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Crystals For The New Moon Intentions, Ceremony, Energy

Crystals For The New Moon Intentions, Ceremony, Energy

Crystals For The New Moon Intentions, Ceremony, Energy

Six crystals for the New Moon Phase. These are some of my top lunar crystals for working with the energy of the New Moon for intentions, ceremonies, letting go or starting a new project…

The New Moon Phase

The New Moon also known as the Dark Moon occurs around once every 29 days. Today this is seen as the day when the Moon is dark and has no light. At this time the Moon is 100% covered by the shadow of the Earth. From this day onwards the light begins to return to the Moon and the waxing Moon phase will begin again, see diagram below.

Moon phases chart
The phases of the Moon. Designed by

Working With The New Moon

There are two main ways that you can work with the New Moon phase. You can use it to let go of the past or free yourself from toxic relationships. The New Moon supports you in ending bad habits and negative patterns in your life.

The other way is to work with the New Moon energy to plan and set intentions. Many see this as a time to plant new seeds for what they want to manifest or change. It supports starting new projects and developing new habits.

Black Obsidian crystal sphere and candles
Time for some new moon magick?

Moonology & Lunar Astrology

The Astrologer, Yasmin Boland has a comprehensive holistic guide to working with all the phases of the Moon. I recommend it because it interprets the phases in relation to your Sun sign. This lets you know how the Full and New Moon affect you personally. Check out her book Moonology. Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from any qualifying purchases.

Moonology Book on an altar
Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Checking New Moon Times

You may notice that some printed calendars show the New Moon days but make sure the dates are correct for your country. If you want to be precise, check a good Moon app or website like Deluxe Moon. I find their app is really handy to have on my phone.

TIP: Mark the days of the New Moon on your calendar or planner with a black circle!

crystals for the new moon. Moon phase shelf with crystals
Crystals for the new moon. Moon phase shelf from Stone & Violet.

Working With Crystals For The New Moon

You could wear one of these stones or carry it on you during the day of the New Moon. Why not use crystals for the New Moon phase in your meditations, visualisations, ceremonies, rituals or spiritual work you are doing at this time?

I recommend conscious planning at this time. InnerGuide planners are a way to ensure that you break down any goals into steps that you can set time for throughout the month or year. I’ve been using them for years. Learn more about these holistic goal planners HERE (affiliate link).

Innerguide planners
Click the pic to see more (affiliate)

6 Crystals For The New Moon

The following crystals will work well on any New Moon, regardless of which sign it occurs in. They are all activated by the New Moon phase. I chose these crystals because they all carry the general energy of this phase of the Moon. You can choose any crystal that aligns with your intentions. Many of these crystals help remove blocks and create the space needed for the blessings to come to you!

Crystals for the new Moon. Altar, candles and crystal shelf
Crystals for the New Moon. Hand incense holder by Black Star Clay Designs.

Black Moonstone

This is a form of Feldspar which has a black, grey and sometimes a little brown colouring. Black Moonstone is protective and strengthens your intuition to help you make better decisions. Work with this dark beauty when you are ready to do some shadow work. It helps you release things that may be holding you back from making changes.

Black Moonstone Tumble with rainbows
Black Moonstone tumble stone with rainbows


Colourful Labradorite is a supportive guide through any life changes. It helps you grow through and adapt to life transitions. If you’re making changes during the New Moon, Labradorite will assist you in any personal and spiritual transformation. You can even work with this stone to release outdated vows taken in other lifetimes.

Flat Labradorite tumble stone
Labradorite Tumble Stone

Black Kyanite

The black variety of Kyanite grows into these fascinating fan-like crystal formations. Black Kyanite helps you release the past and clear your aura and chakras. You can work with this crystal when doing etheric cord-cutting exercises and meditations. It will help sever any connection in a toxic or unhealthy relationship or friendship.

Raw Black Kyanite crystal
Raw Black Kyanite crystal

Desert Rose Selenite

This stunning crystal formation is a form of Selenite that grows in sand. This stone is very delicate and friable so be very careful with it. Place it on your altar or meditate with it, remember to wash your hands after touching it. All Selenite carries lunar energies and this one is no different.

During the New Moon phase, this crystal will help cleanse your aura and chakra system of negative or old energy. See my short YouTube video below for more info:

Desert Rose Selenite crystal
Desert Rose Selenite Crystal


Merlinite is the metaphysical name given to a milky white Agate or Chalcedony (some say opal) with back dendritic inclusions. It should not be confused with Mystic Merlinite, another stone. This magical crystal helps you create sacred ceremonies and work with lunar astrology. Merlinite increases your intuition and assists you in developing your manifestation skills.

Merlinite crystal tower
Carved Merlinite Crystal Tower

Smoky Quartz

This is the smoky variety of clear Quartz. Smoky Quartz helps keep you grounded during lunar energy shifts. This dark crystal is useful because it absorbs negative energy around you. Not only that, but it is also an excellent tool to help you monitor negative thought patterns so you can develop more positive ones. Smoky Quartz assists you in working through and releasing any fears that are holding you back.

TIP – Combine Smoky Quartz with any of the other crystals for the New Moon for a transformative combo!

Standing Smoky Quartz point
Smoky Quartz standing point

New Moon Crystal Grid

Any of these crystals could also be used in a crystal grid. This is my simple New Moon Crystal Grid below. Learn how to make it HERE.

New moon crystal grid
Why not try a New Moon Crystal Grid?

What crystals for the New Moon will you be using? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).

If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.

With gratitude,


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6 thoughts on “Crystals For The New Moon Intentions, Ceremony, Energy

  1. Marcela

    Hello Ethan, thank you again for sharing this with al of us. I was wondering if I can use rainbow moonstone instead of black moonstone (I don’t have another type of moonstone), combined with smoky quartz to carry them with me during the day, will they still be a transformative combo?
    Hugs from the distance.

  2. Catherine

    Hi Ethan
    Do you need to chose to do either a full moon or new moon grid? I wondered if it would be too much to do both?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      The ones I share are specialist moon phase grids as that is what people asked for. If you look mine share many of the same crystals to make it easier to make both. You can make a grid for general lunar energy, my Full Moon one could be used like that.

  3. Theresa A Dodge

    Hello Ethan. I had previously purchased, Crystal Grid Power and Moonology and use them almost daily. I like this website and it is very helpful. I have a question that I can not find in your book. I set up a crystal grid for energy using a clear crystal, carnelian stones and garnet round stones and printed off the grid that is online. One carnelina stone and one garnet stone keeps moving to the same place. Do I leave them alone or keep putting them back to where they belong onthe grid? The carnelian stone is attacing itself to the clear crystal point and the garnet is attaching itself to a carnelian stone.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks for getting my book. It is possible the crystals are moving because of their unstable shape and the vibrations as you walk about or even traffic. It’s really up to you what you decide to do. I personally move crystals back when this happens as I like to keep the geometry in place.

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