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Are There Self Cleansing Crystals You NEVER Cleanse? Don’t Cleanse Selenite? (Satin Spar)

Are There Self Cleansing Crystals You NEVER Cleanse? Don’t Cleanse Selenite? (Satin Spar)

Are There Self Cleansing Crystals You NEVER Cleanse? Don’t Cleanse Selenite? (Satin Spar)

Are there any self cleansing crystals? Do crystals that NEVER need cleansing really exist? Should I ever cleanse my Selenite (Satin Spar), Kyanite or Citrine?

Lists Of Self Cleansing Crystals

I believe it was Melody that first introduced crystals that were self cleansing in her books. Melody was and still is a big influence on the development of modern-day crystal healing. If it wasn’t for her many of us may never have learned about crystal energy.
Melody added more crystals to her list as time went on according to Ashley Leavy’s article. Other teachers and authors created their own lists of self cleansing crystals. Many lists cross over but not everyone agrees on these stones. Also, some people do not teach that any crystals are self cleansing.

Different authors have different perspectives on this topic

Do I Believe In Self Cleansing Crystals?

As the author of this blog and several books, I am asked a lot of questions about cleansing crystals. The controversial topic of self cleansing crystals comes up quite often. I am sharing my thoughts here so people know where I stand and what I do. As with anything you read, it is just my perspective. Make your own mind up.
If you read between the lines, you will notice that I have never listed the properties of any crystal as being self cleansing.

Self cleansing crystals
Do certain crystals cleanse themselves? (save to Pinterest)

Cleansing Crystals

For me, crystals are sensitive tools. Some crystals absorb less negativity than others and some absorb more. Certain crystals are deeply cleansing and you will often see these on the lists of crystals considered by some to be able to cleanse themselves.
To me, it is a bit like having a water filter. Yes, it cleanses your water but the filter gets clogged over time and needs replacing. It’s the same with an air purifier or your bath or shower (I wish my bathroom was self cleansing).

sage and crystals
Cleansing crystals is a good thing

Should I Cleanse These Crystals?

I have always felt and advised others to cleanse ALL their crystals. It is nice to see I am not really alone on this either. When I work with these crystals I sense that they do hold old energies that need to be released. This is just my experience but I can’t ignore this.
Your experience and belief may be different and that’s perfectly okay.
I personally think it is best to be on the safe side and because it will not harm the crystal to cleanse it anyway. I have always found all my crystals feel and work so much better after a cleanse.

But What About Selenite?

Deeply cleansing, high vibe crystals like Selenite (Satin Spar) do cleanse everything they come into contact with. Selenite is used by many to cleanse other crystals and I do not doubt this is true. My perspective is still the same though, it can pick up old and negative energies over time and still needs cleansing to work at its best.

Self cleansing crystals? Selenite tower and Quartz crystal points
Does Selenite cleanse itself?

Can I use Crystals To Cleanse Other Crystals?

If you’re going to use a slab of Selenite to cleanse a group of crystals or jewellery then I would cleanse the Selenite afterwards or at least periodically. I don’t use crystals to cleanse other crystals myself because it seems like you’re doing two jobs.
Some people are happy to do this but my question is if you have another cleansing method you use to cleanse the Selenite or Amethyst Geode, why not use it to cleanse all the crystals in the first place? As always, this is just my perspective and you can cleanse how you like.

Do you cleanse ALL your crystals? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.
With gratitude,

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36 thoughts on “Are There Self Cleansing Crystals You NEVER Cleanse? Don’t Cleanse Selenite? (Satin Spar)

  1. Iren

    Thank you Ethan. I agree with you %100! Personally, I prefer to dust my crystals from time to time and do extra cleansing with Meru Pyramid and singing ball, for the crystals I wear or place near my bed. Now I’d like to share some recent story. I keep my crystals (not jewelry) pretty close to each other… So, one night I put my Selenite tower next to my bed, I haven’t cleanse it prior to that, didn’t come to my mind, I guess I was very wrong. I was having a nightmare about my grandparents home and neighborhood, it was all in ruins, it was so vivid, I woke up experiencing extreme anxiety. So, I think all crystals need cleansing and loving care. Thank you ones again for you wonderful trilogy and your care.

    1. David D.


      How do you dust your crystals? I have some large quartz clusters and anesthetist tunnels that I can barely lift. And they do collect dust in the crevices of the clusters.

  2. Michelle

    I always wondered why some stones would need to be cleansed and others wouldn’t. Even within the same crystal family.
    My crystals always seem happier when cleansed. And like you said, why not cleanse them all anyway? I use a singing bowl so it doesn’t take too long to clear all my crystals of negative energy.

  3. Yvette Norát

    Hi Ethan, I do cleanse all my crystals including my citrine, kyanite, and selenite. I love to use sound to cleanse them such as my singing bowl or chimes. Additionally, I have smudged them with sage, cedar, palo santo and have passed them through cigar smoke. I’m wondering how you feel about passing crystals through the smoke of an oil diffuser or through candle light? I have a friend who does this and I was just wondering if you think this is an effective way of cleansing crystals? Also, when you say selenite – do you include satin spar? I asked because God forbid you upload a picture of satin spar on the internet call it selenite – you have everyone and their brother trying to correct you. Personally, I feel that if it’s in the selenite family, it’s selenite. Love your blogs.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I’m not sure if a diffuser might be an issue with crystals that do not like water and of course oils so I haven’t used it. I have heard about candlelight but again it is not something I have much experience with, so I can’t really comment or recommend, sorry. I have seen the disputes over the terms Selenite and Satin Spar. Neither term is actually scientific, it is Gypsum to all Mineralogists. I was told that when it first came to market they classified the stone in these two names but over time sellers stopped using the term Satin Spar and called it all Selenite. I myself call both types Selenite these days.

  4. Jennifer Rogers

    I personally use selenite to clear and charge my other stones after every healing session I have with a client, it’s just a simple, quick and effective technique that has worked very well for me. I do keep my selenite in my windowsill at all time and I cleanse it fairly frequently along with my other stones using sound vibration. Tuning forks and singing bowls are my favorites for this job. I find the higher pitches to be more cleansing for my stones.

  5. Pat Dubyk

    I used to haul all my beauties out for a full moon cleansing… As my collection grew and grew, it was impossible .. so I went with the water cleanse. . Accept for selenite. And then my collection continued growing and learned about vibrational cleansing. So now I try regularly to cheanse all the hidden beauties allvover the house with a singing bowl. When I create grids I do cheanse in water . It seems to be an ongoing learning experience . Which is great.. I love my crystals…

  6. Mika Leone

    I cleanse all of my crystals. Usually I will use intuition on when they need to be cleanse. The dense crystals like the agates, Tigers Eyes, Blood stone, Malachite and Amber I feel holds more of what they absorb and needs more cleansing.

    I love to sun bathe my crystals so I also go by how much sun my crystals get in the home or healing space. Except for Selenite, they receive salt baths when necessary.

    I put the Moonstones and Selenite out in the full moons to be cleansed and recharged.

  7. Nicholas

    Hi Ethan
    I agree although I sometimes temporarily put crystals on my Selenite charger and lamp I tend to cleanse ALL of my crystals in a Variety of ways from Drums, Bells, Singing Bowls, Tingshas, Running Water, Tuning Forks, Smudging, Sun, Moon and Buried in soil, The use of White Light and the Power of the Mind to name a few. My Crystals always feel Loved and Fresh when I Cleanse them (which I do on a regular basis. I thank you for bringing this subject up as it is very contravercial which can be confusing especially when people are new to the subject. Keep up the good work. Blessings to you All.

  8. Debbie Billington

    Hi Ethan. I agree on cleansing all crystals. Recently removed most softer crystals from my room as I was experiencing some pretty weird stuff. Currently taking a course that is heightening my gifts and so they are in my healing room. I have been drumming over them all and so working on cleansing. Come spring they will go outside for moon and sun magic.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share.


  9. Dorothy Gayhart-Kunz

    I keep most crystals on one inch pieces of Selenite. I have them all over the house. Also have house, room and lot, car grids of Selenite. I put jewelry on large pieces of Selenite. I have a saying to cleanse anything. However you have to be sensitive to the energy of all stones. Depending on what wear they have, they may need additional cleansing. I wear black Tourmaline and Citrine a lot for negative energy.

  10. Alexis

    Like you, I feel that it makes sense to cleanse all my crystals since I will be doing it anyway. The singing bowl or smudging with Palo Santo is what I do. Can I ask, how long should I spend on the cleansing process for it to be effective? Thanks in advance

  11. Laura

    I love cleansing my crystals with a singing bowl, it’s so simple and quick and I love using my bowl ! I do not use other methods as they are not as convenient. And I also believe all crystals need cleansing. Thanks for clarifying this matter! I have indeed seen Energymuse using a selenite wand to cleanse her aura.

    1. Iren

      @ Laura. May you describe your method of cleansing using singing bowl, please. I just want to make sure mine is efficient enough. Thank you

    2. David D.


      What frequency singing bowl do you use? I assume that the frequency of the bowl would be programming the crystal, and attuning it to work with a specific chakra.

      A large ‘C’ note bowl (10″ to 14″) would be very grounding and cleansing for the crystals, for you, and for the whole house.

      An ‘F’ note bowl (heart chakra) would program the crystal with love and with a connection to your Inner Divine Self. And so forth.

      What are your thoughts on this matter?

  12. Nicholas

    You are very welcome Laura I think that singing bowls are the simpler option and therapeutic too as I cleanse some crystals prefer different Cleansing methods but the water, sun, salt and soil methods will always benefit from the Bowl instead so that the crystals don’t get damaged if the Mohs (hardness of the rock is under 5 too (although most recommend a Mohs of 7.

  13. Anshu

    Dear Ethan,
    After reading your blogs and books..I invested in a pyramid for the smaller crystals and jewellery..bracelets and pendants…for the bigger geodes around the house it’s sage smudging and singing bowl..cleansing makes a huge difference..I never use a crystal without leaving it under pyramid overnight..I just love the humm of energy I feel the next day I get my hands on my new crystal..thank u for underlining the importance of cleansing.

      1. Breezy

        I actually have the same question? I have 2 pyramids and one is a dyed stone & one is a glass colored one like decoration purposes but all pyramids and shapes have healing properties. I do have the same question though. I would love to invest in a mini signing bowl really bad. I need one at this point. There’s to many crystals lol I use sage all the time with my abalone shells and feather.

      2. Anshu

        The pyramid energy is very charged focused and powerful..grounding earth energy..I got the idea from Ethan’s works..and now I use it regularly. I guess the only condition for the pyramid is it should be to scale.

      1. crystal

        hi ethan, hope you’re doing well. please would you tell me what type of pyramid you are talking about, is it a copper pyramid? thanks in advance.

  14. David D.

    I often bless my crystals rather than cleanse them. The reason is that I do not want to erase the programming and resonance that I have built up in them over a long period of time.

    I do occasionally clear specific crystals that I use. A personal crystal, I will clear by running under cold water (if it is a crystal that can take water of course). First I clear it under the running faucet, envisioning any negativity being washed down the stream. Then I place it under the water stream a second time, picturing white light or rainbow light coming in with the water, and illuminating the crystal from within. I also communicate with any resident crystal entity, so that they are on board and receptive to the process. I send them love and gratitude.

    For other crystals — large clusters, large numbers of crystals, water-soluble crystals, etc., I clear them with a high frequency tuning fork, like 1111 Hz, 1335 Hz or 4096 Hz.

    Pendants, I clear with prayer, love & gratitude.

  15. Luis the shaman

    I use the violet flame for home and self and that covers everything!..crystal cleanse for all shiny friends could be sage or singing bowl and buried outside….however you choose they will cleanse..for singing bowl i place whatever crystal needs clearing inside the bowl and make it sing until crystal vibrates with a high pitched rumbling noise but its kinda faint at the same time…when it does this i really believe its back at its original frequency

  16. Henco

    Hi there
    I do cleanse all my crystals “all the time”. Might sound a bit “over kill”, but I cleanse it with Paulo Santo when I bring them home after purchasing to cleanse them from any negative energy absorbed from previous handlers and or envirnoment as well as from all previous programmings. I then close off with a 12cm sound bowl to restore natural vibrations of the stones whereafter it goes to rest.

    When I want to use them, I charge them by putting them over night in Brown rice with a piece of selenite (Cleansed once a Month) with my intention written on a piece of paper. The following day, I would take out the crystals, and programme the crystals over my Third Eye and then blow the intention into the stone followed by the sound of a 8cm sound bowl to activate the stone for the highest good for all.

    If on a grid, I will often use any insence to clean and clear the grid, followed by the 8cm sound bowl to re-affirm the intention for the highest good.

    After use, I cleanse and clear stones from any programmings, or negative vibrations using Frankincense cones before they go to rest again until required again.

  17. Bel

    I agree with you Ethan, I cleanse all my crystals, sometimes with singing bowl, pyramid, reiki, water, it depends. Not every one needs the same cleansing all the time, but I do what I feel at the moment, and it works!.

  18. Sue Bolyon

    It’s never sat right with me that certain crystals didn’t need cleansing, while others did, nor do I use one crystal to cleanse another. However, I do believe that if a Crystal is left without use for a long time, then it will re-tune (aka cleanse). Usually though, if we use them in out healing work, we don’t have time to wait. Use sound to re-tune but also smudge them if I’m smudging room etc, I go with my intuition as to what they need at that time. I rarely use sunlight apart for my shungite, but do sometimes get the urge to put some pieces in the full moon, my thoughts around this, is, why would they need sunlight? They’ve been buried in the dark for eons with no light, why do they need it now?
    Just my thoughts and everyone needs to follow what feels right for them.

    1. Murad

      Hi, I read your comment about, crystals being left alone, will eventually self heal or cleanse themselves. I’ve been thinking about that lately, if that is possible. I’ve been thinking about putting the crystals in what resembles faraday cages, in order to give them time to regain their strength. I have troubles with persistent nefarious bad energies that seem to affect the crystals negatively.

      My question is if crystals, when given the time and right circumstances, are able to heal themselves and regain their strength? Thank you

      1. Jade

        In theory, a faraday cage would just block any beneficial energy from reaching them as well. If they’re absorbing negative energy, then they’re doing their job. That’s just what some crystals are meant to do. Why stop them? It’s like worrying that your air filter is going to get dirty by using it, so you never take it out of its box.

        Just cleanse the crystals yourself to speed up the process and locate and deal with the source of the negative energy if you can.

  19. crystal

    while i agree with not using a crystal to cleanse my stones just to turn around & clean the cleaner i do use lots of selenite towers & other pieces of selenite placed around my skulls to keep them & myself happy, if that makes any sense. i also have a larger slab of selenite that i have a chakra set of skulls on with black tourmaline crystals on either end of it set up near my bed, i never thought of it as cleansing my chakra skulls, it just felt like the thing to do. i cleanse all the crystals i have out with whatever feels right at the time, smudge, sound or water mostly. i seldom use sun or moon but when it’s needed that too. my more delicate crystals i keep either in display cases or boxes or just put them away till they are needed & that is when i will cleanse those. something i did notice about selenite is if you have a pieces that just feels worn out try sticking it out in the sun for a day or two, it seems to give it a real super charge. it seems to even help with smoke stains on the selenite if you burn anything around them regular. thanks for the great article.

  20. Heather Lascano

    I always cleanse ALL crystals, even my gigantic raw selenite wand. Especially after each time I purify someone’s aura. Even though people say it’s a self-cleansing crystal, you can still feel stuck energy in there until it’s cleansed. Not as strongly as most crystals but if you’re highly sensitive enough, you will feel it. Glad to hear you also feel strongly about cleansing selenite still.

  21. Jade

    I physically wash all my crystals when I bring them home and before using them, including my selenite (it cleans off the dust from grinding against other stones for raw pieces). Mostly because I have birds which also means I have a lot of dust in places I forget about, so part of it is for practicality. lol Even just a brief rinse and dry is like a shower for my stones. It refreshes them. The intention I use when rinsing is cleanse so they will sing true and the remove negativity and impure energies. After that, they kind of tingle in my hands. Not sure how to explain it. They feel different when just wash them of physical dirt vs cleansing them.

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