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Setting Intentions With Crystal Grids (How it works)

Setting Intentions With Crystal Grids (How it works)

Setting Intentions With Crystal Grids (How it works)

Have you tried setting intentions with crystal grids? Learn how can you set intentions with crystals and WHY crystal grids are such a powerful way to amplify your intentions for manifesting and personal growth…

Setting Intentions With Crystals

My whole relationship and experience with crystals completely changed when I began to be intentional with crystals. Firstly, I believe working with crystals is a two-way process and having a goal or direction is very helpful.

This way the crystal knows what you need help with and can start working on it in whatever way it needs to. Intention setting with crystals is sometimes called programming activating.

Setting intentions with crystal grids
Setting intentions with crystal grids
Crystal grid with fluorite, amethyst and clear quartz crystals
Set intentions with Crystal grids
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Crystal grid with Amethyst cluster, amazonite, selenite and rose quartz
Crystal grids remind you of your intention

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    Hello Ethan,
    I never stop being amazed at how you seem to write about what I need to hear. I am glad to have found you and your peaceful, calming energy. Your knowledge is well received.

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