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Crystals For Spring Season & Equinox Altar Ideas (VIDEO)

Crystals For Spring Season & Equinox Altar Ideas (VIDEO)

Crystals For Spring Season & Equinox Altar Ideas (VIDEO)

Discover 10 fresh crystals for Spring season and the Spring Equinox. Start the astrological new year on a high! Let these seasonal stones support you and connect you with the energy of the season and the current cycles of nature.

Where I live in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter is dark, cold and a little depressing sometimes. Spring gives us something to look forward to and the promise of warmer months ahead.
The plants and trees come back to life, flower buds form and nature seems to wake up. Here in the UK, we see flowers like Daffodils, Bluebells and Cherry Blossom trees around this time.

Spring Equinox, Holidays & Festivals

The Spring or Vernal Equinox is an astronomical alignment that marks the end of Winter and the beginning of the Spring season. It is a time when the day and night are almost equal in length.
There are a few holidays and festivals around this time of year, depending on where you live. Holi, Nowruz, Easter, Ostara, Earth Day, Spring Equinox, Flora, Beltane and May Day to name only a few. Many of these festivals date back thousands of years and across countries, cultures and religions.

Crystals for Spring altars
Spring decorated altar – Invite the energy of Spring into your home

The Spring Energy Shift

The Spring Equinox could be seen as one of four energetic gateways or portals. It marks a time of balance of light and dark, with a rapid increase in daylight. It is considered the astrological new year to many Astrologers. Common festive themes at this time are emerging out of Winter, the rebirth of nature, fertility, growth and new beginnings.
Your energy starts to increase as you shed off any Winter blues. You may start to spend more time outside again, getting needed sunshine and crisp fresh air. The stirrings of Spring and increased light bring us hope. The energy is building, clear and constantly moving.
If the Solar New Year wasn’t too good for you, now is your second chance. Many people prefer this as their new year. With the increased energy of nature, it becomes a good time to take action on the plans we set in the Winter months. Plant some new seeds and make a fresh start!
Another theme of this new cycle is detoxification and Spring cleaning. After all the Winter self-reflecting we are now ready to shed anything that was holding us back. Release any blocks and old energy lingering from last year.

Triangular wall altar with crystals and buddha
A shelf or wall hanging display case can be a mini altar or sacred space

Things To Do Or Focus On In Spring

Physically clean every part of your home.

Declutter – recycle, sell or give away unwanted items.

Space Clear – cleanse your home.

What is holding you back from your dreams?

Take action on your plans and goals.

Clean away dead leaves and twigs from your garden.

What projects or habits need to be restarted?

Plant any seeds that need to be planted at this time.

Be creative – create art or craft things.

Work with Spring themed Oracle or Tarot card decks.

Try to go outside more, especially in nature.

It’s a good time to move home (relocate).

Go on a holistic detox / cleanse

Crystals for Spring home altar with fresh flowers
Use fresh flowers and crystals that represent the energy of Spring season

Spring Incense, Oil & Candle Suggestions


Neroli or Orange Blossom


Peppermint or Spear Mint




Crystals for Spring, Rose Quartz, Amazonite and Flower Agate
Crystals for Spring (Save to Pinterest)

How To Work With Crystals For Spring

There are many crystals you may find that represent this season or that can support you during this phase of the year. In my list of crystals for Spring, I’ve covered their symbolic meanings plus their helpful properties below.
You can wear or carry these stones on you. You could put them on display in your home to synchronise yourself with the season. Decorate your altar or any sacred space with them. Why not create a crystal grid from these crystals?

Crystal grid with cosmic background
You can learn all about crystal grids in my book Crystal Grids Power

10 Crystals For Spring


Serpentine comes in many shades of green, some stones also have veins. It can look a bit like snakeskin, snakes shed their skin and are associated with rebirth. This green stone is very detoxifying and helps clear the chakras. You can also work with Serpentine for personal transformation and making needed life changes.

Serpentine tumbled stone
Russian Serpentine Tumble Stone


Crystals carved into the shape of an egg are an excellent symbol of Spring. Eggs are an ancient symbol of fertility, new life and rebirth. They can be used to support any new project. Crystal Eggs anchor the energy of new beginnings and building a new life for yourself.

New Jade Egg crystals for spring
New Jade (a form of Serpentine) Egg


This is a form of Agate found in Madagascar that is not as easy to find as some of the other crystals. It is also known as Cherry Blossom Agate and Sakura Agate. Flower Agate is a mixture of light colours with blooming white or pink flower-like inclusions. This makes a beautiful mineral representation of the first signs of Spring.

Flower Agate Moon
Flower Agate Crescent Moon


This crystal carries the colours of nature and growth, luscious plant life, water and sky. Clear green, blue-green to opaque yellow Lemon Chrysoprase all assist us with new beginnings. Chrysoprase fosters change and helps you if you are ready to make a fresh start on something.

Chrysoprase crystals for spring equinox
Blue-green Chrysoprase Tumble Stone


Crystals carved into Goddesses, especially earth and fertility Goddesses are also an ancient symbol of springtime. New life is born through women and nurturing feminine energy. These crystal carvings can represent this and the power of Mother Nature or Gaia.

Agate crystal Goddess
Goddess carved from Cosmic Eye Agate


Sodalite is deep blue to indigo with lighter or white veins that always remind me of lightning bolts. This air element stone helps clear old energy and supports you during space clearing. Work with Sodalite if you want to clear your mind. This dark blue stone helps you gain a higher perspective and gives you inspiration when needed.

Sodalite crystal point tower
Sodalite Tower/ Standing Crystal Point


This is another beautiful form of Agate. Moss Agate is filled with mineral inclusions that resemble green moss, plants and even trees. This organic looking gemstone connects you with nature and the living Earth. Moss Agate encourages inner and outer growth.

Moss Agate Tumble Stone
Moss Agate Tumble Stone


This pink form of Quartz is ever-popular. I chose it as one of my crystals for Spring because it is a stone of Mother Nature. Rose Quartz is a nurturing crystal that keeps you calm while taking steps towards your goals. The soft pink colour is also reminiscent of cherry blossom and spring flowers.

Rose Quartz heart
Rose Quartz Heart


The Green Man is a mysterious recurring image in European Medieval churches and cathedrals. He is mostly believed to go back to pagan times and is associated with various Gods and archetypes of death and rebirth. He represents the divine masculine aspect of the new life in Spring.

Green man carved from crystals for spring
Green Man caved from Preseli Bluestone


This stone is blue-green to green and can be very light to deep in colour, depending on the source. Amazonite has a fresh colour and energy that reminds me of Spring. This crystal is good for balancing energy within the body and healing. I like to work with Amazonite for new beginnings too.

Amazonite tumble stone
Amazonite Tumble Stone with some Smoky Quartz inclusions


This is also known as Orbicular Jasper but it’s not actually Jasper but a mixture of Rhyolite with Quartz and Feldspar. It has lots of circular markings and can sometimes have druzy geodes. It is a mixture of colours that may include sandy earth tones, white and green. I’ve included it here because it is such a good stone for developing patience. Spring is the beginning of a new cycle and things can take time.

Ocean Jasper tumble stone
Ocean Jasper Tumble Stone

Quick Recap of some of these Spring Crystal Tips:

Do you have a crystal you associate with Spring or that supports you through this time of year? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
If you are looking for other information please search my website or visit the Resources page to see if it’s already been covered elsewhere.
With gratitude,

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