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How and Why Do Crystal Grids Work?

How and Why Do Crystal Grids Work?

How and Why Do Crystal Grids Work?

Have you wondered how and why do Crystal Grids work? How is it different than using a single crystal or carrying a group of stones? This introduction to Crystal Grids will reveal all.
Crystal Grids are an arrangement of crystals, charged with intention in a geometric pattern. They can be created for many purposes. They can be used for healing, protection, love or to manifest something in your life. The possibilities are endless…
Many Crystal Grids work by amplifying crystal energies with Quartz Crystals

Many Crystal Grids work by amplifying crystal energies with Quartz Crystals


How Are Grids Different Than Using a Single Crystal?

Generally when you create a Crystal Grid you use more than one type of crystal. Most of these will be used in multiples like 6 or 8 for example. You are using the combined energy of not only different types of crystals with different properties, you are also multiplying their energy. Think of it like a team of crystals, all adding their own strengths.
I am sometimes asked why then not just carry a group of crystals with you? If you do that you are not taking advantage of the Sacred Geometry patterns used in Crystal Grids. More on that in a minute…


How Do Crystal Grids Work?

What gives Crystal Grids so much power and effectiveness for so many people is that they combine the energy of so many different things. I want to break this down for you into four key parts, so that you can understand all the elements and how they work together:


how do crystal grids work?


1. Crystal Energy

Many crystals have a geometric ‘crystalline structure’ or form. These work really well when combined within the geometric patterns of Crystal Grids. Every crystal carries its own unique energy and vibration. Crystal Grids can be used to harness different energies to support you in your goal or intension. Some  crystals are used to amplify the effects of other crystals and direct their energies.


Crystal Grids use a variety of crystal energies

Crystal Grids use a variety of crystal energies


2. Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the metaphysical science and belief that the geometric patterns that are found in nature and all of life are like a divine fingerprint. Acting like the framework of creation, it makes sense that to harness energy or to manifest something we can use the power of Sacred Geometry. Different geometric shapes and symbols have their own special uses and can tap different types of energy.


3. Numerology

Numerology is the ancient spiritual science of numbers and is closely related to Sacred Geometry. By carefully choosing set numbers of crystals you can tap into their symbolic meaning and power within the grid.


Crystals Grids are a spiritual technology


4. Your Intension

Your mind and thoughts direct energies too. When crystals are charged with your intention and arranged with a goal in mind, then they really work their best. Clarity is vital for manifesting or healing. The crystalline structures of the stones and Sacred Geometries help amplify and direct the energy and intention out into the Universe.


5. The Final Key…

Crystal Grids are powerful tools and many have seen and experienced their effectiveness. As with all types of manifesting technique, you must follow through with action. The Universe does not reward many people who sit and wait for things to come to them.


Making Intension Based Crystal Grids

Lots of people are making purely intuitive Crystal Grids and there is nothing wrong with that. We have so much metaphysical knowledge at our fingertips, why not use it? When combined with intention, that’s when the magic happens. That’s why I use Intention Based Crystal Grids and have experienced the results. If you want to learn a whole lot more about this subject, check out my book Crystal Grids Power.


Do you have a question about how Crystal Grids work? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you’re interested in learning more about crystals and Crystal Healing do check out my FREE Crystal Healing Resources page.
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14 thoughts on “How and Why Do Crystal Grids Work?

  1. Danielle

    Hi, I read that if you want to become close to someone you’ll put a photo of them or their arua photo in the middle of your crystal grid, but what if you want to be closer to multi people? Can you put more then one photo down or would you do something different?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Danielle, you can use photos in crystal grids to create a connection between the grid and who it is for. A group photo or multiple photos can be used. In my book I do say that I personally do not make grids for people unless they know or have asked. There may be exceptions. I do not use grids to influence someone. This is just how I work, so only you can decide one what you feel comfortable with and which seems ethical to you.

  2. Dawn

    I am a beginner when it comes to crystal grids. I have your book, but have a question….does the use of color within the grids, increase its power? or is it all in the intention? Does the color effect the crystal? For example, pink grid for love or a green grid for abundance.
    I’ve seen grids printed on cloth in different colors and I was curious if coloring them would impact the grid’s power at all.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Dawn, yes I do feel that colour can be used in the way you describe and that it just adds to the energy of the grid but it is not essential. I may cover this in volume 2 but sounds like you know your colour theory 😉

  3. mjcrh

    Hello there. I am also a beginner in Crystal Grids and Crystal Healing. I have already ordered the book, but have questions regarding grids.

    If I create a crystal grid for love, can i place it anywhere in the house? Can I have more than one grid?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi, thanks for purchasing my book! The book will go into locations for grids in detail. With regards to multiple Crystal Grids, yes you can do that but in the beginning it might be best to focus on one thing at a time.

  4. Donna

    I too am a beginner and have just read your book on crystal grids as it is the next stage in my learning. I notice in your book that you recommend multiples of a particular type of crystal to form a grid. I have now over 120 different types of crystal but few duplicates. I would appreciate your thoughts on using mixed crystals be that by colour or crystalline form to build a grid.
    Thanks in anticipation…

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Donna you can do that as long as the properties of the crystal’s align with the purpose of the grid. Generally though when you start gridding you will need to purchase multiple tumblestones or points. I have kept most the crystals in the book to easily available stones for this reason.

      1. Donna

        Thanks Ethan,
        I have built two grids from your templates, one for Spiritual Guidance and one for Psychic development using crystals of similar colour and chakra alignment. Oh wow the power! The Love was almost overwhelming, all the best for your book.

  5. Erica

    Hi Ethan,

    As as many of the others I am just beginning in crystals and crystal grids. I understand making the intentions on each crystal but was wondering if any intention could be placed on any crystal. For example, could an intention of happiness be placed on any crystal or does my intention have to match the purpose of the crystal? Also, could I have the same intention on multiple crystals or does each crystals intention need to be different?

  6. Trina

    Hi there! I see certain patterns in the grass when I’m relaxed, is there any reason I should be taken notice of this and use it for my crystals. Seeing these patterns are amazing.
    Thank you.

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