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What To Do With New Crystals – Adjusting To Energy And Getting To Know Them

What To Do With New Crystals – Adjusting To Energy And Getting To Know Them

What To Do With New Crystals – Adjusting To Energy And Getting To Know Them

So you have your new crystals and can’t wait to work with them? Learn what to do from the moment you get home, from day one to over the next few weeks. Better connect with your crystals and adjust to their energy.
I have had a few people run into problems when working with new crystals and spotted a few mistakes that are easy to make. So you have your new crystal out of any packaging, removed any stickers and blew off any dust. This article applies to crystals or crystal jewellery. I think it is okay to handle and look at your crystal before the first cleansing, though I would avoid putting directly on a chakra at this stage.


What to do with new crystals

What to do with new crystals (Pin To Pinterest)


Do This With ALL New Crystals

Make sure you cleanse all new crystals regardless if they are sold as cleansed. Cleansing new crystals is the most important cleanse they will ever have in your care so never skip this step. It is great if the seller cleanses their crystals but many people may have touched them in the shop since, or as they went through the postal system or through exposure to energies on your way home.


Cleanse your crystals

Cleanse your crystals



This step is optional but is something I have been doing for many years now. This only needs to be done once, when you first get the crystal. Consecration also known as dedicating or blessing is a personal thing. You can learn more about it in my article How To Consecrate Crystals.


Getting To Know Your New Crystals

Now that your new crystal is cleansed and maybe consecrated you don’t want to put it away. Leave it out where you can see it, maybe on an altar or some sacred space. When you want, spend some time just holding your crystal, look at all the detail, colour and form. See how it feels in your hands, notice how you feel too. How does the crystal make you feel?


Keep new crystals out for a few days

Keep new crystals out for a few days


Meditating With Your New Crystals

This is something you might like to start doing to connect with your new crystals when you first get them and whenever you want. Meditating with crystals helps you connect more deeply with your crystal and you can receive more insight into its energy and any information it holds. Just five minutes is all you need.


Simple Crystal Connection Meditation

1. Sit with your crystal in your hands, resting in your lap. You can sit with your legs crossed or on a chair if it’s easier.

2. Look at the crystal for a while. Turn it in your hands and get to know all the details, shape, colour and any markings.

3. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

4. Focus on the crystal now, see it in your mind’s eye.

5. Be receptive to the energy of the crystal, notice any impressions, colours, images, words or sensations you feel.

6. When you’re done open your eyes, take a moment before getting up again. Write down any impressions in a journal or notebook.


Adjusting To The Energy of Your New Crystal

Some crystals have a very strong energy, especially the high vibration stones like Moldavite, Fire Agate and even Amethyst. Everyone is affected differently by crystals, I hear from people all the time that experience a bit of discomfort of a negative reaction to new crystals. This may include dizziness, ungroundedness, headaches, nightmares or feeling unwell. My advice is to stop wearing or working with the stone for a while if this happens.


Crystal point


Avoiding Bad Reactions To Crystals

I get many questions from people that get a new stone and then carry it with them 24/7 from day one but then experience problems. I don’t think that is a good idea because you need to adjust gradually to the energy. Many crystals are too energising for sleep and I do wonder if people are cleansing their crystals often enough if they never remove them. Crystals also need a bit of a rest sometimes too.


Take Your Time To Adjust To The Energy

I recommend people take their time with new crystals that they have never worked with before. Spend an hour or two with them and see how they affect you. Notice your moods, thoughts and feelings. Don’t ignore this. Only if you experience no possible side effects should you continue to carry or wear it. Build up over the next few days.
Take extra care when placing on a chakra, this can be intense especially for the Third Eye Chakra. Healing isn’t always comfortable so go easy on yourself.


Use extra care with crystals like Moldavite

Use extra care with crystals like Moldavite


If you have a bad reaction to a new crystal then limit and reduce time working with it. Test to make sure it is the crystal and not just some other cause. Over time you will usually adjust to the stone and the initial reactions disappear. Saying that, not all crystals are right for everyone and sometimes we are better with something else.


Get To Know Your Stones & Yourself

Once you are used to the crystal, something changes in you too. After that, normally new crystals of the same mineral are usually okay to work with straight away. So for example, if you are now used to your first Amethyst, future Athethysts will usually be okay. But always be aware of your feelings and know how much time you can be around every stone, some are just too intense for long periods of time.


If you have any comments please leave them below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,


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33 thoughts on “What To Do With New Crystals – Adjusting To Energy And Getting To Know Them

  1. Liz Rathgens

    Dear Ethan
    What happens to crystals and stones being shared by spouses from the same altar. We have a dedicated room for our altar and meditating, but how does that affect grids and the individual stones? Do we need to have our own sets?

    1. Luena Amaro

      Thank you for this post. So I’m new to crystals and because I live somewhere where you cannot find any for sale, I had to order them online. Between towers, spheres, palm stones and tumbles I might have 12 different crystals. How do I do to start using them? One at a time only for a long períod without touching any other one? Thanks for your help.

  2. Shari

    What happens when you wear a new red garnet stone and it turns black in a month? It was a new stone that was cleaned per your directions.

    Thank you for articles. It really helps me understand.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Crystals changing colour for no logical reason is pretty rare and nobody can really know why this happens. It may be a sign that it cleared some negativity for you. Crystals need regular cleansing as well as when they first arrive.

  3. Shawn


    Can crystals and Christianity be mixed? I am a very spiritual person and I am wondering what your research has found? I’m new to crystals but find great comfort in meditation, prayer and the wonders of the earth such as crystals. Thanks

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I personally do not see why not. Crystals are mentioned throughout the bible and always in relation to God, holy visions or sacred items. I know lots of Christians that work with crystals and feel they are a gift from God like herbs, food and water.

      1. Cherry

        I know a very strongly Christian crystal healer. She’s American, ethnically Indian, and a resolute (but happily not Evangelical) believer… in both Christ and crystals. I believe this is on the increase, so there’s no real reason why not.

  4. Nina Borgman

    I have a very strange reaction to quite a lot of crystals, including amethyst, lapis lazuli,blue lace agate and legibility but also others.
    I get a pain down the side of my left leg, from my buttock to my ankle. This is followed by insomnia. When I remove the crystals the pain subsides and my sleep improves. I have the same reaction with homeopathy, acupuncture and reiki
    Have you got any idea what is going on here?


    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Nina, there are many reasons why this could happen. Not all crystals are compatible with our energy or may be too strong for us, especially if you are very sensitive. It is also possible that a healing or clearing is occuring but it may not feel nice or be comfortable for you.

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  6. Julie

    I am new to crystals and just purchased an amethyst cluster. When I got home I noticed black/brown spots on it. I did a bit of research and a couple of places say this is normal oxidation. Nevertheless, holding it and looking at it makes me feel uncomfortable (not at all what I experienced in the shop). I am not sure if I should get rid of it (if so, how?) or accept that it looks different and continue to get to know it.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      It sounds like the uncomfortable feelings are coming from your mind not from the crystal. Smokiness, black and brown inclusions are common in almost all natural minerals throughout the planet. They generally add more grounding energy or help to clear negativity.

    2. Cherry

      If those brown spots are in a sort of radiating spherical form, it’s Cacoxenite. This is a good thing: Amethyst with Cacoxenite is still more powerful!

      Love and Light.

  7. Amy Whelan

    Hi Ethan,
    I have been using crystals for years, but have added new crystals to the mix—carnelian, blue kyanite, and selenite. Since I have been using these, I am noticing I have mild body odor. (I haven’t used deodorant in months.) Could it be that the crystals are detoxing my body from environmental build-up?

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  9. Frances

    I just received my labradorite and the store gave me an extra Bronzite (I guess). When I opened it, I am happy and content to finally have received it (shipped via mail). I stored it away on the box that it came in and completely forgot about it until I fell asleep. Now, I am searching for cleansing ways before I wear it. However, I don’t have the suggested materials that you have. It’s raining here every day and the next full moon is not until the 17th. Can I just clean those for now with running water?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      You could wait to get what you need unless you can find confirmation that both stones are safe in water. There are many other ways to cleanse if you look elsewhere too. You can also intend to connect with Universal White Light, visiualise it flowing through you, out your hands and filling and surrounding your crystals with intention to cleanse them.

  10. Cherry

    One thing I’d add, purely from personal experience:

    When getting to know a new crystal, I find it better not to have any others on my person (jewellery, pocket, medicine pouch, bra, whatever), not even one of the same species. It allows me and the new stone to get a better read on each other’s energies and definitely facilitates bonding.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I think you might mean the Atlantisite (Serpentine and Stichtite). The Fluorite on the left of that is deeper green in real life, I think it’s just the light that makes it look lighter in colour. Not sure if I would see it as aqua. It’s just my photos, some crystals look different.

      1. Cherry

        Yes, it may be the light. I have a lovely Aqua Fluorite which looks pretty much the exact same colour as the one in the photo. Gorgeous energy!

  11. Wendy Buckle

    Hello Ethan,
    I’m wondering if, in your view, crystals can be cleansed by putting them on selenite? Also, is there a way to consecrate all of my crystals at one time? I would like to do that if possible. I’m still in the learning process and love all of your information and books. Thank you so much for all you do! ❤

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