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Can You Carry Or Wear Too Many Crystals?

Can You Carry Or Wear Too Many Crystals?

Can You Carry Or Wear Too Many Crystals?

How many crystals is too many crystals? Is it okay to carry or wear lots of different crystals at the same time?  Will the crystal’s energies clash or be less effective in some way? 
When people first start working with the properties of crystals they can quickly find themselves with lots of crystals they feel they need. This small collection can grow quickly, pockets become filled with Tumble Stones and wrists can disappear under Crystal Healing bracelets.
Then they start to wonder, if the crystals are losing effectiveness, canceling each other out or causing unseen problems. They hear something somewhere about not wearing certain crystals with other crystals…


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Incompatible Crystals?

As always this is just my opinion and experience with stones. Certain crystals will work better with other crystals. Crystals that have similar properties or elements will just naturally work well together. It is important to consider what it is that you want to accomplish with your choice of crystals.
Be aware of crystal properties which seem to be contradicting each other.
Let me give you an example. You chose to wear your Garnet bracelet for increased energy to get things done but you also chose a Variscite bracelet to help keep you calm. This could be an interesting experiment…
The Variscite may help you stop getting stressed while doing what you need to do but it could also just send very mixed signals. It could be like pressing stop and go at the same time.
Think what you want to achieve the most. Crystals have lots of properties and different sources may say different things. What is more important is your intention as that is the energy you are working with.


Almost Always Compatible Crystals:

Crystals of the same or compatible colours.
Crystals with the same or compatible element association.
Crystals with the same or similar properties.
Crystals of the same mineral group (Like all types of Quartz)
Crystals for the same Chakra or Chakra group (See my book Crystal Healing For the Chakras for more info).
There are no concrete rules for crystals that won’t work well together in my opinion, just use common sense. In most cases mixing crystals will never be an issue. The worst that could happen is that the crystals may just cancel each other out like the example I gave above.


UPDATE: Please do not comment below or email me asking if the crystals you have or are wearing today are compatible. The purpose of this article is for you to make your own decisions.
The information is a guide only to help you make choices and think about your intentions for working with your crystals (I can’t do this for you). Me answering these types of questions makes you reliant on me in the future, which is not the intention of my work.


Can You carry or wear too many crystals?

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Will The Crystals be Less Effective?

When working with several crystals at once you are drawing on different energies. These may be similar or all different, depending on your needs. It is normal to work with different crystals in Crystal Healing. Creating Crystal Grids, gemstone jewellery, chakra balancing all require lots of different crystals.
When it comes to carrying crystals or wearing them, the more different energies you have the more you have going on. It is always a good idea to focus on a few things that are most important to you when choosing several stones.
If the crystals you have are different but all have properties which are helpful towards your desired goal this is okay. These types of energies are compatible and not conflicting in any way.


How Many Crystals is Too Many Crystals?

I know some people who have a bag filled with different crystals that they take with them everywhere. I think what we consider t be “too many crystals” really depends on the person. Chakra jewellery often consists of seven or more different crystals and I have never heard anyone have an issue with that. I would say seven is perfectly acceptable number for most people. More than that will depend on you.


If you find wearing or carrying a certain amount of crystals makes you feel light headed or confused then cut back.
Sometimes too many crystals can be overwhelming, ungrounding or may over energize you. Some people can carry or wear lots of crystals while others can only really handle 2 or three different stones at the same time.


What I carry or wear

For me personally currently I carry one crystal in my pocket. With bracelets or a pendant I may have two to four more crystals on me at one time. Most days it is two or three different types of crystal in total. Again this is just me and how I tend to use crystals on a day-to-day basis.


How many different types of crystal do you tend to carry or wear on a daily basis? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you’re interested in learning more about crystals and Crystal Healing do check out my FREE Crystal Healing Resources page.
With gratitude,


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47 thoughts on “Can You Carry Or Wear Too Many Crystals?

  1. Lisa

    Yet again you have given practical advice for those of us who have a strong affinity for crystals. Your suggestions on choosing crystals for the day made so much sense. I always look forward to your postings. Thank you so much, Ethan.

  2. Jennifer

    Thank you for your informative articles! This one caught my eye as I have a bracelet with many different crystals that I hand-picked and put together. Its black tourmaline, aqua aura, quartz, orange calcite, adventurine, tigers eye, rose quartz, goldstone, citrine, jade, lapiz lazuli, jasper, mother of pearl, aquamarine and shungite. When putting it together I didn’t think of the possibility of having too many different energies at once, and hope most of them work together rather than cancel each other. I change it occassionally. This combination is what works for me now.

      1. Jennifer Denault

        Sir, thank you so much for replying. Funny/ not so funny story, several days ago my bracelet broke(!) and the crystals dispersed everywhere. I located all except the quartz, which finally came back to me today badly damaged. I went to restring the bracelet today at the store and the person helping me advised the current energies on my bracelet were a bit scattered. He kindly helped me to arrange it with crystals that were more compatible with each other. I mentioned this post and he absolutely agrees with it. Thank you again for your very informative articles!

  3. Valerie

    Your advice is very practical for the crystal lover. I have a medicine bag that goes everywhere with me, and I have about a dozen or so crystals with me, in addition to rings and pendants. I grab a pocket crystal as I feel moved to. I love them all! I think we are receptive to each individual vibe as needed, as you stated in an earlier post. All are a gift…

  4. Elizabeth

    I carry black obsidian, aqua aura, and angelite right now. I use to carry all my crystals on me but I just stick to a few now and I always carry my black obsidian for grounding!!

  5. Graeme

    Hi Ethan,
    I have a pouch I carry with me tourmaline, garnet, citrine, aventurine, carnelian, rose quartz, tigers eye and hematite. Can you tell me which crystals are compatible with each other please? As I’m not sure I am carrying too many.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Graeme, it would really depend what you are using those crystals for. Garnet and Carnelian are quite energising while the others are more soothing or grounding. If somthing is working for you with no problems don’t worry about it.

  6. Catherine

    Just getting started with crystals, and this article caught my eye. I could foresee that this was a route I might end up taking, and so I was very interested by your logical and common-sense advice. Thanks so much!

  7. Gege

    I wear about 20 different crystals. Mine is a mix of grounding crystals and high ascension stones. The ascension stones or high vibrating crystals compliment one another.
    I use my intuition when wearing stones together as there are no hard or fast rules. It’s also about resonation.
    My right wrist, cannot stand having anything on them. It just for one reason another becomes annoyed. So that’s the only area that doesn’t allow me gemstone jewelry.

  8. Malissa

    For lack of better words I am a newbie. Gratefully, I resonate and feel the energy from numerous crystals I have been exposed to just over the past three days. I spent time reading all of your resources this morning. Thank you for your time, energy and love spent sharing your knowledge, history and research. It is valued a great amount and I felt it important to express my gratitude. Have a wonderfully blessed day.

  9. Robin

    I’ve been doing a “dark” side and a “light” side in my pockets. Sounds kind of silly now that I’m. Putting it into words. So basically I carry my black grounding stones on one side and my lighter more energetic stones in my. Other pocket and when I feel I need a boost I just reach into whichever pocket I need and hold them until I feel better. Thanks for the article I shall pay more attention in the future

  10. Teresa DiServio

    Thanks for this article and I am possibly late in responding into it, but here goes.
    Ever since my friend Tyrone got me interested in crystals I have gone a little bit crazy with them!
    I’ve spent untold fortunes on crystals and stones and rocks, to the point of having to buy two large display cases to put them in. And that doesn’t even count the jewelry.
    A great learning came from the fact that I was not sleeping well… Because like a ding-dong I was keeping them ALL in my bedroom!
    Then my friend suggested I keep the cases downstairs, and just choose a few to help me sleep. This has worked well for me.
    I keep amethyst, moonstone, angelite, and celestite near my bed, along with a large clear crystal quartz cluster to amplify them.
    I also have a set of chakra Stones laid out in order underneath my bed. Realizing that’s still a fair number of crystals as I list them here! But about 40 more downstairs! LOL. #crystaladdiction

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      You may want to budget yourself and avoid the tempation of browsing crystals for sale. Too many Crystals in the bedroom is a common thing that people do and yes it will distrub sleep. Watch out for crystals that actiavte the head chakras as they will likely give you crazy dreams and little sleep too… Will cover this at some point.

  11. mjcrh

    Hi Ethan! Thanks again for the great advice in your articles! After reading a few of them, I have learned a great deal about carrying/wearing crystals and am very excited to read your books! I have almost cleansed all of my crystals and will be consecrating them sometime in the near future.
    As of now, I only carry 1-3 on my person at a time. I carry Black Onyx and Black Obsidian (and add Clear Quartz on occasion) for Protection and Grounding.
    Thanks again for all of your informative articles!

  12. Mercy

    Hello Ethan, which crystals should be avoided in the bedroom for sleeping purposes.
    Thank you again for all your help.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Mercy, this is a subject I will talk about at some point here but for now just try to avoid crystals that have a strong, energising or high vibration by the bed. Focus only on calming and grounding stones which are earthy in nature. I do not recommend Amethyst as it is too stimulating despite many recommending it for sleep.

  13. Debra VanOrden

    Hi Ethan, I wear probably as many stones as a person can wear. I make jewelry so if there is a particular stone I really like I set it and find some place to wear it. Here is a run down. 5 chains with opals, spectrolite, yellow quartz, amythest, emerald, , tanzanite iolite, aquamarine, meteorite, garnet, yellow topaz, clear quartz, blue/gray quartz, blue, yellow, purple and green tourmaline. I wear 2 watches which I empied and filled with faceted gems, one is all faceted hearts the other is assorted shapes, they contain emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, topaz, amythest, labradorite, garnet and micro herkamier diamonds. I have never had a problem with conflicting energies. Thank you for this article, it was very interesting, I will save it and share it with friends and customers

  14. Chrissy Robinson

    Greetings Ethan
    First just want to say i love your articles they are so informative and i am looking forward to adding your books to my collection. My response to this article is i carry specific crystals or stones in a pouch to fit what i want for the day plus my basic ones for balance, grounding, etc from 4-10 depending Blessed Be Chrissy

  15. C.S.

    Great article. I am a “crystal addict” and I know for certain I have at times had too many crystals in my aura field (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bra 🙂 ), but that is more recent as I have worked on repairing my very, very damaged aura. I can sometimes go a day without wearing any crystals on my person, but I pretty much always have crystals around me. I am learning to use my intuition and “feeling” with my hands/fingers which crystal is “not playing well” for that day, and this has been effective for me.
    Thank you for this article, and for your one about crystals by the bed. I have (again) put too many on my bed, under my pillow, and on my night stand.
    I look forward to reading more of what you have taken the time to share!

  16. Bucky

    I recently started wearing more than one crystals. Today, I wore 5 different gemstones bracelets on my left hand – aventure, carnelian, tiger eye, rose quartz and sodalite bracelets. I need lots of help so without any knowledge about cancelling I thought they would amplify and augment my goals/desires.
    Should I wear them on my right hand too?

    Could you let me know if I can wear them together?


    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hey Bucky, I want people to make their own choices, the above is a guide but it is up to you to try and test things out yourself. Some people use their non dominant hand to attract or bring in qualities of crystals.

    2. Tammi

      Hi, Bucky. I just now read this, and I wanted to add to Ethan’s response. I have learned that energies enter the body through the the left side, and exit the body out the right side. So, I’ll wear crystal bracelets on my left wrist, or carry tumblestones in my left pocket, that have energies I wish to absorb, and/or have crystals on my right side that pull unwanted energies out. Meditating with one of each held in each hand (depending on your goals) works well, too. Namaste. 🙂

  17. Natalie

    Hi Ethan,
    I’m fairly new to crystals for metaphysical purposes and am steadily growing my collection so have found your articles super helpful!
    My question is that today whilst setting up my first grid I got a very overwhelmed feeling ( I’ve had this once before in a crystal shop ) so my question is was I using too many crystals? I had flurodite, amethyst, green adventurine and clear quartz on a flower of life grid. My intention was for it to help with stress in general. I’m unsure if I was ffeeling it activate or it’s off somehow? Sorry for the novel but I would love some insight if possible?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      There are lots of reasons you may be feeling overwhelmed from crystals but usually it is just their energy and your sensitivity. That does not sound like too many different types of crystals to me. I teach about intention based Crystal Grids so crystals are all of similar or complimentary properties. If you are new to Crystal Grids, the first few times can feel a bit much because you are new to them, but that is like anything.

      1. Natalie

        Thanks for your speedy response! Good to know it wasn’t too many, I guess I was trying to find an explanation for the way I felt. It wasn’t a terrible feeling but just an overwhelming energy but it’s kind of exciting to know that I feel something! I will definitely keep it up and keep reading your articles, they have been very useful so far! Thanks 🙂

  18. Lilith

    Hi Ethan!
    Great article, as per usual!
    I read that some stones suck energies and proprieties from the ones they’re surrounded with (vampire-like stones, we might think haha): turquoise, peridot and obsidians. And I read that you should not store turquoise nor obsidians with other stones. That you shouldn’t wear peridot with other stones.
    Do you have opinions on that?


  19. Beth

    Hi Ethan,
    I clean my stones in the glass inserted in a bowl full of Himalayan salt. This way the stones are not in contact
    with the salt.
    Do you think it’s a good way of cleaning them?

  20. Franceska

    Been a long time crystal gen collector (vacations, zoo gift shops & twins love the smooth colors). Learning about their power now. So many things have happened that kind of put collecting on hold. I find I need to hold and rub things constantly now. I’ve got 2 spirit turtles, had 2 others but they ran off and several other pretties. Is there something stated we cannot just enjoy them? We had the worst tradegy happen and I’m not sure how to react to things in life right now (son just passed away & I’m very lost). Amazed at spirit turtle, as his favorite color is/was green & animal is/was turtles; still can’t use past tense. Any advice or suggestions are a blessing. I’ve got dx with PTSD severe anxiety and depression.

  21. Anni Large

    Thank you for this. It’s very informative. 🙂 I have a question about crystal clashing. I currently wear a red aventurine necklace and a green aventurine bracelet. Would these clash?

  22. Chrissy

    Hello Ethan
    My question is not if you can wear to many crystals but if having 3 grids activated at the same time is ok? I have a S.A.D. one, an organizational one that i created that is working wonderfully and the 3rd one, all seem to be very strong and working well they are all in my altar area, but if I should only utilize one grid at a time I will

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