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Cleansing Crystals With a Copper Pyramid

Cleansing Crystals With a Copper Pyramid

Cleansing Crystals With a Copper Pyramid

Learn how to cleanse crystals with a Copper Pyramid. Discover the benefits of Pyramid Power on your healing crystals and Crystal Grids. Learn how to align a pyramid for cleansing and charging.

Pyramid Power

I first heard about the power of pyramids back in the 90’s. The first books on the subject appeared in the early 70’s, such as Pyramid Power by Dr Patrick Flanagan. There is a lot of research, studies and experiments in these books and online to explore if you want to.
I purchased my first Copper Pyramid about 10 years ago from someone who was making and selling them on Ebay. I have been using them ever since.

Different Types of Pyramids

They are three dimensional pyramid frames, mostly made of copper bars or pipes. They may be made from other metals such as Aluminium and Titanium. Some Pyramids are also Gold Plated.
They can be small or large enough to sit in and meditate. I am just talking about the smaller sizes used to place items in like crystals.
Most of these are made to the angles and proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. There are also more pointed ones based on the Nubian Pyramids. Different makers make them differently, some have a cap (Capstone) at the top or a hook to hang things.
Others may have other geometric forms or crystals attached and I have seen some come with an additional platform on the top. Some come in kit form, and need to be assembled.


Small Copper Pyramid with Capstone and wooden base

Small Copper Pyramid with Capstone and wooden base


What Are They Used For?

These devices are used for a wide range of things such as boosting the potency and energy of fruit, water and vitamins. This is called ‘pyramid charging’ and is believed to increase the power of things placed inside them.
Pyramids also cleanse and balance energies, which is why I use them to cleanse my crystals. Many people feel that this also increases the energy and effectiveness of their healing crystals.
As I explained in my book Crystal Grids Power, you can also place a Copper Pyramid over a Crystal Grid. Not only will it keep the crystals cleansed and protected, it will greatly amplify the effects of the Crystal Grid for healing or manifesting.
The other benefit of using a pyramid for cleansing is they are so easy to use. You do not need to burn any incense, make any noise or actively clear things like many other methods. The Pyramid does all the work for you, so you can cleanse things while you sleep!
Cleanse Crystals in a Copper Pyramid

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How Do They Work?

Despite the studies and tests people do at home, Pyramid Power is not likely to be fully accepted by mainstream science anytime soon. In the metaphysical community they are becoming and more and more popular. Pyramids are a very important structure in Sacred Geometry. They consist of four triangles with a square base.
The use of metals like Copper and Gold is to conduct energy. The proportions of the Great Pyramid relate to the Planet and the Moon, so harmonise with the natural cycles and connect with the Earth’s magnetic field, energy centres and Ley Lines. These are all environments that minerals and crystals feel at home in. Pyramids are also said to be natural ionisers.


When properly aligned with the Earth’s magnetic field a pyramid amplifies energies, transmutes them and directs them out through the tip.


Where To Get a Copper Pyramid

Copper is not cheap these days (either is Gold…) and due to the work involved in making these devices, pyramids can be expensive. If you can weld you can make one yourself, but it needs to be very carefully made and measured.
It can be cheaper to buy one made by someone else like the ones on Etsy. Be sure to check proportions are done properly and remember that if the Copper pipes or bars are not specially coated or gold plated they will turn brown over time.
Here are a few options for you if you are considering investing in an energy tool like this:


Gold Plated 9″ Copper Pyramid
Gold Plated 9″ Copper Pyramid with Capstone
Gold-Anodized 10″ Titanium Aluminum Pyramid Kit
Gold-Anodized 12″ Titanium Aluminum Pyramid Kit
Coated Copper Pyramids with Capstone and Base


How To Activate & Align a Copper Pyramid:


How to align a copper pyramid with a compass

Align a Copper Pyramid with a good compass


How To Cleanse Crystals in a Copper Pyramid

1. Align one of the sides of your Pyramid to magnetic North with a compass (see diagram above).

2. Place your crystals inside the pyramid in the middle area, under the point or cap.

3. Leave them there for at least an hour or overnight to also boost their energies.


Have you used Copper Pyramids before? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you’re interested in learning more about crystals and Crystal Healing do check out my FREE Crystal Healing Resources page.
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6 thoughts on “Cleansing Crystals With a Copper Pyramid

  1. Vanessa

    I saw this link quite some time ago and was drawn to the stunning Meru pyramid. Sadly, shipping to Australia was quite substantial and I decided against it.
    Much to my delight, I saw them at the local Body Mind Soul Festival last weekend and was very delighted to be able to bring one home with me.
    It’s set up in my meditation room now. Gladly I’ve reread your post and will align to North.

    What is the significance of this step ?

    Love your book too.


  2. Michelle S

    Would it be okay to keep your crystals in one of these all the time?. I have crystals beside my bed sitting on my bedside table & they would look so much nicer in one of these pyramids

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