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Crystals For Sleep and Which To Avoid In Your Bedroom…

Crystals For Sleep and Which To Avoid In Your Bedroom…

Crystals For Sleep and Which To Avoid In Your Bedroom…

What are the best crystals for sleep problems and disorders? Could your crystals be keeping you up all night? Learn which crystals to use and  avoid in the bedroom!
This is something many people ask me about. Sleep problems are becoming more common and people are looking for natural alternative treatments. What I have to say may shock some of you and may seem different to what others commonly say.
The thing is I hear from so many people that are making the same mistakes with placing certain crystals around their bed that I had to write this guide.


The Biggest Myth About Crystals & Sleep

Many people find crystals give them a sense of wellbeing. Just looking at them can make them feel good. It is understandable that we like to have lots of crystals around us and can build up quite a collection.
Just like in nature, we have natural herbs and plants with healing properties. Some herbs and essential oils are relaxing (Lavender) others are stimulating (Lemon). Crystals are no different!
Filling your bedroom with tones of different crystals can be over stimulating to many people. Not all crystals are supportive to sleep, some will have the opposite effect… If you went to sleep in a crystal cave, I bet you would not sleep a wink… Too much energy!


TIP: Try to focus on balance in the bedroom, especially around your bed area. Less is more.


My Experience With Crystals For Sleep

I have experimented with crystals during my sleep for years. I soon realised that some crystals might be great if you want to have lots of vivid dreams but that is not my idea of a good nights sleep. When we sleep we are in a receptive state and can be even more sensitive to crystal energy.
I now use crystals near my bed with caution. If it disturbs my sleep I move it far away and see if things return to normal.
Sleep disorders are very complex and they can have many different causes that should be addressed. If it is serious, always see a Doctor. Crystals may not be the solution. That said, there are crystals that I have found to support sleep.
Before we get to those, I want to clarify what to try to avoid in the bedroom before you add any new crystals.


Crystals For Sleep

Crystals For Sleep (Pin this to Pinterest!)


Tips for Your Bedroom

In Feng Shui your bedroom should ideally be a place of peace, rest and relaxation. I understand that some people can only keep their crystals in their bedroom in a shared home but you can minimise the effects of over energizing the bed area.
Your bed is the place that crystals are going to have the greatest effect when placed around or under it. The head of the bed which includes the pillows, headboard and nearest side cabinet  are the most stimulating places to put crystals. Choose crystals wisely and position them carefully.



Don’t store your crystals under your bed

Avoid very large crystals near the head of the bed

Spiritual or ‘high vibration’ crystals can be over stimulating

Never place Crystal Points, pointing directly at your head

Fire element crystals can be over energising

Don’t hang crystals over your bed

Third Eye or Crown Chakra Crystals can disturb sleep

Avoid crystals with action orientated properties

Don’t have too many different crystals near your head

Psychic or dream enhancing Crystals disturb sleep

No Standing Crystal Points or Pyramids by the bedside

Crystals For Sleep Support

Now that’s out of the way, let’s look at some of the stones that are supportive of sleep. Look for crystals that are of the Earth element, these are commonly browns, earthy reds and black. Crystals that are grounding or associated with the Lower Chakras are usually very helpful (sleep is a Lower Chakra activity).
Crystals that are calming, soothing, stress reducing, comforting and cleansing. For shapes try to stick to rounded forms like Tumble Stones, Eggs and Spheres. I will share with you some of my specific crystal recommendations below, but first lets look at how to use them.


CAUTION: Watch out for crystals that have very mixed properties. Like grounding stones that also have energizing properties!


How To Use Crystals For Sleep

You can place crystals for sleep by your bedside, under your pillow or wear them as a bracelet for example. You can also place one under your bed. Remember to regularly cleanse crystals placed near you while you sleep, as they will absorb a lot of energies. For a special Crystal Grid for Sleep that can be placed around your bed, please see my book Crystal Grids Power!


TIP: Some people who are sensitive to energy, find crystals under their pillow to be too strong. Try the bedside cabinet.

Rose Quartz

Comforting, calming and soothing. Rose Quartz is a gentle healer,  ideal for the bedroom and the bedside.


Large Rose Quartz Polished Stone

Large Rose Quartz Polished Stone



A great stress reducer. Turquoise is cleansing and protective while you sleep.


Polished piece of Mexican Turquoise

Polished piece of Mexican Turquoise



A deeply grounding stone that strengthens your natural shielding. Grounding and protective.
Hematite Egg

Hematite Egg



This gentle white stone helps absorb stress and worries so is another great crystal for sleep.
Howlite Tumble Stone

Howlite Tumble Stone



Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline absorbs and neutralises negative energy from your aura while you sleep.
Raw Black Tourmaline crystal

Raw Black Tourmaline crystal


Red Jasper

Great for grounding at the end of the day. Anchors the Lower Chakras. Also a protective stone too.


Red Jasper Tumble Stone

Red Jasper Tumble Stone


Why No Amethyst?

Some of you may be surprised I do not mention Amethyst. Amethyst is often recommended in books for sleep problems and insomnia. When I tried this I think I had some of the worst sleeps of my life. I receive so many emails and  talk to so many people confused why Amethyst seems to have the opposite effect on them too.
It is true that Amethyst is cleansing and calming for meditation but other properties are not supportive during sleep time. Amethyst is a very spiritual stone and carries high vibration energies which are very stimulating.
It activates the Upper Chakras, like the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, both activate the mind and psychic states. That’s great for dream work, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection but not for a peaceful nights sleep!
You can still use Amethyst for sleep problems during a Crystal Healing session, meditations and during the day to cleanse your energy. At night it is just a bit too strong for most people. Amethyst is okay in the bedroom, just not too close to your bed, head or upper Chakras while you sleep.
Do you have any crystals that have helped your sleep? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you’re interested in learning more about crystals and Crystal Healing do check out my FREE Crystal Healing Resources page.
With gratitude,


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51 thoughts on “Crystals For Sleep and Which To Avoid In Your Bedroom…

  1. Rebecca

    Thanks for this post. Wondered about Amethyst myself as different sources say different things, but due to its high psychic nature it makes sense that it wouldn’t necessarily support sleep.
    Also I’ve been told with some crystals “the darker the better” so I’m just wondering if colour intensity matters?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      If you mean for darker crystals for sleep, that could work as you would be using Earthy grounding stones. But if you mean in general then I personally would not say that. I think a deep colour is a good thing but some light pastel crystals can also be very powerful.

      1. Matthew Miller

        I’m assuming that lightly saturated super clean Paraiba crystal is not good for sleep? I have a purple cats Eye tourmaline round and a Paraiba crystal I have wire wrapped together, should I not keep them near me while in bed? Also how far away do large collections need to be from my bed? I have s small room and MASSIVE collection. Thank you ! I know I need to get them away from me I’m just wondering how urgent is it like do I need to do it right now before I go to bed tonight ?

        1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

          Hi Matthew, I wrote this article to raise awareness and to give people some guidance on how to make better choices. If any crystals you wear or keep next to your bed carry some of the properties I describe above (not conductive to restful sleep) then you know my opinion. Your experience may be different. If you have a small space then it is completely acceptable that you keep lots of crystals in your bedroom but you can still apply my other tips. I dont recommend storing under the bed or near the head. Far away from your bed as possible and towards the foot of the bed is better. Dont worry about this, make changes when and if you can and test them out.

  2. Carrie

    Hi Ethan,

    Great article, it does help to clear off some of my concern. How about a small clear quart standing point, is it okay to be place on the small bedside table? I have got 2 different point of views on this. Some said it is good to be place in bedroom to absorb negative energy and to amplify my intentions together with my rose quartz but others articles said it is too much energy for bedroom.


    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Carrie, I personally would not recommend a clear Quartz standing point by the bed because although Quartz can cleanse it is also a powerful amplifier. If cleansing is important while you sleep use a dark stone like Black Tourmaline. Other parts of the bedroom are fine to have Clear Quartz. Test things out and see how it feels.

  3. Stefanina Baker

    It’s interesting that you mention that about amythest. I put one in my pillow and have been having incredibly lucid and active dreams the past few months. I’m going to replace it with rose quartz to see if my sleep improves. Thanks!

  4. Stacy mudd

    Someone told me to use amethyst I have been having trouble sleeping and was gonna try it tonight glad I read your article before I took that persons advice and have stayed up another sleepless night I we’ll be using rose quartz thanks again

  5. Janice

    I have a rose quartz grid around my bed, have for awhile now and it is very comforting. Other crystals at the bedside or under my pillow change often. Current I have green fluorite and Mookaite under my pillow. I am going to try your recommended howlite. Thanks for the great article.

  6. Kim

    Thank you for this article, I recently put amethyst on my bedside table and I have not been sleeping well. I will be moving that tonight as I’m sure that was the change that disrupted my sleeping.
    Thank you

  7. Lisa

    Thank you so much for all the information you provide. I recently read your books on healing stones for chakras and crystal grids. Both were excellent and helped me tremendously. The guidance you provide concerning comfortable ways to communicate while cleansing, balancing and activating crystals has been very helpful.

    I placed the grid you recommended under my mattress last night but I used an amethyst in the middle instead of one of your recommendations. I slept but had a strange night. lol I’m going to replace it tonight with a red jasper. I’m using Howlites for the corners.

  8. Carmen

    Thank you for this post! I love the pictures of your crystals and all the info about them. I have seen on your picture above, an amethyst cluster. I have a small trouble, to find out if I bought a auralite 23 or a phantome amethyst. In the shop it was sold like phantom amethyst. How can I send you a picture of it?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I could have a look but I do not see how someone would sell an expensive rare crystal like Auralite 23 as just an Amethyst Phantom. You could send a pic to my Facebook page or Instagram.

  9. Conny

    Hi Ethan,
    I bought lots of beads/grids from a china post. Some i dont know if they are real stone. Do you have a simple trick how i can see? Some i hear difference in sound on stone table.
    Some i try with engraver.
    Some feel much lighter than other, same amount.
    But not sure.
    Second question
    How much beads/ how big stone do i have to wear, for purpose? (artose Pain)
    Thanks, Conny

  10. Kiran

    Hi! Ethan
    Thanks for the useful information.
    Some people say one should not wear ‘Clear Quartz’ and ‘Citrine’ bracelet together. Is it true?

  11. Gaye Eaves

    Ah, very enlightening! This may explain why a small Amethyst tumble stone inside my pillow case did not help my sleep issues at all!! And my dreams, always vivid, were just off the charts! Not restful to dream like that and I woke up exhausted. Thank you for this article!

  12. Richelle

    I wear an amethyst necklace that before today I never take off. I will be trying to go to bed without it tonight. thank you for the great articles.

  13. Elizabeth George-Hall

    Hi Ethan,
    A very good read.
    I don’t use any of my crystals/stones for anything that I can’t fix myself. I believe it is what I can do for them than what they can do for me. I don’t believe they can fix organic problems only help heal the soul. But that is only my opinion.
    With my guys, they know I am organic and get tired and not to keep me up late.
    Cheers 🙂

  14. Joasia

    Hello! Apart of amethyst are there any other crystals that ehhance our ability to lucid dream or have astral projections?
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

  15. Ginny B.

    Ethan, I was fascinated reading your suggestions as to what crystals work best for sleep, and weather to wear many crystals together or not. I Love Amethist it is my birth stone. I came down with Guillain Barre Syndrome 2years ago. I have been trying to research which stones, crystals, work best for the Nervous System. Any suggestions? I would love to hear from you with any imput you may have in regards to what would help with calming the Nerves, and what crystals, or stones might work best in my favor. Please get back to me. I will wait patiently to hear from you. Thank you, and sincerely Ginny B.

  16. Sidney

    I have always slept with a howlite, lepidolite, and smokey quartz in an cloth pouch inside my pillow case! Large chunk of black tourmaline by my head board and a peach moonstone. I have a large smokey quartz generator also, by my head. I have put some smaller black tourmaline chunks under my boyfriends side of the bed, also.

  17. Laura

    I just moved my hematite to my bedside table with my rose quartz and I’ve moved my clear quartz point across the room. I hope I sleep better tonight. Also would love to know thoughts on moonstone , blue calcite and blue celestite for sleep. Thank you.

  18. Ashley

    Amethyst actually helps me sleep! I had horrible sleep patterns, insomnia and nightmares every night until I put one by my bed. Now I sleep at a reasonable time, stay asleep, and the nightmares have stopped!

    1. Rosie

      I have sleep patterns similar to yours awful! i never have a full nights sleep to the point it is now affecting my physical health:-( it sucks doesn’t it lol!

  19. Carol Mcintyre

    Hi I wondered if you could help me I have been trying to deal with a spirt that keeps coming to me when I’m sleeping it comes in different disguises and in my dreams we are together like a couple I don’t no who this person is. I’m new to gem stones but I’ve bought black tourmalline selenite flourite and Amethyst I’ve put them on my night stand next to my bed & I wear flourite amethyst bracelet all day & sleep in them also I sleep in a labradorite ring the black tourmalline I’ve got recently bought when I hold it it get very hot & vibrates that strong the ends of my fingers tingle it scared me so I don’t touch it anymore I only bought all these stones to get rid of this spirit but it’s getting worse I wake up constant all night long the spirits still there but now I have another problem my body feels so hot like burning from inside out what do you think it could be . You probably think I’m a crazy person

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Carol, well sounds as if you have tried to use good protective crystals already. Hematite might be a good choice as it can hide your energy from unwanted attention but you do not say this spirit is doing anything harmful so you might just want to ask what they want. I hope that you did program the crystals for protection from this spirit as that is what I would do. Please see my article on How To Program a Crystal for more detail.

  20. Nebojsa

    Hello, thanks for this important informations!

    I found pink agate very helpful, and calming.

    Quartz was over-stimulating for me, and also: amethyst, moldavite, seraphinite, pietersite…

    I also want to ask you about sleep with some other crystals: blue calcite, labradorite, smokey quartz, apatite and tree agate? I am afraid of experimenting because I am too much ungrounded.

  21. Heloise

    Your blog is amazing! Brilliant work!
    In my bedside table I have rose quartz, howlite (the best for relaxation indeed), smoky quartz and my favorite: celestite. Not a low chakra crystal, but I find it very relaxing.
    I just found your blog on pinterest today, and I’m reading everything I can before my days truly starts!
    Have a nice week and thank you for all the beautiful information.

  22. Rosie

    I mentioned above I have terrible sleep up at least 5 times a night and that’s when I FINALLY get to sleep! synchronistic that I came across this article today even though I have been on your blog before and LOVE it ay I add:-)..but I was literally broken up about the state of my sleep just today to my partner as it is starting to affect e physically! then saw this and realised i have an amethyst under my pillow, celestites times 2 a quartz point and selenite by my bed head and a gazillion crystals very close by to my bed on a table all out on display, charging, chilling etc haha . Even though it is subjective and depends on the person I literally took every crystal out of my room and will monitor very much like an allergy experiment if this is the cause lol adding calming crystals one by one! fingers crossed, I will keep you guys posted:-)

  23. Juliana

    I do find amethyst too strong. Sometimes it does work, and it does allow me to sleep, and when it does it’s really interesting because it gives me the most amazing dreams! But when it doesn’t, I won’t be able to sleep, and I will kind of turn around in my bed, and nothing, so I always end up removing it from under my pillow and placing it on my nightstand , and then it’s alright I can sleep.

    A stone that I really enjoy sleeping with is Moonstone. I usually place three small moonstones under my pillow, all different types of moonstone, and it gives me a very good quality of sleep, and also amazing dreams. But it’s not overwhelming like Amethysts are.

    Another stone that won’t allow me to sleep if I have it in my room is obsidian, but it’s a high vibration stone, so I get why.

  24. Melanie Farley

    Thank You very much Ethan- your explanation of how to use crystals for a good night’s sleep, was very helpful. I have a horrible time sleeping- so I’m going to give your advice a try! Thank you again!

  25. Barbara

    Very Interesting I must say about Amethyst ,so i get it now i have Amethyst by my bedside and cannot or have not been sleeping well at all so yes very good to know

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