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7 Traits And Signs Youre An Empath

7 Traits And Signs Youre An Empath

7 Traits And Signs Youre An Empath

Here are seven traits and clear signs you’re an Empath. How do you know if you are an empath and what exactly does that mean? Find out if you are an empath now!

What Exactly Is An Empath?

Many people are empathic but that is not the same as a being an Empath also known as a Psychic Empath. An Empath is generally accepted to mean someone that can sense the emotions of others deeply. They also differ from other ‘highly sensitive people’ in that they can struggle to differentiate between their own emotions and those of someone else.

Signs Youre An Empath

Unlike the psychological definition of an Empath, the metaphysical understanding is more spiritual. It is believed that other energies are absorbed into their aura very easily. That they naturally absorb the emotional charge around people, places and situations. Please be aware that this guide is based on the metaphysical understanding and definition of an ‘Empath’.
Signs youre an Empath

Signs youre an Empath (pin to Pinterest)

Seven Clear Signs Youre An Empath

So, you may still be wondering if you are an Empath or not. Here are a few signs that may indicate that you are one. Please be honest with yourself while reading them. You may not experience all these traits or experiences but should identify with a few to consider yourself as an Empath.

1 – You Are Quick To Take On Others Moods

When you are talking to someone who is really down or angry, do you find that before you know it, you feel the same? These emotions will linger after the conversation has ended and may not reflect your personal views on a subject or situation. If you walk into a room with people who are stressed for example, you will start to feel stressed without even speaking to anyone.

2 – You Attract Psychic Vampires (Energy Vampires)

Psychic Vampires, also known as Energy Vampires are people that drain your energy, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. They are generally very negative people and often seem to show up in the lives of Empaths. They could be partners, ex-partners, friends or family members. The sign is if you keep attracting psychic vampires as friends or partners throughout your life.

3 – News Stories Affect You In A Bad Way

Just one bad news story can send your mood and energy very low and affect you all day. This could be a natural disaster, war, trajedy or animal cruelty report for example. Sometimes these news stories may affect you for several days, where you sink into a depressive state and feel hopeless. It’s as if you’re carrying the energy and emotions of the people directly involved in a tragedy or disaster.

4 – Experiencing Emotions Of Unknown Origin

You will suddenly find yourself feeling strong emotions about a topic, person or thing that you realise are not your own. This will hit you suddenly like you are snapping out of someone else’s issues or anger. The emotions will feel alien to you afterwards. You will wonder why you felt like that when nothing has happened in your life to trigger it.

5 – You’re Told You’re “Too Sensitive”

Partners, friends and family members will often tell you you’re ‘too sensitive’. This will be over your feelings and emotions surrounding others people and their problems, global issues or how you feel others feel about you. You may have noticed since you were a child that ther people just don’t seem to feel things as deeply as you and brush things off much quicker than you can.

6 – You Are A Good Listener

You are someone that your friends will come to for advice a lot. People have told you that you are a good listener and that you help them with their problems. You may sometimes feel like some friends constantly come to you with problems and drama. This can attract Psychic Vampires as explained above and this can also manifest as the nextsign…

7 – Strangers Come To You With Their Problems

Does it seem that when you are out in public or at work you will have random people telling you their problems or full life story? This happens because your empathic energy is picked up on on a subconscious level. Some people will gravitate towards you to dump their problems on to you. This can be a sign that you need to set emotional boundaries and use psychic protection.
empath crystals

Crystals for Empaths

Protecting Yourself Form Negative Energy

The good news is that these commonly reported problems and tel tale signs youre an Empath can be managed and reduced with awareness, healthy boundaries and psychic protection techniques. I also believe certain crystals can greatly help Empaths and highly sensitive people (if you’re open to them).
Many see crystals as their secret weapon against negative energies and toxic people in your life. They can act as a filter for negative energies or deflect toxic people. For a detailed step-by-step guide to psychic protection for empaths and a directory of protective crystals please see my book Psychic Protection Crystals.
Have you experienced any of the signs above? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (please keep any questions you have concise and on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,
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24 thoughts on “7 Traits And Signs Youre An Empath

  1. Sabrina

    Hi! I was looking at your Pinterest and I believe I am an empath. Ever since I was little I was not able to go to the malls or deal with other group of people. The first time when I noticed I was in a mall and I couldn’t breathe. I needed to get out of there. Then I went back in and I think I obsorbed everyone Energy and that felt really bad. I was exhausted. The second time was in a cemetery or a funeral I felt everyone or the spirits energy, I started to cry without any reason. I felt a big load of energy coming at me.

  2. Syrena Felton

    Ethan! I have never really looked into Crystal healing, yoga or anything else of this nature. My mother used them but never really shared with me. I have recently become more interested as my health fails. I am 44 and have had 10 surgeries for various things. I didn’t have to finish reading about an empath to know that I am one. Please guide me where or what I should do now to improve my health as well as others.

    1. Hallie

      Hi Syrena! Physical disease is caused by spiritual and emotional dis-ease. It’s our body’s way of alerting us that something needs to be dealt with at an emotional and spiritual level. I’d suggest reading anatomy of the spirit by Carolyn Myss if you’re interested about learning more. Bodymind by Ken Dychtwald is another one worth checking out. Good luck!

  3. B.Alison

    For the longest time, I thought those negative feelings originated inside of me. Once I identified “my” psychic vampires (many at work and a few in my personal life), I began to shield myself from their insidious attacks. On a positive note, me being introverted means that I already have many tool/tricks to deflect from strangers trying to interact with me about their problems in public. Thanks so much for all the information available on your site.

  4. Margaret

    I have always known I am an empath as I have always been the listener and doer for everyone else, often at the detriment of my own health. However it was really made clear to me when I would pass by a denuded stretch of ground, not being well treated by farmers or miners, then I would burst into tears as Mother Earth cried out to me. I now try to not go to these places or to places of indigenous historic massacres as I have difficulty composing myself again. I also have the ability to start rainfall.

  5. Gilles

    Yes, indeed, I believe I’m an Empath. What happens around me or people can change my mood very fast. I’m always surprised by how often or how easily people, including strangers, come to me and share their problems with me.
    My way of dealing with that is to have positive people with me as often that I can so I can go back to a better mood as fast as possible. But it is not always possible, so I also try to find ways to protect myself without getting insensitive, which is not always to do. But it became a bit easier once I realised what was happening to me and why…
    I’m also using crystals now to help me, and keep learning all the time, thanks to people like you.
    Thanks for your work.

  6. Victoria

    Hi Ethan!
    It took me years to realize that I am an Empath and I seem to attract many people who are often dark and brooding because of my bright aura. At times I would feel exhausted emotionally and physically (as if every cell in my body was exhausted). Lately I have taken up meditation and that has helped a lot. I am able to get out of my head and go down into my body, look at the energies that surround me and send away those energies that do not belong to me. I send them back to the sender and that has released me from so much. It has released me from the feelings of others and also the intentions of those who wish to try to control my life. I also have used another method of ‘burning away’ the emotions if need be, which is effective as well. I have found that working out and staying away from alcohol and drugs have effectively strengthened my aura, allowing me to shield myself so I do not fall prey to the drawbacks of being an Empath. I just wanted to take the time to share these to help others who really need it. I know how it feels to walk into a place and feel strong negative emotions that are not my own, take them with me and realize later, ‘hey this is not mine.’
    I grew up in a strong Christian environment where stuff like this was not talked about much. I hope this changes as time goes on, as Empaths need to recognize their gifts and not wind up in a mental clinic because they think they are crazy (I did for a while). Knowing what it was and recognizing it was the key to opening doors in my life and letting me be the driver. It feels amazing!

  7. Iren

    “You Are A Good Listener”
    Hi Ethan
    I’m a bad listener, in a way. I can feel pain so strongly, it might affect me for a very long time, and, unfortunately, I can respond angrily, because I like to be efficient, and these emotions can throw me out of the loop. Most people wouldn’t understand my reaction. And after all I feel ashamed of my reaction, because I see it as a weakness. Ans I’m not a week person… All of the other 6 signs are present as well…
    All of your books are simply amazing, incredibly helpful. I have all 3 of them. I love to use your shielding techniques.
    Thank you Ethan

  8. Augustine

    Hi Ethan,

    The third sign sums me up 100% to the point that I have stopped watching news. I used to see a spiritual healer and each time he would say I that I had absorbed a lot of negative energy which he had to remove before starting the actual healing.
    I have used a black tourmaline and hematite bracelet to help repel these negative energies but I will read your article for extra tips.

    Thank you


  9. Shannon Lee

    I am an Empath, i am really glad you mentioned the one about the news stories. In recent years with technology i have been able to pick up emotional connections from people online. I have also felt it through the TV on tragic events. Missing children, murders etc. Im still learning about my gifts how to use ans control them but it seems being an Empath is not easily controlled just by its nature. When i was a child i thought i was a weirdo because i was so sensitive to other peoples feelings and my own you dont always know whos your feeling. Ive beeb sitting in my room and all of a sudden like a switch my heart will feel like its breaking or i will have a deep dread etc. It can be hard.

  10. Ruya

    Hi Ethan, I love your blog. I have always been an empath (in a metaphysical sense). It is never easy, in fact recently I have started getting headaches and heaviness ( mostly in the forehead, back of head, throat area) after hanging out with people. There is also serious energy depletion. I come back to normal through Yoga, meditation and alone time. But the cycle continues again. I have been reading about chakras, and became interested in crystal healing. Will sodalite help me? I love amethyst, especially for its hue. I need to protect my aura while socialising. Please help me with your insight.

  11. Kay Calvey

    Hello! I have saved this article for a rainy day. Today is the day. I want to thank you. The article is very informative. I am Empathic. I have known this for a long time. It is both frustrating and a gift. I love being the person who I am but I do attract negativity. I just quit my job because the negativity was making me ill. I am noticing my 4 year old granddaughter is showing signs of being Empathic. I have 7 grandchildren and she is the first one that I have noticed. I am curious as to the best way to handle this. Her parents are not believers. I feel blessed to be able to share this experience with her. I am adopted and had no one to explain it to me.

      1. Heather

        Hi – Your article and the comments of others has been very helpful. I didn’t even consider that I might be empathic. I knew I was very sensitive to the news – I don’t listen or read much of it anymore. It’s too upsetting. I have, like some have written, just started crying for no reason, overcome with sadness and hopelessness. It really does feel like I can feel and even hear the sadness in the world. I’ve isolated myself pretty well – hanging out with people is just too much sometimes. I can see things in them that make me uncomfortable. I’ve also taken steps to remove the negative people in my life. I’ve only recently become interested in crystals and meditating with shungite cubes and selenite wands has been incredibly helpful! The shungite takes the negativity away and the selenite fills me with light. I’ve been feeling so much better emotionally these past weeks. I’ve also been using black tourmeline to cut energy cords to the chakra centers and heal them with clear quartz wand – that has helped a lot as well. It’s a fast, end-of-day mediatation. I also found out on the astrology site that my sun sign is Scorpio, ascendant is Scorpio, and Moon is Aquarius but my natal chart has most signs other signs in Scorpio. I’m going to go futher with the crystals and try to do some grids. I’ve found the crystals extremely helpful.

  12. Norma Delgado

    Hello my name is Norma I wanted to ask you if possible im trying to decide in taking crystal healing course i saw Krista Mitchell but have been looking into Hibiscus Moon Academy. i would like ypur help in why should i consider Krista Mitchell. I will also be looking back into your website like some of the books you have and crystals .

    Thank you

  13. Deird Treanor

    I’ve known I’m an empath for some time. It also explains why I went into nursing. I have found it a gift and curse. After soul searching I decided I have to work on protecting myself. I’m so glad I’ve found your site. The information you provide is so helpful. I live in Tucson, Arizona so getting crystals is a bit more easily than others. Thank you.

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