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How Long Should You Leave a Crystal Grid Up For?

How Long Should You Leave a Crystal Grid Up For?

How Long Should You Leave a Crystal Grid Up For?

How long should you leave a Crystal Grid up for? When should you take a Crystal Grid down or should you leave it up forever? These are common questions if you’re new to Crystal Grids…
Crystal Grids are usually created to help manifest something or bring in a type of energetic change. As I explained in my book Crystal Grids Power the arrangement of crystals amplifies your intentions and beams them out into the Universe. I don’t believe there is any set timeframe for Crystal Grids to work as each persons situation is different.

How Long Should You Leave a Crystal Grid Up For?

So you may be wondering how long should you leave a crystal grid up? When is the best time to take it down? This really all depends on what your reason was for making the Crystal Grid. What was the intention behind your Crystal Grid? Has this manifested for you yet? Let’s look at some examples to help you decide.
How long should you leave a crystal grid up for?

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Did You Make a Crystal Grid to Manifest Something Specific?

Did you make a Crystal Grid to manifest something like a new job, to bring success to a new project, to assist the healing process or to find a new partner? If the situation or thing you desired has manifested then the Crystal Grid’s job is done. Don’t worry you won’t lose what you gained if you take the grid down.
Now that you have what you wanted you just need to be grateful and do your best to maintain and take care of it like anything in life. You can leave your Crystal Grid up if you really want to, but what happens when you do other grids? You will eventually run out of space doing this…

“Once you’re finished with your Crystal Grid be sure to Cleanse and Deprogram your crystals”

Did You Make a Crystal Grid to Create a Longterm Change?

Examples of this type of grid are ones created for protecting your House, to absorb negative energies in a room, attract constantly increasing prosperity or to help you sleep better. These are situations where your Crystal Grid can be left up as long as you feel you need it.
These intentions are longterm and not one-off events. They do not contain specific goals or deadlines. If your Prosperity Grid was based on the intention to get a raise, then that is not longterm intention as it has a specific result. You can of course update your grids.
Each Crystal Grid is unique

Each Crystal Grid is unique

Astrological & Seasonal Crystal Grids

There are some crystal grids that are only going to be relevant for a set period of time. These are crystal grids for the full moon or new moon, solstices and equinoxes, and seasonal holidays and festivals for example. These grids are designed to work with the energy of these phases, cycles and astrological alignments. Because of this, they can be taken down after the day or time period has passed.
This is personal to you, your spiritual practice and your intention. You might leave a full moon crystal grid up for a few days after the full moon, until the new moon or wait till the next full moon. It is completely up to you.

Updating Your Crystal Grids

In some situations, you may want to just update the intention for your Crystal Grid. Let’s say you made a Crystal Grid with the intention of getting a better position at work. Once this happens you don’t need to keep the Crystal Grid up anymore. If you wanted you could keep it up but change the intention by reprogramming and reactivating the grid for the intention of moving up to an even higher position.
I hope this has helped you understand when to take your Crystal Grid down. Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response.
With gratitude,
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6 thoughts on “How Long Should You Leave a Crystal Grid Up For?

  1. Chrissy

    Thank you once again for the absolutely perfect timing and knowledge you shared of a topic I am interested in, and currently using.i just love your blog
    Blessings Chrissy

  2. Susan

    I have a problem falling asleep. Right now I take 5mg. of ambien. I would like to know what crystals & grid o should use in my bedroom. At this time I wear a hematite bracket when I go to bed. I also so essential oil lavender in a diffuser along with frankincense & lavender with fractionated coconut oil in a roller bottle. I apply this to the bottom of both feet at bedtime. I hope this information helps
    Thank you
    Susan Reid

  3. Suzie

    I have set up a crystal grid to send healing energy to a friend who quiet unwell. Should I leave it up there for 5 days? Is it important to reaffirm your intentions to the grid to keep it activated.? Thank you for any advice Suzie

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      If you want, as I hopefully explained above normally you leave the grid up till you get the desired result. You don’t ‘have’ to do anything after activation but you could send positive thoughts or healing yourself in addition if you feel guided to do that.

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