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Does Your Zodiac Sign Indicate You’re an Empath? Empath Astrology

Does Your Zodiac Sign Indicate You’re an Empath? Empath Astrology

Does Your Zodiac Sign Indicate You’re an Empath? Empath Astrology

Did you know that your zodiac sign in astrology can indicate you are highly sensitive or an Empath? Learn how to use your astrological birth chart to spot the signs and better protect yourself from negative energy, people and environments. Learn which astrological stone will help shield your aura.

Empath Astrology

Very few people seem to know this but there is a clear relationship between certain signs of the zodiac and your level of empathy and psychic sensitivity. This is often an indicator that someone is an Empath. An empath is someone that deeply feels others emotions, often confusing them with their own. Empaths and highly sensitive people can be like a sponge, they can absorb negative energies into their aura if they are not careful.
Empath Astrology

Empath Astrology Signs (share on Pinterest)

Understanding The Water Signs

In astrology, the twelve signs of the zodiac are ruled by a different element, fire, air, water or earth. There are three signs in each element group. The water signs are considered the most emotional, psychic and sensitive to energy. They are the Empath astrology signs. These signs are Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. All three of these signs are empathic to some degree and they are commonly Empaths.

Water Signs:




Empathic Sun Signs

Most people know their Sun Sign, also known as your Star Sign. This is the sign of the zodiac that the Sun was in at the time of your birth. Your Sun sign can represent a key part of your identity, self expression and life force energy. If your Sun sign is Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces this indicates your increased sensitivity to energy and could be a sign that you are an Empath.

You Are More Than Your Sun Sign

But it does not stop there, our personality is not just made up of our Sun Sign. The position of other planets and astrological alignments at the time of our birth paint a deeper picture of who we are in Astrology. The other two signs you should consider are your Moon Sign and your Rising Sign (also known as your Ascendant). These make up your core personality and go much deeper.
If you have ever consulted an Astrologer or have a copy of your Natal Chart (also known as your Birth Chart) then you will likely already know your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. This is valuable information that can also indicate how empathic you are. If you don’t already know your Moon and Rising Sign then you can find it out (see the section below).

Finding Your Moon & Rising Sign

You will need your exact birth time ad location to calculate your Moon and Rising Sign. You should be able to get this data from your birth certificate. If you don’t want to visit an Astrologer there are lots of places online where you can find out your Moon and Rising Sign but few that use accurate software as good as that of a professional Astrologer.
I recommend, it is professional, detailed and accurate. It is free to use and you don’t have to sign up to use it. Once you go there, click Free Horoscopes in the menu bar near the top of the page. On the drop down menu look under the Drawings & Calculations section. Then click Natal Chart, Ascendant. Once on this page follow the instructions for guest users if you’re not a member. It is a good idea to save the chart image and or print it off.
Once you have a Natal Chart you can easily find your Rising Sign/Ascendant by looking at the red text in the top left. It says Ascendant: with your sign next to it. To find your Moon Sign, look at the box of symbols, planets and numbers on the left hand side under this. Go to the 2nd one down with the cescent moon symbol. Next to this will be your Moon Sign, it appears abriviated here.

Empathic Moon Signs

Your Moon Sign is the sign of the zodiac the Moon was in at the time of your birth. Your Moon sign can represent your emotions, moods, receptivity to energy and your intuition. If your Moon sign is either Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces this indicates that you are highly sensitive, empathic and you may be an Empath. Some Astrologers believe that the Moon Sign being a water sign is a big indicator of an Empath.

Empathic Rising Signs

Your Rising Sign is the sign of the zodiac that was rising over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Your Rising sign can represent how you interact with the outer world, your personal boundaries and how you protect yourself. If your Rising sign is either Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces this also indicates that you are highly sensitive, empathic and you may be an Empath.

Multiple Water Signs?

If you have multiple water signs within your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign then this can intensify your sensitivity.

Lots Planets in Water Signs

Perhaps you don’t have any water signs as your Sun, Moon or Rising sign? The influence of these water signs can show up in other parts of the Natal Chart. They can also show up as lots of Planets or alignments in any of the water signs. Having two or three other planets in Pisces for example.

What If I Don’t See Any Water Signs Here?

A professional Astrologer may spot other signs when looking at your birth chart. If you already know you’re an Empath, then don’t let this put you off. It may not always show up as Empath astrology signs. Astrology is just another way to look at ourselves but nothing is 100% for everyone.
In my book Psychic Protection Crystals I list dozens of types of people that are highly sensitive to energy or are often empaths regardless of what astrology indicates.

So I Have Water Signs, Now What?

As a highly sensitive person and possibly an Empath you must protect your energy. Why? Because if we constantly take on others energy and negativity it is very hard to think clearly and be ourselves. It is better to set clear personal and energetic boundaries. There are many ways to filter and shield your aura, psychic protection techniques are one of the best.
Empath Astrology - Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz

Psychic Protection Crystals For Water Signs

I also recommend you wear or carry protective crystals, especially at work or when you are out in busy public places. There are many crystals you could use as a sensitive person or Empath. Here is a way to choose a protective crystal based on the appearance of water signs in your Natal Chart.
All three of these water signs will benefit from Aqua Aura Quartz for psychic protection. As well as a general water sign protection stone you can also select a crystal by your specific sign (Sun, Moon or Rising). If you have more than one water sign (Scorpio & Pisces for example) you can combine two or more of these stones.
Scorpio Empath Crystal
Cancer Empath Crystal
Amethyst Empath Crystal
Do you have any water signs as your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign and do you feel you are sensitive to energy? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (please keep any questions you have concise and on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,
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55 thoughts on “Does Your Zodiac Sign Indicate You’re an Empath? Empath Astrology

  1. Pat

    Hi Ethan,
    Is moon and rising sign the same thing? Where do I find my rising sign on the chart? My sun is Scorpio and moon is Taurus.

  2. Myr

    I’m highly empathic and I’m a libran. Sorry, astrology doesn’t work so simple by just picking your sun sign. You need a proper birth chart analysis to determine that. If you have Neptune dominant in water sign,for instance, that could be a sign of empathy. Actually it happens to be my case, but I also have jupiter the other ruler of Pisces (the most empathic sign of all) at an angle in water chart and Saturn the ruler of my Ascendant in Pisces. Plus a majority of planet in water signs even though neither my sun, moon or Ascendant are. I guess that kind of simplify astrology is what makes it a bad name. Sorry. Plus another thing I find misleading is that the way you put it (which is probably not the way you mean it) it would appear like your astrological sign and planets at birth is what makes who you are. This is very wrong. They are a sort of map of your energy and you have this birth horoscope because you are this and not the other way round. To me it makes a whole difference as astrology doesn’t determine who you are but is an indicator of who you are as we are all vibration and connected to the universe. We are not born on a specific day by chance. Therefore no one is born under auspicious or inauspicious stars. Hope you find my criticism constructive. Thanks for all your articles which I usually find very enlightening.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      This article isn’t about how to interpret your entire birth chart, what astrology is or who you are as a person. It is about some indications in your birth chart that appear for many Empaths. The Sun, Moon and Rising are a big part of who we are in my opinion and in any book on astrology i’ve ever read. The Rising and Moon signs are very much about our relationship to the world and our emotions and psychic sense respectively, so this is where I would look in a chart. The entire chart paints a complete picture as I said. I would not dream of asking people to interpret all the planets and alignments in their birth chart to work this out because that’s way too much for most people and not my intention. I agree having lots of Planets in water signs is going to mean a similar thing so I’ve added that. But again this is a blog post, not a book or an astrological reading, it’s already longer than the recommended length as it is. I did say above that this may not be true for all empaths. My book contains many other factors that can indicate someone may be an empath or highly sensitive.

  3. Janet White Wings Flying

    I am an Empath and was told I have Pisces in five of houses by two Astrologers. Which most people haven’t seen. I live in Florida and the Organizer of “The Empath Corner”on since 2008. I would definitely add Shungite, Selenite and Kyanite to that list of stones. I do a weekly Workshops Dealing with Energies in ways that you can fortify your Energy Fields and you use your Empathic gift to help others safely.

  4. April

    I have always known that I was an extremely empathetic person. But after learning that my Sun sign is Pisces (I obviously knew that one already) my moon sign is Scorpio, and my ascending sign is Aquarius, I now know that I am an empath and it makes perfect sense to me. I feel other’s pain as if it is my own and cry with them, not for them. I already have a Smokey Quartz that I wear daily after finding out that it is an alternative to my guardian stone, which is black tourmaline (which I also have) but will definitely look into getting an Aqua Aura quartz to wear as well.

  5. Tiffany Christensen

    I wasn’t sure if I was an empath but reading both articles, the seven signs and looking at my natal chart have lead me to accept that I am. I am also a registered nurse so patients seem to spill their life stories to me. I’ve ran into people that seem to suck the life force right out of ya, leaving me drained and confused after a conversation. So thank you for your article. I’ve always carried black tourmaline for some reason and now I know why.

  6. Damean Gomez

    Wow, this really resonated on a deep level for me. I’ve only recently begun giving a serious look at my Natal Chart and have had mine analyzed by someone that does so professionally. What came out of that analysis is VERY similar to what I’ve found here. Awesome article Ethan, keep spreading that love and light!

    P.S. Any recommendations for a free heliocentric chart site?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks for the feedback, glad to hear this made sense for you and confirmed what others have said. I know have an extended chart selection that has lots of unusual birth charts and things that might contain this, but not sure.

  7. Wiz

    Hello, Ethan!
    According to my natal chart:
    Sun: Scorpio
    Ascendant: Capricorn
    Moon: Cancer
    I’ve always been a highly sensitive person and growing up I thought this was a weakness. I am now just learning to accept and embrace this about myself. I want to learn more how I can work with this. Thank you!

  8. Iren

    Well of course it makes sense. Water signs signify emotions, astrologically speaking… Personally I know Pisces, who is a real shark, despite Numerology Path 9… And she is a rising Aries. By the way, Aries is a first sign who will respond in the time when you need help, again, astrologically speaking. Human nature and Astrology is way more complex, I’m afraid. However, it’s wise to consider even simple astrological influences. After all I appreciate Ethan’s great knowledge and the way he’s sharing it graciously with huge consideration, being extremely attentive and understanding our needs. I have all 3 Ethan’s books, I can’t even compare them to a cold knowledge of minerals of the others, even well known and recognized authors. Thank you Ethan.

  9. RP

    Very interesting subject. I have 2 planets in water signs plus my rising sun is in Scorpio. I need “me” time after meeting with family and friends and being in a workplace feels like being torn down. I’ve coped by cleansing my aura – but going back to work the very next day to be eaten alive again drains me. This year I started clearing my chakras with crystals plus started adding certain phrases to my verbal repertoire (Dan O’Connor communication training). It’s getting better but I am still learning. I will check this book out because crystals have been of great help to me so far.

  10. astrid saunders

    Hi My Sun sign is Cancer my Moon sign is Pisces and my rising sign is Scorpio. My Venus is in Leo. I have like selenite smoky quartz and amethyst pleased to say I have a lot of them around them me.

  11. Jacque Cann

    Very true! I am a Cancer, with Pisces Rising. My Moon is in Sagittarius, so my personal emotional sharing can be loaded with fireworks. 🙂 My Birth number is 9 (ruled by Mars), which contributes to more fire when my temper boils over! There are other planets in water signs as well – Mercury in Cancer, Neptune in Scorpio & Chiron in Pisces. I am highly empathic, but it’s very subconscious. For the past several years, I have worn an aqua aura double-point pendant every day. Now I know that it has helped protect me, as well as aided me in clear vocal communication. Thank you for all of your excellent information!

  12. Marianne

    My sun is in Pisces and moon is in Scorpio. In addition, Mercury is in Pisces and Jupiter and Neptune are in Scorpio.

    I do need a lot of recover/quiet time after spending hours talking with people or around a large number of people, meetings, etc.

  13. Shirley Welch

    Hello Ethan,
    Whew I’m exhausted already, I’m a Pisces with my sun, moon and 5 other planets in Pisces. It is both a blessing and a curse. My birthday is 2-22-66. So I’m also on the cusp with Aries but have hardly any air in my chart. When I wear amethyst I feel as if it amplifies my empathy….. Any thoughts?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Amethyst is very good for psychic protection but also psychic development. Maybe that’s why you experienced this. This is why I recommend people program their crystals for their intentions. Otherwise try another strong protective stone that works best for you personally.

  14. Doreen

    I’m a Libra (sun and moon), but my ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune are all water signs. I’m highly intuitive and empathic and have been my entire life. I’ve been told this over and over by tarot readers, crystal ball/aura readers, other pagans, and now astrology. I have a very difficult time in crowds, large or small, and am physically and emotionally drained after being around people for even just a couple hours (including work and sometimes even home).

    I’m off to get my selenite pendant. I usually wear a rose quartz or amethyst for this on advice from various sources, but I love selenite (I have many raw and polished selenite crystals) and this is all the motivation I need to wear it for protection.

    Great article. Very enlightening.

  15. Iren

    Dear Ethan!
    Have a Beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge your guidance, your wonderful books!
    God Bless!

  16. Josh

    I am a make Scorpio sun, cancer moon. Master 11 in numerology. I feel and have always felt different from most. Like a stranger in a foreign land. It’s difficult for me to be in certain settings with lots of people. I process every bit of info I see or hear. I have had prophetic visions since childhoood. I use my gifts for good most of the time.

  17. Jess A

    I am Aqua sun, Pisces moon and Scorpio rising with very heavy water in my chart. OMG! This article was so helpful and explains why for all the questions I’ve ever had in my life. It’s funny because my bf is Scorpio Sun, Leo Moon and Pisces rising. We drew to each other like magnets the first night we met. We talk about our psychic connection all the time.

    Thank you

  18. Maria S.

    My sun is Libra, my moon is Scorpio and my rising sign is Cancer, so that makes two out of three. I am uncertain what to think of my zodiac chart – while I have not paid attention to such things before, I still very much resonate with what they represent. I prefer to have a face that is balanced, considerate and fair to all, yet I may have strong emotions and opinions behind my choices – but overall, sowing happiness and tranquility is what I strive for. I’m also an introvert who strongly feels the need to unwind with the quiet alone time.

    I have noticed that with intuition I have seen something that is coming before it happens – such as mood swings before departure or death or I’ve realized the unspoken reasons for someone’s behavior. Yet I have not really trained myself so I could fully see how deep into my intuition I could really go and how much I can rely on it. Now I wonder if I still could, somehow.

  19. Abdulnaser

    I am a very sensitive man to the actions of others. My heart hurts me a lot. I am sad and I think a lot about why they do that bad deed with me. Why did not I defend myself and keep silent for them? I spend my days suffering but may reach me for days. In Gemini in the twelfth house and there is a moon in cancer in the second house and there is the sun in the whale in the House X Please help me I’m tortured What is the best gemstone suits my situation Thank you.

  20. Ali

    Hi, I recently had my birth chart read and it made a lot of sense. My sun sign is Pisces and ascending is Cancer – I have started working much harder on my spiritual hygiene because I’ve previously had a lot of bother with other people’s energies and actually find being so empathic quite overwhelming at times. However, my moon is in Virgo, which is good because I think I’d otherwise be a disaster! 😉 I used your guide to find my guardian stone – thanks!

  21. Lilith

    While I don’t think I am an empath I do have some sensitive energies and surprise surprise my ascendant sign is Scorpio. One of the things I found interesting is your recommendation for Sun, Moon, and Ascendant Scorpio’s to carry a smoky quartz. I had only been studying crystals for a short while when I started carrying a smoky quartz as it was the first stone to call to me. It’s been about a year now and the changes I’ve noticed are subtle but there. My boss is different around me and an unfortunate psychic vampire (my sibling) has distanced themself from my life. Even aggressive clients that come to my workplace treat me less like a doormat.

    I love reading these articles. Thank you for the insight.

  22. Paul W.

    Hi Ethan, thanks for your clear article on the sun, moon and ascendant in regards to empathy. I need to shield more, so it is good to hear that smoky quartz can help. I have a nice one, but I have always had trouble arranging some kind of necklace or amulet that is durable, for I have an active life-style. if you have any tips on making something that can last, I’d be interested.
    I have Sun, Mercury, N. node and Neptune in Scorpio, but they are all (except for a close miss with Neptune) being squared out of the 12th house by a Uranus in Leo. Moon opposite Pluto, too, so that’s where the noise/confusion is coming from.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      The problem with jewellery is that it is not ideal for sports or some activities. With necklaces, I find the old school way of wearing a polished stone with a drilled hole on a thick peice of leather or waxed cotton cord as a necklace to be durable.

  23. Rivkah

    I can feel people’s energies, read people’s energies, and identify them. I’m quite psychic. I have a grand trine with neptune and I always thought this contributed to my abilities since neptune allows for the penetration of boundaries when in aspect (especially positively for accuracy) to other planets.

  24. Iren

    Neptune is definitely the planet of intuition. And having it in a grand trine might help a lot, especially, if it supported by certain planets and has a position in certain houses, like I, III, IX, and XII 🙂

  25. Rivkah

    My Neptune (Saggitarius) is in the fourth house, moon (Aries) in the seventh, Mars (Leo) in the tenth house, and mercury (Sagittarius) in the third house. How might this manifest in terms of empathy? Btw, my sun sign is Scorpio/ Saggitarios (I fall on the cusp), my Moon in Aries, and my Ascendant in Virgo. I’m primarily water and fire. My focus right now is to determine if I’m capable of long distance empathic connection (empathic blending). I wonder if my mars in the seventh house trine Neptune might allow for it.

  26. Rivkah

    Oops again, It’s moon in the seventh house trine Neptune so scratch that theory. Which planets might especially allow for empathy to travel and penetrate long distance to connect and blend energies romantically?

  27. Hannah

    My Sun and Moon signs are both Cancer and my Rising is Pisces. I’ve always knew i was very sensitive and felt for others, but now i know that i am a full blown empath lol

  28. Mleigh

    Cancer sun/moon & Scorpio Rising My b-day is actually THE DAY of the cusp of Gemini/Cancer( June 21 1982) And a life #11 and I have had dreams, waking premonitions, have manifested objects seemingly out of no where, feel other’s emotions as if my own(learned how to decipher my own), I can feel/read people’s energies sometimes so strongly it’s as if I am hearing their thoughts/feelings about people or things, I’ve even been able to feel and know what animals(mostly mammals), are feeling and how they will react given certain situations, these are just SOME of the things I’ve experienced since I was at LEAST 6(from my earliest memory anyways). It kind of is crazy surreal that I feel as if I’M crazy.

  29. Cherry

    I’m Sun Virgo, Moon Pisces, Ascendant Sagittarius, Midheaven Libra. Yet I have Empathic abilities… I just learned a long time ago to “tune out” other people’s feelings and deflect them. It probably helps that I’m highly territorial in nature (my energy is mine, not for anyone else to take unless I offer it). But I’ve never been one for crowds or social interactions, because that “tuning out”/deflection won’t work if there are too many people around me. Then, well, it’s like what I imagine being shelled in a mortar strike must be like, only with foreign (to me) emotions rather than explosives.

    I also have a strong sense for the energies of a place. I recently walked into a new crystal shop for the first time, having had a sour experience at my favourite one (55 miles away, and it felt like the whole shop was full of loud-mouthed sceptics, even though hubby and I were the only ones in there except the girl at the till). The new shop couldn’t be more of a contrast: the energy there was as sweet and clean as spring water.

    Love and Light.

  30. Abigail

    Hi Ethan! I’m a Pisces sun and Scorpio moon. I suffer with my mental health. I often feel like a sponge and when i have been in a tense setting or around strong personalities i feel drained, like i have sucked up all of the negative energy! Definitely going to look at taking smokey quartz and amethyst to work with me.

    Also, i subscribed to your newsletter but the link for the guardian stone book won’t work. Can i get a new link?

  31. Ian

    Interesting read. I’m a Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon. My Ascendant is Aquarius so not sure if that helps or hinders any empathic ability?

    I think I probably am quite empathic probably much more than I realise and I’ve always been fascinated by amethyst which now makes sense as I’ve found out I’m a Pisces Moon.

  32. Cherry

    I’ve had a number of Empathuic experiences, most prominently in my late teens. I loathed them – they made my skin crawl! – and I learned pretty quickly how to block them out.

    Empathic aspects:

    Moon = Pisces
    Jupiter = Cancer
    (Uranus = Scorpio?)

    Major aspects:
    Sun: 6 Virgo
    Mercury (ruling planet of Sun sign): 18 Virgo
    Ascendant: Sagittarius
    Midheaven: Libra

    So it appears I was born at or close to the Full Moon (which would explain why I really don’t like the energy of the dark moon or lunar eclipses). But honestly, the Moon has little influence over me; I’m really very Solar by nature.

    Love and Light.

    P.S: Thanks for the recommendation Ethan, I’ve never found an astrology website that let me factor home (M31) into my birth chart! 🙂

  33. kris

    thank you for this article. I am a sun pisces, moon capricorn and rising Leo. though not much water in my natal chart, my dominant element is earth, but my brother does. he is a sun&rising aries, with moon pisces… and 4 planets on pisces…. with pisces on his 12th house.

    it helps me realized that that’s why he had always been moody and tired. I promptly went and gave him smoky quartz. he said that he had been feeling less exhausted when he had some crystal with him.

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