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How To Choose a Crystal

How To Choose a Crystal

How To Choose a Crystal

Here are three methods for how to choose a crystal that’s right for you, plus I’ve created a fun intuition test to try for yourself. Have you ever felt drawn to a particular crystal or even repelled by one?
You may think it was just the colour you liked or that it was just very beautiful but this was more likely your intuition guiding you to what you really need.
“I believe we naturally gravitate towards certain crystals at different times in our lives”

Which one will it be?

Sometimes things are not so clear though or we may have several options or recommendations available to us. Maybe you don’t fully trust your vibes? I’m writing this article for you so you can find ways to know which crystal is best for you. Here are three ways to select a crystal that’s right for your energy and needs.

How To Choose Crystals. Crystal Healing guide for beginners.

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How To Choose a Crystal For Your Needs:

1. Choose a Crystal by its Properties

If you are looking for a crystal for a specific need or purpose then you can use books or websites which are about the metaphysical properties of crystals (Abundance, Protection, Confidence…).
All good crystal books should come with an index which enables you to look up the properties, not just the name of the crystal. You can also choose the crystal by its Chakra association, more about this in my book Crystal Healing For The Chakras.
You may have several choices in which case you can see what’s available for you or use one of the following methods to make your final decision.
There are 10 crystal VIPs I recommend to those just starting their crystal healing journey. You can learn who they are and how they can help you in my YouTube video below:

2. Choose a Crystal with your Intuition

This is going with what you feel drawn to when you see crystals in a shop, photos of them online or in a book. Always go with your initial response or ‘gut feeling’.
Certain crystals should just catch your eye. Keep looking then come back to see how you feel a second time. Hold the crystal if possible, do you want to keep it in your hand? This is a good sign.
With photos see how the image makes you feel, do you feel a pull towards the crystal? Does it light you up inside? Consider revisiting it the next day and if you still feel the same then go for it! It’s always really interesting to look up the properties of the crystal afterwards and see how this fits your needs. I find this can be spooky accurate!

3. Choose a Crystal by Dowsing

This is a more advanced method unless you are already familiar with pendulum dowsing yourself.
You can ask yourself if a particular crystal is right for you while holding a pendulum. A strong yes response would be what you are looking for.
You can work through lists of crystals this way or create a crystal dowsing chart. If you want to learn more about this method do get a book on pendulum dowsing and develop this skill.
I recommend this Diane Stein’s book for learning to dowse with a pendulum or increasing your accuracy if pendulums have not worked well for you in the past Pendulums and the Light. Learn more at or
Choose a Crystal

Crystal Test: Do any of these crystals have a message for you?

Take The Test!

Here is a quick and fun way to test your intuition using the second method described above. Look at the image above of the seven crystals on the wooden shelf.
See which crystal attracts you to it the most, take your time. Choose a crystal. Then come back here and I will tell you what they could mean for you…
From top left to right they are 1 – Shamanic Dream Quartz to trust your dreams and visions. 2 – Chlorite Phantom Quartz for focusing on new aspirations. 3 – Citrine for increasing the flow of money or reducing negative thinking. 4 – Ocean Jasper for peace and calm or the need to be more patient. 5 – Aqua Aura for psychic protection or developing psychic abilities. 6 – Rutilated Quartz for filtering negative energy or increasing communication skills. 7 – Rose Quartz for comfort and greater self-love.
Experiment with crystals quote

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If your interested in learning more about crystal healing do check out my Beginners Guides and other helpful articles in the Resources section by clicking Here.
How did you do? Did the crystal you chose make sense? I would love to hear from you, so let me know in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you know anyone who may benefit from this post please share the link with them or use one of the quick sharing buttons below.
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106 thoughts on “How To Choose a Crystal

    1. Kyra-moon

      MY eye went straight to 5, its stunning then to 2 & then 3.
      3 is the one that resonated with what i need in my life though. I would go for 5 just because its so stunning.
      Its usually the shape of a crystal that sells me on it… if they are all the same shape then the colour will capture my attention.
      Whats that all about?

      1. Sunbeam

        I was drawn most to Aqua Aura–after reading the description about the stone I realized the connection. I’m a Pisces and it aquamarine is my birthstone.

  1. River

    Went directly to #1. Tried to look at others, but no way, eyes stayed fixed on #1.
    I have worked with crystals and stones in the past, more lately the draw to a specific crystal or stone is stronger than ever.

  2. Alice

    I was initially drawn to #1, yet felt an impulse to keep looking at #7. #1 is a perfect match, though, as I had a strong vision of my future marriage to my now husband on the night of our first date! And #3 is also a good fit, as I have a rose quartz pendulum. When I purchased it, I felt as though I could feel it vibrating through me, and the first time I asked a question it responded forcefully.

  3. Hekate

    I chose number two 🙂
    After reading the description, i was quite astounded!
    Couldn’t of been more spot on. Very pleased and feeling encouraged to carry on, thank you.

    Blessings, Hekate.

  4. Stacey

    Kia Ora Ethan,

    Thanks so much for this article – and all your other articles, they hold a lot of helpful information. I chose crystal #5, Aqua Aura. The piece in the picture is mesmerising. I’d love to know which crystal suppliers you recommend that do worldwide shipping.

    Stacey 🙂

  5. Joanne Page

    Wow! Lovely information… I’ve recently started to learn about crystals since losing my dad in November and my uncle in March… I’m enjoying the experience and the learning… I picked number 5 on the photo (Aqua Aura) to help develop the psychic protection and abilities, this is love to do! Xx

  6. Suzy

    Whooooah. #5. Just woke up from a dream about my friend who took his life many years ago. He has NEVER been in a dream before, and he told me to tell our old mutual friend that’s he’s ok.

    I am usually a bit of a skeptic, but I didn’t even see the other stones in the photo when I looked at it.

    That stone, before last night, quite literally at no other point in my life would it have EVER made sense given the description.

    I’m in awe.


    I was really draw to number five. None others even appealed once I glanced at this. I then read the meaning and wow I couldn’t of picked better really. Whoa and it was so good seeing what I needed in black and white.

  8. Mindy Wampler

    I chose #5. I looked at the picture for a while, and my eyes were just so drawn to the one I chose. I feel like it’s a perfect match, because I do want to develop my abilities more. I have a family history of those who can talk to spirits, and I very much would like to do so. I’m a stong believer when it comes to spiritual things. I really think I need to get me a aqua aura.

  9. Kay

    I found that I wanted to stare at #2 and get my thoughts lost in it, but I was overcome with the need to hold #5 in my left hand and #6 in my right. I read the descriptions and they were all eerily good matches for these feelings.

  10. Jennifer

    I chose aqua aura crystal, I just got done working on my website that I have for tarot reading and long distance reiki. So, it makes sense that I’d be drawn to a crystal for psychic ability, great article!

  11. Cory

    I initially felt rather repelled by the entire selection, but I kept looking to pick one anyway. I disliked 7 the most and attributed it to a preference for non-shaped crystals, so I focused on the natural crystal points. Number 2 drew me in first because in my mind it instantly turned into a tree of life, but it did not feel right. The first one looked repulsively like it had mold growing in it, and the citrine’s colouring did not appeal properly. The aqua aura was the last one I settled on and it left an oddly pleasant impression so I chose it. Its properties are unsurprising as I have always been drawn to crystals associated with the brow chakra.

  12. Peggy

    I chose #1. Not sure why, but that’s where I settled. After reading it, I understand. I’ve had plenty of visions through dreams and have followed them because I believe I am being drawn into an awakening spiritually. Just recently I’ve been intrigued with the healing powers of crystals after practicing inner peace and forgiveness. I am still learning, still growing and slowly awakening into my true self.

  13. Karen

    I choose AQUA AURA. Wow It is just what I need: “psychic protection & developing of my psychic abilities” I need to find this cristal as soon as posible. Thanks. LOVE ❤ and blessings for you

  14. Jenny Smith

    I expected to be drawn to #5 because turquoise and aqua colors are my favorite, but I found I was actually drawn to #2. When I read the descriptions, I couldn’t stop laughing! YES!!! I’m in a place of waiting for my new aspirations to evolve. I’ve been doing readings to find my new path and it seems nothing is giving me the information i need. I’m glad to see my higher self still knows what it needs ad where it’s going. 🙂

  15. Trang

    Absolutely amazing! At first #5 caught my eye but suddenly I was drawn to #4. This is such a coincidence because I just recently had a conversation with my bestfriend about how I need to work on my patience. Loved this read.

  16. Brendaliz

    I recently started collecting crystals. I loved this read and your others! I was drawn to 1,2 & 5 I kept looking away and going back closed my eyes and kept going back to the same 3 crystals but #2 was the one that popped more! All are very spot on as to what I’ve been slowly coming to realize and coming clear on my own. Personally I’ve had tried to look up crystal online and pictures just to get to know this new whole I’m opening myself to but I’ve realize that I like just walking into a store and letting whichever calls to me at the moment be the next one I take home with me. 🙂

  17. Amanda

    This is so interesting! I was immediately drawn to 1,2,&5. As I have just started this journey I feel that those three make perfect sense. Thank you for the great read!

  18. Miguel Arce

    I was drawn to.
    With some spiritual healing and meetings with a group, I found some new interests and curiosity with crystals and their healing properties and how they can help us beings to feel more in tuned with our universe and spiritual vibrations. On a weekend trip recently I bought two new crystals since my new awakening, Lemurian Seed Crystal in Mogo, NSW. I used my intuition and was drawn to these. Intentions were to use two quartz crystals to exit an receive energies while holding in my palms. The palm of my hands seem to be sore and forearms tense. My spiritual healer mentions I could be a healer? If so, this is motivating.
    My purpose, in life? To create? Searching more answers and loving the peace, joy, and harmony with my new friends.
    Peace be with you ✌️

  19. Kay

    I chose 2 and 5…. I couldn’t have one without the other. This last year I have removed myself from organized religion that I could no longer condone. As soon as this happened I began realizing I have ‘sensitive’ tendencies. I knew this growing up but hid it from the religion I was in. I was picked to join a Paranormal Group when I revealed past experiences and another sensitive introduced me to crystals for protection. I will look out for these gemstones at our local store.

  20. Rachael

    Even though it is last, small and understated I felt overwhelmingly drawn to no. 7. To me, that little crystal looks like a mother cradling her baby, bathing her child in a lovely warm fuzzy feeling of belonging and love.

    My own Mam died in July. I’m missing her so much. To feel her with me still is just what I need.

    Thank you for all your articles, I love learning something new so I’m looking forward to digging deeper, reading further and experimenting with just how crystals can enhance my tarot reading.


  21. Valerie

    I’m very impressed. I’m just beginning my journey and know practically nothing. I took the test and chose the ONLY crystal that applied to me right now. Thanks.

  22. Allison Jessup

    Hi Ethan,

    I just started getting into stones and crystals within the past 3 weeks. I had some smaller rocks and crystals around the house and never paid much attention. My husband and i bought them when we were vacationing out in Arizona. I thought they were pretty, unusual, nice to have and to look at.

    My life is at a crossroad and I’ve been needing to relax and be positive. A friend of mine who is into aromatherapy and crystals opened my eyes to this whole world of smudging salt lamps, crystals, etc.

    I like to make my own jewelry so my question is where can I find a good resource to 1) get stones, rocks and crystals to make my jewelry and 2) a good resource to identify the stones. It’s difficult to determine the difference between things such as clear quartz, smoky quartz, citrine amongst others.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Allison, you would need to find a supplier withing your own country. There are a lot of fake and bad quality gemstones and beads on Ebay so try to avoid. Try Etsy but be careful of dirt cheap gemstones from the Far East… With identifying crystals get a good illustrated book on stones which is based on minerology and aimed at jewellers. Try the current edition of ‘Gemstones of the World‘ . I have found it very helpful. Some of this will come with experience, seeing stones both genuine and imitation.

    2. Isis

      Just to add my two cents to this. If I were in the US, I would check out the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, that is held end-January to mid-February every year (and as far as I know, a smaller scale event in the fall). I have no experience of it, but have heard good things about it. Only now I feel confident about ordering crystals online, deciding from photos, since I have first had some experience buying them from physical stores. While browsing online, I try to remember a good tip I read somewhere: a seller who is unwilling to provide a good photo is not to be trusted with my money!

  23. Janice Lore

    Sorry, but i was not drawn to any of the 7 stones. I search within each, studied, thought about each, i even went away from them , came back but still nothing. Very interesting. Now my go to crystal or stone that i do like and i am always drawn to is Malachite,

  24. suzanne

    Thank you for this, I was instantly drawn to # 5 and #6 and no surprise as they both represents what i need most in life at the moment.. .Trust your gut!!! I am going with that… Article just found me at the right time 🙂 Thanks Ethan

  25. Rita Brown

    My eyes instantly went to #5- then started back at #1 taking quick glances at each one- #5 was so intrigueing – when I looked at meaning- it was a WOW moment, seems like my intuitions, or gut feelings gave me insights, but never really thought much about it, my husband of 11 yrs is intuitive an has dreams then usually 3 or 4 days you may hear of it on the news an he hates it he sees this gift as a burden. My now 6 yr old granddaughter is sensitive an a empath, I feel I could help both of them better if I could learn more of what see know that others do not. So yes your test was right on.

  26. cheri

    I have been drawn to the very beautiful blue color of #5 but number 2 fascinates me because i see a girl on a hill with a tree above her in it. She seems to be lost in thought but very peaceful. #1 was also drawing because of the layers … I felt the ocean somehow in that one… I really however, need number 4 as I have been working on manifesting and clearing financial blocks.

    Love them all!!! Thank you!

  27. Leanne

    I was drawn to 5 and 7 which is quite fitting as I just got my first crystal which was rose quartz and I love it. I have been told I could develop my psychic ability if I choose to delve into it so number 5 seems quite fitting also. Thanks you

  28. Kelly

    Wow I’m in the begining phase 5 was the one that I just knew if I could only have one it was instant
    And it’s a perfect fit for right now fantastic

  29. randy

    5 was the one that came to me then I scrolled to leave those message and my intuition number was on the last message from Kelly which is 13 so on track with when you know it’s for real follow your but and you will see the signs that you are on the correct path..

  30. Cassandra

    In the first picture there is a stone that looks like a bowl with blue on top, what is the name of that stone/crystal? Also the one to the right of it that looks flat, what is the name of that one?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Cassandra. The crystal in the first photo is Labradorite but the shape is called a Seer Stone or sometimes a Dragon’s Egg. The one on the right is a slice of polished Stalactite Quartz. 🙂

      1. Cassandra

        Hi Ethan,
        Thanks so much for your article!
        It seems a Cassandra before me needed to know the same thing I do.

        I won’t bother with asking again. But just the name makes a lot of sense as to why I’m drawn to it….ironic that it was another Cassandra also drawn to the same one. 🙂
        Thanks for doing the things you do so well!!

  31. Chris

    Hi. I chose 5. I am new to reiki and my reiki master gave me a selenite wand so I was trying to understand what to do with it. Through her, I have visions and I am seeing my third eye. Funny that I am looking into expanding that experience and understanding my spirit guide. That stone is gorgeous and hit me right away

  32. Joan

    I was drawn to #5 – Aqua Aura – I have always been interested and fascinated by the psychic world and phenomenons. I wasn’t sure if some things that happened in my life was pure intuition or part psychic abilities. I am really enjoying learning more and more about all the different crystals and how they can be so helpful in my daily life.

  33. White Rose

    When I was looking again and again on the picture My eyes was drawn to number 3 and than number 6. When I come back to the picture is always the same respond.

  34. Catherine Allen

    I wasn’t sure at first then I closed my eyes and knew that it was 5. The meaning made sense to me as well. I now want to add this to my crystal collection.

  35. Mary

    I do believe in going with your “gut”.
    So the 1st stone that spoke to me was #5 Aqua Aura! And it fits me perfectly. I am interested in developing my psychic abilities more.
    Then I choose#3.
    And I am a negative thinker.
    I love this site…. Thank u!

  36. Ingi

    I was drawn to 1 first , 2, and 5 . Before reading this I kept getting pulled towards hymalayan salt lamps and the rose quartz. I’m going to talk about being drawn to the salt lamps and rose quartz. They made me feel warmth , joy , love , calmness ,and a sense of harmonious balance. This was just by looking at them . I never studied or read up much on crystals. I never really was drawn to them before. I’m very spiritual and my family are islanders who still practice our ancestrors, tribal , and spiritual practices. Anyways I am led by vibrations , emotions , empathy , and strong intuition. I was taught young the ropes to my practices and being aware of the world and the energies. Over time I learn and develop as if I’m pulled and guided to things , new awareness , lessons , and ability. I can’t move things with my mind , I’m not some amazing psychic like Teresa . I have a little ability that has helped me and others. Anyways my long comment is me expressing my excitement and sharing my background to help give understanding to one of the ways choosing is experienced. Also to how your abilities may grow. Then maybe some feedback or advice. The powers and forces are amazing crystals harness. I’m knew to crystals.

  37. cat

    I was drawn to 6 more than the rest. It made sense because I have been trying to eliminate all the negative energy people from my life. This also reminded me of when I went looking for a Amethyst. I wanted to find the prettiest purple crystal I could get. I had hundreds to choose from but I could not stop looking at one. It had almost no color. I tried to ignore it but it did not work so I closed my eyes and felt them. Sure enough that one fit perfect in my hand and I could feel its energy. I have been drawn to the color purple lately so I found it weird that I was drawn to the plainest one, but it as brought me great joy. I can make a fist without it even being there now and feel it.

  38. Rene

    Ok this is crazy because I chose the blue one and it so happens I have the ability to predict things that are going to happen this is so so nice this article right on love it thank u I will be purchasing one of these blue beauties

  39. Ronda Benson

    I was immediately drawn to #5. It was as if it had a brighter light than any of the others. I have used crystals off and on for several years and have always seemed to let the situation and mother Earth guide me. My problem is I have a terrible memory and don’t focus on just one type of practice. I use essentials oils as well, or am learning to use again as with crystals. But I am sharing crystals with others as I go and it fills me with such joy.. thank you for your wisdom and knowledge!

  40. Doug

    When choosing crystals I usually use the techniques that you’ve written about above. Sometimes I walk into a shop and I can feel a particular piece calling to me. If I am allowed to pick up the pieces and hold them, I think I am making a good choice because I can feel them vibrate in my hands. Buying on line is considerably more difficult for me.

  41. Elaine

    I chose three of them. They were all spot on. This is cool, & happens regularly. There’s a store where I go to get crystals, rocks, or fossils. I pick the ones that call to me, & look them up later. They are always something I need / Or am dealing with.
    Enjoyed your article, thank you.

  42. Tessa

    I was drawn subtly to the rose quartz (#7) immediately, but quickly got distracted by the sea jasper (#4) and then more strongly by the citrine (#3). While I was gazing at the citrine, I kept feeling a tug to the rose quartz, so I cleared my mind and calmed myself and looked again and knew immediately it was the rose quartz I need the most right now, which makes sense as I have just started down this path and I often have moments of doubt in myself and crave the comfort of the familiar. I also am in a hard financial time, which is why I also was attracted to the citrine, but the love for myself is more important, so rose quartz it was. Thank you! I will be open to rose quartz as I continue on this new path.

  43. Kelley

    I was drawn to Ocean Jasper and the Shamanic Dream Quartz. More to those two than the others but not 100%. I have to see first then hold second then feel third any crystal before buying. Something about the feeling of a crystal.

  44. Leslie Sharp

    My choice was two this hit the bull-eyes! In the last three or four years (thanks to yoga and meditation) I have let go of so much that was weighting me down. Mental, and Physical, and yes the awful sexual abuse Now I need to rebuild have new aspirations! it is overwhelming sometimes. so I want to hide. I will learn how to be a social healthy person. Thank You! I love and have much gratitude for finding your site. The positive forces of this universe has surely guided me well.

  45. Shaun

    I chose #2.. All I feel I need to say is yes, it’s the right one. No doubt. Thank you for sharing you knowledge with us. I really appreciate it.

  46. Nicole Mavin

    I can relate to the crystals that caught my eye! #1 is stunning and peaked my interest and I was also drawn to #3. I’ve been dealing with seeds of doubt and worry a lot lately. I’m new to discovering healing crystals! I cannot wait to start my collection!!


    Hello I chose 2,4,& 5..which do make sense..since I need peace and patience a lot lately…I don’t know if I have new aspirations
    ..but I’ve become more determined to work harder to realize all the project ideas I’ve had over the years and never had the time , money, or a way to get info on how to get supplies and helpful information…as for psychic abilities…I’ve had dreams of things to come..and have visited friends on the other side …a few times..but it would be nice to have some control …thank you for sharing…there are so many books on crystals out there and they don’t usually say the same things so it’s hard to trust them…but still…TY

  48. Tali

    I went for #2 immediately and that’s exactly what I need! Because I am focusing on new aspirations and new beginnings in my life now. Thanks! And That’s how I usually chose crystals, because I feel a special attachment to them, and don’t want to put them down, I fall in love with them in with all my senses and my soul usually. I love holding them in my hands and feeling their energy. Been heeling myself with crystals for a while.

  49. Tiyash Chakravarty

    I choose 5 and then 7.. already I have rose quartz and you are absolutely right I want to develop my psychic abilities..I always search about crystal stones and astro related topics..I love to learn these things..

  50. Singing Seamstress

    These days there are many synthetic crystals very hard to tell from the real ones. Even genuine crystals may have been treated, heated, stabilized, irradiated, made into a doublet or triplet, or backed. Also, gems may come in a variety of colors. Does any of this matter when choosing a crystal for a specific purpose?

  51. Hilaree Hudson

    I chose #2, and it was very accurate as I am pursuing new aspirations. I have been reading your articles on crystal healing for about 6 months now and just bought my first crystals this past week. Quartz, amethyst, moonstone, blue tigers eye and blue chalcedony. I think it is so interesting how those matched my intentions right now. I utilized your first step. The results were indeed spookily accurate.


    It’s funny…thenaqua aura initially drew my attention but I loved number 4 the ocean jasper. I just purchased an ocean jasper sphere because it got in my hand and just didn’t want to leave

    I am new to crystals as a healing philosophy but started purchasing different crystals that drew me in a couple years ago. They have been spot on for when I purchased them and the struggle I was having.

  53. Pat

    I chose #2 right away. I have been asking my angels for a sign to show me if the new journey I am embarking on is right for me. This solidified my answer.

  54. Jessica

    I liked this method you’ve provided us with. I found my choice to very accurate with what’s going on in my life right now. Thank you for all the wonderful information

  55. Kim Barclay-Kerr

    I liked 2,1,5 in that order and the meanings attributed are quite apt at this moment in my life. But you had a different photo earlier in the article that had a round stone cut flat at the top that looked like the colour of the ocean, I loved that one best- but those weren’t in your photo group with the descriptions. Can you please tell me what that stone is? Thank you!

  56. Courtney

    I’m drawn to #5. Every time I look, my eyes go straight to #5 ‍♀️
    I just recently bought some white sage to smudge my house as I’ve been feeling like there’s some unwanted guests. After reading the meaning of the Aqua Aura, I’m not surprised I gravitated towards it. Thanks for the info

  57. Sandy Cole

    initially I bought a lot,in fact most of my crystals on line and even in shops or gem shows I didn’t take the care in choosing that you have described. Consequently I have well over 100 crystals . Can I just start again and choose from among those I already have. I don’t really notice any special attraction to most. I have been using them but I don’t even know what many of them are. I wish I’d discovered your blogs earlier on in stead of rushing in What do you reckon?



    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      No need to start again. Maybe you could start identifying what they are using good books on crystals with photos. Otherwise you can still use all the techniques above to select crystals using your intuition and build a relationship with the ones you have.

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  59. Sherry

    This was freakishly accurate! I’ve been researching crystals for only a few days. I knew from the first time that I read the properties of citrine, I just felt that I had to have it. So when I saw #3 I wanted it…didn’t even know it was citrine on this photo. This was a really cool test

  60. Kristal

    I am just learning about Crystals. I was drawn to 3, 5 and 6. Every mow and again I would still look at 7. Dont understand why so many. Definitely going to look at your books. This is something I feel I need to do almost as if I would be denying myself something or something from my past is calling me towards them. Weird???

  61. Lisa Hopkins

    I was immediately drawn to #6 Rutilated Quartz! Filtering negative energy is huge for me. I have an energy sucking vampire in my mother and right now I am staying with her out of necessity. I have chosen to stay quiet and out of her way which has helped. I have learned so much from you Ethan and I thank you so much!

  62. Heather

    Getting late into crystals but great I waited 10 years bc I’m choosing them by intuition. Whatever lights my soul, I feel a vibration rather than seeing a pretty crystal catching my eye. My first was a 14″ crystal quartz pyramid, drawn 1000%, didn’t even start small. Second was a taupe-tinted natural labradorite mala from Poland with a large raw labradorite guru bead. Then a powerful moldavite sphere and a very high quality hematite sphere. I went into a crystal shop and felt several between my palms feeling all waves of energy. I walked out with Larimar and Shiva lingam. In the shop, a lot actually repelled me.

    I also have a natural dowsing method and it was very strong yes responses for moldavite, labradorite, and Hematite whilst online shopping. This is my favorite method as it weeds out a lot. Glad to know it’s one of your methods!

    Someone gave me amethyst as a free gift and it makes me anxious and edgy. I held smoky quartz, black obsidian and black tourmaline and they all make me feel nauseated. What does that mean? Is that normal for crystals to have side effects like that? Talk about repelling.

    And for the record #4, #1, #5 🙂

  63. Jennifer

    I enjoy reading your articles. I always find something of value in them and find topics that I want to learn more about. I’m just getting into crystals and have found your writing to be clear and easy to understand.

    I read this article earlier tonight and was immediately and strongly drawn to the aqua aura. The first few times I looked at the picture, it was the only crystal I remembered after I scrolled forward. I made myself go back to the picture and look at each one individually – but still it’s the only one of these that I can actually picture in my mind or describe.

    After reading the article, I started looking at pictures of aqua aura online. I am not familiar with it, so I was curious about it. I dozed off on the couch while looking at the pictures and had a very vivid dream about holding a blue lace agate that I am very fond of…it was as if I was showing it to someone and talking with them about it. I was told by a man in the dream that I should break the blue lace agate in half and hold one piece in each hand. (I frequently have this crystal in my pocket, but today it was in another room.)
    I found this disconcerting and wonder if you have any thoughts or advice about this? Could the pictures of aqua aura have triggered this dream?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      That’s an interesting experience Jennifer. It could be the Aqua Aura triggered your dream or the message. Aqua Aura and Blue Lace Agate are blue energy crystals. I personally would consider getting a 2nd Blue Lace Agate and hold them in both hands.

      1. Jennifer Phillips

        Just a follow-up: I did try this following week, meditating while holding a piece of Blue Lace Agate in each hand. Fell into a deep sleep. The same man from the first dream said, “Would you just relax – we’ve got this!” (I had been losing sleep and worrying about a non-life-threatening health issue.) I have been trying to follow his advice.

  64. Sheila Munro

    I was drawn to two crystals the first was number 2 – Chlorite Phantom Quartz for focusing on new aspirations. and the second was number 5 – Aqua Aura for psychic protection or developing psychic abilities.
    It was hard choosing between them so I looked at no 2 first – I’ve just rented premises as a complementary therapist. I then looked at number 5 I’ve booked a course to study crystals to help my clients and will hopefully learn the dowsing techniques.

  65. Kim

    5 – Aqua Aura for psychic protection or developing psychic abilities.

    Which is interesting because I’ve recently found out that I am an empath and started learning more about crystals. As of now I have a very small collection. I have always felt that there must be more, more to me, like I wasn’t “normal”. I’ve always been able to tell when I was getting fired from a job, the day I got fired, either I’d wKe up feeling it or I’d feel it when I got to work. So I am looking to develop, or open up, to be able to do Ll that I can do.

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