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Crystals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Crystals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Crystals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Here are some useful crystals for Empaths and highly sensitive people. Shield yourself from unwanted energies, others emotions and random psychic junk! Strengthen your energetic boundaries and protect yourself!

Am I an Empath?

If you’re an Empath (aka Psychic Empath) or a highly sensitive person you will find that you constantly absorb other people’s energies and emotions. You may have trouble sometimes separating others emotions and thoughts from your own. This leads to confusion, energetic overwhelm and a heavy aura. If you ignore this you will be sending out the wrong signals. You will attract people who like to ‘dump’ their emotional problems, worries and energies onto you.

Is Empathy a Curse or a Blessing?

It is not all bad though. Empathy is a trait that can help you to help others. High sensitivity is common in spiritual-minded people, psychics and energy healers. What is important is that it does not overwhelm you and that you start to recognise and differentiate external energies from your own.
“You can’t switch off empathy but you can take steps to turn it down a notch or two”

How to Manage your Empathy

Setting clear energetic, mental and emotional boundaries with people is essential. Use daily psychic protection techniques and carry or wear protective crystals. You will also find cleansing your aura and Chakras every night is a great help too. On a mental level really check in and observe your thoughts and feelings. Ask yourself are these my own? Why am I feeling this way? Should I really feel this way?
Crystals For Empaths (and Highly Sensitive People) Protect your Aura

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9 Crystals for Empaths:

Carrying others worries and problems does not serve you if it brings you down and dampens your energy vibration. The following crystals will help you filter out the excess noise and shield you from collecting energetic junk. It’s time to set better boundaries and empower yourself!

Healer’s Gold

Also known as Apache Gold. This black and gold stone strengthens your energetic boundaries. It also helps you set clearer signals to others and absorbs negative energies.
healers gold

Healer’s Gold Tumble Stone


This is an easy to find Iron-rich crystal with a dark metallic grey colour. Its protective mirror shield helps strengthen your own aura and deflect harmful energies and vibrations. Hematite also helps you avoid people that drain your energy also known as Psychic Vampires.
Hematite good for protection for empaths

Hematite Egg

Aqua Aura

Also known as Aqua Aura Quartz. A Quartz crystal bonded with Gold can only be a recipe for a psychic bulletproof shield. Harmful energies are deflected or trapped inside.
aqua aura crystal

Aqua Aura Crystal Point

Chrysanthemum Stone

Some stones have a beautiful flower-like pattern. This stone creates a filter wall around your aura to reduce psychic sludge and others who overstep your personal energetic boundaries.

chrysanthemum stone

Chrysanthemum Stone Tumble Stone

Black Tourmaline

This jet black crystal can be a powerful guardian stone for empaths. Black Tourmaline absorbs negative energies from your aura and environment. Use this stone to send unwanted energies into the Earth for healing and transmutation.
Black Tourmaline absorbs and grounds negative energies

Black Tourmaline Crystal Point

Ouro Verde

Also known as Ouro Verde Quartz. A Brazilian Quartz exposed to Gamma Rays which is rare but can be found online. This green Quartz crystal radiates its olive green light outwards to protect you from excess energies and emotions from entering your space.

ouro verde

Ouro Verde Crystal Point

Red Jasper

Thid form of Jasper is the most well known and easy to find. It has been used for thousands of years as a gemstone. Don’t underestimate the power of this Root Chakra crystal. Red Jasper can help you develop healthy boundaries. It gives a sense of security for highly sensitive people of all kinds.
Red Jasper Tumble Stone

Red Jasper Tumble Stone

Flame Aura

Also known as Titanium Aura or Titanium Quartz. These Quartz Crystals have been bonded with Titanium and other metals. Although this crystal is not so easy to find in most crystal shops, it is not hard to find online nowadays. This metallic rainbow crystal keeps harmful energies out like a buffer shield. The energies are pulled down into the Earth for transmutation.
flame aura

Flame Aura Cluster

Black Obsidian

This is a form of black volcanic glass. Black Obsidian is earthy but packs a powerful and fiery protective energy when needed. Use Black Obsidian to keep unwanted energies from entering your personal space and aura.
Black Obsidian for psychic protection and empaths

Black Obsidian Tumble Stone

More Crystals & More Tips

These are just a few crystals for empaths I recommend for sensitive people. I wrote a 250 page book for Empaths like YOU about crystals for protection that goes into much more detail and practical techniques. It is a complete guide to psychic protection.
The book contains over 50 powerful crystals and includes a quick reference guide for selecting the right crystal for you and your unique situation. If you’re interested please check out Psychic Protection Crystals.

Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from any qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. This helps support me as an independent author and keeps my website running. Thank you!

Are you an Empath and what steps do you use to manage your sensitivity? I would love to hear from you so let me know in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you know anyone who may benefit from this article please share the link with them or use one of the sharing buttons at the end of this post.
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108 thoughts on “Crystals for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

  1. Kevin cARNEY

    Great article, I have been working with crystals. For a long time.My Favorite, is my Lemurian Starseed Crystal. I also, have a small skull, that has been Charged.By Max the Crystal Skull. I had the opportunity,to see Joanne Parks,and Max. Afew years ago. I had a reading with Max, it was Awesome. I have various crystals, that i work with. But, I also, belive. That daily cleansing of self. And working with a Protective Shield,around you. Is the Best bet. Also, if you are chatting with someone. Face to face. If you feel uncomfortable,Fold your hands,Over your Solar Plexus,and turn abit sideways. This will prevent them, from taking your energy. Most people, are good. But their are Psychic Vampires out there. And they Will Purposedly Suk your energy. Have A Beautiful weekend. My sisters,brothers…. 😉

  2. Beth

    Am i an empath? Well i feel everybody’s pain, like it feels almost literally like im experiencing it (emotional pain) …sometimes they are exaggerated situations of my own at some point in my life and sometimes just things that i know must be incredibly awful to experience. I get extremely emotional, crying and all that…but on the other hand i do have some emotional disturbances such as ocd (moderate, worse in the last couple years), it seems alot of the things i obsess about havent even happened to me, but to others rather and i either witness it or hear about it, and then i am worried if i don’t take necessary precautions usually highly ridiculous unnecessary ones, that i too will go through their same careless mistakes, so i wonder how much is just a mental disorder rather than empathic, but my cousin also feels she is empathic, we both feel very strongly about treating animals with love and compassion, largely with cats, but all animals really. …needless to say i feel a little crazy with all this constantly rolling around in my mind. A couple years ago i became intrigued by crystals, and though i have read tons and acquired several crystals that i love , i have yet to start really utilizing them. Yet im so excited to do so caise i just feel they are powerful and will work in my life. I know that since i started becoming interested in them, it was like a light at the end of a tumnel, i dont know how or why, i just feel it is. And most recently have started becoming interested in witchcraft, their doctrines and beliefs resonate very much with me especially the there is no wrong way, its like my own spiritual journey carved out perfectly for me, live and let live, is also super important to me. Accessing my higher self and other energies and dieties, even communicating with my deceased father im very drawn towards…but i am careful not to just believe everything i read, i dont want to be just blindly going a direction that sounds good cause its mystical and magical, i want to feel it, and intrinsically know that its truth without question and without a need for proof, and im kinda there, so now what? cause i feel stuck. I read and read wonderful exciting ideas, i go to metaphysical stores to get things i feel i want or need , taking time to really sense the energies of whatever i am purchasing but when it comes to the action, im frozen. So much going on in my world, including some personal battles. I feel these said personal battles could be halting progress while i feel that i need this progress to conquer these battles. Im all sorts of messed up, but its not a doubt in the process, i feel great and excited to embark on this journey, so what the heck….i did not itend to tell you (whomever you happens to be) all this, it just all flowed out, but maybe after reading it you can sense my turmoil or aura or energy? Can you do that with a non personal communica like email or comments online . …any advice from anyone that reads this is welcome. I realize i didnt really ask too many specific things but if something i said set off a flag, id be very open to hearing your thoughts…thank you so much to anyone who can help. I do have to say it seems im just “stumbling” upon things” that are going to prove useful…… so ready to learn, i wish there was a way to sonehow come by a mentor, man i would love that…i need that kind of one on one guidance. afraid, ethan you are a bit of a commute to seattle, would make the day a bit long id think….lol….thanks to all in advance…

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Beth,

      Sounds like you are an empath to me but only you can decide. Knowing you are taking on others emotions and energies puts you now in a place of power. Many people will never realise this. I would start with a daily psychic protection practice and stick with it to see if things improve. Then try things like crystals and other steps. It can’t hurt to try these things and you have nothing to lose.

    2. Bett

      To Beth. I get a lot of what you are saying. I feel lucky to be able to put a name to the highly sensitive person I am, thanks to the internet we can do that now.

      I have lots of questions about Empaths, and really need to look further. I always knew I sensed things different from most. The stories handed down about female relatives having dreams that came true and seeing shadows of dead relatives, all seemed like just stories then, I didn’t give them a lot of thought, and still don’t really, I just thought they were unbalanced

      Today I don’t feel that way. It is very difficult for an Empath personality to explain things that pop up for them. Premonition type feelings that have come true etc

      For me personally not having a higher understanding of all of this really has seemed like a curse to me. I have often wished I was blissfully unknowing. I mentally hone in on things that many people just miss and if I try to explain it, I get their vibes coming in as well. I don’t like it

      You mentioned a closer connect to the animal world, same here. I can feel when my dog is not feeling great and I believe my vibes confuse her canine instincts. We are so in tune that she and I seem to be able to know what the other is feeling and wanting all the time.

      Again, I am not sure this is what human beings are really supposed to be doing normally. A few years ago out of nowhere I started sketching and they look like another person did them, I never had artistic talent. That will wax and wane with me but it feels like I am channeling another area of the brain when I am doing a really good job with a sketch. I don’t continue to sketch all the time because it just seems strange to me that I can see shadows and lines in objects I never did before

      I will add this strange part. About 5 months before my sister passed away I bought her a sketch book and pencils because I knew she liked to doodle. I commented to her then that I wish I could draw, because she was drawing a rose.

      Just thought I would comment on your post because sometimes it is hard to know if this personality difference if you can call it that, is not a part of a mental illness. I know exactly what you mean about that


    3. Becky

      Beth, it all flowed out perfectly, The personal battles are not halting progress, they are the way of moving forward. So, don’t be upset about having them. You sound very much like me, so here is my humble advice.
      1. Try yoga and or meditation. Purposely slowing down, every day…
      2. The book by Dr. Judith Orloff, “Emotional Freedom” is an amazing book. Stumbling upon things… Get the book from the library and randomly open it and see what happens.
      3. Some stones may be too strong. Keep that in mind. For me, any intuition stone, is way too much. Highly sensitive people don’t need intuition stones, we already have that 🙂

    4. Angela

      Please reach out to me about using essential oils. You can find me on Facebook or Instagram pure Oil Romance. I use essential oils with conjunction to my crystals

  3. Mi Mo

    To Beth- the beginning of this journey discovering yourself can be very overwhelming. It is a very lonely walk, being this sensitive. I find fire agate useful to give me some extra fuego against other people’s juju. You sound very similar to me a few years ago. Take it slow. Learn about energy healing, how our subtle bodies are affected by energy, how energy follows thought, etc. One thing that helped open my eyes to understanding what makes me so sensitive was getting my natal chart done. The heavens seem to hold the answers to our individual paths. The stars show traits and possibilities. A good astrology book to help you understand your natal chart is Astrology, Karma and Transformation by Stephen Arroyo. It is helping me to figure out patterns in my life and recognize my flaws. It hurts to grow, you have to confront the ugly stuff. It will get clearer and easier if you keep it simple. If you are drawn to crystals, they are safe and loving energy to work with. Use a pendulum, cleanse and charge it first, asking it to be your connection to your higher self, after you cleanse your stones and bless them with the highest energies of good in the universe, hold the pendulum over each one and ask yourself it this is one that will be helpful for you. Get to know your crystals and let them get to know you. You will see the pendulum spin faster or slower, wider or smaller, depending on the energy of each crystal. Stay away from the darker stuff until you can recognize that you are a beautiful crystal and you shine with light. Don’t let anyone take that light away. Be blessed. Be well.

    1. Catherine

      Omgoodness, great information, thank you so very much. IDK if I’m an empath or not but I feel/do the same. Anyway,there’s too many similarities. I will have to agree with one thing, for me at least, it is a mental thing. I recently went though a really bad case of depression. But this time it was different, I couldn’t stop crying, anything and everything would cause me to cry. This went on for five days and then the next morning I woke up and it was like nothing had been wrong. After I thought about it, I realized it was the anniversary of one of my friends death who had passed away in July three years ago. I just wanted to say that and say, thank you.

  4. Pattie

    I’m a empath, it took me a long time to realize it. I’m not sure how it is a blessing. Not sure what I should do with it.
    It can be very draining. I enjoyed the information you gave. Thank You

  5. Charlisa

    I imagine a double helix around my body and a rosy-gold light bubble all around me. It really helps if I have energy being thrown at me. Being a massage therapist I have to be careful, as such, I wear a black tourmaline rod around my neck at all times. It helps tremendously. Taking sea salt baths or putting sea salt in the bottom of the shower helps to cleanse away daily stagnation or anything I have not been able to block. Another thing I do if I have a feeling or emotion out of nowhere or because I have heard someone else’s hardship or tragedy, I ask myself one simple, but powerful question, “Is this mine to own?” The answer is usually “No.”, so I tell myself, ” Though this situation may be hard and or sad for this other person, it is not mine to own.” I call this not taking on/owning other people’s stuff.
    I feel animals and become overwhelmed when I hear of or see their mistreatment to the point where I cry and have a really difficult times banishing the thoughts and they keep me awake and affect me deeply. The best thing I can do for that is grab my dogs and love on them.
    My wish is that my words will help at least one person out there! Blessings!

    1. sarah

      Hello to everyone who has posted comments relating to empathy, thank u for your honesty and courage in expressing your feelings and experiences.
      I am new to forums and generally just communicating with anybody on the Internet, I purposefuly do not join in social media like Facebook or instagram etc because I can’t handle the gossip from hurtful, spiteful people and generally find small talk just totally and utterly exhausting.
      It nice and relieving to know that there are other people out there who are just like me.
      I feel when bad things are going to happen and sometimes have images in my mind that I just can’t explain to myself let alone anybody else, I feel feelings from absolutely nowhere that sometimes completely takes over to the point where I hide away from people.
      My mind races, I can’t handle any type of stress but at the same time get stressed easily and about anything, things that people close to just can’t and don’t understand. I have no control over my mind or feelings and am totally at the mercy of my moods and other people’s.
      When I was 8 I was knocked of my bike and unconscious for what seemed like 3 mins or so but was long enough that I saw myself and the situation on the ground from far up above the tops of the trees. People may call me crazy but I know what I saw and still remember like it was yesterday and I am 31 now.
      I feel deeply connected to animals so much that if there all of a sudden were not any in the world I honestly think I just couldn’t survive. They give me friendship, loyalty, inspiration and comfort amoungest many other wonderful things. If I see something in the media where animals are mistreated or animals that have died in or at the side of the road it just traumatises me to the point of absolutely breaking down to tears or so angry that I am utterly furious. These images will replay and replay in my mind like a video recording over and over again and before has even taken me weeks to get over it for example- the dogs home in Manchester that had caught fire, it absolutely broke my heart and deeply disturbed me to think what happened to those lovely creatures. I love animals much more than people they never betray you, hurt you or let you down you can always count on them, it doesn’t matter if you’ve brushed your teeth in the morning, they don’t care.
      I feel people’s pain as my own, I cannot go into public places or shopping like normal people, the overwhelming feeling that I get is totally unbearable, I cannot control my mind, or identify or separate my feelings from others.
      I have been through a lot of things in my life and had probably been through more crap by the time I was 13 than most do in their whole life, bad childhood and teenage life, betrayed and hurt by people who are supposed to protect you as child etc etc I could go on forever listing the things that have seriously affected me then 3years ago I was bullied by manager for straight 2 years which caused me to have an emotional breakdown. I am still under primary psychiatric care, taking medication and have a diagnosis of ocpd, cyclothymia and mixed personality disorder. This makes it extremely difficult for me to know which is the illness and which is the empath.
      I have always been highly sensitive and caring about everyone else before myself which also makes me extremely ill but I just don’t know how to be selfish, it’s just not who I am.
      The meds I am on are very strong doses and although they dull the senses, I can still feel them to the point where at times I think that I’m actually going crazy.
      I just don’t know what to do or where to go next and any advice would be much appreciated.
      Thank you for taking the time read this.
      Lots of love to all the nice people in the world, fellow empaths especially and animal Lovers.
      Sarah xxxxxx

      1. Dawn Lannan

        I see nothing but gorgeous beauty in you Sara! Continue Your path in a comforting way, know your limits and apologize for nothing. Thank you for being a voice for the animals and collect the personal rewards, know how special you are. ~Dawn

    2. Cherry

      Definitely with you on the animals and that question.

      My usual first step is to ask myself: is this a problem at all?

      Then, is it my problem?

      Then, is this a problem for someone I care about?

      Then, is help being requested?

      It’s a bit like a flow chart: if one of the answers is “yes”, then I’ll try to help. If all the answers are “no”, I’ll put energy barriers in place and walk away, mentally if not physically. Black Tourmaline is great for bouncing back other people’s issues, and natural Red Agate is great for helping to reinforce those protective boundaries (but please take a tip from one who knows: don’t use them together, because it can make it difficult to reactivate your empathic ‘senses’ when help really is needed).

      I can sense when animals are happy or suffering. It’s especially strong with horses and birds. I remember one time hubby and I were out for a walk when we found a beautiful chestnut mare all on her own in a big field. Many people would probably shrug and think, ‘so what?’, but I know horses: being alone for extended periods is very bad for their mental health. I couldn’t help stopping to say hello and make a fuss; I could cheerfully have stayed there with her all day, but I had things I needed to attend to. The poor thing started neighing for us to come back, and the loneliness in that sound was so human, so painfully obvious, I felt like finding her owner and giving them a piece of my mind!

      Another time I was watching the local news bulletin and saw such a distressing animal cruelty article, it all but broke my heart. A farmer on one of the moors had kept over a hundred horses and ponies in a normal barn, squashed in like sardines (think the New York subway at rush hour). Over a third of them were dead. A number had to be put to sleep because they were beyond help. Some made it.

      What did they do to deserve that treatment?


      Nothing at all.

      It’s probably a good thing I only saw it on the news. If I’d been there, I don’t know what I might have done to the $!£#@ who kept those poor beautiful creatures in such horrendous conditions. As it was, he was prosecuted and imprisoned, and also banned from ever keeping animals again. To my mind, it wasn’t enough.

  6. Estella

    I can feel my friends pain ( literally ).. When one has car wreck, a broken arm, or anything that causes pain. I can feel it, and tell you exactly where they are hurting.. here recently I’ve been able to feel the side effects of there meds if they have to take any.. there have also been times where I can see what they see.. My question. Is does that mean I’m an empath, and will the crystals help me tune into and help me control it..

  7. Valerie

    I know this sounds reclusive but a lot of times I just go to a place where I can be alone and collect my thoughts. I get drained when I’m around too many people for too long. I have to be alone to feel refreshed again. Like after work, I make sure to go home and just lock myself in my room for an hour or so (I have
    roommates) because ai can’t just go from one social environment to another. It’s too much. I wear an opal around my neck everyday which is supposed to shield from negative energies. I recharge it by placing it on a slab of Selenite at night when I’m sleeping.

    Anyway.. thats what I’m doing as an Empath (at least I think I’m an Empath bc my mom always has told me, since I was a child, that I’m way too sensitive about stuff. And also I definitely pick up on surrounding energies quickly).

    Thanks for the crystal advice !

    1. Cherry

      @Valerie, I hear you. I hate crowds. Even trips to the supermarket can become nightmarish. Like you, I need recharge time after so-called normal social interactions (like going to the pub, when that was, one, affordable, and two, safe). My husband never understood that what for him was a fun few hours, was an exhausting ordeal for me.

      He didn’t even have the manners to stay at my side; he’d sod off and talk to a complete stranger in preference to his own wife, leaving me sitting uncomfortably in a noisy room full of total strangers without even an alcoholic drink to numb my sensitivity! It all stopped though: one evening, when he’d dragged me out against my will and my honest protests that I was in a lot of pain, he left me sitting by myself for nearly half an hour (which wasn’t smart for any number of reasons); I left a message for him with the barman and walked home, which fortunately was only about a mile away. He caught up with me about halfway back; I had a right go at him and informed him that I was never going to a pub with him again. And I meant it! He did learn from it: this was in 2016, he hasn’t been to a pub, or even asked to, since – unless we go to one with his parents for a meal – and he won’t go to one without me.

      Obviously pubs are off the menu for now, but if he should try to drag me to one when it’s eventually safe, I shall make sure I remind him of that little incident, and my refusal. It simply isn’t acceptable to leave your half-disabled, autoimmune-afflicted wife alone in a room full of inebriated strangers!

    1. Krystal

      As an afterthought i would like to ask; do you know of any other common names for these stones? After much thought i’ve determined the stone most appropriate for me but am struggling to find it under the name it is listed under here…

      1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

        Hi Krystal, great idea I have added the alternative names for some of these crystals that I know of. Some are not that common stones but a big crystal shop online should have a few. The rarest one is Ouro Verde. If I search on Etsy I can find all these available from crystal sellers. I will consider adding my crystals to this list at some point so there are more options.

  8. Psomaya

    The original information and the comments and their replies are extremely helpful. Thank you everyone.
    P.S. can you please suggest any other crystals that are easily available as these are very difficult to find in India and not genuine

          1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

            If you mean the free ebook about the Guardian Stones, no it is only about psychic protection. I personally found cleansing and working with my chakras to be the best thing for developing psychic abilities. It is one of the reasons I wrote my first book Crystal Healing for the Chakras which may interest you.

  9. Rosa Teixeira

    For me sometimes it’s so overpowering that I start to cry if that person is in a lot of pain. Over the summer I went to elis island and on the way to the island I had a hard time tears and hurt just started to happen. I couldn’t stop crying. My husband had to take me out of there. I work in the medical field and when someone is ready to cross over my coworkers tell me to go see the person and I can also smell death. Can u tell me what stone would work for me. I love my job but sometimes it drains me to the point I get migraines. It’s hard to explain the feeling that I get to help someone cross over. It’s a relaxing feeling. Please help

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Rosa, there really is no one right stone. The purpose of the article is to give people options, all are good for empaths but you will need to choose the crystal that is right for you. If you read what I put about each stone it may help decide or use your intuition. See which one draws you back to it.

  10. Isis

    Not sure if this is an individual reaction or can be of general use, but I find labradorite very useful as a filter when I desire not to be affected by others around me, and fully focus on what I want.

  11. Reiki Lady

    There is a stone, shungite, that is like charcoal for negative energy. It just absorbs it.
    I wear carnelian, ruby and green chlorite together. This is a very old combination to ward off spirits.
    Cleansing the chakras daily is really important, as Ethan says.
    Cutting psychic cords that others have attached is important as well.

    1. Mary

      I wear shungite in a bracelet. It rarely comes off me. Also use labradorite in a pendant that I never take off. Many bracelets I’ve made of various stones and crystal beads. Simple stretch cord beaded bracelets.
      Black tourmaline I wear in a little pouch around my neck.
      I also feel yoga/meditation, chakra balancing and am in classes for energy healing. Life changing stuff for me. ❤️

  12. Theresa

    I find large gatherings a drain on my energies so have started to avoid them. Perhaps using these crystals to assist in protecting me may lessen the energy drain so I can still mix in larger crowds. Thanks for sharing this Pinterest and thanks for comments so far. X

  13. Pauline

    Ive been trying to ask a question about a very large piece of quartz that I bro k e recently. Been in the family for over eighty years and iits been with me for about ten years now. It was in a piece of walnut. It felt over welling and moved it and broke it in many pieces. Feel better but dont know what to do with the the pieces. Ive had the unique piece for so long. Any advice.

  14. Gen

    How can I talk to someone that knows more. I’m trying to figure out what’s happening and what I am HSP or more. I have no clue about it. I was told I am and I’m told my 3yr old son is too

    1. Andie Hendrickson

      Check out Dr. Judith Orloff’s book, The Empath’s Survival Guide. She is a practicing psychiatrist as well as an empath and has some really awesome insights and tips. She also has an online empath support group.

  15. Michelle

    Great stuff! I have many if these crystals, but plan to get more!! Thanks for this Ethan. I would love any info you could give me on this! Newly self dx Empath!!

      1. Losa

        Ethan, I have been reading your blogs for a while now. I am excited to hear you are working on a new book your free book was great. I’m an empath have been all my life around age 6 or 7. It took many years and experience to finally realize I needed self-protection! This has definitely given more insight than I had previously. I’m 53 now and didn’t worry about protecting myself until my last husband physically hurt me. I’m fine and thankfully so are my children. I’ve been working on self for 10 + yrs and so happy to have your expertise on the subject. Thank you so much and to all the empaths out there for sharing! My thoughts and prayers(blessings) are with all of you!

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  17. rea

    dear ethan, thank you for your great blog … discovered it via bairavee balasubramanim and love it. only recently i discovered titanium and aqua aura quartz. i feel very drawn to them, at the same time i find it a bit akward, that they are manmade with an overlay. may i ask your opinion on that? kind regards from austria

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks Rea, glad you found me. Aura crystals are a personal thing and I had my reservations when I first saw them over a decade ago. Crystals and precious metals have been combined for thousands of years and both came from the Earth. Their amazing energy speaks for itself. If you’re drawn to them there must be a reason.

      1. Rea

        Thank you Ethan,
        right, i got an aqua aura now for a week and i love to carry it with me …
        and i love your great blog and resources and keep returning to read articles, whenever there is some time … your pictures and arrangements are so amazingly resonating … Thank you again …

  18. Mary

    Wondering what I can do for my daughter who is an empath? She is 6 years old, curious if crystals are best or if there are different ways for her age to help her?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Crystals are a pretty simple and easy way for empaths to manage their energy better but everyone is different. You could try other things, there are so many methods but they will require more work on your childs part such as psychic protection techniques.

    2. Lorraine

      Hi Mary have you tried asking your daughters angels for protection? We all have them & they can not help unless we call on them . I ask my angels every morning & night to surround me in there beautiful light & shield me from all harsh energies . Rose quartz is quite a gentle crystal for young children. Can be placed under the pillow if they are upset at school etc .

  19. Michele West

    Hello Nathan,
    Thank you so much for the wealth of information you share. I have been collecting crystals and gemstones, off and one for a couple of years now. I started out with a couple, then started ordering several more.
    I believe I am an empath. Some examples are: In large crowds I find myself hiding or fading into the background as I feel extremely uncomfortable, emotionally. My emotions are scattered yet overwhelming. Another example is, I was driving alone in the car, then all of a sudden I got an overwhelming sense of loss. It was as if I had just lost someone close to me, yet I didn’t. I got home in tears and told my husband that I know these feelings are not my own and it scared me. Then at a later day and time, I find out a friend just last someone close to them. These type things happen to me all the time and have since childhood. I went through a long period of time where I used alcohol to help me “not feel”. The drinking got out of hand because it really didn’t work. It made things even worse. I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with several mental illnesses and was put on several medications. They didn’t work either because I do not have any of those illnesses.
    I have also had times where I told my husband that I had a feeling something was going to happen and that we needed to prepare ourselves for it and the situation came true, but we had prepared for it and we were safe.
    Then one day someone told me I was an intuitive empath. I started looking into that and found myself getting very confused with what all the things on the web, just as I did when I trying to get info on all the crystals and gemstones. When I came across your info, I didn’t feel confused anymore about crystals. I do have questions about the crystals you recommended. I have several of the ones you posted and more. I was wondering if you could have too many in one place or carry too many with you, especially if they are smaller stones? Also should one carry just one of the stones/crystals stated or one of each? Do I need to get the ones I do not have presently?
    I have 6 small ( 1/2 – 1″ ) hematite stones and 1 larger one ( 2 1/2″ ). I have 2 med size amethyst clusters, 10 med size black tourmalines, 2 med size clear quartz clusters, 10 selenite sticks, 1 citrine cluster and 10 1/2 – 1″ citrine stones, a 3″ malachite worry stone, a 3″ malachite and azurite cluster, 1 small green aventurine stone, approx. 40 small snowflake obsidian beads, a 1/2″ square lapis lazuli stone, a 1″ golden quartz, a 1 1/2″ tiger eye bear shape, a 1″ ruby set in a ring, a pair of smoky quartz earrings and a couple of other stones to be labeled at a later date (forgot what they were and will be heading to my rock shop to id). Presently I have them all on a table, along with my large Himalayan salt lamp, while I figure out what to do with them. I have cleansed with sage all of them but have not programmed any of them yet. I can feel the vibrations from them (my legs and feet tingle), almost the same way I feel when I perform my grounding before I meditate.
    On a side note: I have ordered a course on using crystals to help communicating with angels and spirit guides as well as one on honing psychic skills/ other realms.

  20. Lorraine

    Hi I’m an Empath too , I sense others energies , feelings or intentions , I absolutely love animals & I had a beautiful connection with my bull mastiff Pheobe who passed away 8 months ago. She would send me telepathic messages & was my earth Angel . She comes to see me at night time as I see her lie down next to me . I miss her so much .I love crystals & have many of them .its an obsession of mine . My most recent crystal buys were a chunk of black tourmaline which is beside my bed . I use protection with Arch Angel Michael daily to place his electric blue Cloak of protection around me to shield me & it needs to be reinstated after 5 hours or so & I can tell the difference when it’s not as effective. Along with black tourmaline crystal or hematite , Amethyst, Aqua aura , I also use Reiki healing energy to protect my aura by simply calling on it to surround me day & night . I ask the Arch Angel Michael to cleanse my energy field of all lower energies & to take them to the light for transmutation. .. every night I call back my own energy , I say “ I now call back all of my own energy that iv given away knowing or unknowingly..I ask that it comes back cleansed & I send all other energies back to source . “ .. hope that helps someone . I make sure I go to sleep in my own energy or I dream too much or don’t sleep much at all . . I use Hymalayan salt in my bath with lavender oil & I use essential oils in a spray bottle to cleanse my aura if I feel yucky . I use rosemary, peppermint, juniper berry , lavender or frankincense.. it’s not easy being an Empath I know but when we learn to Master our own energy & know whose is whose we can feel the gift it really is which is the gift of empathy & to hold space for another to feel safe but our first priority is to ourselves. It’s not selfish it’s a nessessity .. we are loved by our angels so much . Thank you for being here & I wish you all love , peace & crystal blessings .

  21. Jodi

    I am an empath and discovered this fact more recently. I used to have a shield of unknown origin and didn’t notice for many years the dark side of being an empath. Now that I have been through a lot of loss and struggles as I grew older, things took a drastic change into negative. I have become antisocial, reclusive, introverted and unwilling to go into a place where there are too many personalities. At home, I do yoga, meditation, work with so many crystals, cleanse my home regularly and this is my safe zone. It’s difficult after not only dealing with the challenges of life, unfortunately, but then discovering that you have a gift that can be extremely and too overwhelming at times. I am still working on finding my balance. Do you have any advice for someone who is in a situation such as my own?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I would work on finding the right crystals or combination of stones along with shielding techniques for when you are out and about. I would also work on positive thinking and mindset as that strengthens all you do. My next book will have tonnes of detail on this and many more crystals, it might give you some ideas.

  22. J

    Thanks Ethan for the info. I just recently realized I’m an empath. From around 5 yrs old I felt the thoughts of others, mimicked those thoughts as my own and took on beliefs that were not true. I unconsciously did this and now I am 40 and debilitated by negativity, low self esteem, etc. I am slowly recognizing what doesn’t belong to me however I am depleted and my mind, body and spirit are sick. I was wondering if you could recommend a couple small things I can do to help. Thank you kindly…J

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi, you might want to start trying the tips and stones in this article. I plenty more if you go to the Resources page and look for articles on protection, cleansing and negativity. My next book may also be helpful to you and will go much deeper

  23. Linda

    Hi, I literally had to break ties with an old school mate of over 40 years. Tried several times to be around her she was the biggest energy vampire I have ever known.Always had negative vibes around her and left me mentally and physically drained every time I was around her and even talking to her on the phone. People like this are truly real. Beware!

  24. Joy Reeske

    Hope I’m posting the right way…

    I’m a sensitive/empath from a young age, feeling peoples emotions and pain, able to feel peoples aura, touch things and feel their past, and talk to spirits. I call them people without bodies because that is truly what they are. I also talk to my guardians. Did you know everyone has a guardian or two, whether they know it or not.

    Early on I thought everyone could feel what I felt. Learned better later in life.

    I’ve learned how to tune down the aura feeling because it can become so overwhelming. My problem has been keeping peoples negativity out when they’re blasting it at me. So painful!!! I’ve tried all the imagery techniques, my favorite being surround yourself with mirrors looking out. When you’re weak, it’s very hard to do.

    A couple years ago when there was a very bad scene, I bought a black Tourmaline pendant to wear. That helped so much. But after a couple months, I realized my guardians hadn’t talked to me in a long time. Maybe the Tourmaline was doing too much of a good job? So I went back to my favorite Amethyst pendant.

    The last negativity blast took me over two weeks of solitude to bring me back. It was bad. During that time I was on a search for the right crystal for me. I re-found Labradorite, my psychiatrist long ago recommended I get one.

    “Labradorite is a powerful protector of the aura, preventing energy leakage, and others from tapping into and draining your personal energy. It ensures all elemental forces are empowered and proportional within one’s system. ”

    No, I didn’t get a crystal vault Labradorite. I’m not trying to sell them to you. I’m trying to tell you what works for me.

    I found one Labradorite that talked to me and another pretty one. The one that talked to me is helping me so much. It’s been two weeks since starting to wear it. My aura doesn’t feel so torn up anymore and I can talk to my guardians too. I feel emotionally stronger now too.

    I’ve been into crystals for about thirty years, but only chose ones that felt good to me. Phantoms and Rutilites were my favs. Now, I’m learning how to use crystals with intent. My people (guardians) wanted me to get chakra crystals, which I did, and now have to learn how to use them. Yeah, they don’t tell your everything. My journey has started. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    There is something for everyone and what works for me might not work for you. The world is yours to explore…

  25. Joana

    This was great Ethan many thanks! I am new to crystals but I feel Black Tourmaline really works for me, I actually feel something when I hold onto it when I know I will face a hard day and say a mantra in my mind. It is a small stone so I hold it in my hand(thumbs and index) and think positive thoughts and imagine this protective shield around me. I also carried it in my hand/pocket during troubling times, challenges. Also have a green Agathe and amethyst.

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  27. Tess

    Sorry for my bad English ,but I just have to thank you all .I reading about my self!! And the tears just comming. When I was 13-14years old I start drinking, I was so confused and it helped me so I didnt had that spinning feeling in my body and mind,I thought I found my way. Im 44 years old now and for about 6 months ago I suddenly read about an empath and it was like reading about me,just like this site.The was I way I could live,start trust (the right )people again and all that. I can see that in my life the spirualty life had tried to show me a way many times. But I need help to going on this path ,it just to much on the internett and I dont know who to trust. .Thanks to a guy that wrote take it easy in the beginning. I need to take thing slowly for I get easily confused..Going to buy one of the books that mentioned. I wish you all a nice day.

  28. Alicia Tipping

    I think I am an Empath. I have also noted down the 8 crystals. I have got some Obsidian on it’s way to me. This is a bracelet, and necklace. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. Not sure what other crystals to purchase.

  29. Jae

    I have been doing a lot of reading about empaths and i relate so much to all of it. Im so sensitive that ive honestly been housebound, unable to even go to the dollar store because it exhausts me to be that close to that many people. I havent understood what was going on and as such ive blocked everyone out, i have no friends at all anymore.. My last friend i had forced me to leave my house and go out but she was also pretty toxic and exhausted me more than anyone.. I am definitely going to check out your book and buy a few crystals to see if they help. I really hope so. Thanks for this article!

  30. ann

    I am also an empath and recently came to understand the label—-yin yoga has allowed me to open my third eye thru which I have seen my long ago passed beloved father…mostly I see purple sparkles and a purple orb when my third eye opens, I am 67 and have become more sensitive to loud noises and people and take greater joy in solitude, nature and silence. I must mentally work to keep negativity away from me and have become very concerned about the state of my country although I know that we are all just passing thru this world. I work hard to get to sleep and must exercise daily in some form. i send my concerned caring to the troubled souls I have read of on this comment line. I will pray for them. I feel that my greatest help has been being in nature and clearing my mind via yin yoga. I wear ebony, hematite,lava and amethyest bracelets daily and have salt lamps thru out my home.

  31. iren

    On the subject of the empaths…
    I found this video is pretty interesting, and, somewhat true…
    6 Cold-Hearted Zodiac Signs, They Hardly Feel Anything!

  32. Denise Wilkinson

    Thank you for sharing. I’m online now looking for protection stones. I released a memoir recently about abuse, mental illness…and the stories people are sharing with me about their personal experiences have me crying and lying in the fetal position. How will I be able at have book signings and talks if I can’t even get through the reviews without crying for all of humanity. Please help. I’m a mess. Thank you.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      You can try wearing crystals for psychic protection or confidence and using shielding. There are many blog posts on my site (see Resources page) with more info and suggestions but you need to put things into practice.

  33. Hannah Mary

    Hello there! Thank you for the information!
    I do have one questions, however. I am searching for a crystal that is protective, and could help encourage kindness and compassion. Any suggestions for me? I feel attracted to Black Tourmaline, but is there anything else I should be aware of?

    1. Cherry

      Hannah, this might sound a bit odd, but rather than Black Tourmaline, you could try Pink Tourmaline. This amazing crystal is very protective, particularly for the heart chakra, but also encourages compassion where it’s needed. You could perhaps combine with Rose Quartz and Kunzite, for an extra boost of compassionate energy (and please don’t forget to be compassionate to yourself as well as others) from the Rose Quartz, plus the quiet, feminine strength of Kunzite.

      Love and Light.

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  35. Cherie Schaeffer

    Hello Ethan!
    It never fails that when I find a good article, you are behind it! Lol
    I am an empath and have been psychic since I can remember.
    The thing I dislike the most is when I get spirit attachments. In days when energy pulses through the earth (Schumann Frequency) from outer space, it’s as if i can feel every vibration. I wont leave my room on such days. I am also cautious when entering unfamiliar places. I’m going to get a copy of your book so i can better protect myself.
    Until it arrives, can you recommend a crystal for an empath who gets unwanted spirit attachments?
    I have a beautiful obsidian necklace I wear on occasion. But it tends to cause me to tell my truth, and who wants that! Lol
    Sometimes it’s best when others dont know my thoughts or beliefs… I think you know what I mean!
    Chow Darling…
    Until we meet again!

  36. Chandra

    If I’m honest I’m not sure what’s going on with me, my whole life I’ve felt different and often find myself wondering why people don’t seem to care about people’s feelings the way I do and a lot of the time I wish I could just stop caring because I’m so drained, I’ve been treated wrong by many people and although I’ve been hurt and feel like I’ve just let my life go by and feel full of regret I still can’t pull away because I can’t stand the thought of hurting people. I think I’m definitely an empath and would love to have the strength and energy to be able to learn how to live the rest of my life in control without worrying about how other people are going to feel even though they don’t seem to mind if I’m unhappy as long as their in control. I’m sorry if I’m babbling and not making any sense I just felt a strong need to share. Best wishes to all

  37. Shirley VanDorp

    Recently I’ve been told I’m an empath. I can feel others emotions, whether it’s sad ( which makes me cry ) anger ( which makes me mad) heartbreak ( I can actually feel pain in my heart, like a sting) another energy that I’m unsure of what it is, is an energy that actually makes my skin so warm that I start to sweat, I can actually feel my skin get warm. What is this energy?. I’m picking up on others energy, even if I dont know them and I’m just walking passed them in a store. I can tell if someone is not being truthful or portraying to be someone their not. It’s so hard to be around a large group of people, its makes me feel like I am bipolar and anxiety. Is this because of all the different energies I’m getting? I started to collect crystals to help with this, which I’ve been attracted to my super 7 and jade, and wear every day and sage as much as I can. I work in the medical field and feel that by the end of the day, I’m physically drained and have nothing left in me. Am I an empath? Any suggestions on what I need to use or do?

    1. Krista

      I also work in the medical field. I have found I need to protect my aura. I do this through visualization and carrying certain crystals on me. Try some Labradorite. Set the intention for it to protect you from people latching on to you and taking your energy. Make it clear that this is your energy, and yours alone.

  38. Krista

    Everyday I call upon Archangel Uriel, Mother Earth, and the Universe to place a golden light of protection around me and my aura. I ask them to align my Etheral bodies with my physical body and to align and cleanse my Chakras. I ask them to crystallize that golden light so that nothing negative can get through and only positivity can stay inside. I visualize all of this as well. I also carry Labradorite on me and set the intention for it to not let anyone latch on to me and take my energy. I make it clear that this is my energy and it’s only for me. I strengthen that statement by wearing a Black Obsidian necklace for all to see, and set the intention for it to block and banish all negative energies, negative entities, negative entity attachments, and negative entity cording attachments. I keep it out for all to see so that if any of these negative energies are present, they know not to mess with me.

  39. Maria

    Greetings Ethan. How do I know if I am Empathic? I know I feel very deeply when it comes to certain things. I also sense an Aura around people and can feel warm or cool towards them. I do experience visits from people I love who have passed over in dream state sometimes. A medium told me I was a healer in a past life. I have always wished I didn’t feel as deeply as I do because the pain side is intense. What do you think? Am I empathic or just over the top.Thank you. M.

  40. Tamara

    My 9 year old daughter is a natural empath and I would like to nurture this in her. Bring she is so young what stone would you recommend for her. I was thinking Peach moonstone but it is not on your list here

  41. Keith Trebilcock

    Hello Ethan I hope you are well. I am a registered nurse who takes care of people with dementia and also end of life. I have been told that i am very empathic when it comes to caring for people, have healing hands, but also very spiritual and empathic when it comes to end of life care. Is there a crystal that can my grow and become stronger but also protect me from negative energy i get, some days I feel I have a lot of negative energ and find it upsets my natural empathy.
    Any advice would be amazing
    I do meditate every day
    Kind regards

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