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9 Crystals For Summer Season & Solstice (Video)

9 Crystals For Summer Season & Solstice (Video)

9 Crystals For Summer Season & Solstice (Video)

Discover nine vibrant crystals for Summer season and the Summer Solstice. It’s time to soak up the Sun and manifest abundance! Let these seasonal stones support you and connect you with the energy of the season and the current cycles of nature.


Since posting this guide, I have made a concise video about these crystals for my YouTube channel. You can watch it instead. You can always read the blog post afterwards if you feel you need more detail.

Where I live, Summer is the season when nature is at its most lush, green and colourful. Many flowers are in bloom and fruits and vegetables start to ripen. It’s all thanks to the increase in sunshine and warm weather. Here in the UK, we see Sunflowers, Roses, Lavender and Honeysuckle flowers. Our gardens are full of bees, birds and insects.

Summer Solstice, Holidays & Festivals

The Summer Solstice, also known as Midsummer is when the Earth has one of its poles at maximum tilt towards the Sun. The Sun now reaches the highest part of the sky and the days are at the longest. Today and around the world, we now see this day more as the start of the Summer season.

There are a few holidays and festivals around this time of year, especially in the northern hemisphere. Litha, Midsummer, Dragonboat Festival, Jani and Lughnasadh to name only a few. Many of these festivals date back thousands of years.

The Summer Energy Shift

The Summer Solstice could be seen as one of four energetic gateways or portals of the year. It marks a time of maximum solar energy and light. Common festive themes at this time are the harvest, abundance, fertility, the Sun and the divine masculine.

Around this time you should feel like your energy levels are high. Sunlight and nature make people feel more positive. The warm weather allows you to have plenty of time outside, sunshine and fresh air. Spending time with family, travelling or going on holiday (vacation) are popular activities at this time.

You should feel connected to nature now. It’s all about enjoying the abundance of nature, activity and having greater freedom. The plans that you made earlier in the year may be coming to fruition. Summer is also a good time for personal growth.

Things To Do Or Focus On In Summer

Get outside as much as possible

Visit a beautiful place in nature

Do Yoga or meditate outside

Place fresh flowers in your home or on your altar

Watch the Sun rise or set

Look at where you are putting your energy

Read a book or take a course

Do some gardening or water your plants

Do daily exercise or just walk

Drink herbal tea

Work with Summer themed Oracle or Tarot decks

Go to a festival or outdoor event

List all the things you are grateful for

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

Crystals for Summer. Amethyst cluster, citrus fruits, amber

Summer Incense, Oil

& Candle Suggestions






Bay Leaf


How To Work With Crystals For Summer

There are many crystals you may find that represent this season or that can support you during this phase of the year. In my list of crystals for Summer, I’ve covered their symbolic meanings plus their helpful properties below.

You can wear or carry these stones on you. You could put them on display in your home to synchronise yourself with the season. Decorate your altar or any sacred space with them. Why not create a crystal grid from these crystals?

Crystals for summer - Crystal grid with Quartz, Fluorite and Amethyst
Learn all about crystal grids in Crystal Grids Power. Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from any qualifying purchases.

9 Crystals For Summer


This is a form of Feldspar can be white to clear with orange, pink or peach tones. These stones have a glittering effect like the sun on seawater. Sunstone is connected with the energy of the Sun and a powerful mood enhancer. Work with this crystal to build positive thought patterns.

Sunstone tumbled stone
Sunstone Tumbled Stone


This green variety of Aventurine almost looks like luscious green fruit. Sometimes it has speckles of darker green inside it that look like tiny seeds. Green Aventurine is a popular stone for abundance and prosperity in all its forms.

Green Aventurine tumbled stone
Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone


The form of a crystal cluster can be used to represent the element of fire. The mix of crystals in a group also holds strong energy of community. Crystal Clusters are excellent crystals for working with groups, family and community. Alternatively, you could use a crystal flame for fire energy.

Flame aura cluster
Flame Aura Cluster


It wouldn’t be a Summer solar themed selection without Citrine. This golden form of Quartz is brimming with solar energy. Work with Citrine to develop a mindset that is needed for success. Citrine draws prosperity and helps you create wealth over time.

Citrine crystal point
Natural Citrine Crystal Point


This intense green form of gem-quality clear Olivine is really beautiful. Its colour is like Sun-ripened extra virgin olive oil. Most of the crystals on the market are very small, you do not need anything big. Peridot is another crystal for prosperity and manifesting abundance in your life.

Peridot Tumbled Stone
Peridot Tumbled Stone


Amber is a gemstone that is formed from the fossilised resin of trees from millions of years ago. It can be clear to opaque with most stones being golden yellow like honey. Amber looks like crystalised sunlight and has this energy inside it. Work with Amber to connect with nature and the Sun.

Polish Amber tumbled stone
Polish Amber Tumbled Stone


This is a geometric shape that is carved into a tower with four sides tapering to a pyramid termination at the top. Obelisks can be found throughout the world but the earliest ones were made in Ancient Egypt. They were sacred to the Sun God Ra. Crystal Obelisks anchor solar energy and divine masculine power.

Crystals for Summer - Sunstone Obelisk, wooden box and flowers
Sunstone Obelisk


Although red rubies exist most of them especially non-gem quality stones are more of a warm purple colour. Many red Rubies are actually heat-treated anyway. For crystal healing purposes you do not need a clear crystal and these are surprisingly affordable tumbled stones. Ruby has long been associated with the Sun in Vedic Astrology, it is a good stone for energy and empowerment.

Natural Ruby Tumbled Stone
Natural Ruby Tumbled Stone


This stone is golden with brown and black bands that resemble tiger stripes. Tiger’s Eye is another solar stone and associated with the zodiac sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun in astrology. Its confidence-boosting energy is ideal for venturing out more and owning your power.

Tiger’s Eye Tumbled Stone

Do you have any crystals for Summer or that supports you through this time of year? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.
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  1. Sheettal sonei

    Amazing article .i wear a lot of tiger eye .i am a tarot reader and a angel card reader .on the way to becoming a energy healer .i would be greatful if you could share tips on what crystals can I wear to increase my intuition And also what crystals could I wear !! Thank you

  2. Jacqueline

    Hi Ethan , I enjoyed reading your summer solstice crystal tips. I don’t have an actual altar but will set up a display of summer crystals. Now that my summer Jasmine is in full bloom they will look good displayed with my crystals!

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