minefield. The best way to go is to only purchase from sellers you know and 100% trust. If you’re going to buy from Amazon, but you don’t know of such a seller, then there’s a key question you can ask before you purchase; but first you need to find out what the answer should be, so you know whether or not you’re being fed a line.

      This question is, “What is the Provenance of this specimen?” Provenance is simply the geologist’s term for point of origin, i.e. where it was found. It’s good, especially with the rarer gems/minerals, to know where in the world they can be found. A fraudulent seller won’t usually be aware of a stone’s specific provenance(s), and they’re reasonably easy to catch in a lie. Wikipedia is often a good place to find out the main sources of particular minerals and gems. Of course, this doesn’t stop some sellers from outright lying; but as a rule of thumb, they don’t, by and large, seem to do much homework when it comes to what stone comes from where. Asking this question makes you sound like you know what you’re talking about, even if you actually don’t. (Not to say that you don’t know what you’re taking about, of course, just that even if, you can sound as though you do.) Try to get specifics: instead of “oh, it came from Brazil”, try and find out where in Brazil. Was it Bahia? Rio Grande de Sul? Minas Gerais? (Obviously don’t just hand them the answers.) If they give you the name of a mine, Google it before buying and find out if a) that mine actually exists, and b) whether your chosen crystal can really be found there. Beware of someone telling you that, for example, the piece of Mookaite they have for sale came from the Muzo mine in Colombia; that’s an Emerald mine, and Mookaite only comes from Western Australia, not South America!

      It would also help if you could learn visual identification. Of course, we mustn’t forget that even the experts can be fooled, and sometimes it takes either a Gemologist, or a wide experience of crystal energies, to tell one thing from another (especially true when it comes to colourless, faceted gems), but a lot of minerals are easily identified, especially in their raw state, just by looking, though there are attempts at fakes. I’ll share a piece of info you may or may not find useful, depending on your interest and your budget: it concerns Ammolite, the gorgeous but extremely rare and delicate red/green/yellow-flash form of Aragonite which can occasionally be found on fossil ammonites. Unscrupulous dealers have used Labradorite, which of course is much more common, not to mention cheaper, to fake Ammolite. But it only takes a look to know the difference: Ammolite has a cherry-red to scarlet portion of its luminescence, whereas Labradorite (or even Spectrolite with its wider range of colours) doesn’t display red, instead showing copper.

      Really, the best way you can help yourself is to spend a little time – it need not be a matter of buying a zillion books, this info is available online if you just have a look around – learning to visually distinguish the minerals you’re interested in. Some are easy, others not so; but there’s a lot you can do to reduce your chances of being ripped off.

      You say that you want to wear a Quartz or Selenite necklace; there’s no problem with this, but please be careful with Selenite, because at a Mohs’ 2, it’s delicate and easily damaged. I’d suggest wearing them at different lengths, the Quartz longer and the Selenite shorter so it doesn’t get bounced around so much. Plus it’ll help that it’s closer to your crown chakra.

      If there’s anything you’re not sure about, you can do one of two things: go with your gut, or
      stop by and message. I’m not staff here, I’m not affiliated with any site or seller, nor do I earn anything from my posts; I’ve no stake in this except wanting to help. I do have a certain amount of experience, and I don’t want to see people get ripped off if I can help stop it.

      Love and Light.

  14. Marie

    Cherry, thank you very much to have taken the time to write the above. You are a good mentor. I’ll take your advice to heart. In fact, I started to look for reputable sellers online after Ethan’s reply. It never thought buying crystals or a chakra bracelet could be this difficult…. Live and learn!

  15. Cherry

    Marie, are you in the UK? Because if so I can give you a possible starting point on Amazon. There are two Marketplace crystal sellers which have never let me down: GeoFossils and CrystalAge UK. With these folks, you get what’s on offer, and both sellers take good care of their stock-in-trade, though that’s not to say they can’t pick up bad energies in transit.

    Love and Light.

  16. Marie

    You are very kind, Cherry. I’m in the US. I did find a seller called Cosmic Cuts. I feel it in my heart that they are trustworthy. They don’t have bracelets, but I concluded that since selenite or clear quartz can balance all chakras, I don’t really need a chakra bracelet. I would buy one if I happen to come across something I’m drawn to.

    1. Cherry

      Glad you’ve found a seller you feel is trustworthy. CrystalAge, who have never let me down yet, also operate on the Stateside Marketplace; if you’re ever after a tumblestone, they sell most of the popular types – Carnelian, Agates, Quartzes etc – and some rough crystals, e.g. Black Tourmaline, at quite reasonable prices. They ship from Florida, if memory serves.

      You’re right to think you don’t really need a chakra bracelet – with an abundance of Clear Quartz, a Spectrolite and a Rainbow Tourmaline in my crystal family, I’m in the same position – but I urge you to keep an open mind: I didn’t think I needed a Lepidolite until the Universe gifted me with one (i.e. I found a rough piece). Then I found out I did.

      Love and Light.

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