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Bad Reaction To A Crystal? Why & What to do

Bad Reaction To A Crystal? Why & What to do

Bad Reaction To A Crystal? Why & What to do

Can you have a bad reaction to a crystal? What does it mean if you have a bad or negative reaction to a stone? Should you continue using it or is it not right for you?

I occasionally get asked are about these types of experiences. I don’t think they are common experiences in the world of crystal healing, which is why people can be surprised when this happens.
There seems to be little info in books about it or what to do when this happens. Hopefully, this blog post will throw some light on this for you.

bad reaction to a crystal (tumblestones)
You can have a bad reaction to a crystal

Signs of A Bad Reaction To A Crystal

What constitutes a bad reaction to a crystal will vary depending on each person. this is a guide to the most common symptoms I hear reported by someone after either holding or wearing a new crystal.
Please note, there are many other reasons you could experience the following symptoms, which may not be related to the crystal at all. If they persist for some time after the stone is removed it is very unlikely to be the crystal and you may even need to see a doctor.

1. Suddenly feeling nausea

3. Feeling compelled to remove the crystal

4. Discomfort in one of your chakras

5. Sudden headache around the Third Eye

6. Feeling ‘terrible’ for no reason

7. A burning sensation where it touches your skin

8. Feeling very dizzy or ungrounded

9. Nightmares when sleeping with the crystal

10. Feeling sudden negative emotions

11. Feeling a sudden pain in the body

Bad reaction to a crystal?
Bad reaction to a crystal?

So, What Do You Do If You Have A Bad Reaction To A Crystal?

Always listen to your body. I do not recommend you expose yourself to a crystal if it makes you feel bad, unwell or you experience any form of discomfort. Discontinue use immediately until you feel better and know more.
Understanding how crystals relate to your chakras is a foundation to working safely and effectively with crystals. Click the pic to learn more…

3 Reasons Why You Might Have A Bad Reaction To A Crystal:

1. The Crystal Contained Some Negative Energy

It is easy to forget that when you handle a crystal in a shop or one that you bought online, it’s very unlikely that it has been cleansed recently if ever. Crystals are sensitive tools and pick things up along the trade route, postal system or in shops from customers.
There may be nothing wrong with the type of crystal, it might just need cleansing. Always cleanse anything you buy before use.

TIP: When handling crystals in a crystal shop, try to avoid placing the crystal into one of your Major Chakras.

Chakra chart

I am still hearing from people when I ask about their bad reaction to a crystal, that tell me they haven’t cleansed their crystals. Sometimes they say that someone on the internet said they don’t have to…
Please use discernment online. There are people on the internet that will tell you that you don’t ever need to take a shower or eat any food. Despite what Caitlyn on Youtube tells you after using crystals for 2 weeks, always cleanse your crystals, especially when they are new.
Energetic cleansing is a fundamental part of working with crystals and helps avoid absorbing other peoples negativity. Please see my Guide to Cleansing Crystals if you’re new to this.

Palo Santo and incense sticks
You can cleanse crystals with sustainably sourced Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Sage or other methods

2. The Crystal Did Some Deep Healing Work

Spiritual healing, just like physical healing is not always comfortable. Occasionally a crystal will trigger a detoxification process which brings up negative energies or emotions so that they can be released. You can experience these types of reactions to all kinds of alternative therapies, though this is not normal.
If this is the reason for the bad reaction to a crystal, it could be a blessing in disguise. Saying this, I still do not recommend spending too much time with a crystal that is so strong for you. Discontinue use for now.
You may not want to experience deep healing right now or bring up an emotional wound from your past (and that’s okay). You might prefer to work with something more gentle over a longer period of time.

Amethyst crystal point
Amethyst may cause sharp pains or a headache when placed on the Third Eye Chakra. Stop and limit healing times if you’re uncomfortable.

3. The Crystal Is Not Compatible With Your Energy

I left this one until last as this is the most common conclusion people assume is the reason they have had a bad reaction to a crystal. Normally when a crystal is not right for you, (at this time in your life) you won’t feel drawn to it. Or, you try it for a while and it does not seem to help you.
In very unusual cases, you might get a strong negative reaction from a crystal that is not right for you. It is like your body is repelling you from working with that crystal. It could simply be that the crystal is too strong for you or clashes with your energy.
Everyone is different, regardless of what I or other sources recommend, you must consider your experience with a crystal. There may be better options available to you, try other stones with similar properties and see how you feel with them.

Moldavite is well known for being a very powerful stone and one that some people have bad reactions to. Always go slowly when trying new stones and don’t force things.

How Do You Know What The Reason Is?

Only you will know if the crystal was cleansed before use if it was your own. If this is the case, give the crystal a good cleanse and then try it again the following day and see if you feel any different. If you still have a bad reaction then consider the other two possibilities.
For the other two reasons explored above, think about the properties of the crystal. Does it have cleansing, healing or detoxifying properties? Is the stone known to help heal or release emotional pain, karma or trauma from the past? Does this make sense to your life?
If you’re a very intuitive or psychic person you should tap into this and see what your spirit tells you about this experience. You may want to meditate on it for answers, but only when you are feeling more relaxed and not in any fear.

bad reaction to a crystal - Different crystals in a chest
Green, blue-green and pink crystals often heal the emotions

Testing Your Crystals

With incompatible stones, technically you would get a similar reaction every time you held or wore the crystal or any stone of the same mineral. You should cleanse your crystal straight after you have had any bad reaction. Give the crystal a break and try it again at a later date (when you feel ready) and see if you feel the same.

Adjusting To The Energy of Your New Crystals

I think it is better to take your time to adjust to the energy of any new crystals. Especially if you know they have a reputation for being quite strong (Like Moldavite) or they are considered to be a ‘high vibration’ stone.
You can spend short periods of time daily with a new crystal and build up to carrying or wearing it all day if needed. As always, if you feel unwell or discomfort, just stop. For more about this topic please see my guide to What To Do With New Crystals.
Have you ever had a bad reaction to a crystal? Please share your experience with us in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,

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155 thoughts on “Bad Reaction To A Crystal? Why & What to do

  1. Tamara Rizea

    I have at least two “simptoms” when I wear shungite. I will give it a deeper cleans, or start wearing it for a short period of time. Especially that the crystal is so useful. Thank you Ethan for the post.

    1. Nicola

      I am aware that I’m having negative energy projected to me, so last night, I worked with the HEMATITE. It was cleansed. I Meditated and it showed two people I know talking negatively about me.
      Today I feel sick. My tummy is making loud noises, now feel so cold I have goose bumps!
      I did a longer meditation after to gain some guidance , a life changing choice I’m making. It was beautiful, so I’m not sure why I feel so ill. I also have a headache. What did I do wrong?

      1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

        It’s hard to say as that can also be a symptom of psychic attack which started before you tried your crystal. You could also try other crystals, everyone is different and some will always work better for one person than for another.

    2. Cherry

      Tamara, Shungite is powerful stuff. You can probably get nicely used to it, but it’s advisable to start out with short periods of exposure and work up slowly.

      Love and Light.

  2. Iren

    The only time I’ve had a strong reaction to a crystal, it was when I placed big Amethyst cluster bed near my bed. I was having a nightmare, it was before I’ve read Ethan’s commendation not to use Amethyst this way… When I was buying this crystal, I so drawn to it, I couln’t leave without it. I’m still sure, this is a right crystal for me. I have to say, Ethan’s books and posts are priceless.

          1. Monica Maia

            I meditated with an amethyst on my third eye for the first time yesterday and that area really started to hurt. Shouldn’t I use it anymore?

          2. Sam Hartridge

            Hi Monica

            Meditating with crystals can make an area “hurt” or feel strange, that can happen when the chakra is opening up / balancing / activating / healing the area. In my opinion, meditating with your Amethyst is absolutely fine, but you may need to limit your time with it initially and build up. But please remember, not everyone gets on with every crystal – I don’t like Black Obsidian, so go with your gut instinct. Try again and if you keep having the same reaction put it aside for a while and try again in a few months time.

            I have learnt that there is a time when a crystal will work with me – which means I need their direct energy and healing attributes and a time when they won’t – when I don’t need their direct energy and I leave them to do their “thing” gently in the background – your amethyst could be telling you that now is not the time.

            Love, light and blessings to you

  3. Angelina Lotus

    I have a one room apt.So I have all my crystals in the same room and I have many. Most are at my dresser at the end of my bed.There is 2 meters or so between the end of my bed and the dresser.I also have bedside tables with crystals and stones on on each side of the bed. One side, next to my head.I have large crystal points,ametyst and all kinds of crystals.

    I do not have nightmares .The only things that is to much for me is if I have a group of clear quartz standing on the beside table next to my head.

    Blessings and crystal love to you all.

  4. Debbie T

    I’ve had a few bad reactions to certain stones (after cleansing). The first, K2 stone – made me feel extremely ungrounded and out-of-it. A similar experience, I had with Preseli Bluestone – can’t bear to touch it! The biggest reaction was to Moldavite. When I first held it, my ears buzzed very loudly. I slept with it under my pillow, and woke up to seeing a bright flash of light and a loud noise. In fact, I believe that Moldavite set up a few negative experiences in my life, over a few months. I ended up burying it at the end of the garden!!

  5. Shannon

    I work with a lot of high vibration crystals and have had bad reactions to a few. Celestite, Nuumite, Tiger Iron, Creedite and cactus/spirit quartz are the crystals that I had to work up to using, because the physical reactions were so strong. For Celestite, Nuumite and Tiger Iron, the reaction manifested as a tightness in my chest. Creedite (which to be fair, was spiky all over like a cactus/spirit quartz) gave me severe headaches for a few days after I bought it, even from another room. I only got relief after closing the door to the room that it was in. And cactus quartz had such an overwhelming energy I couldn’t be in the same room with it for about three days. I have found that if I sit the crystals on selenite to clear them, their energy is less aggressive after a few days. And now that I have adjusted to their vibrations, I can work with any of them daily, if I want to.

    I have heard that a bad reaction from any crystal corresponds to a chakra issue to be worked on, and that by placing the crystal on that chakra you can help alleviate the bad reaction. I am still experimenting with that.

    Funnily enough, I don’t remember Moldavite being one of the crystals that set me off, even though I was prepared for that to happen.

  6. Julia Flint

    The worst experiences I’ve had are with amethyst. I’ve sensed every single one of the symptoms, Ethan described above. I have tried numerous times with different specimens – tumbled and jewelry.
    Black obsidian is another stone I’ve had difficult times with, as well as with the so called rainbow moonstone (labradorite in white matrix) – having nightmares, experiencing anger outbursts.
    Ethan, this post saved my life and faith 😀 You gave me a good piece of advise how to give them another try.
    Thank you!
    P.S. If you can add any piece of advice on using the rainbow moonstone, it would be of immense help.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I have had a very bad nightmare with Rainbow Moonstone so I don’t sleep with it but can use it throughout the day. Traditional or common Moonstone is gentler, you could stick to that or combine with Black Tourmaline or other grounding stone.

    2. gels1

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Rainbow Moonstone – I’ve been researching my bad reaction to it, and all I’ve come across is how wonderful and peaceful and healing it’s supposed to be! I was feeling crazy because even after cleansing several different ways (full moon, running stream, white sage smoke), I was still getting these weird ringing aches below my ears that wrapped around the back of my neck and under my chin. I even put the stone away for a whole year while working with other crystals, figured I’d give it another try, and still had the same reaction. This one is just NOT for me!

      1. Cherry

        It might help to understand exactly what Rainbow Moonstone is. ‘Normal’ Moonstone is Moonstone, plain and simple; but Rainbow Moonstone – and Blue Moonstone – are actually Labradorite with a white matrix instead of grey/green/brown. That could be the reason you’re having problems with it, especially at night: like ‘normal’ Labradorite, it’s a powerful psychic booster.

  7. Julia

    One time some men give me a very little piece of moldavita, I felt like very nervous with it so i put in the dumpster then a week later i went to buy one because I felt like she was calling me and I felt the same.
    Then I said you call me so I am wearing you and now I feel nothing,Ethan is this good or bad

  8. Andrew

    I bought a Hematite polished tumblestone online back in March with a few others as I was just starting out. It looked nice, quite heavy. However from the moment I held it I wasn’t sure about it. So I smudged it along with the others and left it out in the full moon. I spent time with it but always got a negative vibe and if I took it outside I would have a bad day. So much so that I put it in one of my indoor plant pots and haven’t been able to bring myself to look at it or hold it since. I’ve since had a bit of an emotional meltdown. Not sure if it’s that. But certainly since it entered my home my negative outlook has worsened. It may simply be a concidence. Along with the fact that the plant in the plant pot I put it in is pretty much dead now. I want to remove it, but for some reason I am worried by doing that, more negativity will come my way. Any ideas on what I should do with it? I know it’s not the one for me but not sure whether I should pass it on, pop to the shop and leave it there, throw it out with the plant pot? I don’t have a garden to bury it in and even then I wouldn’t want to be near it or pass it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I think you must be careful you don’t get fearful over the stone. If the plant has died then you might want to put it into a bin bag and throw it out. I wouldn’t normally suggest this but as it is buried and you don’t want to touch it this is all I can think of. Afterwards do a good house clearing and try to get on with your life.

    2. Sonal

      I have had a very bad experience with azurite malachite. I cldnt connect with it and slowly all of my three pets started to fall sick. My beagle had strange scratch marks on her face tht never happened before, my tibby developed severe fungal infection and my neww pup cocker Spaniel remained very thin with stomach infection.

      1. Iren

        Sometimes pets and even plants protect us, so they take what suppose to affect us on themselves, maybe that was a case. And maybe it was something wrong with the stone itself, not because this is the azurite malachite, but something just happened to this stone….? Have you cleansed it before using it?

  9. Sheila

    It’s only happened to me once. I had a bad reaction to a black jet pendant with a dragon on it. I cleansed it in the sunlight before wearing it. When I put it on I felt an overwhelming heaviness. I’m not sure if it was caused by the stone or the dragon energy. Maybe the sunlight cleanse added additional fire energy to the dragon energy. Also, my sun sign is Cancer (a water sign), so you know, fire and water etc. Lol!

  10. Victoria Davis

    I saw a ring with five amethyst set in it. When I was looking at it in the display case something grabbed my arm and made it burn. I heard the words “that is mine” very clearly. When I picked up a amethyst candle holder I felt a chocking sensation. I put it down and found out that they would go search abandoned houses and loot them for stuff. Pleas be careful of where you get your items, as they might have an angry spirit attached to them.

  11. Trish

    I’ve had very interesting experiences with the crystal Elders. When I first started on this journey, I was introduced to a woman that owned a crystal shop. She had one room with about 10 flats of all clear quartz crystals in various sizes and types. I couldn’t be in the room with the crystals because every time I did….I got a severe migraine that would end a few minutes after I left the shop. Too much “high voltage” energy for me at the time. Now, I have a few dozen pieces of quartz and their energy is awesome.
    The worst “reaction” I ever had was with a large smokey/clear quartz combo that had an enhydro. It is a beautiful Elder that I purchased from a collector I had purchased from many times before. He always packed his boxes with white sage leaves. When I held it after it had arrived….just pulled it out of the shipping box to look at it….I felt a very strong “pain”, like a deep hurt from the Elder. I put it outside in the sun for a few days. I know, sunlight is “bad” for crystals (fading, etc), but it was at the full moon, and I was not going to resist the calling of where I was to put it and for how long. It also didn’t get full sun all day. After a couple of days outside, I brought it back in the house and sat with it. I still felt a deep hurt coming from it when I held it. I sat with it for a few minutes a day sending it messages of love and peace, that it was safe, honored and wanted. It took a few months, and when the Elder was ready, it gave me a flash of images. It had been taken without honor or respect or given an offering, and it was not asked if it could be taken from its home. It was unceremoniously stripped from it’s home and family very rudely and painfully. The Elder and I have been able to work together peacefully since then.

    1. Cherry

      I had a similar issue with a small Golden Quartz cluster I bought online last year. Even through a digital photo, I felt its energy tugging at me to buy it, and since it was very reasonably priced and I’d been on the lookout for one of those, I did.

      It was absolutely miserable when I received it: if it had been a human being I would have diagnosed depression, it was that bad. I’m a crystal whisperer with a knack for helping distressed crystals, so I immediately asked for help to understand the problem.

      Turned out the poor thing had been taken from its birthplace without its consent, and it had been less than happy for that to be done. It had been sent a long way away, to North Wales, then to Merseyside from where I got it, all without so much as by your leave. I guess it’s like me, a homebody. It was utterly miserable.

      The amazing thing about this one was, it was actually born only a mile away from my home. When it realised – mainly because I physically showed it, allowing it to see through my eyes – that it was back where it wished to be, it lost the depressed outlook and became an extremely helpful and harmonious “close personal” which stays with me no matter where I go.

  12. Sam

    I remember purchasing a Black Obsidian, along with others, from an online shop that is actually one of Ethan’s preferred suppliers, which was calling to me, but the moment that I held it I took an instant dislike to it, but I also knew that I was to keep it. I left it sitting in my pot of daily crystals to do it’s thing for over 2 years. Occasionally I would pick it up to see if it was time to use it, but always had the same feeling.

    One day I was getting ready to meet a friend of mine that has an affinity with Black Obsidian and whilst choosing which crystals I was to use that day, it literally jumped out of the bowl onto the carpet and I knew that I was to give it to my friend that day. I cleansed and programmed the crystal to work with him and he connected with it immediately and now has it with him daily.

    Crystals come into our lives that are not always for us, but are for us to give to others that we know or meet (I have had this happen to me so many times) and they also come into our lives as they are the right crystal for us, but it may not be the time for us to use them. Just leave them in the background to do what they need to do. You will know when it is the right time to work with it.

    Crystal blessings to all.

  13. pg

    When I was quite a bit younger (late teenager, maybe early 20s), stones sometimes could seem too intense for me to want to handle. This was before I had learned anything about crystals, and I wonder if it was more of a psychometric response than a response to the crystals’ energies.

    One of my friends gave me a big cluster of clear quartz when I was maybe 18. My instinctive response was to bury it under a tree. I remember also handling earrings with a stone that I think could have been chrysocolla and feeling uncomfortable. Lapis, or lapis in jewelry, has been somehow uncomfortable at times. I feel like with lapis (when this has happened) and the stone that might have been chrysocolla (was a deep / dark blue-green), there was sort of a harsh feel. It may only be because I now know that lapis is associated with the third eye, but i feel like it was a sense of discomfort ‘in my head’ somehow. Not a headache, but just a bit of a harsh feel that is hard to explain, didn’t feel so good. Again, the psychometric side of things could make sense, especially for stones that are in jewelry perhaps?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Yes, quite possible, which is why I recommend cleansing new crystals of old vibrations. Also if you use my method for consecration of crystals it will be even more effective and stops your crystal from being reconnected to anyone who feels attached to your stone.

  14. Jack Whelan

    Thank you for your excellent blog! This is an interesting topic. Personally, I don’t think of crystals as ever being negative. To me it’s simply that the crystal and I are not yet energetically/vibrational aligned. I have found myself very attracted to celestite, moldavite, labradorite, and obsidian, but have had to put them away due to them causing me to become dizzy or lightheaded, and unable to focus. This only happens if I am acquiring a new stone. I put them away when this happens, but I also ask myself some questions about why I may have had such a strong reaction. Have I done what I can to align and balance my chakras? Am I properly grounded? Have I cleared and programmed the crystals I am using? I then go to some of my favorites that have helped with my chakras and grounding. After clearing and balancing myself and the stone I can usually try again in a few days or a week or so. In all cases, I have been able to eventually align my energy with the crystal, and they have become some of my favorites.

  15. Monicakrista Andersen

    I Bought an Iolite also known as a water safire.
    I gave me a strong headache right beside my 3. eye
    I was taken by surprise but it balanced and clenced
    out so quickly and I felt realy big discomfort . so I jus put it away
    and used for shorter periods of time and the problem disapired .

    1. Cherry

      I also bought an Iolite, a pear faceted pendant, 20 years ago. For a long time I couldn’t wear it; it made me dizzy and headachy, and although I am, without wishing to brag, a skilled and experienced crystal whisperer, I couldn’t get a word out of it. That normally only happens if the stone is wrong for me. But I sensed I should persist, wait, and not move it on.

      A lot of time has gone by, but now, the Iolite is working like a dream. I even sleep with it on occasionally, and it seems very effective at soothing me and preventing nightmares. Funnily enough, it’s calling to me to be worn as I write!

      You’ll probably find it’s just matter of it and you getting used to each other. Don’t give up: Iolite is wonderful stuff!

      Love and Light.

  16. Tracy J Redhead

    I repeatedly had a bad reaction to a Malachite pendant which belonged to my mother. I wanted to wear it, but every time I considered this while holding the pendant I felt nausea, repulsion, and what I can only describe as a feeling of “extreme dislike” towards the stone. It always puzzled me, but the feeling towards this particular stone never changed, so I eventually gave it away. Reading this blogpost reminded me of this experience, and as I thought about it, I had a revelation. I own another piece of malachite (not a jewelry piece), which I keep in a set of chakra stones, and don’t have the same reaction to that. My feeling is very neutral towards it. Without checking, I now seem to recall that Malachite is good for absorbing negative emotions/energies/illnesses? I’m now thinking this particular piece (the pendant) had perhaps absorbed some bad “stuff” which I was very sensitive to, so it was the individual piece and not malachite in general. My poor mother died a very painful death from colon cancer, so I think this piece of Malachite held some very negative physical and emotional associations for me. Thank you Ethan, for triggering this understanding for me!

  17. Shonda Schoepke

    I have had several exposures to Himalayan salt rocks/crystals. I can walk into a store, come within 15feet of this type crystal/rock and get a burning feeling in my right hand. If I put the rock in my hand, I will get a visible 1st degree thermal burn. It will shoot pain up my arm causing me to drop the crystal. This is the only crystal, so far, that I have this sort of reaction to. I have stayed away from this type of crystal for this reason. I have tried halite & selenite without any problems. Suggestions appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Cherry

      Shonda, something is warning you off this kind of crystal. Such a violent reaction to it means one of two things: either there’s a basic incompatibility there, like trying to use an Android app on an iPhone, or the energy exchange is so powerful that you can’t cope with it in your current position.

      This is pretty rare, but can happen. I’ve never in 33 years had a thermal burn from a crystal, but I have a very, very special Clear Quartz which only works with me; it electrically shocks anyone else who touches it! My mother, grandmother, husband and best friend (a qualified Reiki healer) have all been shocked by it. Strange. The only thing I know that explains it, is that this crystal is bonded to my soul and has come back to me in this life after working together in the last.

      Love and Light

  18. Patty

    Hi Ethan, I agree with what you have written about Negative Energy with Crystals. I have a granddaughter than can see people that have past since she was 3 yrs old. However she started to become afraid on then. I had my some get 4 crystal, cleanse them and place them around the apartment. They worked great. From time to time they would stop working and she would get visited. So I have thought her how to cleanse, energize them and pace them back around the house. Anytime she starts to fell off, she takes can of her stones. Why I tell you this story is that when the stones where bought, my son did not follow my instruction and things went from bad to worse for her. I have to remind them all the time to CLEANSE any stone they bring into the house to remove anyone else’s energy on the stones. Thank you for making that the first thing on your it’s of thing you should do. Good luck everyone with your current and future stone purchase.

  19. Cal Turton

    I was in the midst of a very dark emotional time but tried to just shove through it. It involved people I was very close to. Visited a crystal healing show in matlock and chatted to one of the stall holders. Took me to a seat and saged a crystal then handed it me in a silk cloth. I felt a tremendous gushing sensation in my sacral chaka and had a weird bout of crying. She then showed me I was holding stilbite which is often found with appopholite. She assured me it was very gud at chucking ’emotional sludge’ out which marryied with the way Id been feeling. After a couple of hours I felt like a clear spring stream. I avoided stilbite for quite a while but then began to be drawn to it again.I now have quite a few pieces and really feel its my go to stone to clear dark or unhealthy emotions. Works like a charm! I also adore labradorite and wear it in jewellry,carry crystals.thumb stones and chunks all over my space but my daughter since being quite young has struggled with it saying it makes her feel emotionally heavy. Shes older and wiser now but still treats lab with great respect. Lol. Have you had any experience of stilbite Ethan? In any form?
    Love your writings and have all your books. Your advice is always honest and I feel trustworthy.
    Crystal Carma to you. Cal.

  20. Jacque Cann

    I haven’t had any negative reactions myself. However, I have a very good friend who cannot stand quartz crystal. Every time he picks up or holds a piece of regular clear quartz, he says that it feels like it is burning his skin (heat, not chemical). He had recently been to a metaphysical fair or store and was looking at crystals there and told me about it. Even a pendant that I had been wearing that day (and recently cleansed) gave him this same reaction. We tried aqua aura & smokey quartz, and both provided the same reaction – just not as severe. We tried other crystals in my collection, and he had negative reactions to most of them. However, I can’t remember which ones or his reactions off-hand. (It has been several years since we tried this.) I think that we concluded that crystal energy just isn’t meant to be in his “wheel-house”. 🙂

  21. crystal

    hi ethan,
    when i got my moldavite after cleansing it the first i picked it up to wire wrap it & had an odd sensation, not what i would call bad so much as intense ugh. later when i picked it up again to wrap it i got the same thing, so i blew off the idea of wearing it & we get along fine now. i guess it just doesn’t want to be worn or wrapped. lol

    i have a off topic question for you. in the pic of your new book advertised in the email is that dragon made of fire quartz? if so who did you buy it from if an online source. sure is pretty whatever it is

      1. crystal

        oh my lucky u! i love that stuff, been collecting it like a wild woman. lol well i think i finally got enough of it cuz i’m actually looking at other stones again. 😀

    1. Cherry

      I got a Watermelon Tourmaline pendant – one of my best friends in the crystal realm – in 1990. It was fine for 10 years; then in the year 2000 it repeatedly got free from its setting and would use its powers to break the grip of any glue my husband and I tried to re-set it with. It got to the point where I was scared to wear it out of doors in case it parted company with me! I sat down with it and asked why it was doing that. It answered that as much as it loved me, it didn’t want to be a pendant.

      I respected its wishes; it remained a loose crystal until last year when I got my Ankylosing Spondylitis diagnosis, whereupon it told me it changed its mind and wanted to be worn again because it knew it could help. I re-set it, and thus far (touch wood) it hasn’t broken free even once. That isn’t the only time it’s happened either: I’ve bought several pendants and ended up taking them apart because the crystal in question was unhappy.

  22. Jane Stanton

    Hi, great article, I was in a store and picked up a tecktite. I started to fall with a force that felt like I was jolted backwards and I went dizzy, it was very powerful. I put it back and tried a couple of times more. But had the same reaction each time. I really feel I would have fallen down having lost my balance if I had held it longer…. Also one time I made a large grid out of lots of different crystals, I didn’t know what I was doing really, just that it looked pretty. I closed the door and came back later. The energy in the room changed to an uncomfortable feeling giving me a headake instantly and my friend almost passed out and felt like she was leaving her body. It was alarming to say the least.

  23. Stephanie

    I just recently sat with two quartz and a rough chunk of selenite, intending to cleanse my aura and lift my vibrations to attempt to connect with spirit guides. Both quartzes I’ve had for years and have regularly cleansed with tingsha bells and white light. On this occasion though I had a sudden feeling of being unbalanced after finishing the visualisation, emotionally ‘wobbly’ (tearful, depressed, not like me at all) and a strong desire to remove one of the quartz far away from me (it’s on a necklace).
    The feelings lifted after an hour and I felt back to normal. I also felt I should run the quartzes under the tap and bless with white light. After reading here I’ve decided to let them both have a break from me. They are now on a selenite slab for a ‘rest.’ Not sure what happened there. Did I have a healing crisis of suppressed emotion? I felt exhausted afterwards, nothing like the calm and peace I usually feel after a meditation session with quartz, especially as these are ‘old friends’ I’ve had ages. Puzzling.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Stephanie,

      I think you’re right, and your Quartz and Selenite have healed you of something. I’d hazard a guess it was something you weren’t even aware of.

      Your sense to let the crystals rest is spot on: if the healing affected you that way, then they’ve done a lot of work and will need a vacation! If you’re worried about when they should be returned to use, don’t be: they’ve advised you when they need to rest, they’ll let you know when they’re ready to help again.

      Love and Light.

  24. Kuro

    My black onyx and mahogany obsidian both have heavy negative energy coming off them and yes I cleared them to make sure…I bought both online…I wanted to have simple protection for my health…what I received was the opposite and I dont’ understand this experience…they even clash with my other crystals, I felt my own as if it was in great pain crying out when I placed it near them…I’m in shock and dont know what to think about this or what to do. Such heavy energy is very confusing..most heavy is the protective black onyx which surprises me greatly. Why would this happen?

    1. Cherry

      Kuro, it could be that your Obsidian and Black Onyx were abused by someone they encountered in the past. That’s the only likely reason I can think of for your experiences.

      Unfortunately (if I’m right), it takes a crystal healer – not the usual kind but the kind who can heal the crystals instead – to sort this out. I’m one, but I have never heard of another (though I suspect more exist, if perhaps they’re unaware of what they can do). It’s uncommon to meet a traumatised crystal – I’ve met three in 33 years – and healing them is far from easy; it takes time, empathy and love.

  25. Amy

    My 10 year old brother is seems to react funny to rose quartz, he does not have these symptoms, but becomes hyperactive. Its happen two days in a row and exactly when he starts fiddling with it and it scares my older sister, who is new to the wicca practice, do you have any advice? I’m not sure if this is a funny reaction caused by the rose quartz, but it makes him uncomfortable as he is constantly apologizing for his actions.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      People can react differently to different crystals. If you or someone else does not like how they feel or behave with a certain crystal they can stop using it and try other crystals. It’s always your choice.

  26. Rosemary Naylor

    I’ve recently bought a fan shaped black kyanite pendant and have been wearing it a an hr or so on some days. I decided to sleep with it on lastnt. I woke just after dawn with left sided chest pain, a strong ache and noted the pendant was touching the area of pain. I took it off and the pain gradually receded. The strong pain ebbed as soon as I took it off. I put it at a distance from my bed and went back to sleep for another hour or so. Has anyone any ideas of why this happened. I thought this stone was good for the chakras

    1. Cherry

      Rosemary, when a crystal causes physical pain it’s trying to say, “Please don’t do that to me.” Palmstones can trigger pain in the hand and wrist if you grip them too tightly; the message in this case would be, “Please don’t hold me so tightly!”

      I suggest you continue to wear it, but only in the daytime.

      Love and Light.

    1. Rosemary Naylor

      Hi Iren no I didn’t, but I have now, have cleared and cleansed all my stones and crystals, but I won’t be wearing any pendant to sleep now. Was very scary

  27. Debbie T

    Same as above. Also, I would say you had it on you for too long. I only use mine to ‘comb ‘ my aura, so holding it for a short amount of time. I don’t think I would choose to carry or wear it for longer than an hour at a time; it feels a little too intense. Might be different for you, though.

  28. Rosemary Naylor

    Hi Debbie I certainly agree now, I didn’t realise how powerful crystals can be because of their vibration. I’ve been researching more on the subject

  29. Sally Stapley

    I can’t seem to use lepidolite. It seems to make me anxious for some reason which I think is the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. (And an opal ring I used to wear all the time finally burnt me!)

  30. Pacodad

    White calcite–was very excited to find it. I didn’t know it came in that color and form. I like other colors of calcite, esp a sea foam green, blue, and orange. I kept trying to carry it with me during the day but each time I felt distanced, a bit nauseous, certainly didn’t find comfort in holding it. Only other stone I keep looking at, thinking I want to have as part of my collection is lepidolite. Just does not connect in real life with me. I benefit from amethyst though. Dravite, almost any ocean jasper, diopside, all kyanites, opal. Chrysoprase is really, really a draw. I’ve been carrying a clear quartz small tower with several phantoms….powerful. Just makes sense to me that if some connect, draw in ways that are good, not all have the same almost lock and key relationship.

  31. ML

    Hi, thanks for sharing such a good article. I am new to crystal and just started with some common small tumbled like amethyst, red jasper, green aventurine, sodalite, florite, onyx, rose, clear quarts and others. I feel good and love them when I bought these in my local shop. I did cleansed and charged them under moonlight before I start using them. All are well but I find that I could not bear with some of the crystal for long exposure like more than 4-5 hours. I normally place 2-3 crystals on my working desk in the morning and I feel the good energy – calm and focus. But after few hours I start to feel tired and a bit nausea, when I look at the crystal, I could feel the ‘tire’ energy from them. Once I keep them away and the ‘tire’ feeling’ is gone. This is specially obvious with red jasper. I cleanse them every time I’ve used . My questions are, will the crystals feel ‘tire’ if they’ve worked too long, hence they are also giving out the tire energy? is size affecting how long the crystal could work?

    1. Cherry

      @ML, no, size has no connection to power.

      It sounds to me like your crystals are picking up a lot of negative energy in your workplace and are holding onto it to stop it from reaching you, which is giving them the crystal equivalent of a dose of fatigue! I’d keep them away from your work desk and see what happens.

      Love and Light.

  32. Sandy

    I am highly sensitive to energies and highly positive myself. I recently had an amazing response to a rose quartz and amethyst (bracelets) almost immediately. I wanted to give tha black obsidian a chance the next day, but hours after wearing it I literally couldn’t keep my balance to the point where I alnost had some one pick me up to avoid driving. I didn’t cleanse it but the interesting part was that I had a very weary feeling before I put it on (necklace). I took it off the same day and took a little extra to reground that night. I still hold respect for it despite the incompatibility.

    1. Cherry

      Sandy, I don’t think that’s incompatibility. I think you and the Obsidian just need to get used to one another.

      Try wearing it for short periods at a time at first, and don’t combine it with any other grounding crystals i.e. Smoky Quartz, Jasper, Black Tourmaline.

  33. Alegria

    Yes I had a strong negative reaction today. I was wearing purple flourite on a leather string around my neck – ie close to heart and throat chakras – and experienced a lump in my throat, feeling of depression and draining energy and sudden urge to remove it. I had felt the need to remove this necklace once before but the contrast was not as pronounced as this time. After removing it I started to feel better even after only 5 mins, then progressively lighter and more energized after each while until about 30 mins later feeling as good as I did on rising in the morning before I put it on. I wore it for a few hours in the morning. I’ve had it for a while and wore it through some very dark and blocked times before stopping wearing it. I have not cleansed it since wearing it last time and never properly did so even though sometimes I wore it continuously day and night. Will read up on that now and begin a practice of cleansing from now on.

  34. Melody

    I used amethyst for the first time. Skeptically, wondering if there was any real healing powers.
    I’ve never used any stone before. I wore a 1.5″ heart against my skin, circulating it in different areas. I wore it for 2.5 days. I think it helped me feel happy at first, I was really stressed out when I got it out, and was able to have a good evening. Day 2 I cried a few times (unusual but going through a hard time so didnt think much of it. ) But woke up later at night, felling hung over, room was spinning, very thirsty. Immediately felt need to remove the stone, put it on the night stand. Felling very sick this morning. Room is rocking, dizzy, vomited, and light headed. I think it was the stone! No one else is sick. Confused. (Didn’t know about cleansing or short trials) Reluctant to continue to use or try others.

      1. Cherry

        It also sounds like food poisoning, a virus – I had something similar a couple ofonths ago but it definitely wasn’t down to my crystals, because they were the same ones I always keep close – or possibly some kind of food/additive allergy.

        @Melody, did anyone you encountered seem unwell in the previous few days? Did you eat out or get a takeaway in the previous day or so before the events you describe? Did you eat anything in that time, source notwithstanding, which you’ve never eaten before?

        It’s a good idea to eliminate these kinds of things before blaming the Amethyst.

        Love and Light.

  35. Iren

    Amethyst is a beautiful, highly beneficial and powerful crystal, surprisingly, pretty much every author of books about crystals recommends Amethyst as a bedtime crystal, and I’ve had bad experience with having a fairly big size Amethyst cluster next to my bed. It was before I’ve read Ethan’s book. I have all 3 of them! What a treat! I’d always rely on Ethan’s knowledge and recommendations working with crystals… At the day time I enjoy wonderful sensation wearing my Amethyst jewelry:)

    1. Cherry

      @Iren, Ethan is indeed one of the best. I’m constantly impressed not only with his knowledge (and I’ve been doing this longer than he has), but with his straightforward honesty and the plain and simple language he uses to explain concepts. He deserves more plaudits than he’s received, that’s for sure.

      As for Amethyst, the simple fact is that everyone has one or more crystals they simply aren’t compatible with. Amethyst is exceptionally beneficial provided you can work with it, but if you can’t, it will – inadvertantly – cause problems. Even some of those who do work well with it, often find it energetic enough to disturb their sleep or cause vivid dreams. Like Ethan says, everyone experiences these things differently.

  36. Rachel Hutchinson

    I wore a recently purchased Moonstone necklace.
    I must add that I have been mentally and emotionally abused by my now ex boyfriend and other people I have no choice but to interact with.
    I slept with the Moonstone on last night and had intense and disturbing dreaming. Dreams within dreams in which I was trapped.
    I am wondering if the Moonstone is bad for me or is releasing negativity.
    I am extremely intuitive. Might the Moonstone not be the right stone for me?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Sorry to hear that. Moonstone stimulates dreams and the subconscious mind, it is not something I would recommend for a peaceful sleep… You can use it occasionally if you want to have more dreams and do dream work. As for if it is right for you or healing, that is something you yourself will have to decide. You got the message I believe.

  37. Kim masden

    I recently started wearing labradorite earrings and have been feeling extremely drained. I’m not sure if it’s the labradorite or if I am absorbing emotions around me? I thought labradorite helps prevent energy leakage.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Kim,

      It does. It also does something else: it activates and/or boosts psychic abilities.

      The symptoms you describe match very well with your psychic powers opening up. I was so exhausted when mine awoke, my parents thought I got CFS! It really sounds to me as if your earrings are awakening yours.

      Have you noticed any shadows where there shouldn’t be any, sounds no-one else can hear, lights no-one else can see? Have you found yourself knowing something you couldn’t possibly know, yet you check it out and your knowledge turns out to be exactly right? These are all signs of awakening psychic power. Your perceptions are changing, and it is unquestionably draining. I recommend you look after yourself: eat a balanced diet, exercise as much as possible given your energy levels, and wait. It will pass.

      Of course, Ethan’s recommendation to cleanse the stones is excellent advice. You can’t cleanse your crystals too often, and they’ll thank you for it.

      Love and Light.

  38. Laura

    Hello, I’m still relatively new to crystals.
    About a month ago I bought a piece of aquamarine with a large, prominent rainbow inclusion in it, and I wore it for the first time all last week, and the rainbow has completely disappeared? Any thoughts?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      People report similar things to me, though it is not a common thing. My view on this is that the crystal has actually helped you cleanse or heal something on a deep level which will help you change and grow as a person. This usually happens when we are going through big life changes.

  39. pilot ray

    Years ago … i took my parapilegic wife, in wheel chair, to the Monroe Institute in Virgina for a mind focus class (1 week Gateway Voyage class). One focus session had us go in to the field at dusk at the top of Roberts Mountain to walk around and meditate. In the center of the open field was one of the largest quartz crystals that was mined in brazil and donated to the institute. I pushed my wife around in wheelchair for 15 mins – she kept asking me to push her over to the crystal – so I finally did and she asked to life th wheelchair with her ont the base around the crystal so she could touch it. I did and she leaned forwad in the wheelchair and placed both hands on the face of the crystal and tilted her head back and began screaming at the top of her lungs and would not stop. everyone in the field were snapping pictures with their cameras. I pulled my wife off the crystal and pushed her away and asked her why she screamed – she did not lnow or remember doing it. Before we returned inside the building she asked to touch it again – we did and she began screaming again. We were the last to go inside to discuss out ‘meditation’ and the staff and about 25 students were clapping – they pointed to the pictures from many cameras. They said do we see the red dots in thepictures over ourt heads. I said yesa -bad film – they said not on a dozen cameras. They said they were orbs (spirits) flying over us. I asked why was she screaming ? were they evil spirits from people that died or doing OBE’s ?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      That is very interesting, thanks for sharing it here. I have not heard anything quite like that before. I would say that if these were negative entities I would have expected your wife to be quite scared after and want to avoid the crystal. It is hard to know what it was, maybe she was releasing something?

  40. Iren

    I think you are right Ethan. That’s what I thought maybe she was releasing something, overwise, why would she ask to take her to the crystal second time?

    1. Cherry

      This says to me that your wife has either been suffering with some kind of negative energy attached to her, or perhaps even a bad spirit. Quartz is an amazing purifier, my go-to when I have to have strangers in my home (I’m highly territorial, probably because of that very sensitivity) and want the energy reset. These big Quartzes are of the same kind used in Atlantean healing rituals, extremely powerful. I’d love to whisper one or even have one in my flat!

      Love and Light.

  41. Lexy

    I have a selenite tower and I didn’t realize I had to cleanse it. I was feeling negative whenever I tried working with it, which is the opposite of its purpose, and once I cleansed it everything was fine

  42. Molly Brunsvold

    I had a very violent and unpleasant reaction to blue kyanite. I cant even look at it without feeling uneasy. I haven’t touched it in about 2 years and I’m not sure if I should spellfuly and physically destroy it or cleanse it and take my chances. Anyone have any advice?

    1. Cherry

      @Molly, you should never willfully destroy a crystal – they’re gifts from Mother Nature – and spells generally won’t work on them.

      You should try to cleanse it in case there is any bad energy lurking; it won’t do any harm, at the least, and could make all the difference. It could be that it’s trying to help you heal something, in which case you can really only bite the bullet and work with it, which may be unpleasant in the short term but will be hugely beneficial in the medium to long term; it could be that it and you just aren’t compatible; or it could be that this particular stone has a “destined human” – a specific and special person whom it’s trying to reach – the problems you’re having with it are its way of preventing you from bonding with it, and you’re a kind of living stepping stone for it to reach its correct place in the scheme of things. It certainly doesn’t mean you any harm, whatever the case. Crystals just don’t do that stuff, so please, don’t punish it.

      Love and Light.

  43. Kimberly Baker

    I make jewelry and I made an obsidian necklace for myself. After having it on for a few minutes, I got a lump in my throat (similar to when you’re about to cry). A pressure at the base of my throat. I took it off and the sensation eventually went away. I cleansed the necklace and tried the next day but got the same response. That was a month ago. Today I made a necklace to sell on my site using obsidian and while making the necklace, began to have the same lump in my throat. I’ve never had this reaction to obsidian before as far as carrying a stone. What could this be?

    1. Cherry

      @Kimberley Baker, Obsidian is a very intense healer. It works by bringing unresolved trauma to the surface of your consciousness and helping you to confront and deal with it. The physiological response to the process is often very much like grieving, and it sounds to me as if you have something like that going on. It may not even be from this lifetime, and past life trauma can be very deeply buried, so deeply that you’re not even aware of it. If this happens again, I recommend you allow the stone to help you, and trust in its power to comfort you as you process whatever it’s trying to help you get rid of — that’s what Obsidian does best, apart from protection. Once you’ve eradicated whatever it is, your longer term relationship with the stone should be harmonious and helpful.

      Love and Light.

  44. Tiffany

    Black obsidian makes me feel terrified and uneasy. I can’t hold it or even go near it. It is too intense and seems to amplify my PTSD tenfold. I prefer the soft gentle energy from rose quartz.

    Black tourmaline also makes me feel uneasy but in a different way. It gives me an intense feeling of grief/sorrow.

    Opalite is beautiful but every time I try to hold it the stone causes a burning vibration with sharp aches in my hand.

  45. Mozella Bell

    I recently purchased a moldevite heart shaped pendant surrounded by garnets. I love crystals. I have a rose quartz, a monestone, and other stones. No problems using them or just enjoying the meditation with them. I got this moldevite pendant. Put it on, I felt a sensation in my arm. Didn’t think anything of it. Sometimes i have arm problems where my arm would go out from anywhere from a sec to around a min and then be alright. Hadn’t happened in years. However, it happened with the moldevite. I wore the moldevite day and night for about a week and my arm pain progressively got worse. Like my arm was literally breaking in half. I don’t have a single broken bone but this pain was RAW. I went to the emergency room cause I couldn’t take the pain anymore. While waiting on the doctor (sat for an hour and he never came). My mind said take off the moldevite. I did and almost immediately the pain went away. I left, came home, and went to work. The next day my arm felt amazing. I feel great. However, from all the reading I’ve done I thought it was just supposed to be a slight burning or spacyness or something. IDK what i did but this was toxic to me….

  46. Julie Ann Seminara

    Everytime I touch obsidian I feel like it’s sucking me in, draining me. It burns where ever i touch it and I just feel crummy. I know I have been exposed to a lot of of bad things and wonder if its helping me but dang I hate those rocks!!!

    1. Cherry

      Hi Julie Ann,

      Please don’t hate Obsidian. You’re most likely right; it’s trying to help you process any traumatic experiences and heal. This is one of Obsidian’s greatest gifts, and it’s the more potent if you’re bereaved.

      Obsidian reveals deep truths about its user; but it also offers comfort and reassurance, helping you to accept and deal with what it reveals. It sounds as if it’s exactly what you need. Just one tip: pairing it with Rose Quartz will tend to take the edge off its harsher effects.

      Love and Light.

  47. Helen

    I have a certain problem with smoke obsidian, I can’t put it on my forehead without getting a very strong tinnitus within 5 minutes.
    I tried it 3-4 times in intervals of a few days with the same result. the first time I thought it would go away right away, it didn’t go away after a few minutes and then I was too annoyed and put the crystal down. Carrying and holding in my hand is not a problem.

    Is freezing also one of the negative ones?
    I have some crystals that feel like when very cold air moves around them and I can’t hold them in my hand for long because it gets so cold. Mainly these are my black tourmaline and an ice blue aragonite. A few days ago I meditated with my Dumortierite and then I got very cold because the surrounding energy was very cold, otherwise I can hold it quite well in my hand and it doesn’t feel cold either.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Helen,

      First of all, Obsidian is a base chakra stone, and I have never read or heard of any recommendation to apply it to the forehead, probably because that’s the site of the third eye chakra and there’s likely to be a clash of energies, especially since you note that having it in your hand isn’t a problem. The tinnitus is probably the Obsidian’s warning that you’re using it incorrectly and could cause yourself harm. I’ve put Obsidian beside my head before; I don’t do it any more, because I always get a thumping headache! You might want to try lying down and resting the Obsidian at your pubic bone instead.

      The freezing air is harder to explain. Normally a freezing cold crystal is deactivated and/or out of energy: this is as near to an emergency health situation as a crystal can come, and needs immediate attention. Feeling cold after a meditation is also relatively normal, as the deeper you go into meditation, the more of your personal energy it drains; the answer is to eat or have a hot drink immediately afterwards, which will both ground and replenish you.

      However the air around a crystal being freezing cold is something else altogether. I wonder, did you protect yourself adequately before you began meditating? Suddenly freezing air is usually associated with a spirit manifesting. Such manifestations need energy; if there are no crystals around the spirit will drain energy (i.e. heat) from the air around it; but crystals are a much more potent source. I think your meditation has attracted a spirit, and the cold is its attempt to gather energy.

      This may not be a bad thing, though. It depends on the nature of the spirit. Setting aside the doubtless alarming sensation of cold, did you feel unduly disturbed when you ended meditation? If so, you may have attracted something undesirable; but if not, your meditation may have called to one of your spirit guardians, in which case you’re safe. You just might want to ask them to stop draining your crystals.

      Love and Light.

  48. Dottie

    I have a favorite Rose Quartz that I often feel drawn to wear. I recently had that feeling again and wore it only for it to feel really heavy. This has not happened before. I am still feeling drawn to it but I am concerned about the heaviness, as it caused pain.

    1. Cherry

      @Dottie, feelings of heaviness and pain when wearing a crystal, mean it’s picked up some negative energy from somewhere which is literally weighing it down. You will need to cleanse your Rose Quartz before you wear it again, otherwise that bad energy will only propagate to you.

      Love and Light.

  49. Robyn

    I have a black tourmaline necklace that has really worked well so I decided to get a lepidolite necklace to help with my anxiety, ADHD and stress issues. I left it out under the full moon to cleanse it and I started wearing it with the tourmaline necklace but my neck was feeling heavy and I started feeling nauseous. I took off the lepidolite and started feeling better. I put back on the lepidolite today and again feeling nauseous among several other symptoms, just took off the lepidolite and immediately felt better. I am really sad it doesn’t seem to be working for me, Im worried I just have to much stress right now and the lepidolite can’t handle it.

    1. Cherry

      Robyn, Lepidolite is a logical choice in your medical situation, but is probably too strong for you. I just got my first piece on March 26th – I found it instead of buying it, so it’s already firmly bonded – and I can verify what Ethan says: it’s powerful stuff!

      You may want to look into Rose Quartz and Lithium Quartz before you try out Lepidolite again. Lithium Quartz bears the same lithium as Lepidolite, but will be somewhat less overwhelming; and there isn’t much Rose Quartz can’t help with.

      Love and Light.

  50. Rachel

    Moonstone does not work with me. I had terrible nightmares wearing it. I finally returned it.

    I either have powerful positive reaction to a stone or nothing at all. I am also strangely repelled by rose quartz.
    I love, peridot and many others.
    I must cleanse my gems. Thank you for suggestions on cleansing.

  51. Logan

    I think that blue kyanite is for things to come is large waves (think of the white mixed in the blue and how it looks like the middle of the ocean where there are big waves) So it might be because it is bringing in emotional energy waves from how you felt in the past to now.

  52. Sara

    I cleanse my crystals daily, and have desert selenite near my crystals to cleanse them. Yet, I’ve noticed lately amethyst and black tourmaline have started to be painful and uncomfortable. I’m not sure if it’s because I just got home from spending time with stressful family members whom I’ve had disfunction and past traumas with. This is pretty new for me. I also sage my crystals as well. They were fine, quite soothing….I don’t understand what changed.

    1. Cherry

      I don’t think your Desert Selenite is working properly; it may need cleansing itself (think of trying to get clean in a dirty bathroom).

      I think you’re probably right about the connection between your Amethyst and Black Tourmaline being painful, and your stressful relatives. I think your Amethyst and Black Tourmaline have taken the negative energy you picked up from said relatives, onto themselves to help you, and it’s possible your Selenite needs cleansing for this reason too; it’s clear that neither they, nor you, are benefitting from your spending any time with those relatives. It may sound harsh, but I say it from experience, having had the misfortune to have grown up with almost a full set of toxic family members (only my father wasn’t) – I feel strongly that you need to stay away from them, for your own sake and your crystals’.

  53. Misty

    Ive been wearing a hematite and tigers eye bracelet for a while now and yesterday i felt a little off but thought no big deal just allergies but today i had to actually take it off because it was making me feel physically ill and now that ive taken it off i feel better than i did and i know itll take a while for me to completely feel back to normal but it was crazy how it just came out of no where and had me feeling so bad all of a sudden.

  54. Renee Fedrick

    I was compelled to buy an ametrine pendant a few days ago – it was screaming at me while none of the other ametrine pieces even hummed but the moment I touched it I thought of my grandmother. I put it around my neck so as to not loose it and got a splitting headache near my left eye – took it off and out it in my purse and ten minutes later the pain was gone. I have worn ametrine chips before but never a larger piece – I suspect this one just wanted me as transport to where it wanted to go as my grandmother immediately went oh yes and hung it on her cupboard door handle.

    1. Cherry

      @Renee, yes, that happens sometimes. Crystals are always aware of how their using us as living stepping stones to reach their specific, destined human (I call my crystals, “my crystals”; they call me “my human”: turnabout is fair play!), but sometimes they have no other option. In that case they’ll take pains to prevent a bond forming between themselves and their ‘stepping stone’, which can unfortunately cause that person some suffering. The Ametrine was obviously meant for your grandmother, it didn’t want to hurt you by forming a bond and then moving on, so it caused something repellent to happen. I think your grandmother needed some protection from something, because that is one of Ametrine’s powers.

      Love and Light.

  55. Valerie

    I almost fainted using a black obsidian, this was about 4 years ago and I was new to the crystal community and decided to work with obsidian for a cleansing and it made me feel as if I was about to pass out. Luckily nothing happened and it broke two days after.

  56. Isabel

    I have been wearing K2 and (I do not think) it is supposed to change color.. however, after 2 days of wearing, it has turned almost entirely dark blue/black. The blue spots are still somewhat visible, but it is mostly very dark now. Have you heard of this? Is this a bad reaction? What does this mean?

  57. Yogita

    I wore an amythest pendant as its was told highly beneficial for remaining stable and great for mood swings. But as I wore it I started feeling dizzy and at times I felt I couldn’t even stand up on my feet. My head became so heavy. What should I wear in this regard.?

  58. Sudha

    I’m new to crystals & every time I buy rough raw stones, I get this HUGE nausea and end up getting sick. Last time I bough 5 pieces of raw black tourmaline, I ended up getting extremely sick for a day. I kept the stones away in sunlight and then I got used to them. Yesterday, i received my rough rose quartz pendant and cleansed it using the white light visualization meditation and left it overnight in a cup of sea salt. Again after wearing it today for 30 mins, I ended up getting extreme nausea and dizziness. I kept the pendant in sunlight away. I do not really know what could possibly happening. Could you please let me know? Thanks.

  59. Jeremy

    I cannot even begin to describe the reactions I have to labradorite. Let me just say; I can feel someone wearing it from across a room! I’m an empath & have not an aversion but almost a fear out of respect feeling from it. The best way to describe it is it almost feels as though every piece I come into contact with. Pulls all the negative from me, & reflects it back to me. I’m always drawn to touch it, & immediately feel as though I’m incredibly heavy & my head is a balloon. I’ve always had this experience & I cant possibly imagine what kind of energy it could be working in me. Any thoughts?

    1. Cherry

      Two possibilities spring to mind here:

      1) Labradorite is trying to help you process something, and it’s altering your state of awareness in order to do it.

      2) There is some kind of basic incompatibility at work.

      I recommend you take some time to work – *slowly and carefully* – with this crystal and see what it has to offer you.

      Love and Light.

  60. Andrea Parsons

    I have been using crystals for some time, my go to crystals are amethyst and flourite.
    I bought myself Zebra Jasper for the healing properties, but have had to reduce the amount of time I wear it as I came over dizzy with a headache and not feeling okay. Is this normal?

    1. Cherry

      Hi Andrea,

      It sounds to me like your Jasper is leaving you too grounded. That’s one of Jasper’s many properties, and something it also tends to do to me quite a lot. It isn’t necessarily the wrong stone for you, but I invite you to to consider: when you wear your Jasper, are you wearing, or do you have close to you, any other grounding crystals like Smoky Quartz, Black or Brown Tourmaline etc? Piling on too many black or brown stones can leave you discombobulated, tired, headachy and feeling, spiritually speaking, like an overloaded aeroplane.

      If this is the case, then I recommend you choose just one grounding crystal at a time to wear/keep near you; this should stop the over-grounding. I default to my Black Tourmaline, but if it needs charging, my Ocean Jasper is a pretty good substitute. I learned the hard way not to wear them both at the same time!

      If not, then I’d need some more details in order to work out the cause, but nothing personal. Please feel free to give me a shout!

      Love and Light.

  61. lena

    My friend has recently, this year, gotten into crystals. Whenever I sleepover or just really am in her room i get very bad headaches, they almost always go away when we leave her room. Before, when i’d sleepover i had no symptoms so i’m very sure it’s because she has them now (in her room). Does this mean they don’t like me?

    1. Cherry

      @lena, no, I very much doubt that’s the answer; not unless you’re a user of dark magic, and if you were I very much doubt you’d have come here to seek answers!

      You may have a blockage in your third eye and/or crown chakras which the crystals are trying to help clear. Headaches are a primary symptom of one or both of these chakras being blocked, or perhaps having negative energy stuck in them.

      I don’t suppose your friend’s crystals include Amethyst, Clear Quartz or Fluorite? Those would be the “usual suspects”, so to speak; and crystals will reach out to anyone whom they sense needs help — they needn’t be part of that person’s collection.

      I’d recommend you look into this a little further, perhaps with a qualified healer (or with your friend if she is one) and see if there’s something that can be done to unblock your chakra(s). If you can’t access a qualified healer (lockdowns, sheez) then you can easily obtain a Clear Quartz, perhaps a tumblestone, which I think would be the best crystal to help you, and meditate with it.

      Love and Light.

  62. Cynthia Stepien

    Thank you so much for this insightful article. I’m desperately looking for guidance after a horrific week with my moldavite/amethyst necklace.
    I had one little piece of moldavite and I had great things happen to me. Then i got my necklace, was told to leave it in the sun to charge it, and after I wore it, I had a horrible incident: my child disappeared, which never happened before. Luckily, after some time we found her thank God. I immediately thought of the necklace. I decided to give it one more change, and immediately after wearing it on a short walk, I returned home to find my basement flooded.

    I don’t know if I should bury this necklace now as far away as possible or what. I read to run it under running water and leave it in the moonlight, so I just did that, but I’m still not sure if I should throw it away at this point.

    Any recommendations, welcomed.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Some things to think about. It might be the crystal, but it might not as these events may have happened anyway. I don’t personally charge crystals and avoid sunlight cleansing as it does fade most coloured crystals over time. I would use other cleansing methods. Cleansing should remove things but have you tried consecrating it? I recommend consecrating new crystals. Please see the Resources page for guides to cleansing methods and consecration.

  63. Liz Ramirez

    Recently purchased moldavite. When I used it I felt sadness and began to cry . I tried again another day and placed it on my third eye chakra. The following day I had the worst migraine of my life. It lasted 2 days and I also became very nauseous. I havent used it since.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Liz,

      This could be one of a few things.

      1) There’s some buried, unexpressed upset the Moldavite is trying to heal; if so, it will get you to release that upset in the healthiest way possible. Please keep in mind here that said upset may be from very early in your life, or even a past life trauma, so you may not be consciously aware of it.

      2) The Moldavite has some bad (negative) energy attached to it. That would certainly explain the migraine, and may also explain the feeling of sadness. Did you cleanse it when you first got it? If not, that’s a very common mistake, but one which can have nasty consequences and can even lead to someone discarding a crystal they really need and are meant to work with.

      3) Moldavite simply isn’t compatible with your personal energies. I know this feeling: Turquoise is touted by most authors in the field as a premier healing stone which everyone should have, but every time I wear or carry it, I get very bad luck. The last time I did, the car I was in damn nearly went off a 100ft cliff! Needless to say, I stopped wearing, carrying or using it after that near miss
      Ironically, turquoise is one of my very favourite colours.

      You’re probably wondering what you can do about this. Well, for whatever it’s worth to you, this is my advice, and I’ve worked with crystals for over 33 years:

      Firstly, give that Moldavite a good old cleanse. I heartily recommend Ethan’s blog entries on this subject; they’re in total agreement with my own experience, they’re clear, they’re concise, and they’re in plain English. One he doesn’t mention, though – no idea why – is the Amethyst cluster and Sun or Moon energy cleanse. Simply place your Moldavite on an Amethyst cluster- in this instance exposed to the Moon, because Moldavite seems to respond better to Lunar energy than Solar – on the night of the full Moon from Moonrise to Moonset. (Doesn’t matter if the skies are cloudy, or if it clouds up during the night; the Moon’s energy will still be there.) That should do it, but you might want to be doubly certain and use another method, like sage smudging or immersing in brown rice, beforehand. After all this, I advise you meditate with it, or just spend some quiet time getting to know it, preferably with no other crystals on your person. This will create a bond between you and your crystal, which will cause a change (assuming you didn’t do this already), connecting the two of you much more deeply and letting your Moldavite adapt much better to your energies.

      Secondly, start out slowly, only working with your Moldavite for a few minutes each day. Moldavite is a very powerful crystal, and it can take a little time for your energies to adapt and become used to its. I had to do the same thing with my Petalite pendant. When you can work with it for, say, five minutes without anything bad happening, try stepping it up to seven minutes, then ten, then twelve, then fifteen and so on. The actual numbers are up to you, but it’sa bit like getting used to a new medication: take it slowly, and the initial side effects should wear off after a little while.

      If all of this fails, then that’s a sign that either you have the wrong piece of Moldavite, or there’s an irreversible incompatibility between you and this crystal species. If it’s the wrong piece, then another will give you better results; it may even be that your current piece is using you as a form of stepping stone to reach its destined human companion, and the symptoms you’re experiencing are its way of preventing a bond from forming between you. Crystals never mean to harm us, but can do some inadvertantly if they have to use us this way because they are destined to work with one person, and one person alone. If you try another Moldavite and still have the same problem, then I advise you to leave the species well alone, because it cannot benefit you.

  64. Jane

    Hello, I recently bought moldivite.. I cleansed it and decided to wear it on a necklace along with chevron Amethyst. I was having a lot of anxiety and have started wearing it for short spans of time. I now feel as though my necklace weighs like 10 lbs and somthing heavy is on my chest . I took it off but I still have this feeling ..

    1. Cherry

      @Jane, the crystals need to be cleansed. The heaviness amd anxiety you describe are classic symptoms of negative energy. Unfortunately, if you’re still feeling it long after you removed the necklace, it has transferred to you too, and you’ll need to cleanse it from yourself as well as the stones.

      You’ll need to start by cleansing this bad energy from yourself, otherwise it will hop from you, right back to the stones, and the cycle will start all over again. No-one wants that.

      Ethan has several excellent blog entries on the different ways to cleanse crystals, clearly laid out and in simple, straightforward English. However cleansing the bad energy from your chakras isn’t quite so straightforward, and may require a trip to a professional practitioner. If that isn’t an option ( I know it isn’t for me), then there are alternatives.

      First of all, pinpoint the location of the heavy feeling. Is it in your breastbone, heart, lungs, throat, brain, at the top of your head? Its location will tell you which chakra has been affected. Heart/lungs/chest = heart chakra; breastbone (basically where a pendant on an 18″ chain would sit) = higher heart chakra, a chakra commonly affected by negative energy from a necklace; throat = throat chakra (obviously); brain = third eye; top of your head, like you’re wearing a lead hat = crown chakra. From your report of feeling anxious, if I had to take a guess as to which of your chakras is affected, I’d say, heart chakra.

      Next, identify a crystal which can help cleanse that specific chakra. For the heart, Rose Quartz is good, as are Pink or Green Tourmaline, whichever feels better to you, and Pink Topaz. For the higher heart, Paraiba Tourmaline or Paraiba Apatite (both pretty rare), or Aquamarine (much more obtainable, and doesn’t have to be gem grade). For the throat, Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite, Blue Tourmaline (I swear by this crystal), Blue Topaz or Blue Lace Agate. For the third eye, Amethyst is perfect, but if you can’t work with that, then try Labradorite which is also superbly protective. For the crown, Clear Quartz (or Milky Quartz if Clear Quartz seems too strong), Danburite, Apophyllite or Petalite. Hot tip 1: Clear Quartz is the best crystal to choose if you can’t make your mind up or can’t get hold of another, more chakra-specific crystal: it’s the Master Healer, with the widest range of applications and powers in the crystal kingdom, and if a professional Healer can’t figure out which chakra-specific crystal to use for a problem, they’ll default to Clear Quartz.

      The best thing you can do, once you’ve identified which chakra is affected and which crystal you feel is best for the problem (if you’re drawn to one I haven’t suggested, trust in that guidance and use it instead), is to cleanse and wear it; or, if that isn’t possible, carry it with you in your purse or pocket, preferably in a soft pouch so it won’t get damaged by keys etc. Hot tip 2: if at all possible, the pouch should be made of natural material, like cotton or suede. I have a “safety pouch”, a small Native American neck pouch made from suede, leather, wool and wood, which I use to keep my most special small crystals with me when going out; these stones never leave my side, but there are too many to wear, and some are too small to mount anyway. Whatever you do, please keep them away from plastic: they really don’t like it. Keep your chosen crystal inside your personal energy field – your aura – until the heavy, anxious feelings go away for good — you may wish to meditate with it, which I know can help; once those bad feelings are gone, thank the stone for its help (manners work at least as well with crystals as they do with people) and rest it in indirect sunlight for at least two weeks.

      Once this is done, you can then look to cleanse your necklace. With a little luck, once that’s cleansed too, you should be able to enjoy a proper, close relationship with it.

      But please do be aware that, contrary to what some authors (but not Ethan) would have you believe, everyone has crystals that they just can’t work with; also, some crystals should never be paired together. If you cleanse that bad energy from yourself and your necklace, but the feelings persist, then I’m sorry to have to say that you’ll probably have to move your necklace on to somebody upon whom it doesn’t have these effects.

      Love and Light.

  65. sodaman

    I bought a star sapphire it chose me because it told me it was “invincible”

    true, its mohs hardness is nine so, yea, it works well for me.

    1. Cherry

      @sodaman, I’d love to have a Star Sapphire! The only asterism crystal I have is a Black Star Diopside; I’m very fond of stars, and Sapphires.

      It’s very interesting that it told you that directly. Bear in mind here that a Diamond can harm a Sapphire (Mohs’ 10 is something like four times harder than Mohs’ 9); but I think your Star Sapphire meant spiritual invincibility, as opposed to physical. Sapphire, for those like you and I who find it ‘compatible’, is an enormously protective and highly spiritual gemstone with connections to the higher realms and vast potential to channel energy and help its user.

      The other thing that’s interesting is the fact that you actually received a direct communication from the gem in the first place. Not that many people can do this. There’s a term for it: “crystal whisperer”.

      There seem to be two sub-types of crystal whisperer: those who can communicate with all or almost all crystals, and those who can only do so with one species or even one individual stone. Have you ever received direct communication from another kind of crystal, i.e. Quartz, Beryl, Feldspar (Moonstone, Labradorite, Sunstone etc), Fluorite, Diamond,
      Selenite, Celestite? If so, you’re what I call a “wide receptor” whisperer, able to talk with many kinds. I’m a wide receptor whisperer; I can talk to all the crystals above and then some (Chrysoberyl, Topaz, Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Agate, Jade, Kyanite, Rhodochrosite, Larimar, Opalite, Lapis Lazuli… the list goes on and on!) If not, then you’re what I call a “focused receptor” whisperer. This version seems a little more commonplace than the wide receptor gift, but is in no way less valuable. My husband is a focused receptor whisperer; he can only whisper his Rose Quartz pendant and my Red Jade. His connection with his Rose Quartz is strong (I gave it to him for his 21st birthday), and he can repeat its communication verbatim most of the time, whereas his ability to communicate with my Red Jade is more tenuous; he’s unable to pick up actual words. That’s because it’s a ‘close personal’ of mine.

      Do you allow other people to touch your Sapphire? I have one very powerful Clear Quartz which is fully dedicated, and even my husband is forbidden to touch it. Not only that; it also zaps anyone besides me who touches it!

  66. Erica

    I just purchased a huge amethyst cluster that is so beautiful. I have had lucid dreams that seem so real I have to think if it actually was or not. I also feel adrenaline sensation that worries me. I spent $265 on it and I need to get rid of it. It’s in the garage right now cause I can’t be near it. Damn I may need to throw it away.

  67. Cherry

    But give it time first. I sometimes get similar adrenaline surge type sensations from Amethyst; it’s the crystal telling me that action needs to be taken on something. Usually it’s something that needs rectifying *before* it becomes a big problem. One of mine which resides on my bedside table (I never have sleep difficulties with Amethyst) woke me this morning with something similar: within one minute, I got a nasty stabbing pain in my left foot which warned me that my big toenail on that side was ingrowing again (it’s hereditary). The crystal also spurred me to go and grab the nail clippers, even though it was only 4:50am. Sometimes crystals spur us to action when they become aware of a problem or threat, which is usually before we do; your lucid dreams may be a facet of this phenomenon, or they may be a psychic reaction to the cluster.

    Did you cleanse the cluster when you got it? Amethyst is difficult to ‘pollute’ with negative energy, but not impossible. It may be that there’s bad energy attached to it, and that’s what’s giving you these dreams, particularly if they’re alarming in nature.

    I recommend cleansing – sage smudging or something similar – and giving it a chance. If only from a purely material perspective, you surely don’t want to simply throw a beautiful and expensive crystal cluster in the trash! It would be better to give it away than throw it away.

    Love and Light.

    1. Erica

      Yes I did cleanse her with sage and told her to be gentle on me because I love her beauty.
      It helped a little. I noticed now that she is in the garage I feel the release of the tension and adrenaline I felt. I feel better.
      Guess what tho! My 10 year old daughter got her first period today and I feel like its the amethyst fault. This crystal is over stimulating everything. The trash runs tomorrow and I’m seriously thinking to chop my $265 up as a loss and send her back to the earth. I will think of something before I make my decision but for now amethyst has to stay the garage.

      1. J

        …why do you keep reverting to the trash option? Why do you have (& choose to share / perform) such destructive energy for this crystal? I mean, seriously, multiple people have told you very gently, patiently, clearly, & generously how to constructively approach the issue, giving you myriad better & more constructive options besides *throwing it in the trash*, …& not only do you ignore them (as in you don’t really engage w/any of that, at least not in a public/visible way), but you repeatedly have taken the deliberate series of actions required to type out just plain old ire & actually kinda threats towards this object, both publicly & kinda towards the people trying to help you. Like…you’re responding to their gentle, helpful energy kinda the same way it seems you’re responding to what is essentially a large, polished, helpy mineral deposit.

        This is a rhetorical question but uhhh: why? Like…it’s *a lot*.

  68. DP

    I have gotten a high quality piece of Sugilite online. It’s about 12 grams and part gel, a bright purple color. Every time I pick it up, I immediately feel extremely lightheaded and nauseous. Sometimes the nausea even lasts for up to half an hour even after I put the stone down. I have tried cleansing it extensively, but that doesn’t seem to be it.

    Some years ago, I had gotten a necklace made of poppy jasper. Every time I picked it up, I would literally burst into tears — like sobbing. After I resolved some root chakra (survival-related) issues, this stopped happening.

    Currently, I have a chrysoprase necklace that makes me feel very uncomfortable. Every time I put it on, I feel a stripped raw feeling around my heart chakra and throughout the chest area. It’s a high quality chrysoprase bead strand. Maybe it’s too strong for me at this point because I don’t have this reaction to a lighter-weight variegated chrysoprase necklace I have.

    1. Sam

      Hi DP, the Chrysoprase necklace is assisting you to work on your heart chakra, just like the Poppy Jasper did with you and your base chakra. I am a firm believer that all crystals come into our lives for a reason, if you are finding the Chrysoprase a bit overwhelming, then set it aside for a while and come back to it later when you feel more prepared to work with it and your heart chakra. But be mindful that crystals can also use us as stepping stones to get to the right individual, I have often bought crystals for myself, only to find that they need to passed to a friend or relative, who may also end up passing it on to someone else too. Blessings to you, Namaste.

      1. Cherry

        Sam is absolutely right. I’ve had crystals come into my life a decade or more before their real purpose becomes apparent; I’ve also had crystals which have used me as a stepping stone to reach the person they were truly meant for.

        There is also the point that the richer the shade of a crystal, the more potent its power tends to be (Amethyst being a classic example). If your Chrysoprase is a very rich colour, it might be the reason why it’s overwhelming you.

        As Sam says, give it time; and meanwhile, perhaps you might consider whether anything that’s happened in your life might have caused an emotional wound, hurt your heart chakra. If you can’t think of anything, then do please bear in mind that traumas can be carried over from previous incarnations, and though you may not remember them, they can still trouble you. Either way, the Chrysoprase is there to help you (as Sam says, the crystals we really need tend to find their way to us — I got a beautiful raw Lepidolite back in late Feb which I actually found instead of buying it, and I had no idea I needed a Lepidolite): it will probably cause some pain to resolve whatever is troubling you, but it’s a little like surgery: some pain at first, but then everything should get much better.

        Love and Light.

  69. Shay

    Last week, my brother suggested that I bought some malachite jewelry. I had red jasper and black tourmaline for a few months and felt like the bracelets were no longer serving me so I asked my brother who knows way more than I do around crystals. He suggested a combo of malachite and aquamarine because I like having two bracelets in the same time.

    The aquamarine felt nice and very soothing. But the malachite almost felt like a curse…

    When I tore open the enveloppe containing the green beads, it felt like I burnt my fingers on something. I thought it could be a staple somewhere and didn’t pay attention but when I took the malachite in my hand ? Within seconds I felt drained of my energy and sat on a chair. I felt dizzy. Empty. Scared. I let go of the malachite and it took minutes before I felt kind of better.

    I then put the bracelet on my nightstand and thought I’d cleanse it after my Spanish course. But when I came back in my room at the end of that course, not a hour later, the bedroom was suffocating. Like there was no air left at all.

    I thought it was enough and immediately wanted to cleanse the malachite, to get rid of the bad energy attached to it. I put on a leather glove (the only one I have) and took the bracelet to the bathroom but I passed out before I could turn the water on. My mom found me. When I came back to my senses, I was in bed and my doctor was there. He told me there is no reason for me to pass out. Apparently. I told him I was convinced it was because of the malachite and he shrugged it off. « No stone is this powerful », he said.

    But then I called my brother. I told him what happened. He told me that he does have reactions to some crystals but feels dizzy, and never had this feeling of being drained out of his energy. It never was so intense for him. I told him that this stone was a curse to me, that it was feeding off of me and he felt shocked by my words. « It’s just a stone. It might not be for you, is all ».

    Did someone ever feel this bad with a crystal ?

  70. Cherry

    Hi Shay,

    It’s not easy to know exactly what’s going on with your Malachite without touching it, but Malachite is a tricky stone to work with. If it were a human I’d call it picky; there are very few other crystals you can safely pair it with, and it’s choosy about whom it works with, too. It’s an Earth affiliated crystal, and extremely powerful.

    Being an Earth stone, Malachite is an excellent grounder, and it sounds like that might perhaps be what it did to you… too much. I wonder, were you wearing your Tourmaline or Jasper, or did you have them close by, when you were handling the Malachite? If so, you were probably drastically over-grounded. If not, then I advise you to gift the Malachite to someone who’s attracted to it and exclude that stone from your collection (think of it as being like a medicine you don’t react well to; for example, if Ibuprofen made you feel sick you wouldn’t buy it again), because if it was the sole crystal in your energy field at the time, then it was almost certainly making it known that it doesn’t want to work with you. I’m as bad with Turquoise, though the upshot is different: any time I wear or carry this supposedly premier, universal healing stone, I experience terrible and sometimes life-threatening bad luck.

    I have heard of people losing consciousness briefly when handling especially powerful crystals, but it’s not common, and it’s more usual for this to happen because of an overload of power. I’ve been made dizzy by crystals a time or two myself – Petalite being the one that springs to mind right away – but in nearly 34 years, none have made me actually pass out. I think I’ve been quite lucky on that score!

    Your Malachite may also be carrying some negative programming (this goes back to what I was saying about the source); if that’s the case, then I would still move it on, because given the strength of your reaction it could be dangerous; and that kind of thing takes a lot of cleansing.

    Love and Light.

    P.S. Tourmaline and Aquamarine are two of my very favourite crystals!

  71. Cherry

    Whoops, sorry Shay, my bad: I meant to ask if you’d bought the Malachite from a source you trusted, or somewhere new. This isn’t necessarily the answer, of course, but it can happen.

    Love and Light.

  72. jay

    tigars eye is the best for myself aquamarine is whats best for my march spring time season and inhanced with tigars eye and bloodstone jasper and red jasper grounding with clear quartz agates for strangthening the aspects of all also petrifide agatized jasperized wood in huge hand held palms the raw best looking raw and down to the little palms of agatized wood

  73. j

    and lucky for myself i live in a valley of the west coast where all these except aqua marine and tigars eye and i find them all around the agate dessert and i have three tigars eye peices 2 from serching the creak and one road sidewalk path in santa cruz ca on the ground and the other tigars eye was from my gma rock collection and is the only raw tigars eye i have burt no bad feelings from quartz or agates or crystals n jem stones

  74. Nova

    Hey, I’m a little new to the whole crystal healing and also still learning my crystals. Long story short I recently bought a new set of crystals offline and also at shop I found near me. I Cleanse them with sage and also cleansed my house with sage. I had a strange dream the next couple nights after. I didn’t think anything of it until a couple more nights after I decided to charge my crystals in the moon. I fell asleep with them in the window, I woke up the next morning to a bunch of flies surrounding the same window I had placed them in. I tried to kill majority but couldn’t so I left windows open to just fly out. When I returned a few hrs later there were dead flies in the same window I had placed/ removed my crystals and surrounding it. Should I be worried? Or am I overthinking it?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I have never heard anything like this before so it’s hard to say why it happened. You could look at the flies as a sign. Flies can mean having an overactive mind, overthinking, worrying about things too much.

  75. Kirsty

    I purchased a green jade crystal . Cleansed it by washing it and leaving it charge under cold running water. I put it under my pillow for bed. And put my headphones in to listen to guided meditation to fall asleep. I had the worst nightmare. My partner woke me , as I was laying there screaming but couldn’t move. I felt half awake and half asleep. Like I was aware I was having a night mare but still asleep and couldn’t wake myself . I was glad he woke me to break the dream. I felt so anxious and couldn’t get back to sleep. Where have I gone wrong ? I slept with the jade crystal in the hope to manifest fixing my money troubles . I am now scared of the crystal .
    I have washed it under running water again. Should I dispose of it ?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I can understand why this would put you off. I have not heard anyone report the same thing with Jade before. I personally would not use Jade in this way to manifest prosperity. I only wear or carry it during the day. Many crystals can disturb your sleep or stimulate dreams (and nightmares that contain our fears and subconscious). People can have bad reactions to some stones. I don’t believe in disposing of crystals, for this reason. If you don’t want to try it during the day or risk testing it again, then you could pass it on to someone who might benefit from it.

  76. B

    Hey Ethan,

    Iver got a moldavite and in the first few hours of having it i felt its energy to be too powerful for me. I do want to give it its respect. I just feel i am not ready for it now. Do you have any suggestions with what i could do to remove its energy from me for a while. I thought of selling it to somebody else or even putting it in a different location, away from my house. Would that help me with not feeling its energy?

    Thank You

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Yes, you could keep it away from you for a while. I would focus on grounding yourself (in any way you like) and use grounding crystals to help this. I would wait a bit before deciding what to do with the stone

  77. Mellissa B

    Disclaimer: I always cleanse my crystals, and regularly, including using palo santo in my house in general. I’m a social introvert type with pets, & lots of house plants I’m very sensitive to herbs/plants and need very minute amounts to receive their benefits. My friends, family and even my boss & coworkers have all joked about me being psychic (I’m not) because of my high intuition.

    Over the years, my eyes have been attracted to gorgeous appearing Labradorite and I’ve picked up small pieces here or there… but always had a feeling like I should get rid of it or pass it along to someone else – which I always wound up doing. However, in 2018, desiring to strengthen my third eye (which I’ve been able to “feel” my entire life) and get more in touch with my already strong intuition – I purchased a rather large piece of labradorite that I was very drawn to. After cleansing it, I took it with me on a drive into the country, sat down and decided to meditate with it but never happened because . Immediately upon bringing awareness to my 3rd eye, I felt a huge rush of nausea accompanied by what also felt like nausea but inside my head with a rush of gloom & doom type anxiety. That night, I had two full blown panic attacks & a friend had to come stay with me. I did yoga each day as a means to help, completely cut out caffeine and tried to meditate but the anxiety was affecting me so terribly that I couldn’t function at woke – I had to start SSRIs and be on them for a few months to help (weened off of them correctly after that). I would never have labradorite around again, yet when I see it infer a lot of sadness and disappointment that I’m unable to work with it. I feel like it calls to me, yet I am at the same time feel repulsed when I see it. I have not experienced this with any other Crystal/stone.

    Not sure it means anything, but rose quarts, clear crystal quarts & hematite do absolutely nothing for me, my vibe or my life.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Mellissa,

      Sometimes things can happen this way, and it mostly goes like this: the stone in question – the Labradorite – has a quality or power you’re in need of, but it isn’t the correct stone (or more probably, in this case, the correct species of same) to deliver the help you need.

      I recommend you look into other crystals which have the same properties of strengthening your third eye. Now that I come to think about it – and with the help of my Micro-Labradorite/Galaxyite/Galaxite, ironically (I’m so worn out as I write this message, virtually none of my higher abilities are working properly) – it could well be that your third eye is closed, blocked or polluted with negative energy, and that’s why you’ve been having the issues you have, including the non-reaction to the Quartzes and Haematite. The third eye chakra is a crucial part of our ability to sense these things.

      If I were to do a face to face helping session with you, were that possible, I’d firstly check out that Labradorite (which I might well, in this scenario, end up taking off your hands because I’m extremely fond of the species) for any contamination with bad energy, then look to find a compatible crystal which would help you clear up your third eye. Since that isn’t possible, I recommend you try out one of the dark blue to indigo gemstones (Indigo Gabbro, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli etc) or possibly a purple one (Amethyst would be a good starting point here, and you’d have the choice of lavender, regular or dark Amethyst, whichever one you were most drawn to; failing that, there are alternatives, like Sugilite or Charoite – though these are potent third eye crystals and may be too powerful for you – or the somewhat softer energies of Emerald).

      Love and Light.

  78. Alea Dean

    Tonight was the first time I used crystals and oracle cards to help me. I have a long history of trauma and I have emotions that are stuck in my body. I struggle with depression, anxiety, addictions. Well first I smudged my crystals I wanted to work with. Rose quartz, aquamarine, petrified wood and amethyst. I then meditated imagining I was being grounded to the earth, as I was holding the petrified wood. I started feeling tingling in my head. I then held amethyst. Tears came down my face. I thought maybe I should stop so I focus on doing my spread of 3 cards with the question, “How can I increase self love” The cards were spot on. I was starting to feel uncomfortable and was dissociating. My face was tight and head was tingling. My throat was tight. I then tried to meditate to ground myself but it was getting worse so I stopped. I felt detached for the next several hours no matter what I tried doing. I distracted myself by reading articles, took a bath, online shopping. I fear that when I look at crystals, ect I will associate it with my “negative” experience. I have a history of dissociation, during EFT (tapping), in traditional therapy, acupuncture and had an out of body experience during a massage that took me back to childhood trauma.

    My question is when I try to release my trauma why isn’t it helping? Im re traumatizing myself and yes, I am currently working with a therapist. I feel like it will always be stuck and I cant let go. I try to dance it out, journal, do self care but NOTHING helps!!!

    1. Cherry

      Alea, please try to be patient. I understand that you want to be free of this trauma – who wouldn’t? – but from the sound of it, it’s quite serious. Your crystals can and will help you, and you’re working with the right ones, but it cannot be done overnight without a real and immediate risk of worse damage. They know this, and they’ll help you release it and heal it at a safe rate rather than do harm.

      Keep working, and – from experience – I can say, if you start to think of your crystals as friends instead of just crystals, it should help you to not associate them with extra trauma.

      Love and Light.

  79. Cate

    Thank you for this information! I have a Smoky Quartz that helps me feel grounded and seems to take away anxiety. It also feels like it protects me too. My husband has asked for it on two different occasions. Both times he has had a serious reaction. The stone seems to do the opposite for him. He becomes extremely angry, paces around and is very mean/dismissive towards me and our kids. I’m not letting him have the stone again and I need to find a way to slowly help him uncover and heal whatever is at the root of this. Any advice is welcome! Thank you again.

  80. Cherry

    Cate, Smoky Quartz can be pretty intense.

    If I had to guess, I’d probably say that either your Smoky Quartz is over-grounding your husband, leaving him feeling worn out and unable to ‘get off the ground’, so to speak, rather like an overloaded aeroplane. This can happen to me, too, and I always find myself becoming somewhat aggressive and uncaring until I get my energetic mojo back.

    Alternatively, it could be that your husband isn’t ‘compatible’ with Smoky Quartz; the simple fact is that everyone has one or more crystals they just cannot work with, even with the best will in the world.

    As for any anger issues he might have, Rose Quartz is the obvious choice, with Amethyst a close second; but Morganite under his pillow may also be helpful because this gemstone, the pink form of Beryl, is an excellent crystal for helping men to balance their masculine and feminine energies and/or overcome any toxic masculinity (outdated or overly aggressive notions of the meaning of manhood). Of course I don’t mean or wish to imply that your husband definitely has either of these problems; it’s just that without knowing more about him and his upbringing I can only guess at what might be behind his attitude when under the energetic influence of your crystal.

    Love and Light.

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