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How To Choose a Crystal Skull – Meaning explained!

How To Choose a Crystal Skull – Meaning explained!

How To Choose a Crystal Skull – Meaning explained!

How do you choose the right Crystal Skull? What do you do with them? What are the meanings of the different types of Crystal Skulls like Dragon Crystal Skulls or Star Being Crystal Skulls?
This guide is for those just getting started or about to embark on their Crystal Skull journey. Perhaps you  are unsure how to use your Crystal Skull or are seeking to expand your Crystal Skull family. Or maybe you are just curious…


Working with Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls can be used for many things such as meditation, healing, crystal grids, spiritual work or psychic development, working at Sacred Sites or channeling. Crystal Skull’s often have their own unique energy and personality.


Many feel these crystals assist them to work with spiritual guides and teachers who work through the Crystal Skulls. While meditating with a Crystal Skull they will often give you their name.


Are you a Crystal Skull Guardian?

Those who have been called to do spiritual work with a Crystal Skull are sometimes called Crystal Skull Guardians, Custodians or Caretakers. It is believed that the Crystal Skull chooses its Guardian.
It’s their responsibility to take care of the Crystal Skull for a period of time or a whole lifetime. They may be guided to visit certain places with the skull, take part in global meditations or heal the Earth with them.



How To Choose A Crystal Skull: What your crystal skull means

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Looking for Crystal Skulls

You no longer have to raid an ancient Mayan Pyramid to find a Crystal Skull. Many Crystal Shops now have them and they are easily available online. These are modern carvings of course but the crystals are thousands if not millions of years old.
There are a lot of mass produced Crystal Skulls. These tend to look very similar and lack either detail or individuality. The best Crystal Skulls are carved by hand. Certain skull carvers have become well known and it is always a good sign if you know the maker.
Ideally you want someone who loves giving form to the crystal’s consciousness. These may be investment pieces so better to start small with Crystal Skulls. You can still find Crystal Skulls by unknown carvers which are unique looking and have great energies but it can be harder.


Tip: Speak to others who collect Crystal Skulls online and get their recommendations


The Healing Properties of Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls can be carved from many different minerals, not just clear Quartz. The crystals will indicate the energies and healing properties of your Crystal Skull.
You may narrow down your search by looking for a Rose Quartz Crystal Skull or a Hematite one for example. When deciding between several Crystal Skulls, you could look up the crystal properties to help you decide.


Different Types of Crystal Skulls

There is a lot more choice of different Crystal Skulls available than there used to be. This will also give an indication of the type of energies of the Crystal Skull and the ways they will most likely work with you. Remember each Crystal Skull is unique and this is just a guide to what you can expect. Here are some of the main Crystal Skull types:


Human Crystal Skulls

These are the most easily available and usually just called Crystal Skulls. They have the most human look to them. They may be realistic skulls or more symbolic.
The human looking Crystal Skulls can be used to access the knowledge and wisdom of both ancient and lost civilizations such as the Mayans, Druids or even the Atlanteans and Lemurians. Different ones will also connect with spiritual Guides and Teachers, Ancestors, Ascended Masters or Goddesses for example. A few Crystal Skulls connect with Star Beings.
Crystal Skulls activate the chakras within your head such as the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. Crystal Skulls can help expand your consciousness, bring through healing energy or raise the vibration of the whole Planet.


amazonite crystal skull

My Amazonite Crystal Skull


Star Being Crystal Skulls

These are sometimes called Alien Crystal Skulls or Star Travellers. They are humanoid but clearly not human. They have large and unusual shaped eyes, big heads or elongated skulls. Star Being Crystal Skulls connect with cosmic energies and wisdom beyond planet Earth.
Different Crystal Skulls may link to different Star Systems, Galaxies or other Dimensions. They bring new perspectives and galactic energies. Star Being Crystal Skulls also awaken your Higher Chakras above the Crown Chakra.


alien star being crystal skull

Small clear Quartz Crystal Star Being


Dragon Crystal Skulls

Dragon Crystal Skulls are completely non humanoid Crystal Skulls. They have long snouts, fins, spines or horns and pointed teeth. These Crystal Skulls are more elemental in nature. They connect with nature and the elements of fire, earth, water air and spirit.
Some dragons carry the more celestial energy of the Stars. Dragon skulls help heal and balance the energies of the natural landscape.
They work well at Sacred Sites, Ley Lines and connect with the Elementals. Dragons also offer serious protection to any location. They channel the magical energies and wisdom of Arthurian Times, Avalon or the Far East.


Labradorite Dragon Crystal Skull

Labradorite Dragon Crystal Skull


How to Choose a Crystal Skull Intuitively

The best way I feel to choose a Crystal Skull is to follow your heart and intuition. How do you feel when you see a photo of the Crystal Skull or when you handle it? You should feel attracted to it. It may fill you with energy, joy or make your chakras buzz.
Take some time to come back and see how you feel a second time around. If the feelings are still there and if you can’t get the Crystal Skull out of your mind it will probably be for you.
In some cases you may feel the Crystal Skull is communicating with you at first sight. You may even see a Crystal Skull in your mind’s eye or dream of it before you find it. In that case it may be time for you to go on a Crystal Skull quest!


I hope I have managed to answer some of your questions about this vast subject. I really have just scratched the surface in this guide. If your interested in learning more about crystal healing do check out my Beginners Guides and other helpful articles in the Resources section by clicking Here.
Where have you got your Crystal Skulls from? I would love to hear from you so let me know in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response). If you know anyone who may benefit from this article please share the link with them or use one of the sharing buttons at the end of this post.
With gratitude,


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15 thoughts on “How To Choose a Crystal Skull – Meaning explained!

  1. Kevin Carney

    Excellent article; I purchased a skull years ago. I had a Chance to meet, with Joanne Parks. Keeper of MAX THE CRYSTAL SKULL. I had a 30 minute session with MAX. It was Mind-Expanding. There were different size skulls that were Charged by MAX for sale. Mine is a Deep Purple color, with different colored flecks in it. After having it for about a week. The name, it gave me. Was Socrates…. I carry Socrates with me,most of the time.

  2. Anne

    Great read, thanks. Mody Ra is an Egyptian healer who hand carves crystal skulls and dragons, mainly from alabaster. Would love to hear your thoughts on the healing properties of alabaster.

  3. Chris

    Thankyou on the information on crystal sculls,I have many crystsls in my collection but have never been drawn to a crystal scull til a week ago.I was very drawn and attracted to this flourite crystal scull which has a rainbow over his scull.Im looking forward to working with him he’s really beautiful.

  4. Diane Baldwin

    Is there a proceedure you use to connect with skulls. I’ve seen comments where you connect via your heart and then ask the consciousness to be activated…what do you do?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      I don’t believe there is any one right way to connect with them. I will hold the Crystal Skull with both hands, close my eyes and meditate and connect that way, its pretty intuitive from there.

  5. Paul

    Hi there, i read this article as an extra to some of your other articles, i just felt like i needed to ad my experience here.
    I brought my first skull about 2 years ago from a normal crystal shop, it is 2-3inch multi coloured flourite skull.
    I initally brought it for the beauty of its color, but after a while i was drawn to it as a skull in its own right. So a few months later i brought a slighty larger clear quartz skull and from then on i was hooked.
    I feel that i have become a crystal skull guardian like you mentioned in your article, because my next skull “demanded” i buy her.
    About a year ago, I went on to to look for a new skull, as i had read a little about ancient skull activations. I had a rough idea of one or two particular gem types i was going get a skull of when i happened to pass over a bloodstone skull which was activated by the ancient skull Amar.
    I had been drawn to bloodstone in the past as it is one of my birthstones, but i hadnt had any attraction to it for many many years now, so i kept on browsing thinking it was a beautiful skull but not what i was after that day, not to mention it cost around twice as much as i was planning on spending.
    However, the more i kept browsing the more i couldnt get that skull out of my mind, i even got offline and planned to sleep on it for a day and see how i felt, but after about an hour or two i was so restlest and uneasy i just had to go back online and purchase that particular skull, that was more money than i wanted to spend but just happened to be just as much as i had available without causing myself any problems.
    And she was a very unique skull, most of the skulls they had on the site had multiples of different size and quality to choose from, but she was the only bloodstone they had at all.
    She is a 5-6inch 1.4kg stone, and unlike most bloodstone carvings that are green with flecks of red or mostly red, she is a beautiful patchwork of chunks of red, white, green and patches of mottled combinations of the three. And a few tiniest little flecks of silver (possibly pyrite). She is also quite a detailed carving compared to most crystal skulls available (except the mass produced ones).
    I havnt learnt the skills yet necessary to properly connect with her but she has told me her name “Vahliah” and i have felt that she is a very powerful healer.
    When she was sent to me they also included a gift of a very small pendant skull of Amethyst.
    And i have recieved just as much of a connection to the small pendant skull as i have the larger one, so much so that for someone that never liked wearing a necklace as they would irritate my skin, i have worn the pendant 24/7 everyday since i got it, the only time i have taken it off was when i had to get a CT scan done at the hospital.
    And to prove to everyone that the size doesnt matter, this tiny little pendant skull has just as strong a spirit as my larger one does and her name is “Zoe”, and she if very protective. Not as an amethyst, but her spirit is very protective and caring.
    I have brought a couple small skulls since then, but only as a skull shaped carving of a particular gemstone, nothing that has had that sort of connect again.
    Although i am continuously drawn to learning about working with skulls and would like to have more skulls like Vahliah and Zoe, i cant bring myself to buy more like them because i think that i am not yet ready for them (on a spiritual level).
    But also, like you say in your article, sometimes you are meant to be a guardian, and they will come to you when they are meant to, when you and they are ready.

  6. Kay

    For a long time I was very anti skulls and then just in 2020 I became attracted to them! I’ve always appreciated the crystal but just not the carvings! My negative attitude towards them just dissolved! I bought one made from blue Quartz in a manufactured carving and then another as red adventuring again manufactured carving and THEN I saw a hand carved Lemurian! I’m not new to Lemurian crystals and I have recently purchased quite a few before connecting with a skull. I also feel I have another larger one to get! I mainly go for clear Quartz or Lemurian when I see a skull but your Amazonite one in the article is amazing! Fun, informative and an explorer type energy! We would have called the energy scholarly had he been a real human! Is that an obvious description? I don’t know?! I’ve found a fabulous little shop in the UK that has such a feeling for crystals and definitely crystal skulls of all carvings! They are called The Crystal Tree and two ladies run this shop! Lovely people! I really am excited to discover just what these skulls want to tell me! Thank you for a lovely article which has only increased my delight and curiosity and the need to study this subject more
    Light and Blessings

  7. Sue

    Hi Ethan, Another UK skull person here. Thank you for this article. I have recently bought my first crystal skull, a Lapis, very small, I randomly logged on to fb and found myself in a Live from a crystal seller I know. I have never been drawn to skulls before. I said ‘sold’ before she’d even picked him up to show him in front of the camera. About a month ago I bought a piece of moldavite, never been drawn to work with that either, and I have since become completely obsessed with a star being who is for sale, hoping I can bring him home soon.

    I was especially interested in the star being piece in your excellent article. If you have any more info I’d love to hear it. I have never been drawn to the carvings before, but from my downright feverish research over the last few weeks I’m wondering if it’s a combination of the world collectively doing ‘shadow work’ because of Covid 19, the age of Aquarius and a general searching for the deeper things in life. I am looking forward to where my crystal skull journey takes me. Thank you for this lovely article

  8. Annie

    I have recently purchased a Green Obsidian Skull. I was not intending to buy one I was watching an online sale. The moment i noticed it it caught my attention. From then on all I could focus on was that skull. No matter where the camera pointed it seemed to make an appearance somewhere in the frame. My solar plexus was being pulled at and I could not think about anything else. So I decided that if it remained unsold by the end of the sale I would buy it. The rest is history as they say and it should arrive in the next couple of days.

  9. Michael James Cody

    I purchased two skulls recently from a guy who goes to Brazil to buy quantities of stones to bring back to New York State where he has a store. he posted his most recent lot he was bringing back and saw the skulls he had purchased as well. He knows the carver and showed me photos of the artisan and his studio. I made a beeline to his store and purchased first, a very clear quartz human shaped skull at 4.35 pounds! A week later, felt compelled to visit him again, and look at the elongated one made of very clear pale citrine (also a little over four pounds). Had to purchase that one as well. Notice I said “had to!” it was beyond a want, and knew it was meant to be. Anyways, have been clearing and programing them, both big and beautiful. Named the clear one “Cosmic Charlie” and the elongated one “Mya” as it has an ancient culture like name.

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