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Contact Guidelines

  • Please keep any crystal questions short and to-the-point. No more than one or two questions please.
  • Please do not send me duplicate messages here and on social media to get my attention.
  • Please do not put a time limit or demands in your emails such as “I need to know this by tomorrow” etc.
  • Please do not contact me trying to sell me crystals or other products, that is spam.
  • Please do not send me medical related questions. This is not how I work with crystals.
  • For any mail subscription or website issues please supply me with all the details I need to answer your question. What file, web page, book or link are you refering to? When did this happen? Also see below:
  • Please be 100% honest with me before contacting me. If I need to look into an issue around email subscriptions or the free ebook, I will see all the details in Mailchimp and know if you are not telling the truth…
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Free Ebook Questions?

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Can You Send Me The Free Ebook?

The free ebook Discover Your Guardian Stone is an exclusive free gift for new subscribers to my newsletter. The only way to get it is through this page, filling in your details CAREFULLY. You will not receive this ebook unless you subscribe.
You must confirm your subscription by checking your emails for the confirmation email. Please note it can take a few hours to receive the email with the free gift link after this. Please double-check all your mail folders/filters and junk mail carefully before contacting me. If you mistyped your email address then the emails and the ebook will never get to you…
Only contact me if you are subscribed and have waited 24 hours after confirming your subscription. You must use the same email address you subscribed with so I can check you are subscribed. I will then check you are subscribed and if so I can send you the ebook.

Downloading File Problems?

Please describe the issue you are having in detail (What, where, when, how…). Be specific and clear as possible giving all the background information you can so I can try to help you. Please see the questions below about the crystal grid templates included with the book Crystal Grids Power.

How do I get the Crystal Grid Templates offered with your book Crystal Grids Power?

If you need to ask me this it tells me that you haven’t read my book… Please read the introduction to my book carefully. The link to download the templates is given later in the book for a reason. I recommend readers read the book in order and do not skip ahead. The book is written like a course. Each chapter is like a lesson containing valuable information you don’t want to miss.
The crystal grids template file is not searchable on my website and hidden from search engines for good reason. The exclusive and secret link in the book needs to be used and typed exactly as shown into the website address bar of your internet browser (NOT a search engine).
Please do not email me asking for it, everything is explained in the book so please read it.

Help, the link to the crystal grid templates is not working?

Pages and websites can go down for a while but before alerting me please make sure you have tried the following. Double-check the link is typed exactly as shown in my book. Make sure your internet browser and computer are up to date. Try another computer or device. Please make sure you are using the link normally and are not doing the following…
Do not enter the link into google or another search engine because that won’t work because the page is hidden from search engines. Just enter the link normally into the website address bar at the top of your browser window. If you don’t know what I mean please see the following visual guide Here. If that still does not work then let me know.

Do you accept guest posts or sponsored posts?

I currently do not accept guest blog posts on my website. This includes paid or sponsored posts. I’m an author and this is my author platform, that’s why the website uses my name. It’s where I share my writing (based on my books) with my readers.
It’s also for showcasing my work. As a place where potential publishers may be looking, it needs to have my writing rather than a mixture of other writers’ work. I hope you can understand.

Do you sell crystals?

No, I do not sell crystals, sorry. Writing and publishing books, blogging and YouTube videos take up most my time these days. I still run a small crystal healing jewellery business on Etsy. Please see the related question below.

Where do you get your crystals from? Where is a good place to buy crystals?

If you want to know where I got my crystals from over the years and the places I recommend and buy from today then please check out this blog post.
If you still need to contact me, please see the instructions below.
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