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12 Crystals For Writers, Authors, Bloggers & Writing

12 Crystals For Writers, Authors, Bloggers & Writing

12 Crystals For Writers, Authors, Bloggers & Writing

I’ve written and published three books with the help of crystals. Here I share twelve of my recommended crystals for writers, authors, bloggers or anyone doing lots of writing.

How to Write With Crystals

There are many ways to benefit from the energy of crystals while writing. I like to wear my stones for this and can recommend bracelets or a pendant. Wearing a special piece of crystal jewellery whenever you write helps focus the mind on the task and your intention. It puts you in writing mode.
You can also place loose stones in your pocket or have them on your desk while you work.

Do you have a special piece of writing jewellery?

TIP: Set Your Intention

If you wish to have a special crystal or crystal jewellery you want to only use while you write, I recommend you program it for this purpose.
Alternatively, touch or hold your crystal for a few moments with your eyes closed and focus on your intention before you begin writing. You can also meditate with it for a few minutes if you prefer.

12 Crystals for Writers, Bloggers, Authors & Writing


This is one of the most useful crystals for writers and one of the crystals I have used while writing every book. Clear Quartz helps focus the mind and brings clarity.
I recommend wearing a crystal point (natural or carved) as they help channel your writing from your soul. Quartz also activates your Crown Chakra and helps download inspiration.

Polished Clear Quartz Crystal Point


Blue Lace Agate opens your Throat Chakra which stimulates your ability to communicate clearly and effectively. This beautiful stone is calming, so it helps you relax and get into the flow of writing. It is very good for speaking your truth in non-fiction writing or blogging.

Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stone


Apatite is a great stone for commitment to an important project, like a book. It helps you dedicate yourself more to your writing and also communicate clearly. Apatite assists writers in bringing power to your words, so it’s great for improving your writing skills.

Apatite Tumble Stone


I find Labradorite to be a great stimulator of the imagination. This colourful stone activates your creative abilities and freedom. It helps with all types of creative writing, fiction and especially fantasy.

Labradorite Palmstone


Sodalite is another crystal that assists you in accessing ideas and insights. It can be helpful while researching for a book, blog post or searching for inspiration. This dark blue stone can bring you breakthroughs if you are stuck or need some fresh ideas.

Sodalite Tumble Stone


A stone like Shungite can be a benefit to writers, bloggers and authors because of its interesting properties. Shungite is said to shield you from the harmful effects of EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields).
If you are spending lots of time in front of a computer or laptop this popular stone can help. You can wear it or place it on or around your computer.

Shungite Sphere

Crystals For Writers Of Different Genres & Topics

All the crystals above are for writing in general but you can get even more creative by choosing crystals that are related to your specific topic or writing genre.
These stones could be combined with one of the crystals above. These are just a few ideas to get you started:


Genres & Topics: Romance, Relationships, Women’s topics, Environmentalism, Goddesses, Motherhood, Emotional Healing, Self Love

Rose Quartz Heart


Genres & Topics: Self Help, Empowerment, Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Leadership, Positive Thinking, History, Mystery

Tiger’s Eye Tumble Stone


Genres & Topics: Spirituality, Psychic Development, Intuition, Self Help, Psychic Protection

Amethyst Crystal Cluster


Genres & Topics: Abundance, Prosperity, Money Management, Business, Manifesting, Positive Mindset

Druzy Pyrite Tumble Stone

FLAME AURA (aka Titanium Aura)

Genres & Topics: Science Fiction, Technology, Science, Astronomy, Astrology

flame aura
Flame Aura Quartz Cluster


Genres & Topics: Health, Alternative Healing, Wellbeing, Calm

Amazonite Palmstone

Smoky Quartz

Genres & Topics: Dark Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Gothic, Paranormal, Unsolved, True Crime

Smoky Quartz Crystal Point

My Tips For Authors

I share my experience, tips and expose a few myths about writing and self-publishing books in the blog post below:

Have you started writing a book or do you plan to write one? What sort of writing are you doing? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (PLEASE keep any questions you have concise and stick to this blog post topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,

P.S. If you know anyone who may be interested in this article please share it with one of the sharing buttons at the end or side of this post.
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27 thoughts on “12 Crystals For Writers, Authors, Bloggers & Writing

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  2. Annette Demarest

    Awesome advice as usual – A Big Thank you and a lorry load of Gratitude for finding Ethan online. One of our new top Crystal Gurus Xxx

  3. Ketina

    I have issues keeping a commitment to a book sci-paranormal/supernatural teen fiction project. I will buy some of these crystals and stones soon.

  4. Victoria

    I am currently writing a book about the origin of a villain. And OF COURSE the Heroes come in to the rescue, but the battle is NOT easy. Thank you for this, I had actually made a bracelet with blue appetite, which I believe helped me without me knowing it. I will start to wear it again so I can continue writing.

  5. Hannah

    HI Ethan! I am writing a personal statement/essay for a physician assistant program I am applying for. What stones can I use to help increase my chances and help my personal statement to be an influencing one in my favor? Thank you for all your wonderful topics you provide your readers.

  6. Diana Davis

    Hi Ethan,
    Thanks for the tips on book publishing. I self published my 1st. Book 4 yrs. Ago. It was expensive and I didnt make any money. Now I’m writing a fiction book and decided to try self-publishing through a diffrent publisher.
    Thanks for the crystal info to wear for writing and blogging.

  7. Cheryl B

    I am a beginning author of children’s books. My books are going to be a series of picture books for grades two through six on the topic of autism. I was wondering if there were any other Crystal’s that may be useful for this topic or theme. The list provided is exceptionally helpful as a starting point. Thank you Ethan!

  8. Elaine Strange

    Great information especially with the pictures to follo:I can then immediately find such a crystal. I have an urgent question relating to crystals for writing: Which one is best for horror, sci-fi, dystopian, paranormal, supernatural, crime and fantasy? it is for a special gift to a writer -friend.
    I see the nearest was Flame Aura. Any others

  9. Louise du Plessis

    Hi there Ethan.
    I am currently attempting to finish off a book which is a detective story. Could you recommend any particular crystals for this Genre?
    thanks loads

  10. allgenre writer

    Hi, great information on crystals for writers.
    I have been writing since the late 90s. I have written and published 6 books so far.
    I really want to write more compelling stories that will grow my audience base
    What crystals do you recommend for that and for finishing up all the stories I have written but have yet to complete? I have at least 20 more stories that are about 80% complete.

  11. Dawn Finnigan

    Thank you for this Article. I am writing to a member of parliament. This is a long and detailed letter. My last and only letter of trying to get some help. I’ve been putting this off for some time. I feel ready to do this now. I’ll be here for days writing it. But I feel with the positive energy’s from my crystals. Which I already have. I’ll be able to manage writing this more clear. Thank you for the advice of which crystals to use. Feeling confident.

  12. Jasper Voyce

    I have recently started on a fictional novel I’ve wanted to write a since I was a child, but motivation likes to evade me thanks to my bipolar depression. I also have a fanfiction I want to focus on as well, so I recently got a rough piece of blue apatite in the hopes that it will help in my goals. I’m still a little new to using crystals to aid with specific things rather than collecting them seemingly at random, because I have a ton of carnelian, clear quartz, some sodalite, and three large pieces of labradorite that I didn’t realize were good for writers until I read this post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  13. Cherry

    I’m also writing – or rather trying to write; Covid and lockdown aren’t exactly food for inspiration – two books, both based around dreams I had late last year. One is quite dark and has sci-fi and fantasy elements; the other has darker parts but actively involves crystals in a way few if any fictions I’ve ever read do. I of course have all the crystals you mention (though my main Smoky Quartz is a Faden and is currently tied up helping me with my AS), but I tend to find Heliodor more helpful: it has a magical way of organising my thoughts, particularly paired with Bingham Blue, Purple or Rainbow Fluorite, and helping me remember things and not make continuity errors.

    Love and Light.

  14. Suzanne Goodrich

    I am starting to write my life story in hopes that it will be a help and inspiration two other women and young girls. Thank you for writing this article about the crystals, I know I will need strength and energy from them to help me to write about such a difficult topic.

  15. Nupur

    Hey Ethan,
    I used to be able to write poems of self actualization, inspired from the stillness felt amid nature.
    I haven’t had a clear mind to meditate or write, but I was a good writer.
    What stone I can work with, to be able to write poems again?
    And how do we program them for that specific purpose? And when to reprogram?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Im not sure, I would just choose a stone that helps with mental clarity and inspiration from these crystals, like Clear Quartz or Sodalite. I’ve linked to the guide about programming crystals in the blog post above if you click the words ‘program it’.

  16. Nollaig McKeogh

    Thank you for the crystal guidance. I have a ❓
    I had a dream about clear quartz. I was writing my name and it shone brightly in large letters.
    It was my maiden name , I used my marriage name . Crystal blessings

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