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How To Cleanse Crystals By The Full Moon

How To Cleanse Crystals By The Full Moon

How To Cleanse Crystals By The Full Moon

Learn how to cleanse crystals by the Full Moon. Discover how and why Moonlight works and what the pros and cons are of using the lunar energy of the Moon.


Why The Moon?

Cleansing crystals with the Moon has become an increasingly popular method for people working with crystals. Many of you who read How To Cleanse Crystals Safely asked me to go into more detail on this method and I hope it will answer your questions. Most ancient traditions saw the Moon as sacred and it is commonly seen as having a feminine energy. It is hard not to look up at the moon when it is in the night’s sky. The light of the Moon is gentle, healing yet purifying.
In Astrology the Moon rules the psychic and hidden worlds, the subconscious mind and our emotions. The negative energies that can build up inside our crystals are spiritual, hidden from our physical eyes and often come from People’s emotions. That’s why the Moon can be used as the it rules these areas.
How to cleanse crystals with the full moon

How to cleanse crystals with the full moon (Pin this!)


Full Moon Power

I am often asked about the phases of the Moon and if you really need to wait for the Full Moon. All the phases have their own meanings and energies. Although you could try these, most people agree that the Full Moon is the best for cleansing. When the Moon is full it is at maximum power. The Full Moon usually only lasts one day and this occurs about once a month or every 29 days.

Understanding The Phases Of The Moon

Some people will also cleanse their crystals in the days leading up to the Full Moon. This is the Waxing Gibbous Phase, where the Moonlight and energy is growing (See the Moon Phase Chart below).
Some calendars show the Full Moon days and many websites also supply this information. Just keep in mind that Full Moon timings vary by your geographical location so an American calendar is not accurate in Europe for example. That’s why I like to use an app by Delux Moon for accuracy, their website also shows the current Moon phase based on your location. It’s free to use too.


Moon Phase Chart

Moon Phase Chart, designed by

The Pros & Cons Of Moon Cleansing



The Moon does the work for you
No additional tools or incense needed
It’s completely safe for all types of crystals
Adds some lunar energy to your crystals



Can only be done once a month
The outdoor method is less safe


How To Cleanse Crystals By The Full Moon (Indoor)

1. Place all your crystals on a windowsill that the Moon is or will be visible from at some point through the night.
2. Remove the crystals in the morning.


Cleanse Crystals By The Full Moon

Cleanse Crystals By The Full Moon (Feel free to share this on social media!)


How To Cleanse Crystals By The Full Moon (Outdoor)

There are a few risks involved in this method. Do not place crystals outside if it is very cold or if there is a chance of frost or snow as this could damage them. Check the weather for storms, wind or rain, all could cause damage. In some places it may just not be safe to leave valuable crystals outside…
1. Place your crystals outside on a flat raised surface.
2. You can cover them with a glass bowl or seal them in jars to protect them from unexpected rain or wind.
3. Always remove all the crystals first thing in the morning.


Q: What if the sky is not clear that night?

A: This is the most common question people have with cleansing by moonlight. Ideally a clear view of the moon is best but if it is overcast then the energy of the moon will still reach your crystals through the clouds.


Q: What if the Moon is not visible from any window?

A: If you have an apartment and the Full Moon is not visible from any of your windows then that is okay. The energy will still reach your crystals. Otherwise try using an outdoor space instead.


Do you have any crystal Moon bathing tips to share? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
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22 thoughts on “How To Cleanse Crystals By The Full Moon

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  2. karen

    Thanks for this Ethan. great info. I like it better than using salt….it will be a great way to cleanse all for keeping crystals strong


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    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      It depends on how the salt is used. It is corrosive to some minerals and metals, especially if wet. Placing next to a chunk of Himalayan Salt might be okay. I have heard of people using brown rice but have not tried it. My question is what happens to the rice? Thow it out? There are so many easy and quick ways to cleanse crystals that I would use.

      1. Bheelek-Eunice Diasham

        Ethan, you are such a blessing! You are smart and generous, not everyone shares knowledge so freely. I wish to have the money to buy all your books. One day soon!!

        What crystal rituals are good for Urgent prosperity? Anyway, I feel prosperous already just knowing that you care to sent us the Knowledge of the Crystal.

        Thank you,

      2. Zun

        Yes, I also heard that some people said that place crystal on brown rice at night time and throw the rice next morning. But, how do we know that the crystal is cleansed?

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  6. Erma Holmes

    Hi Ethan thank you for sharing your knowledge it is very helpful for someone just learning. Are there any gems or crystals that can not be cleansed by the full moon, if so what are they and how should they be cleansed?

  7. Suneya

    How about a double terminated Smokey quartz, one end points at the crystal the other at a bowl of Salt? I also stand my crystals on smokeys, ones intent and will play their part as well. Many many thanks for your gifts of knowledge; crystals work their magic on so many levels don’t they?

  8. Judie

    Thank you, just learning. Living out in the country, is there more benefits to setting it on the ground in the moonlight?
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  9. Sharon White

    If you put your crystals in a glass bowl during a full moon is it ok to put all crystals in the same bowl? Such as : amethyst, obsidian, mother of pearl, quartz.

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