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Best Psychic Protection Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign With Astrology

Best Psychic Protection Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign With Astrology

Best Psychic Protection Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign With Astrology

Have you ever wondered what the best psychic protection crystal is for you? There are quite a few crystals which are used for protection but not all will work well for everybody because we are all different.
I created a system which uses astrology to better align you with a psychic protection  crystal that works well with your own energy. I call these crystals the Guardian Stones.


How the Guardian Stones Were Discovered

In a nut shell I got the initial inspiration for this back in 2012. I began working with several crystals which were connected with different astrological energies and looked at my Natal Chart or astrological birth chart for a specific alignment. I tested each psychic protection stone on different people and later developed the system further into what it is today.


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How does a Psychic Protection Crystal Work?

I created this system to help people quickly select a crystal to use  for daily energetic protection or even a psychic attack. These powerful crystals act like etheric shields and deflect, break up or transmute very negative or harmful energies from entering the aura or affecting you. You could see them almost like a Guardian Angel from the Mineral Kingdom.


What’s my Guardian Stone?

As the system grew I realised this was going to be best understood in a book format. I have decided to release this e-book for free online so it can help as many people as possible. It’s called Discover Your Guardian Stone and it will walk you through the process to finding your go to crystal for psychic protection using astrology.
The book will tell you all about your personal psychic protection stone and how to best harness it’s protective properties when you’re out and about or at Home.


Psychic Protection Stones


How do I get the FREE E-book?

Discover Your Guardian Stone is available now to download when you sign up for my monthly Crystal Newsletter and updates. You can sign up here by filling in your details below and clicking subscribe.
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Once your subscribed I will send you the download link shortly after. If you still want to know a little more about my book just click Here to visit a page with some more info.
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