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3 Ways You Block Your Manifesting Ability

3 Ways You Block Your Manifesting Ability

3 Ways You Block Your Manifesting Ability

Here are three ways you can block your manifesting ability. Learn how to avoid these common goal and intention killers!
Please note, this is not three subconscious blocks from your past that need a lot of deep healing work to clear. It’s three things that you can avoid doing and change straight away, TODAY!

Manifesting is a Journey Not a Destination

Before we get to them I want to make clear that manifesting isn’t as simple as some have made out. There are many different methods, systems and schools of thought on this fascinating subject. Finding what works for you may take time and effort but I think it’s worth it.
I see learning to manifest like any skill, it takes practice and time to develop for most people. Nobody knows everything and we are all learning.

“Every delay or roadblock

contains its lessons”

How You Could Be Blocking Your Manifesting

I personally have used crystals and crystal grids to help with manifesting things in my life along with other methods too. Since I published my book Crystal Grids Power I have spoken to thousands of people about this topic. Many have shared their positive experiences and struggles with me.
Over the years I began to spot patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that people had that were likely blocking them. There are many external factors involved in manifestation work but here are a few internal things that can slow down and block your manifesting and can be changed.
Never forget the importance of your mindset in manifesting, it can help or hinder you, so don’t skip this part.

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When you see people doing well or better than you are, how do you feel and what is your response? Do you feel they have it easy? That they don’t deserve the success or money they make?
These are all manifestation killers! There is a big difference between looking at someone’s life and thinking ‘I wish I had that too‘ and ‘they don’t deserve that‘. Another person’s success should not be a threat to you.
We don’t know what people went through to get where they are. Try to see them as a model for your success, be happy for them and wish them well. Then focus on getting to where you want to be.

Focus on YOUR goals by creating a Vision Board for inspiration


This is similar to the last block but rather than jealousy or anger over others success, you feel deflated. Comparisonitis is where looking at what others do becomes obsessive or depressing. In today’s world of social media and online business, this is really common.
If looking at others success or lifestyle makes you feel bad then I suggest first reducing your exposure. It might be time for a social media detox. You could uninstall those apps, hide the offending posters or unfollow people. You can always go back later when you’re feeling more confident.
Much of what we see online is really just someone’s highlight reel, it’s not their ups and downs. Depending on who you follow, Instagram can hive of fantasy and illusion… Remember who you are and know that your journey is different.

Be grateful for what you already have daily and record this in a Gratitude Journal


They say the Universe is not in a hurry, only you are. Sometimes things do happen quickly but generally, that is not the norm. The seeds you planted, need care and time to grow. You can’t force it. I have never followed these rules that something needs to manifest within a month or 3 months or it won’t work.
I can’t count the number of things that I manifested over 8 months or a year after I set my intention. I’m so glad I never gave up and took the easy way out and said, “it didn’t work for me“. The time will pass anyway, most of the time you have nothing to lose.

Learn to be patient, constantly asking ‘why hasn’t it worked yet?’ or ‘why isn’t it working?’ is not helping you and breeds doubt. It’s a downward spiral of energy and not supportive of your goals. Think about what you can do to support your goal and take action consistently daily or every week.

Innerguide Planner
Your goals need planning and action steps. I use a goal planner to keep track


I highly recommend you use a holistic goal planner to take action and have the best chance to achieve your goals. I have been using the InnerGuide planner for years now. I don’t know where I would be without one. You can learn more about them HERE! (affiliate link)


My gift to you. Try the following empowering affirmations to help you adopt an abundance mindset and create greater prosperity. Repeat daily for a set time that works for you for the best results:

Have you become aware of any patterns of behaviour that may be blocking you from manifesting? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,

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18 thoughts on “3 Ways You Block Your Manifesting Ability

  1. Jeanne

    This an extension of the Abraham-Hicks teachings. Hats off!! These reminders on how to manifest better are spot on. Thank you for sharing

  2. Iren

    Another brilliant article!
    Ethan thank you very much for sharing! For your genuine desire to help!
    I’m reading all of your posts. I have all of your books, which are amazing in a way not just teaching about the crystals, but how to apply this knowledge in a most beneficial way.
    This article came as a very nice surprise to me. These 3 reasons why manifestation can be delayed are very important reasons. However, and I’m speaking about myself now, there’s more. Personally, I see another person’s success as an inspiration and hope for myself. I like and I want to learn, always. I’m facing few challenges though, I’m a perfectionist and I think, I need to believe more in myself and my abilities. I was working with patients I’ve been told not ones, I can heal. And I’ve heard the same from few people, who were healers themselves, I could never embrace that idea. In my understanding, I can’t be that special… I can’t think of myself that way, and the worst part is – what if I haven’t done something I should? Also, I’d like to add, I know exactly about the concept of manifestation and timing. I’m a professional astrologer, I graduated from German brunch of western astrology school in year 1993… I can’t explain in my comment in every little detail how it works, however, considering, everything in our life is in constant motion, you can use few methods of prediction, what to expect in the coming year, coming month… It could be frustrating sometimes, because, you can see that something you are longing for, being delayed. On another hand, you gain an understanding of what is going on. Besides, in some cases, there’s a way of changing some circumstances. That is the point there’s a math meats spirituality. Every time I was reading about the timing of manifestation, I was thinking about that, just couldn’t find enough courage to wright. Anyway, ones again, thank you very much Ethan for sharing of your wonderful knowledge and care. I don’t know, if I can ever thank you enough. Feel free to let me know, if I can be any assistance to you, please. . I’d like to apologize in advance, if you feel, I overstepped my boundaries. Wishing you everything the best, always 🙂

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thank you so much for the feedback and for getting my books! Yes, right/divine timing is a big part of this and there is no way round that. I would consider learning Reiki just to learn proper practice with a client and let go of the idea that a healer is ‘special’. You can always go on and learn other systems or develop your own in the future.

  3. Gilles C.

    Your timing is perfect.

    Even if I knew that, and am always working on manifestation, you put together 3 things I have to remember all the time but instead of taking them one at a time, seeing them as 3 parts of the same problem makes it easier to fight…


  4. Sharntel

    Good article and definitely confirmation. I recently unfollowed someone on Instagram because I just couldn’t take seeing how well this person was doing with their business. We have two separate type businesses but she seemed to be doing so well and all her post was evident of what appeared to be her success meanwhile it’s not the same for me. So what I did was unfollowed her for approximately a month and then I started following her again and even spoke to her about placing an order with her to support her. I feel like your article
    confirmed what I was doing and feeling. My speaking with her about ordering from her and wanting to support her is moving beyond in my opinion the “Comparisonitis” as you called it.

  5. Diana Davis

    Your artical is right on for what is going on in the world of manifeating. It seems that everyone are told that there has to be a timw table to get things done quickly. You are right about the biggest manifestiing blocks. I can add a few more blocks and they are, Fear, Impatience, Stress, Disappointment, bwing Out of Touch with reality.
    I thank you again for your diligently posting the truth of your subjects.

  6. Dee

    Mine is always giving up to soon. I am impatient when it comes to anything related to crystals and manifesting and I have high expectations that it happens Now! Thank you for this article! I need to be much more mindful that the Universe listens according to ITS timeframe and Not Mine! Crystal blessings!

  7. Tikeia

    Thank you so much for this! I’m just now realizing that in addition to the last two blocks, negative judgements towards others who possess the things that I want, often lead to negativity around my intention. If this is something you have struggled with, do you have a specific way in which you change your judgements?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I think I have over the years but I just shifted my perspective and move past those thoughts as soon as they come up. I remind myself that I have no idea what they have been through to get where they are and that if anything I should see them as a model for success. I think you have to become aware of this as a negative thought pattern and that it is not helping. It may take time to snap out of it.

  8. James Reuben Waltner

    Hi Ethan,

    Thank you for your work. I was just wondering where you got the pine cones on the pic. They reminded me of the ones from the pictures of the Anunaki.


    J. Reuben

  9. Myr

    Thank you Ethan for this great inspiring article. Talking about perfect timing, well, this article just came at the right time to answer a question or rather doubts I’m having. I’m getting signs and things aren’t moving so I was wondering whether I wasn’t interpreting signs with my desire. Actually this just brought an insight that perfect or divine timing is about being ready spiritually not just with your desire so that you can receive what you want. We often think that something we want is what will make us happy but when we get it it doesn’t because there was a hurt or another need that needed to be addressed first and then sometimes when we do, get that healing done, we no longer want that thing in the first place. I found that crystals can sometimes help us find our true needs which might be another reason why we’re not manifesting as fast as we’d like.

  10. Crystal

    Ethan, I have your psychic protection book, and I was wondering if you could do a future post on entity attachments and using crystals to combat them. I had never heard of aquarmarine being used for that before, and just ordered some because of you :). But I would love to hear how you use them! Thank you.

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