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7 Crystals for Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth

7 Crystals for Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth

7 Crystals for Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth

Discover 7 crystals for Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth. These stones can help you attract money into your life, improve business and manifest better finances.


Crystals & Manifesting Money

Many people use the power of Crystals to help them manifest more money in their lives. As this is a form of manifesting I think it is important to use them with knowledge and realistic expectations. The truth is manifesting a better job, more customers or a bigger Home is one of the hardest things to do.
This is because you not only have to change and maintain the energy around you and the situation but you also have to change things in the physical world. For most people and if your new to manifesting, this takes time.


Lets Get Real About Crystals for Abundance

Crystals will not do all this for you but they can help and give many the edge they need. With the right mindset and actions crystals can be a great support and tool for manifesting. Even with the energy of crystals, there are things that will sabotage them or any method you use for attracting more money.


5 Things That Block Your Path To Prosperity:

1. Not following through with consistent action steps
2. Negative beliefs or fears around money or rich people
3. Lack of self confidence that you can change your circumstances
4. Giving up at any sign of resistance or obstacles
5. Setting unrealistic goals or timeframes


Using Crystals for Abundance & Prosperity

Take a look at the following crystals. Any one of them can be used. You could use a few of them together carried in a small bag. These can also be programmed and stored where you keep your money. Prosperity stones can be displayed or worn daily as jewellery. Here are some more tips:


TIP: Make Money Magnets

Place programmed crystals for attracting money and prosperity in the following places in your home or business:
Purse or Wallet
Money Box or Tin
Cash Register
Personal Altar
Accounts Books
Near your Front Door


You do not need all the crystals below, choose what feels best for you. I recommend Programming your crystal with your intention for the best results.


Crystals for Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth

Crystals for Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth (Pin this to Pinterest)


Green Jade

Green Jade has been a popular stone for prosperity and wealth luck since ancient times. Use Green Jade to draw in more money. It protects your finances while leading you towards the path of growing wealthy.


Green Jade Laughing Buddha for wealth luck

Green Jade (Jadite) Laughing Buddha



Pyrite is becoming well known for its money manifesting properties. This golden metallic crystal helps you become more successful in your line of work or business.


Druzy Pyrite Tumble Stone

Druzy Pyrite Tumble Stone



Probably the most well known and popular stone of abundance. Citrine is a prosperity attractor and helps you become successful in what you put your heart and time into.


Polished natural Citrine Crystal Point

Polished natural Citrine Crystal Point



Lodestone is the traditional name given to only the magnetic form of Magnetite. Magical Lodestone is commonly used to attract luck and money with its  magnetic properties.


Lodestone (Magnetic Magnetite)

Lodestone (Magnetic Magnetite)


Yellow Jade

Not so well known or as easy to find as Green Jade. Yellow Jade can be more effective for some people, so is worth seeking out. This warm yellow form of Jade is an excellent stone of abundance.


Yellow Jade Tumble Stone

Yellow Jade Tumble Stone


Tiger’s Eye

As well as giving your self confidence a boost, golden Tiger’s Eye can be used to attract money, luck and prosperity into your life.


Tigers Eye Tumble Stone for prosperity

Tigers Eye Tumble Stone


Moss Agate

Beautiful Moss Agate looks like it has wild plants are growing inside it. It will help you grow your business and manifest prosperity and abundance in your life.


Moss Agate Tumble Stone for manifesting prosperity

Moss Agate Tumble Stone


TIP: Amplify Your Intentions With a Crystal Grid!

Another more advanced way to harness the energy of crystals for abundance is to use a Crystal Grid. Crystal Grids also use the power of Sacred Geometry and Numerology towards your goals.
I have designed special crystal grids for prosperity and success in my bestselling book Crystal Grids Power if you’re interested in learning more.
Do you have a favourite prosperity stone or tip to share? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,


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