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Protection Crystal Combinations – 5 Powerful crystal pairs & trios!

Protection Crystal Combinations – 5 Powerful crystal pairs & trios!

Protection Crystal Combinations – 5 Powerful crystal pairs & trios!

Try these powerful protection crystal combinations to shield yourself from negative energy, prevent psychic attacks and bust bad vibes.

The Power of Crystal Combinations

When we combine crystals for a specific intention they can have a synergistic effect. They become a team, similar to a crystal grid but without the geometry. Each stone works in a slightly different way, adding its own energy and support towards your intention.

Compatible crystals combine together to have a synergistic effect

Working With Protection Stone Combinations

There are many combinations you can create and trial yourself. Here, I am sharing just a few of my favourite ones for psychic protection. The easiest and most inexpensive way these can be formed is with regular tumble stones. You can combine them together in a small bag and carry them in your pocket.
TIP: Do you prefer to wear your stones? You don’t need a special piece of jewellery that incorporates all these crystals. You can wear two or three different crystal pieces to create a protection crystal combination.
Why not wear a couple of bracelets and a pendant or a bracelet that combines two of the stones, worn with a third bracelet for example. Be creative and make it work for you!

Protection Crystal Combinations (Pin to Pinterest)


This Quartz family double-action crystal combination works well to absorb and transmute negative energy. These crystals are also very easy to find if you don’t already have them.


Two powerful and popular protection crystals that work well together to block and purify negative or harmful energies of all kinds.


Apache Tear is a form of Obsidian that shields your emotions, while Clear Quartz amplifies its protective qualities further. The Quartz also helps repair the aura.


Some consider this to be the Holy Grail of protection crystal combinations. It blocks, purifies and deflects bad vibes. You can feel the change in your aura as soon as you hold this powerful trio.


This is a fiery triple-action crystal combination that I put together. It is good for pushing away and breaking up any harmful energies you encounter. It also helps strengthen your energy and aura.

Working With Psychic Protection Shields

For the best results with protection stones, as well as programming them with your intention, I recommend you also visualise a protective bubble or egg of light around you. Try purple or gold light. For a more in-depth guide and to learn how to use special self-regenerating protection shields please see my book Psychic Protection Crystals.

Have you tried any of these combinations or do you have any of your own to share? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (please keep any questions you have concise and on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,

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21 thoughts on “Protection Crystal Combinations – 5 Powerful crystal pairs & trios!

  1. Eliza

    Hi, Ethan–thanks for this post and combinations. Two other protective combinations that have worked powerfully for me are aqua aura and malachite (worn together in two necklaces), and amethyst, malachite and black obsidian (carried together as pocket stones). These–especially the aqua aura and malachite–really opened my eyes to the power of crystals. Thanks again!

  2. Farah

    Thanks, Ethan for the information you have been sending.

    I have a couple of questions. I bought a rose quartz pyramid but it fell and the edges chipped off. This happened again with the next rose pyramid I bought. I am concerned. Should I go in for this crystal or combine it with another crystal. I find the pyramid quite delicate. Would a little pendant be preferable?
    I also wish to know which crystal helps with mental clarity and concentration, and which crystal could help with creative thinking/writing.
    For sound mental health, which crystal would you recommend?
    Thanks once again for your informative and clear emails and site. May God bless you!

  3. Mishti

    Thanx for d lovely post. I have found carrying tigers eye and black tourmaline combination work. It helps stay calm and grounded. I tried adding a clear quartz but it got rejected. It was mysteriously out of the small pouch.

  4. Janice Kay

    Hi Ethan,

    Thanks for always sending me good information. I already have these books except for the Guardian Stone book. I just need to take the time to read them all. Ha
    How do you feel about healing stones for example healing inflammation of the knee? Do you know of a specific combination for arthritic conditions that work?
    I have a lot of crystal jewelry in my bedroom enclosed in a large armoire. Is that okay as far as putting out a lot of energy in the room? The armoire is closed except for taking my pieces out to wear.
    Do you think the a persons Zodiac signs are very helpful for picking out the best crystals for your individual intentions or are any crystals effective for your desires or healing?
    Thank You

  5. GK

    Hi Ethan, love your books especially make your own grids ..has helped me question is though i am a reiki master ,oracle card reader and i invoke my protection sheild on regular basis but of recent whenecer i sit to di reading or do meditations, i start having excruciating pain in my right shoulder blade.yesterday i did a aura cleansing grid from your book using fluorite and hametite also felt guided to add lapiz lazulli to the grid done on star of david protection printout from your site. Feeling relieved question is ,was it a negative? If so then why after my protection visualisations done …such occurence?
    Guidance highly appreciated

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Psychic protection and our aura can become weakened depending on our personal energy, mood and mindset at the time, just like your immune system. You can’t ever stop all negativity all the time. Glad that the cleansing and protection grids cleared this for you.

      1. GK

        Thankyou Ethan for the clear and precise info.highy appreciated !Totally understood when negativity can effect us.Ethan,i am working on my success and motivation in my spiritual work as a card reader and teacher .could you please guide me ,which grid from your crystal grids Power book will help me take my work to the next level( i am not so outgoing person.)Guidance appreciated.

  6. Steve

    Hi Ethan,
    Always enjoy your posts and emails and this one is no different. I wanted to add that I have been experimenting with bronzeite to ward off negativity and promote civility at my workplace with very good results. I keep a small pyramid at my desk, and wear a bracelet (one of yours!) along with my copper and one other crystal bracelet. I’ve noticed a clear effect on my coworkers near me and those who now seem to want to keep their distance. I also had tourmaline and selenite recommended to me in a channeling just last evening – talk about synchronicity! Thank you again for your great advice and intuition of the mineral kingdom.

  7. Mohamed

    Hello Ethan.. great invaluable data about stones you are providing.. thank you!,
    just to know.. how large does a stone have to be to be effective energy wise.?

  8. Cathy Herr

    Hi Ethan, I suffer with depression and anxiety, can you suggest a combination of stones for that? And Thank You for the article on protection combination.

  9. Michael

    Thank you for another informative article, Ethan.

    I have a question about hematite. Some stones are marketed as “magnetic hematite” but I have read these are not true hematite, but are a man-made material that looks similar. Are these stones still good for crystal healing? What is the difference between them and non-magnetic hematite?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      As far as I know Magnetic Hematite does not occur naturally in the Earth. I heard it can be made by melting Hematite down and or exposing it to a strong magnet. It would add magnetic properties to the stone if made from genuine Hematite, so it would add some healing and attracting properties. If you don’t like this process or are worried that it is not Hematite then just use the regular stone.

  10. Romy

    Hello i have a question can a black obsidian be pair with an amethyst? There is a lot of negative energy around me. Or is it bad to put them together? Thank you

  11. Iraina

    Hi! I’m a HHA (Home Health Aide) who is an Empath.. I’m just accepting it now and just started on my crystals journey lol.. some homes I enter with great intention, but end up becoming short tempered, easily angered, easily offended, sometimes depressed etc… so I’m working on finding the right combination and balance for me.. today I carried black tourmaline, obsidian, Lapis, and a clear quartz.. I discovered today that I was able to speak the truth to my client without the fear of hurting her feelings.. and I was also able to deal with the very things that usually sends me spiraling without taking anything personal!!! Do you have any other ideas or crystals you have in mind??? I also have an Amethyst, carnelian, and I think a selenite but those are at home.. I tend to feel overwhelmed when I have them all together

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