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Gem Show Tips and My Crystal Buyers Guide

Gem Show Tips and My Crystal Buyers Guide

Gem Show Tips and My Crystal Buyers Guide

I recently visited a Rock, Gem ‘n’ Bead Show here in the UK. I wanted to share my experience, finds and all the crystal eye candy with you. I have also included my crystal shopping guide and Gem Show tips…
Gem Show Geodes, Rose Quartz chunks, Selenite Lamps and Angels

Gem Show Geodes, Rose Quartz chunks, Selenite Lamps and Angels

People often ask me if these types of events (Like the famous Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in the USA) are a good place to buy crystals and although I have bought crystals at Mind, Body and Spirit events I have not been to an exclusive show for crystals till now.
Gem Show Tips and Crystal Buyers Guide

Gem Show Tips and Guide (Pin To Pinterest)

What To Expect

I was lucky enough to get free entry as a seller who was there had given me a couple of tickets a few months ago. I have to say it was a little overwhelming on arrival. I don’t think I have ever been around so many crystals at once. Arriving early meant there were fewer people around to start. Things got very busy by lunchtime.
Raw Crystal Clusters straight from the mine

Raw Crystal Clusters straight from the mine

So Many Crystals…

There were all types of crystals on display from big to small. Plus fossils, gemstones, beads and jewellery. Most stones are priced with a sticker or on a box. Make sure you have saved up before you go to an event like this and set a budget so you don’t go crazy!
What I found was that the people that ran the stalls were all really knowledgable about what they had and were very friendly and helpful. I did not feel pressured to buy anything. They know people think about things before buying a lot of the time.
Feast your eyes on some Crystal eye candy

Feast your eyes on some Crystal eye candy

The Prices

There were lots of bargains with most things very reasonably priced. If you want a museum-quality specimen or a huge display crystal, expect to pay for it. Some of the sellers were cutting stones right there in front of you. There were lots of things I rarely see online and so many choices in sizes and forms.
Huge Pyrite Crystal Skull plus other treasures of the Earth

Huge Pyrite Crystal Skull plus other treasures of the Earth

Crystal Mines

I was surprised to see not just British stones but also locally mined crystals. Some crystals came with certificates of the mine they came from. I didn’t see any heat treated Amethyst/Citrine, only natural Citrine which was very refreshing.
Crystal Spheres, Wands, Points and Flames on a lightbox

Crystal Spheres, Wands, Points and Flames on a lightbox

Raw crystal and mineral specimens at the Rock and Gem Show

Raw crystal and mineral specimens at the Rock and Gem Show

What I Came Home With

I can highly recommend buying crystals at a Gem Show and will definatly go again next year. I brought home two Preseli Bluestone items, a Wrist Mala and a small Pyramid (For gridding). Also two halves of a Agate & Quartz Geode and a Clear Quartz Icosahedron.
Plus a large partly polished Candle Quartz (photo does not do it justice). A stunning Bulgarian Pyrite Cluster (which came with a certificate of origin) and a white Spirit Quartz Cluster. Better closeup photos will appear on my InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.
My crystal haul from the Gem Show

My crystal haul from the Gem Show

My Top Gem Show Tips:

Save up well in advance.
Budget yourself.
Bring a bag or backpack…
Bring cash as well as a card
Arrive early to avoid the crowds.
Ask questions to the sellers.
Handle or touch the crystals if possible.
Can’t see what your looking for? Ask them.
Revisit crystals you were thinking about before you go.

Top 10 Must-Have Crystals Guide

Not sure what crystals to get? Watch my YouTube video to see my top 10 must-have crystals to make sure your collection is complete:

Do you have any Gem Show tips to share? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,
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20 thoughts on “Gem Show Tips and My Crystal Buyers Guide

  1. Chrissy

    I went to a body mind spirit show and came home with quite a haul myself even a preseli bluestone nugget that as I go to this show twice a year my”pendulum gal” recommended. Some quartz and mookite for gridding a rhodochrosite pyramid and a beautiful rhyolite sphere among alot of others. I did do all of your tips in this blog except probably most important the budget!!

  2. Gisele

    I’ve never gone to a Gem Show but I really want to. I’ve recently gotten into crystals and stones. Their different powers and vibrations are amazing. Thank you for the great tips!

  3. Fran Williams

    My favorite think to do at Gen Show or stores is to touch them. I can’t believe the power I feel from them. And also feel the positivity or negativity , while holding a crystal while talking to the vendor I feel weather he or she is truthful. I’m the one that rummages thru all the rock bins and just Scoop my hand thru them till I find the ones attracted to me. I love ❤️Gen showe.

  4. Kristin Sathe

    My tip is have a shopping list ready when you go! Your first shows are so incredibly overwhelming. It’s so easy to overspend! Now I have my jewelry lines planned in advance and know what I need. You can also develop great relationships with the vendors if you go back to them at each show. They really will take extra, special care of you.

  5. Sharla

    I love gem and mineral shows and can’t get enough. It’s so energizing and keeps drawing you back – can’t stay away from the local gem store either! The budgetting is definitely a challenge! I really enjoy your articles as I am always eager to learn more about gemstones! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gorgeous pictures.

  6. Elise Tullis

    I always carry a small sketch book and stapler with me to gem shows, that way I can get a business card and staple (or tape) it to a page and make notes about quality, price, selection and knowledge of vendor. That comes in very handy for the next gem show. You already have an idea who you want to repeat business with and you can check out any new vendors at future events. I take my sketch book to any and all gem shows, so be sure to label the date and name of gem show on vendor page. Then there is no confusion when you made the notes. I make a fresh page for each vendor, each show, so I can notated any changes from show to show.

  7. Lisa Dutcher

    One thing i will say is make a quick trip around to everyone first. You may find a better deal farther into the show than where you started!

  8. tasha

    Great advice! We just got back yesterday from the Tucson Gem Show (live nearby) and it is very overwhelming – and we only went to one of the very small venues. We found a Miner’s Co-Op (purchasing straight from Miners) and found great deals. If you can find them in your areas I highly recommend.

  9. SUE

    I have been to several rock, crystal and gem shows. And I tend to buy small stones, but after going home with them, I forget what their names are, which can be frustrating. So the next time I go to these shows, I’m going to take tiny ziploc bags with a little piece of paper in each one, so I can write down the name of the stone and place it in the bag.

  10. Nadia

    Just went to my first gem show and it was extremely overwhelming and exhausting. I found it really difficult connect with the stones. Huge boxes are overwhelming. I much prefer my small quiet gem store even if I’m spending more. I ended up not buying anything. The stones felt mass produced and sad. There were a few interesting looking ones but I didn’t want to buy any of them.

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  12. RJ

    I have been researching a bit about Crystals. I bought my first one about 1 year ago. It is a Tigers Eye with Onyx bracelet. I am adding a Citrine with Tigers Eye and Sunstone bracelet. The two other stone I want to add are, Amazonite and Rose Quartz.

    I am going to wear the two Tigers Eye bracelets togethers. I was thinking a third bracelet? But both others are different Chakras. So, Amazonite to carry in Wallet? pocket? and Rose Quartz to wear necklace? Third Bracelet? Centerpiece or small rocks in bowl? Can I put Amazonite and Rose Quartz together in bowl?

    Between Amazonite and Rose Quartz, which is better to wear? Which is better to Carry? Don’t need daily? Use as centerpiece?

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Long winded explanations are ok and preferred, so I can learn more!

    GOD Bless!

    Kindest Regards,


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