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More Crystal Myths and Misconceptions

More Crystal Myths and Misconceptions

More Crystal Myths and Misconceptions

I have heard more than my fair share of myths and misconceptions about crystals and crystal healing. Following on from my original blog post 5 Myths About Crystals Busted I want to add a few more that have been floating around lately…
I get a lot of emails, social media comments and questions from people about crystals. If I check out a group or forum about crystal healing I will soon spot these myths popping up and even some very bad advice… I can only share my opinion but I would advise people to always do your own research.

Crystal myths busted

1. We don’t need crystal books because everything is already for free on the internet!

The Internet is a great tool and a free resource but beware of relying on it too much. A quick google search comes up with varying opinions on any subject, some of it is good and some of it is not so good. Anyone can create a website or post a blog, it does not mean it is reliable or that they have any experience. Who runs the site?
Another problem I have with only using the Intenet is that information is scattered on different web pages, websites or videos. This takes time to sort through and I personally like to have all I need in one place and in order. This is why I still read books and why I have taken courses to learn new things. Also, let’s remember if it was not for those crystal books, none of these websites would exist.
I see so much confusion online about the properties of different crystals or how to identify them because some people do not own one crystal book or encyclopedia. Rather than buying more crystals, invest in a few good books.

Crystal books

2. A crystal has to be given to you as a gift. You should never buy your own crystals

This one makes no sense and is 100% false. Crystals don’t care about buying, selling or your birthday. Being given the gift of a crystal is special but crystal healers would not be able to help people if they had to sit around waiting to be given presents or handouts… Crystals have been emitting energy since they were created and will continue to do so long after we are gone.

Rose quartz heart

3. Crystals should be cleansed in water or salt water

Cleansing crystals in water can be like playing Russian Roulette with them. Fact: some crystals are physically damaged by water. Salt water is the most corrosive and risky method to cleanse crystals. It depends on the stone but I would not recommend using that method. It does not matter that water is natural or one of the four elements. Fire is an element but I wouldn’t put my crystals in a fire…
There are so many perfectly safe ways to cleanse your crystals that will save you a lot of time looking up every stone for water safety, remembering this and cleansing crystals with two different methods every time. If you want more information on this topic please read my article Why I Never Cleanse Crystals In Water.

cleanse crystals in water?

4. Aura crystals are irradiated and/or superheated

Genuine Aura crystals are created in different ways to bond precious or semi-precious metals and minerals on to a crystal, like Quartz. A high-pressure chamber is used and an electric current helps bond the metals similar to gold or silver plating. This complex process alters the surface colour and energy of the crystals. This process does not involve any irradiation.
The aura process used to use heat but in the last couple of decades a cool process was developed. These cool or heated methods are the reason there are so many different varieties of Aura crystal now. So it depends on the type of Aura crystal and who is making them.

Titanium flame aura

5. My crystal was damaged after I cleansed it in water. Is it fake?

Most of what we call ‘crystals’ are minerals. All minerals behave differently when exposed to other elements, like water. As explained above, water can damage some crystals but not others. This shows as a rough surface, cracking or discolouration. This is a natural process and does not mean your crystal is fake.

Raw Citrine crystal point


In my YouTube video, I’m answering more of your questions about crystal healing and busting a few more myths. Watch it now:

Do you have a question about these myths? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (please keep any questions you have concise and on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,
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8 thoughts on “More Crystal Myths and Misconceptions

  1. Irene

    I didn’t know that crystals should not be cleansed in water or salt water or be put under the sun until I read your article. I’ve already done all these three before I read your article. So what is the best thing to do? Does it lessen the effectiveness of my crystals? I.can’t undo what has been done. Thank you.

  2. Irene

    Hi, I’ve washed my crystals in water, some I’ve submerged in salt water, some I put under the sun. This was before I read your article. What then do I do?

  3. Mellory

    I use a lot of crystal jewelry and I would like if it’s same to bath with them or should it be removed every time I have a bath. I was advised never to take them off.

  4. Cherry

    Great myth-busting Ethan!

    There is one very special circumstance, though, when a gifted crystal will assume serious importance in the recipient’s life.

    That’s when it’s gifted, not by a person, but by the Universe/God/Allah/Yahweh/Mother Nature. Crystals which present themselves of their own accord, without money changing hands, are powerfully tied to their recipient’s energy and will be of enormous help!

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