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Why Did My Crystal Change? Colour, shape, inclusion

Why Did My Crystal Change? Colour, shape, inclusion

Why Did My Crystal Change? Colour, shape, inclusion

Why did my crystal change? Has your crystal changed colour or shape? Has your crystal gained an inclusion or new markings? Discover why, how and what it means…

Over the years the type of changes I have been told about includes the following. Crystals with appearing or disappearing inclusions, flaws, rainbows, cloudiness, cracks and also dark or light areas. Others report surface features changing such as markings, striations, holes or other indents.

I’ve also had some tell me that the entire crystal changed colour, one person swore it happened multiple times. Occasionally people report that a crystal changes its shape completely or that new crystals grow from it.

bag of tumbled stones - Has your crustal changed?
Has your crystal changed?

Has This Happened To You?

I recently ran a poll in my Instagram stories @ethan_lazzerini to see how common this experience was. I was surprised to learn that more than 80% of people have had a crystal change on them after they bought it…

Why Is Nobody Talking About This?

It’s a good question, I have not personally seen this mentioned in any books I have read (it may be out there). It’s also a topic I have not come across others talking about. I do get asked this a lot and always have given my perspective on this. I think it is time I cover it on my blog in more detail for you.

This has been on my list of blog topics for a long time. I’ll be honest, it is a tricky subject and could be controversial. Something I learned from my very first blog post here is that whenever I write something that is not a commonly accepted belief, people will try to silence me.

I’m sharing this because I think others like me might have been a little reluctant to talk about this topic openly. However, as always this is just my point of view and you can make up your own mind.

Why did my crystal change? Rainbow Fluorite Tumble Stone
Why did your crystal change? Rainbow Fluorite shown here.

Why Did My Crystal Change?

So why did my crystal change? This is not easy to answer because each case is different. There are many factors that could have contributed to some of these changes. There are scientific reasons why a crystal might change and you need to rule these out first.

Amethyst crystal points and crystal towers on a shelf


Some crystals are known for changing colour like Amethyst and Turquoise for example. Many coloured crystals fade in direct sunlight and also gradually over time from indirect light. This is why I don’t recommend cleansing crystals in sunlight or placing coloured crystals in a sunny window.

Hot & Cold Conditions

When crystals are exposed to contrasting hot and cold (heating then cooling) they are more vulnerable to cracks, flaws appearing or breaking suddenly. This might be caused by placing crystals by a radiator, heater, AC unit, window or in a hot bath. Please note raw, unpolished crystals are more vulnerable to this.

Water Cleansing

Certain minerals are damaged by water, some gradually dissolve over time, losing their smooth surface. Others are porous and will develop cracks, while some lose or change their colour. Metallic crystals can tarnish or even rust. Saltwater is even more risky and a common way people see their crystals change, so please don’t use it!

For more info on this please see my blog post Why I Never Cleanse Crystals In Water.

Amethyst crystal points in water
Not all crystal like water

Delicate & Friable Crystals

Some types of minerals are known for being extremely delicate or friable. For example, they crumble easily and shed with handling or even on their own. This includes crystals like Black Tourmaline, Celestite, Aragonite and Selenite, especially when in their raw unpolished form.

You will normally see powder or small pieces of the crystal have fallen around it. This could easily be missed if you’re carrying raw stones in your pocket or keeping them in a box with many other stones…

Oxidisation, Tarnishing & Rusting

Some minerals will naturally tarnish over time. This will usually darken the colour of the stone, make it appear dull or completely change its colour. This is common in metallic minerals like Pyrite. Some minerals will even rust and this is usually caused by them being wet, water cleansing or even sweat if worn. I’ve seen this happen with raw (not polished) Hematite.

TIP: You can polish tarnished stones like Pyrite with a dry cloth to look like new again.

Missing Or Forgetting The Details

Could you have missed the new feature you found on your crystal? Even a small Quartz crystal point can have all kinds of interesting markings or inclusions. Perhaps you just never noticed this one before? This is why taking photos or a video of new crystals will help you see if they really changed.

Crystal collection
It’s harder to remember all the details when you have a large collection

What If It’s None Of The Above?

I’ve covered these possibilities above because you need to be sure that this was not caused by these mundane factors. There may also be other causes that I am not aware of. Make sure that it is not one of these things and that you can’t find a logical explanation.

Although crystals grow and change in the Earth this should not happen after mining (this is what I am talking about in this article). As far as I am aware inclusions of minerals should not appear in or disappear from a crystal that you have bought. Cracks or flaws inside a crystal should not heal themselves any more. Crystals should not be able to change shape, grow or multiply.

Prehnite palmstone filled with Epidote inclusions
This Prehnite palmstone is filled with Epidote inclusions

Unexplained Cases

For instance, this has happened to me with a small Smoky Quartz crystal point. I know I would have remembered it if it looked the way it did when I noticed the change. It suddenly had a white/cream layer or inclusion inside it one day. It was big enough that I could not miss it and I didn’t really like the look of it now, to be honest.

Because it was way back before I had a camera phone, I have no before-photo. I can’t explain it and I have never had this happen with any other stone. I just found this crystal today and I can’t believe this but the white inclusion is almost gone. It is now tiny and I almost missed it. I’m not even sure this is in the same place, it may have vanished completely.

TIP – Photograph or film any changes in a crystal to document it. Then you can see if the crystal continues to change or reverts back in the future.

Brandenburg Quartz crystal point
Brandenburg Quartz – Why not share photos on social media to use as a backup record of your crystals?

What Does It Mean If Your Crystal Changes?


If you have a crystal that appears to have changed with no known reason, I have a theory that seems to make sense to most that experience this. I believe that the crystal has done some kind of deep healing for you. The crystal may have cleansed some negative energy or cleared a block you had.

When a crystal changes it tends to happen when we have been through a big personal transformation.

1 – Have you had some kind of awakening or shift in your whole outlook on life?

2 – Have you been through losses or big challenges lately?

In other words, this can be an inner transformation or an external one. Just know that you and the crystal are linked. The crystal has helped you and reflects the changes you have experienced. Make sure it is cleansed and thank the crystal for any healing or clearing work it has and may still be doing for you.

Has your crystal changed with no logical explanation? Please share how it changed and if you feel it might be a healing or life change (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


P.S. If you know anyone who may be interested in this article please share it with one of the sharing buttons at the end or side of this post.

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68 thoughts on “Why Did My Crystal Change? Colour, shape, inclusion

  1. Debbie Burch

    I have had that experience too and thought I was making it up, but I don’t think so. I bought a smoky quartz that started growing new points (no photos but I know it didn’tlook like that when I bought it), and a Tibetan quartz crystal that had a person meditating inside it when I bought it and he disappeared (I have photos from when I bought it to prove it).

  2. Maury

    I had an almost-clear polished citrine that became filled with inclusions over time. I also had a polished clear quartz that filled with inclusions. I once asked a Native American holy woman why this happened, and she said these crystals had messages for me.

  3. Lowri Clayton

    Thank you again for teaching me how to dedicate our crystals as it lifted the curse on my healing gift that killed my mother, Harry’s gran and others. Blessed be everything virtuous we hold sacred and fair punishments for ill deed. Please feel free to ask me any moral questions you like or similarly impart wisdom.

  4. Brenda

    This has happened to me with 3 crystal types, I noticed recently. Some Ametrine crystals, (8 Tumbled and one pendant), A 3 inch standing Smokey Quartz point, 3 Rose Quartz pyramids and 2 of heart shaped ones. The Ametrine and the Smokey Quartz developed extensive cracks inside of them like they where almost trying to split open. The all rose quartz also developed very visible cracks. They were all perfect when I bought them and the funny thing is I had them all stored in protective packaging in boxes with the rest of my crystal collection. I had examined them when I got them, I had not used them, no temperature changes, or water soaks, or any way to explain it. I also have a very beautiful Black Tourmaline pendant that I did wear several times, but cannot anymore because the silver setting that it was in, repeatedly kept coming undone. The final time, I had been wearing it around my neck, under my shirt, and when I went to take it off my neck, it fell out of the setting into my hand and the beautiful silver setting which was very secure when I put it on, was totally wadded up & looked like it had been smashed with a hammer! Freaked me out a little bit, honestly. I was talking on the phone with my grown son who was in a very angry dark frame of mind, at that moment. I guess it protected me from his energy was all I could come up with to explain that one.

    1. Cheri

      For me, black tourmaline is the hardest crystal to wire wrap. I usually let the stone dictate the wrap, but tourmaline will flat out refuse to accept the wire. I think it doesn’t like to be caged and I can’t blame it!

  5. Pam Alexandra

    I have been wondering “Why Did My Crystals Change” all week now. And I was thrilled to get you newsletter and see this topic – Thank you! I have quite a few crystals that have become cloudy, and they are ones that I have used for healing. I won’t list them all. Several are quartz crystals (one cluster I’ve had for 40 years), then a double-terminated, self-healed, Vera Cruz Amethyst (it was self-healed t when I bought it) and a 2.3 inch polished natural unheated Citrine tower (the Citrine had some cloudiness in the bottom when I bought it, but it has increased over the years). And I had a real shocker a few weeks ago, I gazed into my Citrine and it had some black inclusions. The only inclusion it had when I bought it was a small bit of red (hematite).

    For the past three years I have carried the Amethyst and the Citrine, in separate pockets in my purse. I’ve kept them there and only taken them out occasionally to cleanse them and use them for healing. I feel I can’t leave the house without them and they are two large to be carried in a pocket. My question is – could these have become cloudy because they have lived in my purse pockets all of these years? And what about the new black inclusions in the Citrine? And what about my clear quartz crystals turning cloudy (it’s not from care). Thank you in advance!

      1. Pamela M Alexandra

        Thank you Ethan, I appreciate your reply. It makes sense to me! Also, thank you for this blog and your books. Your books are the best! They are excellent, for both beginners and those experienced with Crystals. I have finally finished reading them and will leave a review on Amazon soon.

  6. Stephanie Minns

    I’m glad you raised this, Ethan, as I’ve experienced this twice now and could not get an answer, even from a crystal healer I know. Someone on a forum suggested that the crystal had been changed due to an energy exchange with me as I’d meditated with both, one a deep purple amethyst tumblestone which developed a white and milky band around it. She felt it could have ‘taken a hit’ for me in a healing way. The other was my green and purple fluorite wand that developed a beautiful blue band at the base, and it’s now a 1.5cm deep band, not there at all before. It happened over a few weeks.

  7. Suzy Woo

    I mention this quite a bit as I do take photos of my crystals. I have a good sized Lemurian which had a unicorn in it, I captured clear photos, and now that unicorn is gone and it appears to have a lion’s face instead! I’d love to share but I don’t see that photos can be attached here.

    1. Cherry

      I’ve said the same Suzy. My primary Clear Quartz, which is both an Atlantean Record Keeper and a Lemurian Seed, also has a Pegasus in it! 🙂 I wish I could share the beauty.

        1. Cherry

          Yes, I do apologise, I have been meaning to reply and thank you for your wisdom; I’ve been battling my own immune system after my Covid booster shot, which has been giving me a really rough time. I haven’t been able to find the kind of practitioner you recommended though, so may have to resort to doing that myself.

          Much love to you.

  8. Gaye Eaves

    I had a Tourmalinated Quartz pendulum that was mostly black. It was put into a bookcase that has glass doors. It was kept there for several months, during which time I was digging deeply into spiritual matters and I believe attained measurable spiritual growth. When I went back one day to get the pendulum, I didn’t even recognize it! It was mostly clear with black streaks inside. No natural, physical factors were involved. My spiritual growth was the only thing I could attribute it to. (Yes, wish I had a before and after photo.) P.S. It is now one of my favorite pendulums. I feel a definite connection and it responds beautifully.

  9. Gail

    I keep a smooth clear quartz crystal in the glove box of my car for protection. One day when my husband was driving my car a truck rammed into him, resulting in the trunk/boot being pushed right into the back seat. Luckily, my husband was totally fine but the crystal shattered on the inside (the outside was still smooth with no cracks). To this day I truly believe that the crystal bore the brunt of the impact and saved him.

  10. Linda

    I have a clear quarts that after a year it, has clouded over don’t know what’s going on with it !!
    And I have two peacock stones one is still beautiful and the other one has changed to a darker not so colourful as when got them at the same store ! At the same time !! Again don’t know what happened to it !!
    Love it all the same though !!

  11. Kathrin Roberts

    Someone told me that had two crystals that grew bigger after they’d bought them. Not just a little bit either. I had no cause to doubt them because they were trustworthy people.

  12. Julie Brewer

    I have a large black Lightening Ridgr opal ring. A friend cut and polished it at my lapidary club and my daughter set it in sterling silver as a ring for me. I have worn it over 3 years now and never take it off. It was stunning to begin with bright clear flashes of blue, green, yellow, orange… and a little red to begin with. Ive noticed the colour intensities of red have increased noticeably over time… it catches peoples eyes frequently nowadays and comments of it winking and flashing red at them are common now. I adore this crystal and its a part of me… been through so much with me emotionally and spiritually. Im sure its reflecting this journey within.

  13. Jackye Stephens

    There is a 100% silicon life form in the ocean. It’s a sponge. That means there are two forms of life on Earth: carbon and silicon based. I think crystals or minerals can continue to change because of this living element we don’t understand, yet. Nikola Tesla has attested or speculated about this living aspect of crystals. It’s something to consider.

  14. George Kapraras

    Crystals which are alive change color according to the seasons. Especially, when it is very hot or cold, as it is temperature that effects. And in many cases the color changing crystals mostly return to their original colors soon.

    1. Cherry

      They can also change according to what colour light they’re viewed in. Alexandrite and Tanzanite are prime examples, both displaying pleochroism (the property of appearing to change colour in different light), but Sapphire also displays this. I have a lovely oval faceted Indigo Sapphire which looks deep blue in daylight, but turns purple under my bedside lamp. Sometimes, it’s just down to not having seen the difference before, although that doesn’t stop it from being a magical thing.

      Love and Light.

  15. Gail

    I have a teacher who gave me a small crystal Amethyst very pale lavender. He wanted us to do an experiment with it, take a picture of it, hold it in our hand whenever we do violet flame decrees & take another picture in the same location & light conditions when it changes. I sort’ve flaked out & kept forgetting to do it but at least one person had a very noticeable change, intensification of the color. I’ll get to it one of these days.

  16. Stephanie Minns

    After my first comment here about my fluorite wand, I sat meditating with it over my heart chakra, intending to cleanse/balance my aura, nothing too emotional or dramatic. It has now developed more of the clear band it had, the blue band (not there when I bought it) had divided into 2 distinct bands and the green has reduced to two small patches. It has only always sat on the same shelf in a dull, North-facing room with no sunlight. I’m amazed and would love to understand what process is going on here. Fascinating.

  17. Etienne Yturbe

    So today I bought my first crystal it is a Flourite crystal. when I bought it, it was light green and purple, I set it on my night stand and left it for a couple hours, when I went into my room later on and grabbed it I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but the crystal changed to dark blue! within the past year I went through a huge spiritual transformation and this topic really helped me understand why this happened. I don’t have a before picture because I wasn’t expecting this but I can send anyone who wants a picture of what it looks like now!

  18. Samantha

    As I sit here tonight holding my rose quartz that use to be very smooth. Which is why I researched, I noticed it has cuts and groves into it now! It never had these before. But what’s the craziest part is they make hearts!.. and I’m sure you know what the rose quartz is for.. I gently rub certain crystals while holding them, depending which one I am needing. I’ve also had ones that I wear change colors on me. I feel that it’s the crystals way of letting you know that it feels you and doing the healing power that is intended for. But wanted to see other’s opinions and if anyone knew exactly why.

  19. Tammy Garrett Hicks

    i have a crystal that my daughter gave me i really don’t know much about it or what type of crystal it is. It is on a key chain. my daughter told me to hold it and love it. i was in a really bad place when she gave it to me and had a lot of negative energy, so i didn’t want to touch the crystal, so i placed, on my desk and left it there for a couple of days. which happen to be a place i spend a lot of my time. i would not touch it it though. then all of a sudden i started feeling calmer and i picked it up and held it in my hands just for a couple of minutes, then i used the clip that is on the key chain to attach to my dress and let the crystal sit on my skin on the left side of my chest. Touching the crystal once in awhile. I actually left it sitting on my chest for a few hours. i noticed that the crystal changed color, by the time i took it off of my chest. i then put the crystal on my keys and didn’t think anything about.
    Then yesterday i was with my daughter and while i was in the store at the checkout i noticed the crystal changed color right away as soon as i touched it even for a second. when i got back to the car i pulled my keys out of my purse and thanked my daughter for the crystal. however when i pulled keys out of my purse i was careful not to touch the crystal, so that i can show my daughter that it changes color because i wanted to make sure that i wasn’t seeing something happen that wasn’t really happening. I held it in the air not touching it and explained to her about me attaching the crystal to my clothes the first day i touched it. i even happen to have a small section on my shirt that was about the same color that the crystal turned to that first day i touched it. my daughter looked at me in disbelief. so i that’s when i told her watch this, and i then wrapped both hands around the crystal less than 10 sec and it started changing color. she was shocked. she said hers don’t do that. she then said that that i must be connected to my crystal. we were on our way to another store and as she pulled off, i said i’m going to hold the crystal in my hands until we get to the next store to see what happens.
    The next store was only only about 5 blocks down the street and by the time she parked the car the crystal was the color of the green on my shirt like i told her that had happened before. i even put the crystal against my shirt to compare the color and it match that color of green perfectly. i then put back in my purse and we went in the store. and about 3 minutes later being careful not to touch the crystal i pulled my keys out and the crystal was back to its color of being a faint green with white covering a lot of the crystal.
    This is my first crystal and i have had it less than 2 weeks. I told my daughter i do want to get more crystals, to put around the house.
    I can see a difference in how i have been feeling seen i finally decided to actually touch the crystal.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Tammy,

      I’d need a photo to be certain, but your crystal sounds like it might be a Fluorite. (That said, Fluorite is a fairly soft crystal, and not one I’d personally choose to put on a key ring.)

      Fluorite is one of the most collectible crystals in the world, and a lot’s been said and written elsewhere about its powers. A quick Google search will lead you in the right direction generally, but Fluorite has one specific property which I feel is what’s benefitting you.


      Negative energy stresses us in ways we often can’t even feel, and emotional distress is one of the first ways it makes itself known. Fluorite is excellent at eradicating that negativity and soothing the spirit. I think the colour change might have been its way of encouraging you to touch it, so it could do its best work to help you.

      Keep working with it; and please be careful about how much you knock it about. If it is Fluorite, it will chip pretty easily. Perhaps, if that’s the case, you could turn it into a necklace instead?

      Love and Light.

  20. Kim Anglin

    I’m glad I found this article!
    I have been going through a ton of turmoil due to family trauma and tonight on the full moon/ Halloween I did a fire ritual and carried my Black Tourmaline with me all day. My black tourmaline had a few mica inclusions visible and after today and after the ritual, I noticed so many more shiny inclusions on the stone. Parts I was just looking at today are now covered in stripes of silvery mica. I truly feel like this stone protected and helped me heal. Week/Months before even dealing with these issues I kept getting messages over and over in various ways that I should find some Black Tourmaline because I would need psychic protection soon. I now see why I got that guidance and I see the gift given to me through this stone. Thanks so much for this article!

  21. Emma Wilkinson

    Yes I noticed that my clear quartz Crystal’s were a bit more worn looking at the bottom and there is some tiny black speks but I have never taken them out of the house but apart from the bottom the Crystal’s are niticibly clearer my fiance doesn’t practice the craft or pay much attention but even he noticed how much clearer they were and apparently I’m just about to go free some kind of transition and it’s something to do with the planets and I’m going to be going on a very lonely but beneficial spiritual journey ever time I see another phyicic or tarot reader they atomamticilly want to read me .

  22. James Hayes

    I have a amethyst bracelet and within in 2hrs wearing it out of sunlight it had turn white and clear and had lost all its violet colour why? Can you explain to me please is this a new awakening or shift in consciousness as ive been studying this and the paranormal.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Amethyst is one of the many coloured crystals that fades in direct sunlight but it usually takes months to fade. Did you buy from a reputable source? I can’t tell you or anyone specificly why yours changed, the article was written to help people to decide for themselves.

  23. Vivian

    I put out all my crystals yesterday near my window to charge in the moonlight. When I went to put them away before I went to bed, I noticed that my rose quartz had faded significantly, almost to white. I never leave my crystals in the sunlight because I know that some crystals fade. I used the rose quartz recently in a grid and had left it on a counter where it could have received indirect sunlight. I didn’t know that the sun could affect it if it wasn’t near the window. I’m still not sure if the color is gone because my crystal was in the grid or because it received indirect sunlight. None of my other crystals have ever been affected in this way!

  24. Cherry

    In 1999 I volunteered for a short while in a geological museum. I won’t go into all the details, but I found a beautiful Citrine tumblestone while there. It had been left in near absolute darkness for some time (it says about 9 months) and was a very dull kind of dingy, dirty yellow. It was absolutely freezing when I first touched it, like touching a glacier! I knew it was in trouble – Citrine is one of the Solar gems and actually needs sunlight – so I gave it probably more loving energy than I had to spare (I thought about everything I love in this world, gathered that energy into my heart chakra and fired it down my right arm to the stone where it lay in my right hand), took it home and, en route, let it sit in as much sun as I could.

    When I got it home, it had turned a glorious pale golden colour, which colour it has remained to date. It also boosted my confidence to demand my rights: the organisers were expecting me to work continuously in front of an unscreened CRT monitor for 4-5 hours, which was totally illegal, and the stone helped me not only to remind them it was illegal, but to enforce my rights, then to quit when they tried to tell me off.

    I think it’s a natural Citrine, as opposed to a heat-treated one, because I have several heat-treated Citrines, which at that point I’d had for over 5 years, and the energy is quite different. Also, the tumblestone is the same shade of yellow all over, and isn’t as deep a golden shade as the heat-treated ones. It’s also a ‘close personal’ crystal which has done me a heck of a lot of good!

    Love and Light.

  25. Laurey

    I am looking for any answers or help. The Crystal’s I have are sacred to me. I use them in guided practice, use them as tools to help me day to day. I always have a crystal or 2 in my pocket. I smudge and grid them. I have 10 small quartz Crystal’s. Over the course of a year, they all got larger in size. Some points split and double terminated, some had inclusions and growth that was building off of the original crystal in a square like formation that was glassy like flourite and the texture of calcite. Some are creating 6 facets and growing white chunky think quartz at the base of the crystal. My argonite changed shape & color. The Sputniks started turning white, getting large and thick. There was even a matrix that formed on top in the shape of an X. My flourite tower was clear, clean, unbelievable quality. Like seethrough purple & green glass with the most perfect lines. You could see right through it. The one day I looked at it and it had cloudy white inclusions shooting threw it. Like you said Ethan, I didn’t really like it. I have an abundance of other specimens but these are the ones I do my spiritual work with. My ex- boyfriend used to call me crazy. He started taking photos to see for himself (he wasnt a crystal maniac and didn’t see them often as I did) and he was convinced. Why? This is something I never experienced. If you say about crystal healing is true. It makes sense. I went through a break up. Moved across country, lost my job & apartment and had to move back to where I am from because the state I was in literally caught on fire. This year has been so trying but with reward. My spiritual growth is apparent and I am able to handle anything. What I am wondering is, do they go back? They were 2 dollar quarts points that are turning into some of the beautiful little pieces I’ve ever seen. Also I keep them in my room with about 10 other specimens, I noticed today my rose quartz point sitting next to it started to get the calcite texture up the side and flourite lines and definition. Now, I’m not only wondering what it means but is it possible for the power of those crystals to change the form of those around it. They have changed SO drastically I can’t help but wonder what is going on. I also received a orchid calcite (orange calcite+black tourmaline) and it was a vibrant vibrant orange. Almost like carnelian. It’s been on my person for a month now and there are black and white specks everywhere, like a disease. It made me sad. I’m assuming it’s the tourmaline filter the negativity, and right now I’m battling an evil person and trying to keep my light. I think that crystal took the brunt of alot of stuff recently lol. Any thoughts about why and if they can change other crystals would be SO helpful.
    Thank You So much reader!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      That sounds really amazing. I’ve never really thought about a crystal changing the others before. If I were you I would definitely keep photo/video records of the changes as they occur and maybe share them online to see what people think is going on.

  26. Tea

    I have a heart shaped rose quartz. I have been carrying this in my hand for…. months. I baby this gem and I do put a lot of my energy and heart into it. All of a sudden there is two separate red cracks inside the gem. Not just a normal red, but it is the color of blood and just like when you get a small cut and the blood slightly runs from it, the same is happening with the color in the crystal. It looks like my heart shaped rose quartz crystal has been stabbed on the inside twice – like it has been scarred. Now to state that my heart is a bit heavy and I am confused about feelings I’m having for someone would be an understatement. I actually carry the heart around for someone I care deeply about. And now – these strange changes in the crystal and I have no clue what they mean. Don’t even know if I fully want to know, but I googled it anyway.

    1. Courtney DeShields

      Hello Tea,
      Can i just say that i think you already know your answer. In fact, if you were to reread your post im sure you would see the answer for yourself! Your precious R.Q. has been scarred you say and you also say your heart is heavy for whatever reasons it may be, right? Well, don’t forget dear that the stones we wear, carry, use and love, love us back. So, I believe if you hurt so does your RQ, maybe not necessarily in the same way but it definitely will absorb the energy from your hurt. Perhaps the reason for its new markings? Ijs. I would try to gain some clarity into the situation you are in. Perhaps use another stone for grounding, focus and clarity so that you can *see* your circumstances and if they are even worth it. The RQ may be *crying* to try and save you so that you won’t have to cry literally in the near future. Just my thoughts..have a great day!

      1. Cherry

        @Courtney, absolutely right.

        @Tea, you need to work through these feelings and resolve them if your Rose Quartz – an empathetic crystal if ever there was one – is to stand a chance to heal. You could work with Apache Tear Obsidian or, preferably given the situation, Snowflake Obsidian, either of which will bring matters into the light and support you while you deal with them. Pink Tourmaline will also help on the heart chakra side of things. Lastly, make sure you give your lovely Rose Quartz a deep cleanse, perhaps burying it in the earth (or a plant pot if you don’t have a garden) for a few days while its Mother restores it (but I recommend putting it in a glass jar or similar first, to protect it from the elements).

        Love and Light.

  27. Courtney DeShields

    Hello Ethan,
    I recently (within the last month) ordered a yellow aventurine pendant to help balance my solar plexus chakra. About 2 wks after receiving it I finally got around to cleansing and activating it.I noticed immediately upon inspection it has a thin, clear, white crack almost around the entire mid to bottom perimeter of the crystal. No worries for me as I love each and every imperfection on my crystals. To me it is what makes them unique. Anyways, I began wearing it later that night after I showered. Today probably makes about the 2nd week or close to for me wearing it and I only take it off to shower. Afew days ago (maybe 4) I noticed that the little crack is no longer clear. It is now brown and the whole pendant is now a little darker under the crack and cloudy above. I figure it must have done some heavy duty work for me and now needs to be cleansed again. I know people have different methods about how to gauge when their crystals are dirty or clean and although I am relatively new to this i did notice that for me right away i could tell when my crystals were clean when smudging because in MY eyes they looked lighter..some people say they will feel lighter but that wasn’t the case for when i look at her intuitively that is what i feel, that she needs cleaning. But i came here for a 2nd opinion of sorts bcuz I never heard of this happening so quickly. So, if you would be so kind as to lend me some insight i would greatly appreciate it. Pls and Ty!!

    1. Cherry

      Hi Courtney,

      It certainly sounds as if your Yellow Aventurine did some serious work on your behalf!

      It is possible – and indeed, many practitioners base their crystal care routines around this point – for most if not all crystals to pick up enough of a load in just one session, to require cleansing straight away afterwards. I’m quite lucky in this regard: because I’m blessed with the gift of crystal whispering, mine simply tell me that’s so when the time comes.

      I think I might know what may have happened here. Since you were (I presume) drawn to buy a crystal for that specific purpose, it’s possible that your solar plexus chakra was badly polluted, blocked, or even closed. If that was the case, then your Yellow Aventurine probably had its work cut out for it, and could use some rest, as well as cleansing and charging. Crystals can get fatigued just the same way we can when overworked, and just like us, when fatigue strikes, they need to take it easy.

      I can recommend some very good alternatives, should you feel your solar plexus needs further work while your Aventurine rests: Citrine, Heliodor, Yellow Jade, Yellow Agate, Golden Healer Quartz, and/or Yellow Sapphire. Any or all of these can help you cleanse and open that chakra and tap into your personal power once more. Just please do remember to cleanse, charge, and let them rest, if you get the sense that they’re becoming fatigued.

      Incidentally, you might want to cultivate that intuitive nudge you get which tells you your crystals need cleansing, because it may not be your intuition as such; it might be your crystals. That would mean you either are, or have the possibility of becoming, a crystal whisperer yourself.

      Love and Light.

  28. Amata

    I just found your article and I was delighted to read your theory that a crystal’s physical properties might change if they are doing healing work for you.

    I just noticed this phenomenon where I held one tiny serpentine bead and it felt physically HEAVY as if it could quickly pull my hand to the ground. I felt so much peace that evening while I held the bead and today it feels light. It actually seems to match the mass of the other beads on the bracelet.

    I thought this could be helpful to anyone else who’s had this experience!

  29. Vanessa Ramirez

    Hi i didnt see anything on crystals actually growing extensions. This is happened to me a couple of times a small citrine a small piece of azurite. Thought i was going crazy but fortunately i came across this article.

  30. Beth Young

    Less than a week ago my crystal business got three K2 pendants in one of which had a fine touch of malachite around the blue orb. These stones are predominantly granite white with inclusions. I gave one to my son and wore one for the last week. Today on looking in the mirror I was stunned that my K2 had no white at all it is now completely green still with inclusions and blue orbs but no white granite at all. I have photos with my sons necklace to show the massively different change.

  31. Brian B

    I bought a piece of black tourmaline online, and don’t remember it having anything other than a black colour. Now it has some white at one end – the end that is more pointy. I know there is a spirit of some kind around me – maybe djinn or demon. So I wonder if it has changed because of something related to that. I have also noticed some scratch marks on it, but I am not sure if they were there when I first got it a couple of months ago, so it is possible they were there already.
    I have not washed the stone in water or anything else, and only just today put it in sunlight for about five minutes.

  32. Cherry

    Hi Brian,

    Not to step on Ethan’s toes here, but Tourmaline is a speciality of mine: I work extensively with it and won’t leave the house without it!

    It sounds as if you’re right (although in order to be absolutely certain, I’d need to whisper the stone) and you have a spirit around you which means you some ill. This being the case, I would say the reason your Tourmaline changed is that it repelled a psychic attack or similar for you, and the hit it took, has caused the change.

    I’m being asked by my Labradorite to suggest that you add other protective crystals into your daily regimen, whatever that may be: I’m specifically being told, Obsidian and Aegerine. It can be any Obsidian you choose; and if Aegerine is off the menu for whatever reason, then Labradorite would be a superb substitute. I would also, without recourse to asking my crystals, recommend you reach out to a Lightworker or White Witch for help with your spook; as you probably know full well already, having it hanging around won’t be doing you much good.

    You may also want to get more Black Tourmaline, including a wearable piece if you don’t have one already: you can carry protection around your neck, on your hand or wrist, on your tie pin, or wherever else you choose, and keep your hands free. In any case, you can then also look to set up a protective Black Tourmaline grid in your home. For this, I can heartily recommend Ethan’s knowledge and wisdom; he has it spot on

    Lastly, concerning the changed crystal: it has made a sacrifice of sorts for your sake. Please, if you aren’t already, make sure you honour it, thank it and give it lots of love.

    Love and Light.

    1. Brian B

      Thank you for replying. Some of what you suggest does not accord with my beliefs but it is interesting. I am looking more at Biblical explanations for what is going on. So I am looking more back to Christianity, after having an interest in Buddhism for many years (but never rejected God/Bible exactly).
      I can look into the other stones you mention like obsidian. I can appreciate the stones as part of God’s creation. So maybe God has helped through the stone, if you know what I mean. God can probably help in many other ways. I still do meditation (on the breath) and that has helped, but also some other things that I have found help. Ultimately I might need to go to a church for prayers / exorcism.
      The spirit, from what I have been learning, I think is like a djinn but also think that is what would be referred to in the Bible as ‘unclean spirit’ (or demon) – maybe like a low level demon. I think it has been with me since about four years old, but for most of those years I have just not realised it was there. There was something I saw when I was that age. It has quite a dark energy to it and pulls my energy down – not just like a lack of energy when it pulls my energy out (to feed off), but also turns it quite ‘dark’. If you have not experienced it then you might not understand that. It is almost like the energy has a direction as well as a quantity. So one thing that has also helped is to try to connect (in the mind/body) with the light/God, rather than to a more downwards direction or darkness.

  33. Anna

    I’ve got major major transportation happening on a continuing constant if this is what is causing the crystal clusters to be more interesting to observe than the mocking bird flat screen wing flicker…… Does any one know what the black specks are doing jumping in to another crystal totally different kind and everything….. ?

  34. Emma Young

    I have a amethyst cluster which I brought about a year ago it intrigued me as it had a white quartz type growing across some of it and also a black very sparkly piece on it. I’d never seen this before. Then a couple of months after I brought I noticed changes and not pleasant ones to the eye. It looks like a face has formed one piece is sunken in like a eye socket across from this the black shiny piece has literally weeped down surrounding the white quartz part and the black piece now resembles an eye with eyelid which has grown out of it. As well as it has faded to a very pale some white colour. When I look at it I don’t get good vibes I don’t no what to do with it I have cleansed it several times

  35. Tina dillon

    When I first received a quartz I was drawn to it was completely black opaque. Not a clear spot or anything Def could not see inside the crystal at all. Not w a light behind it and not w a light in front of it . Over the years tho, and I held it and would look intently at it w questions of my life in my head, or past lives even, I’d hold it and also run my fingers over it . As the years went by I started noticing it was clearing . I was able to see threw it at different spots and that increased. Now u can still see black but also inside the phantoms, rainbows, etc etc and as I would I’d search up what I could on it. I have gotten so many answers to things I had I was so happy feeling I had found my answers. I have not been able to find anything on this subject . I grew . And feel as I did it changed , it was showing what was next to learn abt myself.

    1. Cherry

      That sounds like either a Smoky Quartz or – although given their rarity and the brightening effect you witnessed, this is less likely – a Tibetan Black Quartz.

      I’ll go with the assumption that it’s a Smoky Quartz, because the properties actually fit very well for your situation: Smoky Quartz is a very powerful, shamanic crystal which can and will lead you to some deep and fundamental answers about your life (and past life experiences too).

      As for its clarifying as you work with it, this is a familiar story to me: in 1995 I bought my husband a Rose Quartz pendant, which told me in no uncertain terms that she was meant for him. At the time, she was completely opaque. He still has her now, loves her to bits, takes extremely good care of her and has repeatedly described her as the best gift anyone ever gave him.

      As time has passed, and he’s evolved and changed – for example, when we first got together he was not merely not a crystal person, but an outright sceptic – the stone has partially clarified. From entirely opaque, she’s now at least 50% transparent.

      The crucial ingredient for this recipe is simple.


      Crystals love to be loved, and if you show them love (for example, I sometimes drop mine, and I always apologise for my clumsiness and kiss them better), they will show you wonders!

      I guess they’re just like any other living being — they love to know that they’re loved.

      Love and Light.

  36. Tanya

    Hi, I’m so happy to have found this post!
    I was exploring around on the topic cause I’ve just noticed now my tumbled amethyst has grown a bubble! It was very weird and unpleasant feeling that I got there was this bag of stones that I kept on the side since my friend died- those were the stones that she was having on and around her body till her last breath in the hospital… I was not ready to face them until today and when I opened the bag I was shocked. I have 2 tumbled chevron amethyst( one of them was a gift to her) so her family gave it to me back after she died cause they are not into crystals… what I find weird is that the growth of her amethyst is greyish/yellowish bump it looks like a tumor….
    What could this possibly mean? I feel like it absorbed so much negativity more than it can handle. I also feel the need to give it to someone of her family cause I initially bought it for her and every time I see it it it makes me feel as if I have something that is not mine, a gift that I took back…
    Any thoughts, suggestions, advices will be appreciated

  37. Cherry

    Hi Tanya,

    First, I’m very sorry for your loss. Your concern for the tumblestones is heart-warming, though, especially given that you’d have every right to focus just on yourself at such a sad time. It says a lot of good things about you.

    You state that the tumbles were very physically close to your friend right up until she left this life; your feeling about them needing to be cleansed is spot on. They will probably, type notwithstanding, have picked up a huge amount of grieving energy from your friend’s family, along with residual energies from your friend’s passing; and yes, you’re right again, this would be a lot for any crystal to bear. Your friend’s passing was probably in her highest good – ask any energy or crystal healer, they’ll probably tell you there are times when a peaceful passing is the best healing a patient can have – but those tumblestones will have got the brunt of it, energetically speaking, and the more so if hers was a long illness.

    As for the Amethyst developing a new growth, it’s hard to say for sure what that means: it may be an empathetic thing, but it could also be a message saying that your friend is also experiencing growth and evolution (a process our souls go through constantly, life after life, until we’ve perfected ourselves) in Spirit or even in a new lifetime.

    If you possibly can, I would bury the tumblestones in earth for a period of one week; if there are delicate or fragile crystals among them, then it doesn’t hurt to place them in a glass jar to protect them (and it would naturally be best to mark the spot). This could also normally be achieved by placing them in a plant pot, but in this case I fear that might harm the plant, so I advise against that.

    If, when you retrieve the tumbles, you still have the same sense that you shouldn’t have one or more of them, then there’s no harm in explaining to your friend’s family that it feels wrong for you to keep them, and see what they want to do.

    Love and Light, and sending healing wishes to you.

  38. Cherry

    Ethan, I just discovered something strange.

    Besides my occasionally dropping them, my crystals hardly ever change, perhaps because I bring them home at least partly so they’re safe (which I guess is why it grieves me when I do drop them). But I picked up one of my smaller Quartzes this morning to say hi – I hadn’t handled it for three or four months – and I spotted something I know wasn’t there last time.

    On one side, about 4mm above the base, is an amorphous growth, no crystal shape to it but it’s hard, so definitely not wax or some other external substance. Embedded in this new growth, are four tiny round patches of something red, like droplets of blood or minute African Rubies. I also noticed for the first time (no idea if this is related or not) that a small hole had been drilled in the crystal’s base, to a depth of maybr 6mm; it’s an ex-pendant, so that wasn’t unexpected, but other fractures have spread out – or so it seems – from the hole, and the fracture network in its entirety takes the appearance of a young tree.

    To all other appearances, this is a perfectly normal small Clear Quartz crystal. Do you have any idea what these changes might mean? I’ve taken a photo, so I can email it to you if needs be. I feel this means something, but I just can’t figure out what.

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Yeah, it is crazy that this kind of thing happens. Maybe with the red plus the tree it is connected to the root chakra. So something about grounding or needing to connect with nature more, You can send me a pic

  39. Kimberlee Gerrard

    Ok so I have an amethyst ring, oval ring. It’s purple and it’s probably 4 karat in size. So anyways the other day I looked down and my ring was no longer purple it was a very beautiful deep turquoise. No purple at all. It was like that for about 3-4 hours and then went back to purple. Why would it do this? I have looked it up and I can’t find any explanation.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Kimberlee,

      A complete change of colour like that is very unusual. Are you certain that your ring is actually Amethyst? I only ask because Alexandrite is a similar purple colour in normal daylight, but if the light changes, it can turn greenish or greenish-blue. It is possible for Amethyst to display this pleochroism (like the Alexandrite), but not from purple to turquoise; rather from violet to other shades of purple.

      Failing that, although this complete colour change isn’t altogether unheard of, it’s so rare that I’m not surprised you couldn’t find out anything about it.

      Assuming for a moment your ring is an Amethyst, I think you may have passed through something you needed protecting from. Often when a gem changes colour that way (I say gem because, while Amethyst is commonplace these days, before the opening up of the deposits in South America, it was the fifth cardinal gem along with Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald) it’s trying to warn its human of something.

      Let’s hope that whatever it is, it has passed you by without incident!

      Love and Light.

  40. Christina

    I have a lepidolite palm stone that is one of my favorite crystals and has helped me so much with anxiety. I purchased a second lepidolite palm stone because I love it so much. Last night I put my new lepidolite next to my old one for the first time (I removed my current lepidolite from the selenite and replaced it with the new one) and I couldn’t help but think of how perfect the new one looks. I did hold my old lepidolite and inspect it while I was comparing the two and there were no black marks at all. A few hours later I reached for my original lepidolite and it suddenly after only a few hours has multiple black splotches on different parts of the stone. There was nothing touching the stone, but even if there was these black marks are all in different areas of the crystal so it wouldn’t even be possible for the marks to be from something touching it. Do you have any idea why this happened?

  41. Cherry

    Hi Christina,

    Crystals have a complex inner life of their own, and without whispering your Lepidolite I can’t be 100% certain, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s ‘taken a hit’ of some kind for you. If you’re in a stressful or risky situation, your – and not just you personally, this has also happened to me any many others besides – crystals might put themselves between you and whatever is unhelpful to you; changes like the one you mentioned are a visible mark of the work it’s done to help you.

    I recommend giving your palmstone lots of love and gratitude, and letting it rest. It isn’t ruined, and it will still be of value to you, but it sounds like it needs a vacation!

    Love and Light.

  42. Cherry

    I’ve got one as well.

    Back in the mid 1990s I bought a 5¼” Clear Quartz. It’s a powerful one, a 7-3-7-3-7-3 Dow with a white phantom, sometimes known as a Shaman Dow Quartz.

    When I bought it, the fermination was just rough where it had been detached from its matrix rock. But before Christmas, I picked it up and held it, wand style with the base in the centre of my palm, and I noticed that the base frkt somehow different.

    When I looked, where the base had been amorphous Quartz with the same texture as Vein Quartz, it had grown dozens of tiny, flat terminations.

    It had self-healed!

    I was shocked, wondering how I’d missed it and when it had happened, but I remembered the Quartz crystals take thousands of years – or more, size depending – to grow at all. Three decades to self-heal isn’t that long by comparison.

    Still, mind = blown!

    Love and Light.

  43. Zi

    Hi. Thank you for this post.
    4.crystals changed dramatically following me having dental xrays.
    7 x rays at once and totally unnecessary, which left me feeling physically not ok.
    The first night after xrays i was holding clear quartz to my jaw, it made a sound ! And when. I looked had gone almost entirely cloudy, with two intense cloudy bands running the width of the crystal. (A few weeks.later it is still warm to the touch).
    The next night I used black tourmaline and it cracked down the middle.
    The 3rd night I held a small clear orange crystal and it went cloudy orange with a white band around it.
    And now a larger piece of clear quartz is growing blood red streaks thru it.

    My feeling is that they were helping with the radiation – but are they OK? Do I need to retire them ?.. are they full of radiation effects?

    Also a little scared as i can still feel the xray effects on my head and wonder if the changing if the crystals means my health in danger from the xrays ?

  44. XanderKostroma

    Really love it! So impressive way to describe different conditions of crystals such as in sunlight, hot, cold, water cleansing etc. You are very amazing person who know almost everything about different types of crystals.

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