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How To Cleanse Crystals With A Singing Bowl

How To Cleanse Crystals With A Singing Bowl

How To Cleanse Crystals With A Singing Bowl

Learn how to cleanse crystals with a singing bowl. Discover the benefits and my buyer tips in this step-by-step guide to cleansing crystals with a Tibetan singing bowl.
I have been using Tibetan singing bowls for space clearing for about 18 years now. They are one of my recommended methods for cleansing crystals.
Not only is this method fast, when you cleanse crystals with a singing bowl you can cleanse lots of them at once. This is ideal for cleansing crystal grids too.
How to cleanse crystals with a singing bowl

What Is A Tibetan Singing Bowl?

This spiritual tool originates from Tibet and Buddhism though they are made in Nepal and India too. Traditionally Tibetan singing bowls are handmade from brass or bronze and may use five or seven different metals in their creation. Some are hammered, some are cast.
Both the metal ratio (high Copper content) and shape help produce their amazing sound. They come in a variety of sizes, some are inscribed, etched or painted with sacred Buddhist images, symbols, mandalas or mantras.
Singing bowls are placed on a cushion which enhances the sound. They also should come with a wooden stick which is used to sound them. The bowls emit a deep or high pitched tone similar to a brass bell but will continuously ring (like they are singing) while in use.

What Are Singing Bowls Used For?

Singing bowls are used for a variety of things from cleansing and blessing a space, objects, meditation and even healing. They cleanse and balance the aura and all the chakras. Like Tingshas, Bells or Tuning Forks they use sound to cleanse.
Metaphysically they transmute negative or unbalanced energy and transform it into positive or balanced energy again. They raise the vibration of everything around them and their cleansing sound passes through us, atoms and walls.

Tibetan singing bowl with crystals
Singing bowls may be cast like this one or hammered into shape, both will work.

Buyer’s Guide & Tips

These days singing bowls can be found at Buddhist shops, good metaphysical shops and websites. I have a few listed on my recommended spiritual tools list on Amazon.
In the UK I can recommend the Buddist shop Windhorse Imports for genuine Tibetan singing bowls. They hand pick the bowls for sound quality and they are still affordable.
If you don’t already have a singing bowl, here are a few tips and things to look out for:
1. A small singing bowl of around 3.5″ diameter will work perfectly well and is suitable for cleansing small objects like crystals.
2. Small singing bowls have a higher pitch tone and larger ones create a deeper sound.
3. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a huge singing bowl to cleanse your home or crystals.
4. Although seven metal singing bowls are the highest quality, you can use ones made of genuine brass. They will still work.
5. Make sure you purchase a singing bowl with a cushion and wooden stick.
In recent years as the popularity of singing bowls grew it has come to my attention that some singing bowls on the market are not genuine… This seems more common with the painted and decorated ones because it hides the brass.

WARNING: Beware Fake Singing Bowls!

A genuine singing bowl emits a melodic ringing sound when gently struck similar to a brass bell. This sound continues to ring for some time and reduces slowly.
If it is made of the wrong metal or too contains too much iron or tin it will sound like you are hitting a saucepan with a wooden spoon. Poor quality and fake singing bowls make a dull metallic sound that quickly stops.
I have a singing bowl that was gifted to me that does produce a ringing sound when tapped but it will not produce a continuous singing sound when rubbed. These bowls are only for decorative purposes and not good for cleansing.
This is a beautiful painted ‘singing bowl’ but it does not sing!


Buying in a physical shop which allows you to try and test the bowls will eliminate this problem. If buying online, brass looking ones are a safer buy but always check they accept returns.

How To Cleanse Crystals With A Singing Bowl

Never place crystals inside a singing bowl to cleanse them. Not only will this dull or offset the sound but it could damage your crystals. The crystals will vibrate inside the bowl against the metal and any other stones which could chip, crack or break them.
If you have never used a singing bowl before it can take a little getting used to. You can practice until you are more comfortable if you want. There are two methods that I have used to cleanse crystals with a singing bowl explained below. I have also included a video for you to hear and see a demonstration.


1. Place your singing bowl on its cushion and onto a flat surface.
2. Place your crystal or crystals around the outside of the cushion and singing bowl.
3. Gently strike the side of the singing bowl with the stick, so that it emits a ringing sound.
4. Gently but firmly rub the outside of the bowl with the side of the stick in a steady clockwise direction. This should keep the ringing going.
5. Keep rubbing the singing bowl for a few rounds with intention. Stop when you feel this is done.


1. Place your crystal or crystals onto a flat surface (or stand next to where they are)
2. Hold the cushion with the singing bowl on top on your non dominant hand.
3. Hold the bowl over or just in front of the crystal/s.
4. With your other hand, gently strike the side of the singing bowl with the stick, so that it emits a ringing sound.
5. Gently but firmly rub the outside of the bowl with the side of the stick in a steady clockwise direction. This should keep the ringing going.
6. Keep rubbing the singing bowl for a few rounds with intention. Stop when you feel this is done.


I have now covered the use of Tingshas to cleanse your crystals. Please see the following guide (with video demo) for more info, How To Cleanse Crystals With Tingshas.

If you want me to cover other methods to cleanse crystals let me know in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,

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36 thoughts on “How To Cleanse Crystals With A Singing Bowl

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  2. Lilith

    I was advised to place the crystals inside. I’m glad you explained why not to do it as it felt kind of wrong. Thanks!
    Will you make an article with the use of tingshas? Would love to know more!

  3. Micheline Lévesque

    Very interesting! Is rhe recorded sound of tibetan bowls (like long ones on youtube) have the same effect on the crystals for ckeansing?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I know some people do use recordings but to me it feels nothing like using the actual bowls. It literally vibrates through you. It is like the difference between live music and a recording. Maybe a place to start but please try a singing bowl if you get the chance.

  4. Lisa Horne

    Thank you! This can’t be coincidence! I’ve read your books and go back to them as references. I decided to look for a singing bowl last week but gave up because I was afraid of purchasing a fake. Thank you again for all the information you provide in your books and on your website.

  5. Mary

    I would love a post on using the tingshas. Question: when I am using the stick to go around the edge of the singing bowl after a couple of turns the stick will vibrate at different spots on the bowl. Is this because I am changing the angle as I go around or going to fast or what? Thank. I so love your blog and books.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      When I first learned how to use one I was told that these noises can indicate some negative energy is still there and you need to continue. Saying that I have noticed that if you go too fast this will happen, so try to slow down.

  6. Lucius

    Thanks again Ethan for a great post!! For cleansing, I have been using an inexpensive brass singing bowl for a while that really resonated with me when I tried it out in person, but after your article I may also see if I can try out a 7-metal one. I agree that the singing bowl experience cannot be replicated with a recording; there are too many high-order harmonics that speakers just can’t reproduce (if anyone tries an actual comparison, they will know). Also, while I am performing cleansing, I use an intention I borrowed from your Crystal Grids Power book while I am stroking the singing bowl over the crystals: “I cleanse, purify, and realign these crystals from all negative, fear-based, and unaligned energies–now!” I quietly repeat this while the bowl sings until I feel that the crystals have had an sufficient sonic bath to be cleansed/energized/realigned. Then I quiet myself, and allow the bowl’s tone to slowly drift away before removing, and there is a fantastic difference afterwards! Also, I would be interested in hearing about your thoughts regarding the Ting Sha cleansing approach.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks for sharing this, yes you can even feel the air change with a singing bowl. I would have shown in my video the sound fading out after I stopped but I could only upload a 1 minute video so that got cut.

  7. Amelia

    Hi Ethan,
    I literally have hundreds of crystals and stones that I have accumulated throughout the years. I just love what Mother Nature can create in the form of crystal and stones. I am fascinated by them.
    My question is: Can I hold the singing bowl over them instead of placing them around the bowl? It would take me forever to place a few at a time around the bowl.
    Thank you,

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Yes of course, that’s what method 2 is for. Also as I explain elsewhere and in my books if you space clear your home or a room with a singing bowl you will cleanse everything in the room, including all your crystals on display. Just walk around the room and or stand in the centre while playing the singing bowl.

  8. Natalia B.

    Very useful guide to using the Tibetan bowls! I have 1 at home but have heard so different tips… It sounds more logical to me to stop the sound when I think it’s complete rather than a specific time (i.e. 60 seconds). What I’ve noticed is sometimes I take longer to get the bowl singing, some other times it’s as soon as I start. I usually place the bowl in the non-dominant hand (left in my case) and happens on and off. What could that be? Other than that, thank you! and yes, would like to see an article on cleansing with Tingshas. Greetings.

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  11. Anthony C

    I want to purchase a singing bowl to cleanse all of my crystals since I have so many. Is there a singing bowl that will cleanse all frequencies of stones? All chakras? Also, any Tingshas?

    Thank you in advance!

  12. Christi

    Why is the pillow under the bowl important? I just purchased a BronzeMantra singing bowl from Nepal without a pillow. Will it still do the job?
    Thank you for the help.

  13. Victoria

    Hi Ethan,
    Ive just discovered your wonderful blog on crystal.s. Thank you so much for sharing. Just wanted to ask your thoughts on’ crystal’ song bowls. i I have seen someone place crystals inside the bowl for a cleanse. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you in advance,

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      They can be used in a much similar way. Again, I don’t see any need to place things inside them, myself. When I cleanse a room I don’t need to put the room inside the bowl… The sound radiates outwards.

  14. Yvonne

    Hi Ethan!
    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge on so many things. What are your thoughts on using the quartz crystal bowls for clearing crystals? I know they’re expensive but I find myself very attracted to them. Is there any big advantage or should I ‘settle for metal’? Thank you.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Yvonne, yes they can also be used for space clearing and cleansing crystals. I personally do not believe they are better or worse than Tibetan Singing Bowls. They have a different energy and if you’re drawn to them and can afford them, then go for it.

  15. VU LOng

    Hi my experience of putting the stones inside the bowl to hit the spin then the stone vibrations increase and be cleaned, that’s my experience

  16. Azakara

    Yes agreed sound clears and heal. Although I ” accidentally ” hit the bowl with my black tourmaline bracelet and gave a sound, when I was doing healing in a big room. I decided to place the bracelet into the bowl, BUT WITH WATER IN IT. It gave me a different ” frequency”. When a person came to me and said: what’s the frequency you used? I looked like what? she repeated, so I responded: what that ” noise”? She said: not noise my friend, that elevated the whole room energy, I saw that….scratching my head I noticed that accidentally I have discovered a new way of healing. it was a room where we were like 10 people +. And yes using the crystal and the singing bowl together cleared and enhanced the energy of all present.

  17. JoLin

    Good day.. I just want to ask.. using singing bowl or tibetan bowl.. when we cleanse the crystal stones.. is it a must that the cleansing have to be done the table? Can the cleansing be done if we place the singing bowl on the floor?

  18. Nikki

    Hi! May I request an article for using tuning forks to clear crystals?? I’d just like to hear what you think. (I have a set some place, & it would be nice to put them to use.) Thanks!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Nikki, this is a method used by lots of people and I have no doubt it works like any sound cleansing method. I personally do not have any experience with tuning forks so cant write a post about them or help much. Best to find someone with experience with them.

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