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Where Do You Place A Crystal Grid? And where not to…

Where Do You Place A Crystal Grid? And where not to…

Where Do You Place A Crystal Grid? And where not to…

Where should you place a crystal grid? Where are the best places to put a crystal grid in your home or a room? Are there bad places to put a crystal grid or things to avoid?

Does a Crystal Grid Need To Be Visible?

Technically no because not all types of crystal grids are visible. A location-based crystal grid, let’s say one that surrounds a room or a house can be hidden or even buried. The crystal grid is still working seen or not.
With regular-sized crystal grids, although they should still work if they are hidden I would always recommend you put them out so you can see them. The reason I say this is because this way you are also benefiting from the visual and mental influence of seeing the grid.


“This is powerful because crystal grids work on a conscious and subconscious level”.


Like a mandala, you benefit from seeing your crystal grid after it’s made

Crystal grids remind us of our intentions
every time we see them, they help focus our minds. Also, crystal grids are beautiful mandalas of minerals, it seems a shame not too have them out on display.
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Does It Matter What Room You Place a Crystal Grid In?

I don’t believe there is a perfect room for crystal grids and I know many people have limited space. Assuming your crystal grid is a regular type with no special location requirements, the following rooms should be suitable for most grids.
Some people like to place a grid in a location related to its purpose, like a crystal grid for success in their Office or a cleansing grid by the front door. This is completely optional and will depend on your personal situation and living space.
A crystal grid for protection could be placed near the entrance to your home

Good Rooms To Place A Crystal Grid:

Living Room



Spare Room

Dining Room



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A Note About Crystal Grids In Bedrooms

Assuming this is not a special crystal grid that is designed to influence you while you sleep, such as a grid for better sleep or dreaming, don’t put them under your bed. I recommend you create some distance between where you seep and your grid wherever possible.
Crystal grids have a strong energy field that could disturb your sleep. If you are tight on space I would try to place the grid towards the end of the bedroom rather than anywhere near your headboard. You can always test things yourself.

But What About Bathrooms & Toilets?

I have always followed general Feng Shui guidelines and considered the purpose of the space. Bathrooms and toilets although associated with cleansing are not ideal places for regular crystal grids. Traditionally it is considered a place where energy is drained away…
Some people have told me they have a grid here to help cleanse their aura while they shower or bathe. This makes more sense but again, think carefully about your intention and if you really need to put a crystal grid here.
Please Note: A few people have asked me if it is disrespectful to place a crystal grid in the bathroom or toilet. If the grid uses a symbol that is used by a religion or has spiritual or cultural significance, I think it is better elsewhere. This is another reason I don’t put my crystal grids in my bathroom and I don’t recommend you do either.

But I Gridded My Home & One Corner is My Bathroom?

A location-based grid that goes around your home is different as only one crystal would be in the bathroom, not the entire crystal grid. Plus, gridding the home works more with the corners and boundaries of the home rather than a specific symbol. I think this is acceptable.

Geometric shapes and symbols are found throughout the world and in some religions

Consider Your Location Carefully

In my book Crystal Grids Power, I covered my general guidelines for placing a crystal grid in a room in your home. I will share these here but before I do and you make up your own mind please read the following story:

TRUE STORY: That Time I Ignored My Own Advice… 😂

At one point I had quite a few crystal grids going at once and had very limited space. I had been having some health issues and was told by the Doctor that there was no known cure or treatment for the condition (it was nothing too serious).
I set up the Healing Triangle Crystal Grid from my book but as I had no space left, I put the grid on my wide TV stand, just in front of the TV… It remained here for maybe 7 or 8 months and the condition did not improve.
Once another grid was finished elsewhere I moved the grid to a better location, away from any large electricals without really too thinking much about it. Within about 2 weeks the condition vanished overnight… A lesson learned.

This is usually not a good idea…

Why Do Electrical Items Affect Grids?

There is no way to know for sure but I think it is likely to do with strong EMF’s (electromagnetic fields). The energetic fields in larger electrical appliances might clash, block or interfere with the subtle energy field of your crystal grid.
Please note that I am talking about general crystal grids for things like healing or manifesting. If you create a grid from crystals for protection from energy on the internet or to shield from EMFs that is very different. Those specialist grids would be placed near an electrical device like a computer or TV for a reason.

Where & Where Not To Place A Crystal Grid

Use a flat surface where the crystal grid will not easily be disturbed.
Try to create a sacred space for grids whenever possible.
Avoid surrounding your crystal grid with junk or meaningless clutter.
Keep general grids away from large electrical appliances like TVs and computers.
Home altars are a good place for crystal grids if that is okay with your beliefs.
Grids on bedside tables can disturb sleep and will likely get knocked.


TIP: Are You Short On Space?

Put up a small shelf, corner shelves are ideal for this. Place it so it is not too high so you can see and reach your crystal grid. Sit your grid or a wooden crystal grid base on the shelf.


Where do you place your crystal grids? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,
P.S. If you know anyone who may be interested in this article please share it with one of the sharing buttons at the end or side of this post.
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39 thoughts on “Where Do You Place A Crystal Grid? And where not to…

  1. Iren

    Ethan thank you very much for sharing your story about healing crystal grid. It’s very common for me to have conditions that are not respond well to “traditional” treatments, and, since I have a loving relationship with crystals, I appreciate your post and your story very much. Also, I’d like to add, I have two wooden trays which are very convenient to place a crystal grid template with crystals on, so it can be easily moved from one location to another, if needed. Thank you very much again. God bless.

  2. Yasaman

    Hi Ethan and thank you for this useful article
    I put my grid in my living room, its not very close to my tv, there is 2 windows at the back and the front of it and i have some small pot plants around 🙂

  3. Mia

    Hi Ethan,

    I just relized that I had place my new year grid (alter) next to the TV in the livingroom and there was other electronics near it. On Monday when I saw your post on IG I went home that night and moved my livingroom around and let me tell you I now can say I feel the difference but I do have a silly question to ask. So I recharge and redo my new year grid since I feel it was being blocked with all the electronics? Thank you in advance for all your help

  4. Cal

    I have a really pretty double plant stand that is perfect for my grids. it stands in a private corner of my bedroom next to my esoteric book collection.Especially if I have more than one going at a time. Which is true when my two grandchildren see them! They love having a grid laid out of their own.
    Always happy to see your blogs etc.

  5. Claudia Umlauf

    I put mine on top of my hinky springs water bottle. It gives me fresh cold gem elixer all day and my whole family benifits from the beautiful molecular structure throughout thier bodies. I have had people tell me it was some of the most physically satisfying water they have ever drank. When they ask “why is this water so good?” I say, “Because i changed its molecular structure.” I always get a laugh out of saying that, like i did it. But no, tis the crystals!

  6. Caroline

    Hi Ethan
    Thank you once again for so generously sharing your knowledge and experience.
    One question – where can we buy those superb grid boards used in your illustrations?

  7. Heidi Garcia

    I put my grids in an altar or by the altar (now I have to grids) in my sacred space. I share my sacred space with my office, but don’t feel the energies interfere. Thank you for you very helpful advices.

  8. Roy hoffman

    Hi Ethan
    I have one of those fake fireplaces it’s basically just a heater and artificial flames in it it does not get hot on the outside it just blows hot air from underneath but it looks like a real fire I put mine on top of that so when I come in the front door I see that right off the bat and every time it makes me think of why I put it there and what I’m asking you to do what do you think is it a good place for it that you see it right when you enter your house or should you put it somewhere else I kind a like it right there

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      You can use fireplaces but I would try to create some space between an electric heater and the grid myself, like using the mantlepiece or hearth stone. If you like where it is and it seems to be working for you then I wouldnt worry to much.

  9. Mary

    I have placed crystals outside my home and have used grids inside for different things, but would you explain just how you grid your home from the inside. Just in the 4 corners of the home each room … Just exactly how would you do it? Thanks

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      You can grid the corners of the whole home or just a single room. It is a big topic that I’ve covered in Crystal Grids Power and in Psychic Protection Crystals. I may do a blog post on it at some point in the future.

  10. Roy

    I threw a bunch of busted up amethyst in my garden all over it broken up real small I don’t really know yet if I have seen a difference in it yet or not but it is very healthy this year kind a like what you did on the outside of your house but I just stuck it in my garden I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not but the plants look healthier

    1. Cherry

      Plants adore Amethyst! I had the misfortune to break a small branch off my Yucca a couple of years ago. These beauties are self-rooting in water, but I didn’t have any soil or a pot to put it in.

      So I put a small Amethyst beside its water glass and kept the water fresh the same as you’d do for cut flowers. The broken branch not only developed a very healthy root system but survived for nine months in water, by which time its roots should have rotted.

      It did die, but only because when I moved, the removals people broke off all but two of its leaves.

      Cut flowers also last better with the addition of an Amethyst. The stone is very supportive, aiding quick recovery from illness, injury or surgery, and that support extends far beyond just us humans!

  11. Louise Hunt

    I have placed my Abundance grid on the fireplace surround, I am worried that the Wifi from my router which is on the floor to the left of my grid may interfere with the energy of my Crystals, also my T.V. is to the right of the grid, I have placed a plant next to the grid to try and break up the Wifi waves, I am very short of space so this is my only option, is this placement ok?

  12. Raenice

    Hi Ethan,
    Thanks for your sharing. I have a stupid question to ask if I can put my crystal grid on my shoe rack just in front of my house front door?

  13. Cee

    Thanks so much for all of the helpful info on your site, it’s fantastic! Question on Feng Shui/bathroom placement – what are your thoughts on folks whose Wealth and Prosperity area IS their bathroom? I’ve struggled with finding a balance for this for a little while and have defaulted to doing whatever I can to keep the space welcoming and as clean and possible.* However, as I’m planning on shifting jobs and moving to a new city soon (pending approval of a raise I asked for) I recently added a citrine cluster surrounded by blue tiger’s eye to encourage abundance in this area, but now I’m worried that I may be defeating myself by putting them in my bathroom.

    I don’t want to completely take my entire wealth and prosperity area off the table to work with for abundance grids, but am worried that I will be disrespecting the crystals if I keep a grid in there. The area immediately outside the bathroom (my fame and reputation area) is a hallway and doesn’t have many safe spots for a grid to go in, so I’m not sure what the second best alternative is if the bathroom is out. *The last thing I will mention is that I’ve had consistent plumbing issues with my bathroom for several years that my apt complex is unwilling to fix (I’m pretty sure clogged drains are not great symbolism for my wealth and prosperity area!), so I’d ideally also like to use crystals to address both issues.

    Do you have any thoughts on a respectful way I could utilize crystals or grids in my bathroom? If not, are there any “substitute areas” that you would recommend using instead?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Just remember a prosperity crystal grid will still work in any part of the home. If you are using Feng Shui then to avoid the bathroom I would work with the wealth sector of the living room. It’s the same process, break the living room into a nine part grid to locate the wealth area of that room.

  14. Kelly Webster

    Thanks Ethan, for all the helpful information. I love your Blogs! My question is, I have my grids in my crystal room. But unfortunately, so is my wifi router. I have a large Shungite pyramid in front of the router. Do you think that is enough to block the EMF’s from interfering with my crystals?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      The thing is nobody really knows if wifi affects crystals. As with any electrical device with a strong field, I recommend some space around it but not removing all crystals from a room. The Shungite should help but at the end of the day, you will have to see over time if it is affecting things for you or not.

  15. Redneckhippiemama

    Great article and information! I’ve recently placed a protective grid intentionally in front of my living room television. The only time I use it is as a monitor for work. Since COVID I’m teleworking and I facilitate a LOT of meetings. With certain people and topics I felt like their energy was invading my space. I burned sage and used my selenite wand to cleared the space. Afterwards, I set the grid. It is predominantly selenite (large chunks in various shapes) along with grounding stones including shungite. I’ve very emphatically stated I do not consent to work overflow energy invading my home! I work on a very intuitive level, but am constantly reading and looking at information. I take what feels right and leave the rest. Sometimes I have to learn the hard way! hahaha

    My work space feels better now! And I do cleanse my stones regularly. When I was in the office I had my cubicle gridded, and had selenite and plants around. The cats eat the plants and play with small stones, so I have larger stones, or pretty jars with smaller stone mixes as needed and tend to grid in weird places. Any thoughts or input about protecting personal space during teleworking would be appreciated!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      That’s a good point, I’ve added a bit about this as it is very different from the general crystal grids I am talking about here. Sounds like you have it covered, I use Shungite and Selenite near my computer for the same reasons.

  16. Nata

    It is a pity. I have an open space in my studio- table for work with computer and two monitors on it. Right in front of it – the shelf where I put bigger crystals. Crystals are exactly between the monitors ant TV… and there is no space elsewhere in the room to put them. I think about bathroom but not all crystals like humidity, right?

      1. Tracy

        Hi Ethan,
        Thank you for the article! Great website too! I have 2 questions. Can I place multiply healing grids close together? (Most for long distant healing) Say 4 on one 6’ table. Would the intents and energies get mixed up? Also, in my studio where I make orgonites (sacred place in my home) I have hundreds of crystals. Can the grids be set near the crystals? Thank you!

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