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Why I NEVER Cleanse Crystals In Water

Why I NEVER Cleanse Crystals In Water

Why I NEVER Cleanse Crystals In Water

Before you cleanse crystals in water please read this! I reveal what most people will NEVER tell you about the dangers of cleansing crystals in water or salt…
Here’s why I never recommend anyone cleanse crystals in water unless you are absolutely sure you know what you’re doing. I remember years ago being really excited when some new crystals I ordered arrived in the post. They included a beautiful Angelite tumble stone, my first Angelite crystal.
I was keen to cleanse the crystals of any negative energy. I filled a small glass bowl with water and placed my new crystals inside. I had heard about cleansing crystals in water this way and it appealed to me because I could just leave them there and let the work be done.
The next morning I poured the water away and straight away I knew something had gone horribly wrong… My Angelite crystal had lost its shiny polished surface and was now rough and matte. Even the little white specks it originally had could no longer be seen as the colour changed to a very pale blue-white.
“I wondered what had gone wrong and why nobody had ever warned me about the dangers of cleansing crystals in water?”
Still cleanse crystals in water? Read why this common crystal healing method could ruin your crystals!...

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What They Don’t Tell You About Cleansing Crystals in Water

The scientific truth is that water IS corrosive to certain types of crystals. Sometimes it can eat away at the surface, other times it just gradually dissolves the crystal each time you submerge it. Water can change the colour of certain minerals, cause rust and can also make cracks appear.
FACT: Water can be like acid to some minerals. Many new crystals now on the market can be permanently damaged by water.
Saltwater is another surprisingly popular method to cleanse crystals. This is even riskier and highly corrosive to certain crystals.
I learned my lesson the hard way. Since then I have known friends and family members who were shocked to discover their precious crystals had been ruined by water. I have had countless emails, messages and comments about this happening. This is why I do not recommend cleansing crystals in water.

Why do People Still Recommend This Then?

Many crystal books and websites will tell you to cleanse crystals in water or even saltwater. A quick search on crystal healing forums on the Internet will come up with countless people asking how to cleanse their crystals. The first response is often the water method. I have also heard people advised to do this by experts on the radio and in many youtube videos.
It breaks my heart that people are not aware of the risks and countless crystals turn into fuzzy lumps.
I think the reason some people are blissfully unaware of this is because about 15 years ago, most the crystals you would see in crystal shops were water safe.
Some people still only work with a small selection of crystals such as the Quartz family of minerals such as Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Citrine. All of which are considered safe to put in water. I think that people just don’t know about the risks to other types of crystals.
Crystal healing for the chakras book by Ethan Lazzerini

If you’re new to crystal healing one of the best foundations to understand your crystals is how they relate to your chakras. Click the pic for more info!

So Which Crystals Are Water Safe?

Good question. You could get scientific books on minerals or look on websites to find this out but with so many new varieties of crystals, it could become a nightmare. Will you even be able to remember which ones are water safe and which are not? Do you want to cleanse half the crystals one way and half another way?
I have too many crystals now to remember this or look up the hardness or water safety every time. The problem is many crystals I have are not even listed anywhere for the Mohs hardness scale. You won’t find it for rare, recently discovered crystals. You will struggle with any stones known only by their metaphysical name and not their mineral make up.
I don’t think it is very practical and it makes such a simple thing as cleansing very complicated. As I will explain there are too many perfectly safe ways to cleanse ALL your crystals. If you are concerned about having already cleansed your crystals in water, check the list below:

Water Safe Crystals List:

This is a list of some of the most common crystals that are considered safe to cleanse in water:

Clear Quartz


Smoky Quartz

Rose Quartz


Tiger’s Eye


Snow Quartz


Red Jasper

The MOHS Hardness Scale

Since I posted this article people have said all you need to do is check the Mohs scale, anything above 5 is safe. This is something you will hear other people advise but this I am afraid to say is not completely true either… Stick with me as I will explain.
For those of you who don’t know, in mineralogy, crystals can be tested for their hardness using a test that rates them on the Mohs Scale. This is a number between 1 and 10, 1 being the softest mineral and 10 being the hardest. You can find this information is some crystal healing books (Like the Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall) or in books about minerals, crystals and gemology.

The Truth & Disadvantages of the Mohs Scale

Ask any Geologist or Mineralogist and they will explain that this test is not a water solubility test. It was invented for and continues to be used to test the hardness of minerals which also helps in identifying them. Many crystals that are safe in water are rated highly on the scale and some that are damaged by water have numbers lower than 5. So it works right? Well sometimes…
The Mohs scale does not tell you how the mineral interacts with water. Hematite has a hardness of between 5 – 6 yet it can rust in water. The same with many other iron-based minerals. Pyrite is 6 – 6.5 and will produce dangerous sulphuric acid when placed in water…
Opals are 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale yet if you put them in water, they will crack or split when they dry off again. Surely Tangerine Quartz, should be fine because it is Quartz, which is rated 7 on the Mohs scale right? As the orange colour is created by traces of iron oxide on the outer surface, it can either rust or wash off and become clear Quartz as people are reporting.
Then we have Jet and Amber which have low Mohs hardness numbers, yet are okay with water. These are just a few science-based examples of why I don’t trust the Mohs scale with my crystals and use other safe and effective ways to cleanse my crystals.

Safe & Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Crystals

Please do not comment below asking me if a particular crystal is safe in water. If you’re not sure then don’t use it. I personally think there are just too many perfectly safe, easy and effective many ways to cleanse your crystals to even consider using water. Instead of splitting up your crystals and cleansing some one way and some another, these methods will work for ALL crystals and have no hidden side effects.

Perfectly Safe Ways to Cleanse Crystals:

If you want to learn more about all these cleansing methods please check out my blog post: How To Cleanse Crystals Safely
Cleanse Crystals in a Copper Pyramid

I often cleanse crystals in my Copper Pyramid


This was my first ever blog post here and I had no idea it would reach as many people as it has. I’ve received many questions since then and also harsh criticism and even abuse by denialists.
Be careful who you listen to online, this article is based on FACTS and is supported by science and readers experiences all around the world in the comments.
I’m adding these FAQ’s based on the most common questions to help clarify things and make it easier than reading through all the comments to find my answers.

Has The Water Damage Harmed My Crystal?

Any damage to your crystal is purely physical and aesthetic. Most water damage is just on the surface. In my opinion, this does not harm the crystal or weaken its energy and healing properties in any way.

Can I Still Use My Damaged Crystal?

As explained above, as the change does not affect the energy so you can still use your stone if you wish. It is still the same mineral regardless of any surface damage or changes.

Is There A Way To Repair My Damaged Crystal?

It depends on the type of damage. If the surface has lost its sheen you might be able to fix it. Someone that cuts and polishes stones may be able to tumble polish or hand polish the crystal for you. This may be expensive if you can find anyone and it might just be easier to get another crystal.

What Should I Do With My Damaged Crystal?

This is entirely up to you. If you no longer wish to keep it you can give it away, sell it or give it back to the Earth. Damaged crystals can be buried, left in nature or placed in a body of water.
Cleansing crystals should not be like playing Russian roulette and it should not require you have a degree in Mineralogy either. Hopefully, this article will help get the message out.
If your interested in learning more about crystal healing do check out my Beginners Guides and other helpful articles in the Resources section by clicking Here.
If you know people who may benefit from this post please share the link with them or use one of the sharing buttons below.
Have you had a bad experience with cleansing crystals in water or saltwater? I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
Thank you,
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155 thoughts on “Why I NEVER Cleanse Crystals In Water

  1. Celine

    Good information, it is simple to just not use water for any crystal cleansing as you suggest. I have a large amethyst cluster and wash it ( and my quartz skulls ) under running water, but put others out in the moon-light because fortunately I read a crystal directory that spoke about water ruining soft crystals, like selenite.

    1. Linda

      Some of us use gemstones in facials so it is important to wash them with soap and water before using them. I don’t soak them unless I am making a gemstone drink. I use very specific stones for this as some are too porous such as tumbled sodalite or water soluble like selenite. I think the other problem you are talking about is that many gemstones are being dyed into more vibrant colors these days. That is why the color is fading when you soak or wash them. Water is one of the 5 elements and therefore a great way to clear the energy of earth’s gemstones. Just give them a good rinse and set them on a paper towel to dry.

        1. Theresa

          You still need to remove the oils first and that is much safer than an autoclave.
          I have used crystal for massage for many years and the only one that has, damaged was one I dropped.
          A small amount is fine to cleanse off, dry then stand on a selenite plate with quartz in the natural light….

        2. Stella

          Autoclave uses heat which can damage or change crystals. A sonic would be better for actual cleaning and wipe with alcohol to sterilise.

    2. Michael

      I made a healing poppet that would cause no harm filled it up with eucalyptus leaves and a nice beautiful smokey quartz 2 years atfer she beat the cancer i to the quartz out now its ruff and green actually quite amazing if you ask me. We believe thats where the cancer is located now and we still love it as much as any crystals we have. Love all crystals there are no ugly ones they not for display there for energy like a battery. You may be on your phone now but how often do you see the battery. And did you know theres actually crystals in your phone.

    1. Mila

      Totally agree, Tjasa. I would never cleanse my crystals in moonlight exactly for this reason. Did once when I was a newbie, but I quickly noticed it didn’t do good to my crystals.

    2. Mage

      It’s strange. I’m new to this and I have near to zero knowledge of it, but I had adverse feelings about using the moonlight from the beginning (when I read it elsewhere) even though I always liked the Moon.

      Before the first time, I read about the moonlight, the smoke, and the plant pots. I’m not much into the smoke either. It’s made of dead plants. I prefer alive plants.

      I looked around in my apartment. I noticed the Tibetian Bowls I bought years ago and almost never used, and I thought they would be the best.

      They will tell you what to do. All you need is to listen.

  2. Tristana

    You just need to look for the Mohs Scale of Hardness and search for scientifical information on crystals… I don’t understand these people talking about crystal healing but not searching for any information further the spiritual aspect. It’s cringy…

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Yes, that’s what the article says. I personally have hundreds of different crystals. There is no way I can remember all the hardness ratings or do I have the time to look each one up when needed. I just avoid water contact, as it is so much easier and as explained there are so many easier and safer ways to cleanse crystals which I much prefer.

      UPDATE: Please see the updates to this article in regards to the Mohs scale and water damage.

      1. Nosipho

        I don’t think it’s a good idea to just go get a whole lot of crystals one time. It’s best to take your time if u are going to start a crystal spiritual journey. First stick to the basics..

        1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

          Not sure if you are directing this at me. I have been working with crystals for 25 years so that’s why I have a lot now plus as an author on crystals (and this being my passion) that is going to happen and comes with the territory.

  3. Rachel

    Thanks for the insight on water cleansing. I have read that setting organic crystals in brown rice for a few hours/overnight is a good cleansing method though.

  4. Sammi

    The best and safest way to clear crystals is not water it’s to bless a cleared bowl of earth and let them reconnect with the mother it’s been proven to increase their energy and vibrations….

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Yes some people use stones like Selenite to do this. My only concern is that crystals could abosrb the negativity so how do you cleanse the cleansing crystals? I just cleanse all my crystals to be sure, even if some say they are self cleansing.

      1. Theresa

        My honest feeling is that selenite can’t hold energy so I use with a cleansed charged quartz….. Good combo also been a crystal healer and teacher for many years….. But still exploring and evolving.

  5. Michelle

    I was told to cleanse mine in rainwater and dry in natural sunlight on the windowsill, but I did not know anything about crystals then or I would have realised that rain has acid in it and sun might fade them.

  6. Shelly

    I usually put them under the soil in my indoor plants pots for a day and then wipe them with a clean clothes and smudge with white sage before putting them in a small pouch.

  7. Karon

    Interesting article..thank you.
    My interest in collecting crystals is growing..& i appreciate your advice as have been told so many different ways to cleanse them..most of which appear to be wrong.. the guide is handy too.

  8. Cathy Anderson

    I am a avid rock hounder and have big chunks of Rose quartz, white quartz, diamond in raw form meteorites all collected from Northern quebec many of the rocks stones I have I do not even know what the are . But with crystal healing how do you know which crystal is right for that person

  9. Gisele

    This is great information. I knew about smudging crystals and heard that some can be cleansed in salt water. I will never use water or salt water to cleanse crystals. Thank you.

  10. yourcrystalnightmare

    Haha complete rip off. When it came the time to list the crystals that are safe to be placed in water, his answer is completely vague. So what, after so many years, you could not list 10 crystals? Oh wait, that will make us not go and check your other stuff… right!!! hahaha. Someone thinks its smarter than the others.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I was reluctant to list any crystals beyond the three that I mentioned as the purpose was not a reference for people to cleanse their crystals by the water. I am not sure if you read the whole thing but I do explain why checking the hardness of every crystal is not needed if you just use other perfectly safe methods that I recommend and use. Plus many new minerals are not listed as I said. The MOHs hardness scale is a guide but does not always work. Iron oxide minerals with high hardness can discolour, rust and lose surface coating (Hematite and Tangerine Quartz for example) The hardness scale does not show chemical reactions between water and minerals. I wrote this back in 2015 so may update it with more detail on all this.

    1. Cherry

      No it isn’t. Mohs scale is a measure of a stone’s hardness, no more: it doesn’t take account of chemical composition.

      The only way to be safe, is to avoid water entirely.

  11. Ayla Madden

    Yes! I couldnt agree more with this. I had a feeling water and sea water isnt the greatest for cleansing and to be honest, i personally feel the full moon is much better cleansing or using sage if i cant wait until the next full moon.

    I didnt realise what cleansing in water did until i cleansed it my accident in the rain. (It was a full moon and we got a storm late that night randomly) by the morning my turquoise and apatites were faded as all hell and i didnt feel they were serving the same purpose as before hand…. the energy changed. Normally when i cleanse with the moon i can SEE the difference. Never again will i cleanse with water, plus i am a moon child 🙂

    Thanks for the extra info in this article!

  12. Adriana

    Hi. Thanks so much for your post! I have been recommenden on several occasions to rinse crystals on salty water.
    I recently found a quantum symbols system and it includes a symbol for purification of energies, that can be used on crystals also. You can see the symbol in this link
    So basically you just print it and place the crystal above it and leave it to work. I would be nice to know your insights about this. Have you tried something of the sort?

      1. Adriana

        Thanks Ethan!
        Also, I recently bought a black tourmaline piece tourmaline, mounted inside a metal spiral. Does this setting affect the stone somehow or is it better to have it loose inside a pouch?

          1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

            I am not sure, if the blue throughout the inside of the crystal it might be okay. If the blue is a coating or the stone was raw it could potentially discolour it. If it doubt, don’t use water.

        1. Cherry

          Hi Adriana,

          A metal spiral? No problem there, it actually helps conduct your Tourmaline’s energy.

          Plastic, on the other hand… I’ve met a lot of crystals, but not one has been a fan of plastic. It’s the absolute opposite, and trying to get their energy through it, is like you or I trying to walk through a hurricane — exhausting to downright impossible.

          Love and Light.

  13. toni

    Thanks Ethan, Your article was so interesting, and you are right, most sites do recommend cleansing crystals in water or salt water. I won’t do that now. I’m just getting very interested in crystals but starting slow. Yesterday, I purchased my first crystals at a local rock shop. I wanted to buy 2 rose quartz to start out on my crystal journey. She only had 2 in the case, so I bought them. They aren’t tumbled, but are flat and have a wavy design. After I paid for them, she pointed out that they both had a hole drilled lengthwise…..maybe to make earrings? I didn’t notice the holes when I was looking at them, They kind of look like veins. Does this hole harm the crystals energy in any way? I could make a pendulum out of one of them. What do you think??

  14. Marie

    Iam sad i wet my rose quartz crystal & cleqr quartz & now i feel my clear quartz feels different do you believe i harmed my clear quartz by putting it in salt then rinsing it in water :((

    1. Amber Smigelski

      I believe that means it was cleansed…whatever energy you were putting into the crystal may have lifted so perhaps it is lighter now and back to it’s natural state; just charge it with reiki or positive intentions! 😉

  15. Marian Naik

    My question is this: my crystals are dusty so I need them cleansed of dust. Can you give me a good method of getting the layer of dust off them?

    Thanks, I appreciate it.

  16. Irene

    Speaking about water cleansing. I use this method for my pearls and mother of pearl jewelry. It works great. I make sure the source of the water is safe for that purpose and I place them in the big glass bowl, filled with water, I leave them in for 24 hours. Rinse under running water and leave them to dry on the paper towel, gently patting with another sheet of paper towel. I can tell the difference after it’s done.
    Also I’d like to add, cleansing crystals with the correspondence to their nature might be really helpful…
    No salt cleansing, ever, unless you suspect someone gave it to you with bad intentions. In that case you could use salt to neutralize these intentions, you can bury these peace of jewelry in the salt, in the tight sealed container. And, obviously, don’t keep it. Just sharing 🙂

  17. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

    Please make sure you have read the entire article before posting. If you are reading the comments please note that many people are continuing to ignore scientific facts and give advice that I personally do not support. I continue to get emails from people confused why their crystals were damaged by water or salt. This has nothing to do with fake crystals, water quality, the elements, dyed stones, your personal beliefs or an experience with a water safe crystal. Not all minerals like water. Still not convinced? Speak to a Mineralogist…

  18. Iren

    Thank you Ethan. I just came to realization, it might be a good idea to check these stones with pendulum…
    The energy of the stones in jewelry may be pretty subtle, to feel it right away, however, after my ring was resized, two stones became lighter and it just didn’t feel the same…. Also I’d like to thank you for your e-book on guardian stones! It does make a difference, wearing your guardian stones!

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  20. Jeannine

    What is the best way to cleanse crystals using the Tibetan singing Bowl?
    I only have a small Tibetan singing bowl – 3 inches in diameter.

  21. Stell

    I picked up a white stone statue about 20cm tall from an op shop. It was rough to touch, a little sparkly … I don’t. Now what it was made from, but it was Asian. It was quite dusty and had marks, so I sat it in a bucket of water overnight. I woke to a little mound of white powder in the bottom of the bucket.

  22. Amber Smigelski

    If the crystal can tolerate one of the best way to cleanse yourself and your crystals and also “bond” with them and attune to their natural frequency is bathing with them in an epsom salt bath. I like to add lavender oil; charcoal; lavender/chamomile buds; bubble bath liquid etc and put on some nice healing music while I do this. It is a wonderful experience especially with crystals that are at home in or around the ocean..I like to use crystals or rocks I found at the beach for this; (like oregon carnelian)…Definitely recommend…stumped on how to cleanse the non water safe crystals like lapis lazuli and selenite though….the sage smudge dosn’t feel like it cuts it…Will make a habit of putting them out in the full moon or the sun from now on though…I don’t mind fading…actually I find sun lightened amethyst so much more beautiful.

  23. Jeannine

    I just polished two Lapis Lazuli using a Lapidary machine that uses water in the polishing process. During the lapidary process the Lapis Lazuli is subjected to a lot of water although it does not sit in a water bath.

    I have never tried polishing Selenite as I have been told that is not water safe.

  24. Freedom

    How would I charge a tigers eye. Water cleanse will release asbestos bc it’s in raw form. Being that its a dark colored crystal, sunlight will dim the color. I’ve googled and nothing. Well I did read that it can charger in the moonlight. Or should I just do brown rice.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I have 5 safe ways to cleanse your crystals listed in this article. Try Moonlight, Reiki or a Copper Pyramid. More detail can be found in another article: How To Cleanse Crystals Safely I believe crystals have their own natural energy source, if they are tired from use I believe giving them a break overnight or for a few days will allow them to recharge as people call it.

  25. John

    I neighbor moved out and left a 5 gallon bucket of things that looked like geodes out near the roadside.
    Upon inspection they are some type of crystals with mud all over them.
    Not knowing anything about them I took the biggest one and ran it under hot water, it seemed to almost melt away, it lost it’s shine and sharp edges. I had no idea that crystals could melt under water!
    My first thought is that it was some type of toxic stuff that had crystalized.
    Now I’m wondering what to do with this bucket of stones?
    Are they bad luck? good luck? are they useful?
    Maybe I should put them back where I found them. . .

  26. Wei Qi

    Hi, how do I clean the crystals like amethyst, obsidian, black tourmaline, lapis lazuli and pietersite if I wear as as bracelets on daily basis? I don’t think the methods you mention will make them hygienic in a physical way, only in terms of energy wise. Is rain water or mineral water from supermarkets ok?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      If the stone is not damaged by water(do your research), you could use a slightly damp cloth. If there are metals like silver or gold, avoid getting them wet and buy a jewllery cleaning cloth, for either gold or silver. Also you may want to speak to the jewlellery designer or a jewellers for the best and safest methods.

  27. Myr

    Just came across your article and it makes a lot of sense to me since I could see for myself than immersing my crystals in water to clean them has made some look dull. Wish I’d known. Did the Tibethan Singing Bowl cleansing and since I love the sound it felt right. Could notice a difference wearing my bracelets after so I guess it’s efficient. I was wondering though about shungite. There’s a lot of controversy going around this stone. Would be nice if you could write a blog post about it and how often would you cleanse it? Some say it cleanses itself but some don’t and considering it does catch a lot of bad vibes and EMF, I guess it needs to be cleansed often. How would you use the pyramid form to protect your room from EMF (specific direction, etc.). Hope this is the right place to ask. Thanks.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I talked a bit about it in my newsletter a while ago. I like this stone but I do not think it is better than other stones and I do think that some of the claims made about it could be hyped up a bit. I cleanse all crystals including Shungite after each use. If it is on display in your home, cleansing once a month is recommended or more often if you wish. If you cleanse your house with the singing bowl then all your crystals get cleansed too.

      1. Myr

        Oh thank you, that’s great news then. Just came across this video on YouTube, don’t know what you think of it or if anyone has tried it and noticed it does anything. I like the Tibetan Bowl better anyway.

  28. Markell

    I was wondering, aside from cleansing stones/crystals. (I have 4 kids, sometimes mine get ‘dirty’) how do you clean them. Safely?
    Also, I’m glad I read this, because I’ve told to mist them, and keep them submerged, and that in fact it will help them! Possibly even grown them.
    And my best friend leaved hers out I. The moonlight.
    So I appreciate, your article.

  29. Tameko

    I recently cleansed my crystals in water. My selenite orb became dull and frosted in appearance. Can I get the shine back? Is it damaged completely? Do I get rid of it and but a new one? I’m so new to this Crystal thing lol

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Sorry to hear that. I am afraid the surface damage is permanent. The only way to fix this would be to get someone that polishes gemstones to polish it again. The properties/energy of the stone are still the same.

  30. Mage

    I used distilled water for the initial cleaning. It was more about physical cleaning. From the chemical perspective, distilled water might be the worst kind of water because it absorbs the largest quantity of CO2 from the air hence it’s an acid. I also used isopropyl alcohol to remove the glue. (The store put a sticker on each crystal with the price). I also can’t recommend using isopropyl alcohol as it’s toxic.

    As far as I can tell you, I was lucky.

    It was my first time, but even if I know more now, I don’t know what I would do. I can’t stand other people’s fingerprints on my items, especially not on shiny items, and not on crystals. I also can’t stand sticker glue.

    The store used natural lemon oil to remove the glue. First of all, it wasn’t that efficient. Then, the question is, if a specific crystal can be damaged by water, why would it be happy to be rubbed with lemon oil?

    So, it seems I was lucky, but I don’t know how to clean any new items. I am not talking about cleansing but cleaning after purchase.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I have an article on physical cleaning though it does not cover stickers. I wish they would use labels that peeled off easily and do not leave glue. I usually just rub them with my finger for a long time to get the glue off. I have lightly wet them with water if the label leaves paper behind if they are just Quartz based minerals. I have not tried lemon oil, I recently used a bit of Witch Hazel and a cloth and it removed the glue without damage but I don’t know how safe this is.

      Cleaning article here: How To Clean Crystals

      1. Cherry

        I don’t like sticker glue on crystals either. I used to work in a crystal shop, way back, and I encouraged them to stand the individual crystals they had for sale on pieces of paper with the price written on in such a way as it was visible beside or on front of the stone, instead of using stickers. It’s cheaper, better for the planet, and the crystals are happier (they don’t like having sticker residue on them either).

        My new fave crystal shop does exactly the same with most of the crystals that are for sale. I might just have a chat with the owner on this subject too.

        Love and Light.

  31. Mage

    Hello Ethan,

    I found that article right after I sent my comment. It is helpful. I already sent someone the link in addition to this article.

    That glue from the stickers is a disaster in general. People tend to put stickers on anything. PC laptops, banana (the fruit), and designer items have them. I can feel it on my fingers for hours. It’s funny to eat a mango with glue on its skin that comes from the sticker “organic”.

    We have only one local crystal store. The first time I went there, I wanted to by a single crystal as a gift. I ended up with a few of dozens of crystals. I bought them in pairs. All of them had at least a small sticker on it with the price (and without the name of course). My citrine pointer had two.

    I can’t recommend the lemon oil. I am sure they used it because it’s “natural”. Well, the lava (melt rock) is also natural yet I would not recommend using it either. Seriously, lemon oil might damage a wider spectrum of material than the alcohol. It’s a mixture of ionic and non-ionic detergents. The more kinds of chemicals the detergent has the higher the chance it will react.

    However, ethanol won’t remove that glue. I have the isopropyl at home only for the stickers. It shouldn’t be used on anything that can’t stand water.

    I think my biggest beginners’ mistake was that I let the crystals soak in distilled water for a long time after I cleaned them with the alcohol and cotton. They are fine but I would never put my black tourmaline into the water again.

    I guess if I order from the Internet, they come without stickers. The advantage of buying in the store that I could choose with which piece I felt connected.

    1. Cherry

      I don’t like sticker glue on crystals either. I used to work in a crystal shop, way back, and I encouraged them to stand the individual crystals they had for sale on pieces of paper with the price written on in such a way as it was visible beside or on front of the stone, instead of using stickers. It’s cheaper, better for the planet, and the crystals are happier (they don’t like having sticker residue on them either).

      My new fave crystal shop does exactly the same with most of the crystals that are for sale. I might just have a chat with the owner on this subject too.

      Love and Light.

  32. Sigurd

    Hello Ethan!

    I use Dead-sea salt or Himalayan salt to cleanse all my crystals. I pour the salt into a bowl and then place a thin napkin over the salt so the crystals never come in direct contact with the salt (no scratches) and let them rest there for 1 day or more. Is this a safe method that I can use for all my crystals without any fear that they will damage, lose their color or luster?

    I’ve been told that you should dispose of the salt and not use it for cleansing again. But I’ve also been told that if you let the sun cleanse the salt you can then reuse it for cleaning crystals. I don’t use the salt for cooking but to just throw it away seem a waste. Do you know if the sun makes the salt reusable and cleanse it from the negative energy it has attracted from the crystals?
    Unfortunate I have also done the mistake to cleanse some of my crystals (like tangerine quartz) under running tap water for up to 5 min, but never left them in water or in salt water. I don’t think that my Tangerine Quartz has lost some of its color so hopefully you need longer exposure with water then 5 min under the tap for that to happen?

    I’ve been told that a few stones can lose their color or luster if you smudge them, is this something you have heard or experienced?

    I know I’m late to the party but if you could answer some of my questions I would very much appreciate it. It would be great if the salt + visualization did the trick, not sure my neighbors would appreciate me using the crystal singing bowls.


    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Well the napkin is a good idea. My issue is only salt touching the crystals. I can’t advise on this method though as I have never used it and don’t know enough about it. I’ve never heard anyone say or report any problems with smudging crystals, it is really just a little bit of smoke, its not like making smoked salmon! Palo Santo is less smoky and easier to use than sage. There are many more ways to cleanse crystals in my recent books. Tingshas are not as loud as Tibetan Singing Bowls, you just strike three times over your crystals.

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    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I personally have never used salt so can’t say much about it. I would not advise burying crystals in salt as it is corrosive. Even if you lay your crystals on top or over a piece of silk the question will remain as I have said to others… What will you do with the salt? Throw it away each time, once a week or month? Do you think it will cleanse itself? If you change it, how often will you change it? How do you feel about throwing salt away? Only questions you and those that teach this method can answer.

      1. Ella

        Okay, thank you for responding. This is the first article I’ve read about the dangers of cleansing crystals in salt water & I already bought the sea salt so I was wondering if I could still use it for cleansing. I’m new at this & want to make sure I’m taking good care of my crystals

  34. Nele Bemong

    Is there anything you can do if you have indeed cleansed crystals in water that shouldn’t have been put in water? I just did so with a number of wands that I had ordered – more than half of them have come out looking incredibly dull and losing all shine. Then I found you article – I have always cleansed my crystals in water, having been told to do so by several people when I started working with them, and with the ones I had so far that was never a problem, but now I ruined 7 wands… Any help greatly advised…

  35. Helen

    Hi, this has been so helpful. i wonder if you could advise me?..Sadly, I bought an orange Selenite, along with 3 other crystals..cleansed as advised..In water..and the Selenite started to loose all lustre and went pale around the edges..hence looked up immediately what I had done wrong. .now I know better..Could you just let me know if my Selenite has now lost its energy/healing ability? i still love my Selenite so much..I would hate to lose it. .i will never cleanse my crystals in water again..I will use my tibetan bowl..Thanks so much..

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  37. Anonymous

    Thank you for this information. Just took some crystals to charge:cleanse during thunderstorm but think I’ll be going to retrieve them! ✨

    1. Cherry

      Thunderstorm energy is great for charging crystals, especially Clear Quartz (the only reason I don’t use it myself is, my corner of Britain hardly ever sees them, which is annoying because one, I have a strong attunement to them, and two, I have a very special Clear Quartz with powerful ties to extreme weather) but I’d keep them out of the rain! Laying them on an indoor windowsill exposed to the energy of lightning is perfectly adequate; lightning is nearly as powerful as the Sun for this purpose.

  38. Anonymous

    Is it safe to clean sodalite and orange calcite in a salt water?
    Is it safe to clean sodalite, orange calcite, amethist, venturine, quartz, jasper and tiggers eye together?

  39. Tanii

    Ok so I just received black tourmaline,tiger’s eye,rose quartz and labradorite today.What is the first thing I do with these? Cleanse them? How? I’m so lost.Please help.

  40. Erica

    The same thing happened to me with my new angelite crystal and I’m so disappiinted in myself for I git to excited and didn’t do proper teswsrch, though I thought I did. I wanted to cleanse it and used the water and sea salt method and right away I knew something had changed. When I touched it, the crystal was rough, matte as opposed to smooth and shiny.
    I’m now unsure what to do because it feels different, even the power of it. Do I keep it or search fir a replacement piece ?

    1. Cherry

      Hi Erica,

      Angelite is an anhydrous form of Gypsum. It’s very delicate. If you got yours wet, chances are it turned white, which means it isn’t Angelite any more, but normal Gypsum. That explains why its energy changed. The salt also probably changed its chemical composition somewhat. Angelite is formed at great depth, under high pressure and pretty high temperatures, and I don’t think it’s usually exposed to sodium chloride.

      I can’t help with the texture (and keep in mind here, many minerals, Angelite included, don’t come out of the ground smooth and shiny), but I have read that baking an Angelite that’s got wet, in a 200°C oven for about 10-20 minutes, can restore its blue colour and energy, by driving off the bound water molecules and returning it to its original anhydrous state. Of course, that may not get rid of the salt if it’s bound itself to the molecules; if that’s the case, then you’ll probably need to obtain another piece. But please don’t just discard your current piece, even if you can’t restore it: you have, unfortunately and inadvertantly, just harmed it, and to discard it would be like hugely insulting a close family member, then never apologising. If you don’t feel you can keep it, then you might try and find someone who can heal traumatised crystals and gift it to them.

      Love and Light.

  41. Paul

    I can see why you’re concerned with issues around using water for cleansing crystals and gemstones. On the other hand, there are a good number of people out there that have an interest in making gem elixirs, which naturally entails the use of water. As the use of elixirs seems an easier way to benefit from incorporating the stones’ energies internally, I am wondering if you have any thoughts about safely producing elixirs… or, do you simply forego that usage altogether? Many thanks for your site, lots of good info and helpful.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I don’t us them, occasionaly I have used a spray. Anyone who teaches gem waters/elixiers should know which stones are safe and which are toxic. I found so much conflicting info on this (which stones are toxic) I think it is much safer to use indirect methods. If you look at the trend in crystal water bottles, most are now encasing the crystals inside a glass bubble to avoid the dangers.

    2. Cherry

      Paul, the key to gem elixirs is that the stone should never, *ever* touch the water directly.

      If you look around online, and sometimes in crystal shops, you can find gem water bottles: these are clear water bottles with an inner bottle containing a crystal. The Sun passes through the crystal and charges the water around the crystal’s bottle without any risk of toxic elements leaking out. And the crystal stays charged but doesn’t seem to get harmed by the Sun. I’ve seen them in varieties containing Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz and even Fluorite.

      Love and Light.

  42. Andrea

    Question….I am perplexed, I put salt water in a medium glass bowl. I then placed 2 black tourmalines, a fuscite and a large carnelian stone in it. I left it on a table in my dining room and went into the kitchen. In about a minute I heard a ping and water started to seep from the glass bowl. It had cracked. It was on a stable place, cool water was used and the salt was dissolved. I know you don’t promote using water or salt water for cleansing but would the carnelian have caused the crack? The crack was near where that stone was placed. Thank you Andrea

    1. Cherry

      @Andrea, perhaps, what with Carnelian being a Fire element crystal. It may have been less than happy to be cleansed in its opposing element!

      It’s also possible, as Ethan mentioned, to crack a glass with only very cold water; I’ve shattered a wine glass with my voice alone (over 25 years ago now). The two Black Tourmalines might also have had something to do with it, especially if they were warm when placed in the water (Tourmaline is a quite superb electrical conductor given that, chemically speaking, it’s a very complex compound; heat and/or rubbing activates that conductive ability). The Fuchsite, I can’t see having that kind of effect, but I also wouldn’t advocate risking it in salt water in case of chemical changes.

      Love and Light.

  43. Echo

    So, I understand not to CLEANSE them in water, but how do I CLEAN one? My lapis got lost, and now that I’ve found her, it’s all sticky >w< I'm worried if I try to clean her in water she'll degrade. Should a quick rinse be fine, or will the water eat into crystals fast?

  44. Jordan

    I would like to point out that not everyone ~can~ use other methods of crystal cleansing, as not everyone lives alone or with people who are accepting of crystal healing and/or the spiritual cleansing methods. Growing up in a mostly closed-minded Christian home, my options are considerably limited.

    As far as simplicity goes, you might not need to be an expert in mineralogy to use and benefit from crystals, but why… wouldn’t you want to know about the minerals you’re working with…? Most of the newer crystals that have been surfacing are synthetic or natural crystals that have been altered in some way, and those are the only ones I’ve had any problem finding information on. If it’s natural and known in the scientific world, it’s most likely going to be simple finding info. on its chemical composition. It’s personal preference, but I tend to wanna know what minerals I’m working with even if I’m not planning on exposing it to water or sunlight. The difficulty in remembering which stones are water friendly doesn’t make sense to me considering that you, presumably, memorize the stones metaphysical properties… if not, you keep record somewhere, or you would have to do a Google search every time you went to work with a crystal (which seems more time consuming to me). So… you could easily keep track of a simple yes or no question. “Water safe? No.”

    Ultimately, it’s up to the individual and their living circumstances. I know not everyone enjoys the scientific side of crystal healing, but it does benefit to have a decent understanding of it regardless of the reason. I connect too well with the water element to avoid it altogether, and have not had any issues with soaking or rinsing crystals that just weren’t made for it… because I research.

    1. Cherry

      @Jordan, I couldn’t agree more. You don’t have to be a Geologist to understand which crystals are fragile under which conditions. It’s sort of like moving to a new area: you don’t just jump in blind, you find out about the place, the amenities, and the risks.

      I’m sorry to discover you have such a close-minded family. I know it doesn’t make matters easy; my husband used to be the same when we were newly married, and he was forever criticising and complaining. He still does complain if I talk aloud to my crystals (I’m a crystal whisperer, so technically I don’t need to do that, but speech is such a deeply ingrained default in everybody; I can’t really help it). Luckily my crystals have intervened, and now he not only doesn’t interfere – much – he respects that if I need a certain crystal beside me that’s how it will be, and he even buys me them as presents! He’s shown signs of having some gifts along those lines himself, but he can only work with Rose Quartz. No idea why.

      Yes, there are a number of reasons why certain cleansing methods might not be viable for different people. For example, I can’t use smudging; it would send my landlord and my Asthma completely nuts! But there are always alternatives, and many of them need nothing more than you, the crystal which needs cleansing, and perhaps one more crystal, a purifier — Selenite is frequently used, and one can cleanse a crystal by simply touching it to a piece of Black Tourmaline. Sound also works well: talking or singing to your crystal is actually a superb way of not only cleansing it, but also bonding with it. I make sure to have a long chat with any new crystal, tell them a bit about myself (not that they don’t pick up a fair amount already, just from physical contact), when I first get it. I went to a crystal shop 55 miles from home back in October; I bought a Red Jade there, and I spent almost the entire drive home whispering with it (I can’t drive).

      The Cleansing Breath is excellent too, particularly for crystals you work closely with and nobody else touches: just blow gently on your crystal, ensuring that your breath touches all sides and areas (if you need to stop and take further breaths it’s not a problem) while affirming in your own unique words – either aloud, if you’re able, or silently – that you are cleansing the crystal of any outside influence and any energy not intrinsic to it. If a curious family member asks what you’re doing, you’re just blowing the dust off the stone!

      Love and Light.

  45. Martha Rodriguez

    I cleaned my tibetan quartz crystals by submerging them in salt water 🙁 they now have creases tinted in yellow that are ‘eating’ away the crystal 😮 is there a way to neutralize this. i have tried to brush this away with a toothbrush and water, triend to remove with a needle, but it is hard to remove all. can i submerge in water with baking soda or with vinegar, or will this just make it worse? it is very sad to see 🙁 help. as i read in your post, this does not interfere with their healing energy, correct? but they are just melting away … 🙂

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I’m not sure what you can do as this has not happened to me. If the salt is causing this then you might want to rinse them in pure water and dry them immediately as that is the only way I know to remove salt from something. It is still risky as it might be the water is reacting to minerals on the outside, so it’s up to you.

      1. martha rodriguez

        Thank you so much for taking the time to respond 🙂 hopefully the eating away will stop, or at least be slower. Fingers crossed.

    2. Cherry

      Martha, are these Himalayan Quartzes? If so, I urge you to be very, very careful! Himalayan Quartz is always very fragile, with numerous cracks and fractures. Many crystals fall to pieces before they can be returned to civilisation.

      I would guess that your crystals have some kind of mineral in the cracks which has reacted badly with the salt water. I don’t recommend involving another chemical unless you know what that secondary mineral is — you might just be making matters worse. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this will be a self-limiting thing, but in your shoes I’d cease using salt water to cleanse any mineral, and save it for cooking pasta or rice.

      Love and Light.

  46. Dorothy

    My spouse and I used to sell stones at craft fairs quite a few years ago. Someone bought a beautiful piece of laboradite from us from us on a Saturday and come back on Sunday to demand their money back. The piece they returned with was pitted and had lost its luster.

    When asked what they did, we were told they cleansed it – they boiled it in salt water because they read it in a book that was the best way to purify it.

    Laboradite is a felspar, mohs hardness of 6-6.5 but very porous.

    1. Cherry

      Oh goodness, that poor Labradorite! Salt water alone can be iffy for any crystal except Quartz (and not always safe even with this most chemically stable of minerals); heat catalyses any reaction that might take place

      What did you do with it? It’s no doubt been traumatised by its experience. I wish we lived closer together than we probably do: I specialise in healing mistreated crystals. The poor thing may never get its lustre back, but emotionally, it probably needs some help.

      Some people shouldn’t have pets; some shouldn’t be let near crystals.

  47. Lydia

    Maybe someone will think that the topic of my comment does not belong here. Judge for yourself.

    I have a large piece of raw and unprocessed Rose Quartz. It was in the water in the aquarium for many years.
    The fish were healthy and the plants lush. I had a fish for which I wasn’t sure about its lifespan, so I called the aquarium institute. They told me how long these fish live in aquariums. They asked me how long I had the fish, and I said. The man couldn’t believe it, he said the fish had exceeded their lifespan in the natural environment and that I had more than obviously ideal conditions in the aquarium. I didn’t say I had a crystal in the water. I don’t have an aquarium anymore, and the Rose Quartz is doing a new job now.

    Thank you for everything, my dear crystal!

    1. Cherry

      You know, that doesn’t surprise me. Rose Quartz has such nurturing energy, and crystals aren’t solely here to help human beings! I’d cherish that stone; it’s obviously with you for a reason.

  48. Ashley Anderson

    I recently purchased my very first charoite which is tumbled and polished. Or was! I used it in my moon water and when I pulled it out its now all cloudy and yucky like you stated yours was! Im heartbroken as I purchased it during a life changing trio this last summer. Do you know how I could polish it back to how it was? What would I need to polish it? I’m so sad

  49. Shalu

    Hey, Thanks for this article!
    I just found it after I washed my new beautiful Agate and intuitively while at it had a bad feeling about doing so.
    I’m new to crystals, until now I washed all my others, but something about the Agate texture and feel of it, felt not 100% secure for water..
    I googled “agate water” to find out the bad news :p
    I wondered, since i held it under running waters for about 1.5 minute, if I did damage the stone (or if it absorbed it) I had a small feeling it faded a bit.
    Do you think holding a stone under running water for 1-2 minute can harm it? (Although off course not as soaking it overnight)

    Thank you 🙂

  50. Cherry

    Hi Shalu,

    I think your Agate sent you a direct heads-up not to water cleanse it. I get messages all the time from crystals, and your ‘bad feeling’ sounds exactly like those.

    Agate is an Earth mineral, so water cleansing, while in theory it shouldn’t harm the stone, still might not be a good idea. Agate is a cryptocrystalline (no visible points) silicate mineral from the Quartz family, so it should be pretty chemically stable in contact with water; however, it depends on the type of Agate and its exact composition: certain trace elements which provide the stone’s colour may have leached out, especially if there are any cracks or flaws on your stone’s surface.

    I wouldn’t cleanse any crystal with water, running or still, except Clear Quartz; even then, I’d restrict it to running water, and only leave it in the flow just enough time for the water to pass over it completely. As a rule of thumb, to be absolutely safe, I’d use a non-chemical cleansing method (tingsha bells, singing bowl, Universal light, Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst cluster) for every crystal. That way there’s no possibility of them undergoing damaging chemical reactions. 1½ – 2 minutes under running water is definitely sufficient time for some kind of chemical changes to happen, so I’d strongly recommend you cease to do this from now on.

    Love and Light.

    1. Shalu

      Hey Cherry, thank you for your thorough reply and explanation!
      Only that I now see I had a very basic mistake- where I called the stone Agate by accident- where it was in fact Angelite… just like the stone the writer of this article mentioned (hence why google brought me directly here) the names are quite similar.. so I messed it up!
      I assume Angelte is even more sensitive to water.. although as said, it was not soaked in water.
      I want to think the washing only damaged the outer layer- as I then tried to rub it away and managed to expose the renewed bluish surface and smooth it out again, since it was paler and rough to the touch after the 2 minute water experience… I then let it rest over clear quartz in hope she will recover from the experience 😀

  51. Cherry

    Ah, now that’s slightly different.

    Angelite is, as you’re probably aware, a Gypsum family mineral. It forms under high pressures and temperatures, at quite deep depths; it’s an anhydrous mineral, meaning there is no water content in it, either loose or bound to the mineral’s molecules. If you expose it to water, it loses that lovely blue shade and becomes plain old ordinary Gypsum (not that there’s anything wrong with Gypsum, but I’m assuming you bought Angelite because you wanted Angelite). Ordinary Gypsum crystallises on the Earth’s surface, and so does contain a certain amount of water.

    I have read that it is possible to restore a water-exposed Angelite to its former self, by baking it in an oven at 200°C until you’ve driven off the water it picked up and it goes back to blue; but I’m sceptical in the extreme that it’s a safe thing to do, and I don’t think the Angelite will thank you for it either.

    I suspect, given what you mentioned about being able to see the blue colour underneath when you rub away the surface white, that the reaction to the water is only a surface effect, and I think you’ve already hit on the best course of action: because of Angelite’s inherent fragility (a 2 on Mohs’s scale, whereas the Quartz/Agate family are a 7), it isn’t easy to polish, and if that was the course you wanted to follow it could well cost you a fair amount. I suggest gentle abrasion, and then keeping her far away from water in the future. I think she’ll be fine – if you think about it, somr minerals, e.g. Smoky Quartz, have to undergo much more severe changes, some of which would kill a human being, just to become what they are – but as a crystal whisperer, I would suggest you apologise to her for the mistake: manners are as important to crystals as they are to people, and I know she’ll appreciate it.

    Love and Light.

    1. Shalu

      Indeed, I also agree that the oven suggestion sounds quite harsh, and would avoid experimenting at this point 😀
      I was tempted to try a very gentle sand paper to smooth it out, and only trying it a tiny bit proved that I should stop.
      I sometimes make sculptures from Fimo- and I figured that if I can smooth out that material using just my fingers- it might just work for polishing the Angelite.
      I was seating for a good half an hour (while reading the article and comments haha) polishing the surface gently and setting my intention towards restoring her (I do believe that directing inner intentions matter, also with ‘objects’).
      I wondered if the Angelite absorbed any water beyond the surface and if the damage will show later, but I dare to admit, that so far- at least in some parts- she looks bluer then ever! Even more then when I just got her.
      It’s true that stones go through a lot in nature.
      I also wondered about it, since this stone comes from cold Germany, how it went through rain, cold weather- and managed to stay dry. But- I’m no expert at all- about how minerals behave in nature.
      Would be interesting to read more about it 🙂

      1. Cherry

        She probably managed that because of having been covered over with something else which kept the weather off her — what, I couldn’t be sure without knowing the area. Angelite isn’t and cannot be found at the surface as Angelite, because of that same sensitivity to water; I think she probably came from an actual underground mine, not a surface deposit.

  52. Reet

    I only ever use water to “clean” rose quartz, amethyst & citrine. All the other crystal i used a soft cloth to remove dust, fingerprints etc. When i “cleanse” my crystals to remove accumulated energies etc, i use the white light/visualisation method. I also ask my guides/goddesses to remove negative energies from the crystals that i use. I was horrified to learn that people were washing all their crystals, even selenite!! I had a friend that couldn’t understand why the selenite crystal she bought literally disintegrated while washing it with water. I explained that it was too fragile to wash. All she would say is “but it’s a crystal”. I then had to explain that the composition of the selenite was made up of a soft mineral. She wouldn’t believe me, so I asked her why she thought the crystal disintegrated, her reply was “it wasn’t the right selenite crystal for me, when i find the right one I’ll prove that it won’t disintegrate”.

    Thank you for the wonderful articles, even though i know quite a bit about crystal, i always learn something new from your blogs. .

  53. Don

    Hi Ethan & Co.,

    I’m new to crystals and was recently encouraged to create crystal grids for meditation, etc. So I bought a really nice 2.5″ quartz crystal to use in the center. It had some imperfections but was 90% clear. Anyway, I ordered your book online then I proceeded to wash the crystal in warm soapy water. Then while rinsing under warm water, I inexplicably flipped the tap to cold water for a few seconds before turning off the water. The result was three long, internal fractures. It really pained me to have caused that, to a brand-new (and once-clear!) crystal no less! Sigh… I can only presume that its properties have not been adversely affected, and that the damage is simply visual/aesthetic. (Not the easiest thing for me to accept, because I struggle with concepts of “perfection” and order.)

    In my case it was the thermal shock that caused the damage, and if I were to do it again I’d ensure that the water was at *crystal* temperature first (and not warmer or colder!) In the meantime, I’ll look forward to reading your book when it arrives in the mail. Thanks for the article, and any reassurance (or cold hard truth) would be appreciated!


  54. Don

    Thanks for the peace of mind, Ethan — I’m looking forward to working with the crystal, and I’ve come to accept how it looks now (and I still really like it). I think the experience was more of a lesson for me, to be less invested in perceived perfection vs. flaws, since attachment to such duality does not help us to advance in our spiritual journey (and really, humans are an authority on neither). Thanks for taking the time to reply, be well.

    1. Cherry

      Hi Don,

      To reinforce Ethan’s thoughts: when you buy a Quartz with a fracture already in it, that fracture has been caused by a similar process, namely that one part of the crystal has been heated or cooled at a different rate to another, and a weakness has come about. It’s a bit like how a fixed pane of glass fractures in a fire.

      If you’ve ever seen a Crackle Quartz, those crystals have had the same thing done intentionally to them, as you did accidentally to your crystal, only *far* worse: they’re heated until they almost shatter, and a network of fractures appears inside them; then they’re (sometimes) dunked in dye, then dropped into ice water to cool them and return them to their original shape. If they can survive such extreme treatment, your crystal should be absolutely fine — though I’d recommend you try not to drop it.

      A little food for thought for you: one thing I advise you check, is whether your crystal’s new fractures display rainbows. If so, then you’ve added a power to the crystal! Rainbow crystals teach us that perceived “flaws” can, with a small change in perspective, turn out to be things of beauty. As you’ve stated that you struggle with the concept of ‘perfection’, perhaps this accident was destined to happen so that your new crystal can help with that consideration. If they don’t, then don’t worry: sometimes these things take time. I have Rainbow crystals which have taken years, in some cases, for their internal fractures to refract light into the rainbow. It might well be just a matter of time.

      Love and Light.

      1. Don

        Hi Cherry,

        Thanks for your thoughtful comment here, it’s appreciated that you took the time to do so. I did see crackle quartz crystals for the first time, while at the store choosing my crystal. The crackly appearance is quite remarkable, though I didn’t realize it’s a result of human treatment or modification (of which I’m not a huge fan).

        For me, this incident has indeed been a lesson in tempering my false sense of “perfection”… and being overly invested in physical objects that come into my life (which is, of course, only temporary). While looking up “fractured crystals” online, I also stumbled on an article about the global crystal market and the human toll of crystal-mining… which provided a further cautionary note not to become too “dazzled” by the natural beauty of minerals (lest we be oblivious to the societal impact in poor countries from which the crystals often originate). Positive and powerful effects can come from using crystals, of course; it’s just good to be mindful of the bigger picture, too (and to be thankful that such remarkable minerals are available to us, privileged as we are).

        Best wishes to you and all, take care.

  55. Laurence K

    So great to read this from someone with such an interest in crystal healing.

    I’ve also explained in many blog posts that Mohs scale and the suitability of a mineral to be soaked in water have nothing to do with each other.

    I’ve also written at length encouraging people not to soak crystals in salt water.

    When exposed to moisture angelite turns into gypsum! It should never ever be allowed to get wet but that has nothing to do with the fact that’s it’s very soft.

    I’ve linked to your article from my blog. Great post.

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