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Crystal Grid To Connect With Angels

Crystal Grid To Connect With Angels

Crystal Grid To Connect With Angels

Use this Crystal Grid to connect with Angels, your Guardian Angel or the Archangels. These crystals and the free printable Crystal Grid template will help anchor angelic light and guidance into your life.

Working With The Angels

I have been working with angels for a long time. I remember back in the mid 90’s how hard it was to find any modern information about them. All that has completely changed now. I designed this powerful Crystal Grid for those wishing to create a sacred space to connect with Angels.
You can really feel the high vibration energies coming from this grid… It helps you connect with angels and work with them if that is something that you want to do. You can use this Crystal Grid for support, healing and guidance from the Angels.
Crystal Grid to connect with angels

Crystal Grid to connect with angels

Sacred Geometry Meaning:

This grid uses the Sacred Geometry symbol of Metatron’s Cube. Metatron is an Archangel and this geometric shape is used here for connection to the angelic realm, protection and accessing spiritual wisdom. For more info on the meanings of different Sacred Geometry symbols please check out my bestselling book Crystal Grids Power.
crystal grids book by ethan lazzerini

My bestselling book contains everything you need to know (click the pic for more info)

What You Will Need:

1 Medium to Large Angel Aura Crystal* (Connect with Angels)
6 Celestite Tumble Stones (Connects to Angelic Realms)
6 Danburite Crystal Points or Tumble Stones (To anchor angelic light)
Metatron’s Cube Template (See below)
*You can substitute the Angel Aura with Angel Phantom Quartz (Amphibole Quartz) or use a Clear Quartz Crystal.

Using a Crystal Grid Template

Metatron’s Cube is fairly easy to find as a base for your Crystal Grid. You can use one made of cloth, Copper or wood (like mine by Fractal Roots) if you have one. Otherwise I have a FREE printable Crystal Grid Template you can download and print out yourself. You don’t need to sign up for anything. Just click the link below to download the PDF file. You can then print it out on some paper or card:

CLICK HERE to download the Free Crystal Grid Template!

Simple Crystal Grid Activation Method

If you already know how to activate a Crystal Grid, feel free to use your prefered method. Otherwise to keep things nice and easy, I am going to show you a really simple method to activate the grid which does not use an Activation Wand. Activation programs or charges the crystals with your intention, so they can begin to do their work for you.
Before you begin, write on a small piece of paper an affirmation statement of your intention. This could be something like “I receive support, messages and guidance from the Angels”.

How To Activate An Angelic Crystal Grid:

1. Hold all your cleansed crystals and the note in your hands.
2. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.
3. Raise your crystals up in front of your Third Eye Chakra (brow area).
4. Focus on your desired result, use visualisation and emotion. Say to yourself or out loud a statement of your intention like “I program this Crystal Grid to bring me support, messages and guidance from the Angels.”
5. Lastly arrange your crystals into position (see below).
angel crystal grid

Setting Up Your Grid To Connect With Angels

Now that your crystals are programmed and charged with your intention, all you have to do is arrange them. Use a flat surface that will not easily be disturbed. Please see the diagram above.
(1) The Angel Aura crystal goes into the centre, on top of your folded note .
(2) Then the six Celestite Tumble Stones can be placed around it.
(3) Lastly place the six Danburite crystals in the outer circles. If using Crystal Points, have them pointing outwards.
If you wish to use the crystals for something else at a later date please cleanse them. Remember to deactivate your grid before using the crystals for anything else. See my article on Deactivating Your Crystal Grid for more info.
Do you work with angels? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,
P.S. If you know anyone who may be interested in this article please share it with one of the sharing buttons at the end or side of this post.
Copyright © Ethan Lazzerini

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29 thoughts on “Crystal Grid To Connect With Angels

  1. Julie Emilio

    5 years ago, just as my sister-in-law passed, I put a Celestite stone in her hand. The hospital let us stay with her for several hours and by then her body was cold. Just before she was moved, I took the stone out of her hand and handed it to her husband. He closed his hand around the stone, and after a while, he turned white. He was unable to open his hand! We had to pry open his fingers one by one.
    I think that my sister-in-law’s remaining energy seeped into the Celestite and she used it to let her husband know that she was still around.
    It was a beautiful moment and I was honored to be a part of it. Working with stones has become a big part of my life, and I love to make healing jewelry when I’m not busy at my day job.

  2. Claudia Davies

    I am a beginner but I have long time develop the love of stones , and researched a few times. It amazed me when I once cleaned my collection in water and then put on my window to spend the night. I experience that it took away all negative energy from my room then the water I splashed on my face which was soothing and calm.

  3. gaurav singh

    Hello Sir,

    i have purchased your book and looking forward to gain knowledge from it regarding the grids. i am looking for grid in this website to download but just go 3 templates, from where i can get all. your book and writings are just wonderful and efficient.

    thank you

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks for getting my book. The grid templates for Crystal Grids Power are stored at a secret page for readers only. All the instructions you need and the link appear inside the book.

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  5. Jwo

    I absolutely love your books. Crystal Grid Power is so good. I want to make grids myself and with the knowledge you share I am sure I will succeed. I got a second one and gifted it to a friend. She loves it too. Love your blog.

  6. Tayjasvini

    I am new to crystals…I hope this book will help me to know more about crystals and would like to work on crystal grids
    Any suggestion for me since I am new in this field.

  7. Marisa

    Hi Ethan
    I’m a newbie at this. I have just bought your book and it’s great but I have yet to finish it. Last night I tried to use your Metatron grid with all the relevant crystals. I could feel it working when I deprogrammed the crystals but I wasn’t so sure about when I programmed it. I couldn’t feel much at all.
    When I put all the crystals in the grid, how do I communicate with the angels? Am I supposed to get them appearing? Do I get confirmation?
    I have seen things without grids but saw nothing at all last night 🙁

    1. Elizabeth

      Hello Ethan!
      I keep the majority of my crystals in my sons room a he is no longer living in this realm. It is now my meditation room, wish I use to honor his life here on this earth. My son has led me down the path of holistic healing, specifically crystals and Reiki. Although I’m in nursing this is to be my ultimate goal. I have read many conflicting opinions about keeping the crystals displayed and am curious of yours. When doing grid work, will the other crystals in the room interfere? If they are not programmed it’s hard for me to understand how they can! Thanks!!
      Ps. Love the grids!

      1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

        Hi Elisabeth, thank you for sharing this. I do recommend people keep some space between large crystals and their grids. I do not believe crystals that are placed around a room will interfere unless very close to the grid.

  8. Marisa

    Hi Ethan
    I’m a newbie. I have just bought your book and it’s great but I have yet to finish it. Last night I tried to use your Metatron grid with all the relevant crystals. I could feel it working when I deprogrammed the crystals but I wasn’t so sure about when I programmed it. I couldn’t feel much at all.
    When I put all the crystals in the grid, how do I communicate with the angels? Am I supposed to get them appearing? Do I get confirmation?
    I have seen things without grids but saw nothing at all last night 🙁

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Crystal grids are not magic, as I hope was made clear in the start of the book they are a tool and support but don’t do everything for us. The info in my book about this grid says exactly what it is designed to do, help you connect and work with angels, it said nothing about seeing angels. Connecting and communicating is your job and how people do that is completely their choice. There are many ways from meditation, visualisations, asking them for help. Even if you can’t feel your angels at any point, that does not mean they are not there. Trust the process.

  9. Donna

    I can’t get a large angel aura crystal but have several small ones.can I put several of these in the center in place of the one large one?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I don’t recommend that as the purpose of the central stone is to focus the energies at the hub of the grid. Just use one of the substitute crystals mentioned above or any angelic stone you know of.

  10. Marcy

    Dear Ethan I started a grid for my daughter who was murdered by a person who had time to cover all his tracks and the police couldn’t get onto his place because they didn’t have enough evidence against him ( the police know he is a bad person by comments they had told us about him) and he lawyered up. I’ve had confirmation from her but hard to take to the police..( my guides says I must have patience it will happen). I set up a crystal grid for the intention for justice for her and that I Am going to be in the court room when he is convicted. Should I maintain the same grid or should I Deprogram and cleanse my grid and crystal and should I change it from time to time?

  11. Katie

    Hi Ethan, I’ve heard that fake aura crystals are sometimes on the market. Once you own one how can one be sure the coating is bonded and genuine? Is there a test such as wiping it off with a chemical or water or scratch resistance?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Katie, I am aware of this and it used to be easy to tell by the look of them but in recent years fakers are getting better. It’s a tricky one as there is little info but a hot pin (held with pliers) will reveal acrylic paint or plastic dipping (burned plastic smell or melting). I have someone contact me saying they were able to remove the fake coating with nail polish remover but I havent tried this yet. Even a normal pin should not permenantly scratch the surface of a genuine aura.

      1. Cherry

        A genuine Aura crystal shouldn’t have its coating scratched even by another Quartz. I haven’t been drawn to them much – I have a 2 × 0.4 × 0.7 cm Aqua Aura and have only lately been a tiny bit drawn to the Opal Aura type, but I’m feeling a little nervous about getting one which is unusual for me (meeting new crystals is one of my favourite things to do), and I think it means I should wait. I got my Aqua Aura back in the early 90s from a very reputable shop, of which the owners were family friends, and it’s definitely the genuine article. Is it useful for other things, besides the Angelic connection and colour therapy?

  12. Offa

    Hello Ethan,

    I was just wondering if along with Metatron’s Cube, there are other types of sacred geometry that could be used to create an Angel crystal grid? Thank you so much for your great work and generosity ✨ I’ve got your psychic protection and crystal grids books and so far, I’ve made an Earth healing grid and a simple protection one for my partner and me. I’m really looking forward to making some more

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks for getting my books, glad you are enjoying making them. Yes, the seven pointed star (septagram/heptagram) is connected to the archangels and angelic realm. In book 2 of crystal grids power it will have a quick directory for suitable geometry for specific grid intentions.

  13. Offa

    Thank you so much for your reply ✨ The thought of setting up an angel grid makes me happy and I look forward to learning more from your new book when it is published ✨

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