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Crystals for Peace, Calm and Tranquility

Crystals for Peace, Calm and Tranquility

Crystals for Peace, Calm and Tranquility

Crystals for peace and calm could help you better handle stress or life challenges. Discover seven calming crystals to assist you in inviting more peaceful energy and tranquillity into your life or home.

Working With Crystals For Peace and Calm

I’ve put together a selection of seven of my favourite crystals for peace and calm. They all give off soothing and calming energies and can be used in any way you wish.
Find a crystal that seems like a good fit, that you are drawn to and is available to you. You can carry the stone on you, wear it in jewellery or place it in your home.

crystals for peace and calm
Crystals for peace – add Lavender essential oil to an oil burner or diffuser to create a relaxing environment

TIP: It may be helpful to handle your crystal like a worry stone. A Tumble Stone is ideal for this. When you need a calm booster, reach for your crystal, hold and tranquillity it. If you’re able to, also look at the colour and details of your stone. tranquillity all connects you with the energy of your crystal.

Crystals for peace and calm can be added to a dish and displayed in your home

“Crystals for peace and calm are a great addition to meditation, breathing exercises, Yoga or any stress reducing and calming practice.”

Crystal Care & Intentions

Make sure you cleanse the crystal before use and cleanse it regularly if you are using it often. I also find things work much better with crystals when I infuse them with my intentions. Learn more about that in How To Program a Crystal if you’re interested.

crystals for peace and tranquility
Crystals for peace, calm and tranquility


Blue Lace Agate

It’s hard not to lose yourself in the ripples of lavender blue! This form of layered blue and white Agate is so soothing and tranquil. It is becoming more expensive, especially the larger pieces but well worth adding to your crystal collection if you don’t have it.

crystals for peace - Blue lace agate
Blue Lace Agate is the lasagne of the Angels!

Candle Quartz

Candle Quartz is sometimes known as Pineapple Quartz but should not be confused with Spirit Quartz. This is a formation of milky white Snow Quartz that grows into broad crystal points. The sides are characterised by their ‘melted wax’ appearance caused by the merging of multiple crystal points.
Due to its shape and size, Candle Quartz is better for holding while meditating or placed inside the home. It emits a peaceful spiritual vibration and energy that supports relaxation and inner peace.

Candle Quartz Standing Crystal Point

Rose Quartz

This is a well loved and essential stone for anyone into crystal healing. Soft pink Rose Quartz has calming and soothing energy. Its loving energies are comforting, soft and gentle. Another tactile stone that is easy to find and affordable enough to have several forms.

A Rose Quartz Heart supports peace and harmony


Amazonite ranges from pale green to blue-green and may have lighter or white banding. Some stones show grey or black markings caused by the inclusion of Smoky Quartz. This useful crystal balances your energy and brings inner peace. Amazonite helps release stress and supports the personal healing journey.

Amazonite Tumble Stone with Smoky Quartz inclusions


For peace and calm, I recommend the traditional green, blue-green, lavender or white varieties of Jade (aka Nephrite Jade or Jadite). The shade of colour and clarity varies greatly but it usually has a waxy look. Jade carries meditative peaceful energy and encourages calmness and tranquillity on our life path.
Please be aware that Jade is often faked or mis-sold, so always buy from a reputable seller and ask questions. High-quality Jade is not cheap.

Nephrite Jade is darker green, less transluscent and cheaper than Jadite


This well-known stone ranges from sky blue to blue-green. It is always opaque and may have brown mottling or veins. Turquoise is a deep stress reducer and helps find your place of inner peace. Like Jade, some other stones are often dyed to look like Turquoise. Just remember genuine Turquoise is never cheap these days.

Turquoise is a very tactile stone


Aquamarine comes in two colours, either a blue or a sea green. It ranges from opaque to completely transparent gem quality varieties. Aquamarine has a cleansing and calming aura. This is a very relaxing water element stone. More opaque and translucent stones may have white veins and are much more affordable.

High quality natural Aquamarine crystal point


Here is a short video recap of five of these crystals for peace and calm from my YouTube channel. Subscribe for more crystal tips:

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With gratitude,

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15 thoughts on “Crystals for Peace, Calm and Tranquility

  1. Stephanie Kolb

    These are some great ones, I have all but candle quartz. For me, I’d add amethyst, lepidolite, lithium quartz, and howlite to that list. Those stones bring me a great deal of peace. Thank you for the information!

    1. Tammy

      Ethan thank you so much for the list I am going to get some of these crystals and try them out and thank you for getting back to me about this you are the only one that has got back in touch with me about this thank you once again

  2. Debra, Oklahoma

    I have all of these stones and they are very calming stones. I’ve used rose quartz for a headache and it works wonders. Another calming stone for me would be snow quartz.

    1. Cherry

      Charlyce, I love Aquamarine. (Ethan, that is one gorgeous example of the gem, it’s screaming at me even through the pic!) Aquamarine was the first ‘true’ gemstone I ever encountered, though it was followed pretty quickly by Emerald, a bewitchingly lovely 30mm × 10mm raw Russian crystal. My first Aquamarine was a natural crystal about 20mm long by 10mm wide. When I handled it the first time, it gave me a near-miracle: I’d been severely stressed out for a long time by a combination of the mean, nasty kids in my school (I was 10 years old), having just been diagnosed with Asthma, and the fact that my parents did nothing but work, eat, sleep and argue.

      As soon as the energy connection established itself, I felt something wash over me, very much like being washed clean by an ocean wave. My stress levels plummeted, my Asthma reduced… and that lovely little crystal became a ‘close personal’ which nobody else gets to touch. We’re now a third of a century on, and my dear little Aquamarine (now one of a number) is still my go-to in desperate times. Needless to say, during the lockdowns it’s had quite a lot of use!

      Love and Light.

  3. Ms. Thereasa Beck

    Hello Ethan:

    It is a pleasure to finally get another opportunity to contact you with reference to stones and their abilities. I do believe that my aura is way off since having an accident on the freeway which totaled 4 vehicles, and left me with the flu and pneumonia. I do believe I need not only the 7 stones you mentioned, but some others as well.

    Can you please mention others that will get me back in alignment and back on track with my life physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, too?

    I have tried to purchase two of your books on Amazon, but unfortunately my aura is so off, even that did not work.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond, as I am eternally grateful and extremely thankful.

    Blessings and Namasta


    1. Cherry

      Thereasa (what a lovely way to spell the name), I’m sorry to hear about your accident. That sounded pretty tough on you. Such events can easily impact our immune systems – stress, of course, is a well-known factor in reduced (or in certain cases increased) immune activity – and I think the after-effects need to be addressed on a number of levels.

      First of all, I’m sitting with a good percentage of my own crystal family, and they’re sending me a powerful message – I’m a crystal whisperer – to tell you that you should employ Tourmaline. The colour is wholly up to you, and this particular, gentle yet powerful gem comes in a huge range of colours and colour combinations. If you feel you need some protection from undesirable influences, then Black Tourmaline is a superb crystal to have at your side. For the emotional side of your experiences, Green or Pink Tourmaline – or even Classic green to pink Watermelon Tourmaline – are terrifically soothing crystals, steadying and stabilising the heart chakra. I use them extensively on the rare occasions my husband and I argue (which amounts to once every several years) because it causes the energy of my heart chakra to go haywire; I feel a physical vibration in my chest, not palpitations but chakra agitation, and those Tourmalines are excellent at stopping that effect.

      To boost your immune system, Sapphire is a great crystal. Classic Blue Sapphire will probably be best for this, because the colour is very calming while also connecting you to your guides and/or Guardian Angel.; but, again, Sapphire comes in every colour except red, so if you’re drawn to another colour, go with your gut. If Sapphire isn’t your cup of tea, Angelite has the same properties (except that Angelite is much, much softer and should never be gotten wet).

      To clear and repair your aura – which I can well understand would have been intruded upon and perhaps damaged by your accident and its aftermath – I think you should try a combination of crystals. Labradorite is amazing at sealing holes in the aura; Danburite is a fabulous purifier (I got my first Danburite crystal less than 24 hours ago, and I already feel more pure — and this is coming from someone who has Clear Quartz as one of her soul crystals); and Fluorite, aura strengthener par excellence. Like Tourmaline, Fluorite comes in a wide range and combination of colours, so you can choose which one you feel drawn to, but I recommend White/Colourless Fluorite if you’re able to obtain it. Clear Quartz is also a viable choice because it is the “universal soldier” of the crystal world, the Master Healer which can help with whatever ails you, spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.

      Love and Light.

      1. Cherry

        Sorry Thereasa, I forgot one: you would probably benefit from Clear or Silver Topaz too. It has a list of powers as long as your arm, but among them are instilling hope, supporting, giving you a place to rest easy, protection and imbuing strength. (If you need more strength, and Clear or Silver Topaz isn’t enough, then give Red Jade a try. It’s amazing for banishing fatigue.)

        One more thing I have to say here, so everyone knows the score: I’ve been working with crystals for 33 years and counting in this lifetime alone; but that does not mean my advice should supersede that of a trained medical professional. It shouldn’t. Crystals are “doctor’s little helpers”, rather than an alternative to mainstream medicine.

        Okay, now I’ve said that, I wish you a speedy healing and better fortune for the future.

        Love and Light.

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