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7 Crystals For Depression & Feeling Down

7 Crystals For Depression & Feeling Down

7 Crystals For Depression & Feeling Down

Looking for crystals for depression or feeling down in the dumps? These 7 healing crystals will help absorb negative energies and lift your mood. Let these stones elevate your mind to a more positive place.

Please Note: Although crystals help many people, they are not a substitute for proper medical treatment or a cure. Always seek help from your doctor or licensed medical practitioner for depression. Always use crystals in conjunction with any other prescribed treatments.

Now that is said, what are the best crystals for depression or feeling down? I get asked this question a lot. Depression is not an easy thing to deal with, whether you suffer from it yourself or have a friend or loved one that is currently battling. When you’re depressed or just feeling down, your vibration is low and that is something crystals can help with.
Crystals for depression and feeling down

Crystals for depression and feeling down

There are many stones you could try, but these are a few that are at the top of my list. A polished Tumble Stone or Crystal Point can be carried with you throughout the day in a small bag in your pocket. A larger crystal if available can be placed in your home, somewhere you spend lots of alone time in. Start with a small crystal and then if you find that it is helping, you could invest in a bracelet or pendant if you prefer.

Citrine or Smoky Citrine

Please use natural Citrine as it is much more effective. Citrine helps absorb negative energy, while bringing positive energy into the aura. It can help develop a more positive mindset. Smoky Citrine is not so easy to find but worth seeking out. It is natural Citrine that has a light or dark smoky hue to it, or even a smoky Phantom formation inside. Smoky Citrine is a very powerful mood lifter with a deeply detoxifying effect.
Natural Citrine is golden in colour not bright yellow or burnt orange

Natural Citrine is golden in colour not bright yellow or orange brown


Sunstone is peachy orange pink in colour and may have glittering sparkles inside. This stone is also a great mood lifter. It will infuse your emotional body with a lighter energy, leading to a more positive outlook. It is quite gentle to use if you find some crystals too strong for you.
Sunstone can is a great mood lifter

Sunstone can is a great mood lifter

Smoky Quartz

This dark and smoky to brown form of Quartz is easy to find and generally inexpensive to buy. Smoky Quartz is a popular crystal for absorbing negative energy and negative thought patterns. If carried with you or worn daily, please remember to cleanse it frequently.
Smoky Quartz is a negative energy buster

Smoky Quartz is a negative energy buster

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Rose Quartz

This is an abundantly available soft milky pink Quartz that nobody should be without. Rose Quartz can be helpful for those that suffer from depression because it is so comforting. This crystal brings in soothing and healing energy to the Heart Chakra and helps you be gentle to yourself and develop self love. A good crystal for stress management too.
Rose Quartz brings comfort and healing

Rose Quartz brings comfort and healing

Tip: Try a large piece of Rose Quartz, Sphere or Tumble Stone by your bedside. It will soothe you while you sleep.

Angel Aura

This is usually Quartz crystal treated with precious metals such as Platinum and Silver, creating an iridescent pastel colour sheen. It is also known as Opal Aura. Simply holding this crystal will raise your vibration instantly. Angel Aura helps lift dark moods and brings you hope. If you feel unloved or lonely, let it be your Guardian Angel.
Angel Aura Quartz raises your vibration

Angel Aura Quartz raises your vibration


Carnelian is a waxy looking stone with orange, white and red colours. It is an excellent crystal for anyone who lacks the will to make positive changes in their life. It helps motivate you to take proactive action steps. Carnelian gives you a bit of an energy boost and is also good for reducing anxiety too.
Carnelian brings you increased motivation

Carnelian brings you increased motivation


Amethyst ranges from pale lavender to deep purple, clear to opaque. Many people find this violet crystal to be hugely helpful for depression. Amethyst is deeply cleansing, it transmutes negative energies to positive energy. It heals on a deep level, especially with feelings of emotional pain and that empty feeling when placed or worn over the Heart Chakra area.
Amethyst is cleansing and deeply healing

Amethyst is cleansing and deeply healing

If you have any success with these crystals for depression or feeling down, please share it. I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
If you’re interested in learning more about crystals and Crystal Healing do check out my FREE Crystal Healing Resources page.
With gratitude,
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48 thoughts on “7 Crystals For Depression & Feeling Down

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Joy, they have a filtration effect and the golden ones bring in positive energy so yes I am sure they are helpful. Any clear crystal or one used for negative thought patterns or emotions will need regular cleansing im afraid.

      1. Basil

        How do you this cleansing? Do you have to wear the crystals or can you just place them on your body, hold them in you hand for benefit?

  1. Jean

    Hello.. I just want to know if it is really need to clean always the gemstone which I always use or wear everyday? And how do I know that my gems stone is working or not? Is it okey to wear my rose quarts, jade,and amethyst bracelate together in my left hand side?

  2. Sharon

    So, glad I found this on Pinterest. I’m needing help with overwhelm, depression, anxiety, stress, because of my helping others, before helping myself. It’s been building, so, I’m so happy to find this natural help. Yay!

    1. Heather

      Hi Sharon,

      I just read your comment and it sounds like we’re in similar situations. So I was wondering if the crystals helped you feel better? And if they did, could you tell me which ones and any other advise you may have learned since having the crystals. I would greatly appreciate it! I’m in desperate need of help (over the last 10 years I’ve tried almost every antidepressant there is and I have just continued to get worse. To where I am now. Almost 32, moved back home with my mom, can’t work but also don’t have the energy to fill out the disability application. I’ve been stuck in this Ruth for over 5 years and something HAS to change! I feel like I’m half-way dead)! I’m really hoping crystals will help at least some. I really hope they have been working for you and that your feeling better. I look forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you so much.



      1. Tiff

        Hi Heather.. I read your comment and wanted to offer a recommendation, as it sounds like we’ve experienced some similar struggles.. I’m still learning about crystals/gems myself, but I’ve been using rose quartz and amethyst regularly and I do notice a difference. But you have to put in the work; as long as I focus and do my meditations with the stones, daily, I feel them. I’ve also started smudging myself any my home, which is great to clear negativity and actually clean and sanitize the air. I found a shop on Etsy called Smudgesickles, they personally charge smudge bundles and quartz for your specific requests. And the shop owner is very sweet and patient and answered all of my questions. I truly hope this helps you find some peace and starts you on your path to healing.

  3. Sarah

    Great article!! I would also add Florite to this list as a balancing crystal. It has helped tremendously with my depression and anxiety. Balance is so important to keep from experiencing a yoyo effect.

  4. Malika

    Ethan thank you for this article!
    Ive also found that a combo of Imperial Topaz, Sunstone and citrine work WONDERS! I call it my happy trio!

  5. Tracey Swabey

    Hi. My friend brought me a Amethyst to go into hospital with. I had my ovaries/tubes removed for severe PMS which I have suffered with since I was 17….I am now 48. I had been on anti depressants for years and gone through many treatments for depression ……my life has been a rollerror coaster for most of my life…..not a very nicentral one!!……when I came out of the op I went into a surgical menopause which brings it’s own problems!!…..the insomnia was awful…..I then remembered the amethyst and put it under my pillow every night….I sleep well now and feel a calmness within myself. Xx

    1. Nicole

      I suffered from horrific nightmares due to PTSD and I wake up off and on all night. I put two Amethyst in my pillow case. I was incredibly skeptical even though I work with crystals all the time in my day to day. Since I put those crystals in my pillow case the nightmares have pretty much stopped all together. I sleep better and I dont wake up as frequently and my morning mood is better.

  6. Xxaire

    The effect of Sunstone on my feeling down about not being appreciated was noticeably improved within minutes…. it started to neutralize my thinking and allowed me to focus on other things. ITT could be a placebo effect, but was amazing all the same!

  7. JoAnn Ice

    I have ALWAYS, believed in crystals and their powers & I’m 67..
    My boyfriend, of 15 years passed then my dog had ta B put down.
    Terribly distrot, I turned to my Rose Crystal, and slept with it several nights along with wearing it in my bra by my heart. The Comfort, calming, and relief I gained from it was a miracle. I clean all my crystals with sea salt water to rejuvenate them and sit them on my bedroom sill so the energy from the full moon can recharge them. My crystals R Very, precious to me. Stones have great value along with being, oh, so, Beautiful.. Awesome of U to spread the words of the stones…
    Call it, “Romancing the Stone”

  8. Enn

    My son is depressed and has a very volatile temper when irritated, he takes anti depressants and so do I due to family problems
    What crystals can we wear and use
    Is it ok to wear crystals with real gem stones ie wedding ring etc

    1. Jennifer

      Rose Quartz and black tourmaline would be my suggestions. I find the tourmaline helps tame the rage I feel and the Rose Quartz fills your heart with comfort and love. It’s a beautiful combo. I pray your family heals and feels better. And yes can be worn with your wedding rings etc.

    1. Cherry

      Oh, Lithium Quartz is amazing stuff!

      Consider (not to minimise anyone else’s suffering; I can only relate things from my own perspective): Ankylosing Spondylitis and comorbid conditions i.e. Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, knackered joints (last evening my knees were making the same noise when I walked as a lager can does when you crush it, yikes!), my rib cage not spreading properly so I can’t breathe correctly; asthma and hay fever on top of that; random localised inflammation; muscle aches and pains. Basically, a lot of things hurting really badly the majority of the time, plus loss of mobility and, sometimes, a serious problem getting adequate air.

      That – without, as I mentioned, wishing to minimise anyone else’s situation – is my daily life, except in the winter when the hay fever at least sods off! Being in that degree of pain, and having that much trouble breathing, is not an easy thing to live with, especially knowing as I do that there aren’t any really effective pharmaceutical treatments. Emotional disturbances, although most unwelcome, are fairly commonplace, and my usually placid temper has turned into blowing up like a fuel-air bomb from pain and stress. I do try hard to control it, because it isn’t fair to the people around me, but I don’t always succeed.

      So last year, I was drawn – compelled might be a better word – to purchase a Lithium Quartz crystal. It’s a cute little thing, nicely translucent with the termination being a soft, delicate shade of mauve, a colour I’m fond of in any case. It’s only about 14mm long by 4mm wide, and when I received it in the post, cleansed and bonded with it, it precipitated a big change. Almost straight away, my placid temperament came back, and my mood lifted dramatically whenever I handled it; it wasn’t that effective as regards the pain (which wasn’t the reason I bought it anyway), but it was a quite incredible help with the emotional and psychological sides of my situation. The only problem I had was that it’s much too small for a pocket crystal.

      So it practically ordered me to make it into a pendant. (Good solution!)

      I did, and now, secure in a setting, it’s with me most of the time. My patience has improved dramatically, my mood is miles better, I mind interacting with people a lot less… sometimes (though I’m still cautious, because COVID is still out there and people can be downright clumsy) I don’t blow up any more, I can sit and endure the pain knowing that “this too shall pass”.

      I would absolutely love to get hold of a larger one, maybe 50mm by 10mm or so (you know the Quartzes, they come in different length to width ratios) which I can have in my pocket or the palm of my hand.

      The only downside of Lithium Quartz, for me, is that it can be almost too soothing, coming close to making me seem stoned. Not that that’s such a bad thing (certainly better than actually getting stoned)!

      Love and Light.

  9. Nadia

    Hello Ethan
    My son has depression and irritability and flares up sometimes for no reason and gets very very angry what stone is best for him please ?

  10. Ivana spindler

    I know this may sound very silly to say the least, but I have to ask. What is the best place to buy crystals, and how do I know they are “real”?
    Can they even be “fake”?
    Thank you

  11. CJ

    Hi I have stumbled upon this post searching for help for myself as I have been feeling low and for my young son who seems to inhibit signs of ADHD (although this is undiagnosed) he also has a terrible temper when he becomes frustrated. Which crystals do you recommend he use for school and at home? I hope this post is still active. Thanks in advance

    1. Mercy

      For ADHD, grounding stones like smoky quartz and red jasper do wonders for me. And raw ruby—ruby stimulates people without ADHD but calms those of us with it. It’s like nature’s adderall 🙂

  12. MLS

    I have read the article and the comments. I have suffered depression for most of my life. I am on high dose of ant-depressants and I feel worse instead of better. I feel blah, have no will to anything, can just barely exist. I push myself to go to work, literally, and I just am barely getting by there. I don’t h e energy for laundry, eating, taking a bath,anything. Yet, if you asked me what is wrong, I couldn’t tell you. I have no explanation for why I feel this way. I read someone was in their 30’s or 40’s… dealing with this. I’m in my 60’s, still living with my father who is 93, and I am working, but as I said, barely. It’s a struggle every day. What do I dot o get out of this huge funk I have been in for most of my life? I don’t understanding what cleansing is, or half of what is being talked about. I guess i’m Really new to all this. Is there a beginner’s class?

  13. Margaret

    Aha! Something happened that disturbed my equilibrium, had me feeling blue., so I reached out to my crystal stuff and grabbed the carnelian/pyrite/quartz bracelet and slipped it on. This was the first time I’ve actually felt an immediate reaction (results are usually more subtle and over time) It was like the reverse of a rush…. more like an immediate flush!
    I just found time to look what stones might be best, and, there, on your site, was carnelian. How about that!

  14. Nicole

    I am new in the healing stones/crystals, read a lot and get quite confused… Can you put all sort of stones on your body and let the crystal do the work but how do I know if it works?

    1. Cherry

      Nicole, that’s a good method, and is the way crystal healers often work — you may have heard the term ‘body layout’ or similar, and that’s exactly what you described: putting crystals on your body and letting their energies go to work on your needs, whatever they might be.

      I used one just the other day: my menstrual cycle was late and causing me a lot of problems, plus my AS was giving me merry h*ll. I set two good sized pieces of Snowflake Obsidian on my pelvis, one on each hip joint, a Carnelian on my navel, and used a large Smoky Quartz point with a Faden inclusion in it (a diffuse-looking fracture that looks somewhat like a thread of wool and is excellent for joint and bone problems) to direct my intent and energy towards getting my cycle to start (getting it over with).

      The next morning, it started.

      However, crystal jewellery can achieve the same result, provided the crystal either has direct contact with your skin, or is set in metal which has direct contact with your skin (they can transmit their energies through metal really easily). Plus, for a healing layout, you have to keep quite still, whereas once you’re wearing your crystal, you can go about your day. I wore a Carnelian pendant that day, just to keep some of the energy of the layout flowing.

      The results of crystal energy aren’t always immediate, or even perceptible — it all depends on your crystals, your own knowledge, and your aims. I will give you one very important heads up: *go with your gut when it comes to crystals*. Just as with medicine, the effects and efficacy of crystals are never the same for any two people. For example, Ethan recommends not sleeping with Amethyst close by – and he’s right in many cases as it’s such a potent psychic stimulator, it can give severe insomnia and/or very strange dreams – but I sleep with five Amethysts under my pillow, sometimes cuddling one of them (usually my Brandberg Amethyst Sceptre, or a gorgeous 60mm piece which is great against nocturnal headaches from strong painkillers). I also have under there three Citrines (one heat treated and two untreated), three Heliodors, two Fluorite octahedra, several Clear Quartzes, a Rutilated Quartz, an Elestial, a Crackle Quartz, an Enhydro, Azeztulite, Golden Healed Quartz, two Labradorites and a gorgeous 15cm tall, 4lb Clear Quartz, which helps support my neck.

      And that’s not counting my pendants: Emerald, Lithium Quartz, Diamond, Goshenite, Indicolite, Sky-Blue Topaz, Labradorite, Petalite, Larimar, Black Star Diopside and Black Tourmaline.

      Yeah. I need my crystal friends by my side constantly, which runs counter to the advice you’ll likely find online saying to give yourself crystal-free time every day. Nope… Not gonna happen.

      Take everything you read with a pinch of salt until it’s tried and tested; and enjoy the journey!

      Love and Light.

  15. Felicia

    I wear Amethyst and Rose Quartz daily. Also Rainbow Moonstone and Clear Quartz too. So far since I’ve warn them I have felt better than I have in a long time. I am bipolar and deal with anxiety everyday. Rose Quartz helps with accepting myself as I am and the Amethyst helps with much more. I highly recommend wearing these two Crystal’s if you are dealing with depression, anxiety, etc.

  16. Cynda

    I have been having some trouble with ongoing depression and gemstones are my greatest help and defense. I call them my stone people. My stone friends. I woke one day in an extreme state of depression, with under current thoughts of suicide. I immediately looked for a gemstone to help and I found this article. Immediately I found 4 or five smoky crystals around my desk, along with two necklaces and earrings. Slowly, slowly I began to trend to a balanced state that even opened portals of how to begin to remedy these constant bouts of depression. I have been turning to my stones for so long they continue to be a great help and comfort.

  17. Renata

    I have a good experience with sunstone as an elevator of low mood and depression. I have sunstone pendant with visible sparkle in like rainbow colours, which I use to rub in my fingers and it works for me instantly. I love it’s texture and weight as real sunstone feels heavier than other gemstones I own, which I find also very comforting. Overall sunstone makes me happy!

  18. Abebi S.

    I’ve had excellent experiences with Amethyst and Citrine. Finally, (alongside my pharmaceutical help) I have had less depressive and anxiety-induced episodes. And, the ones that I do have are lessened greatly in intensity.

    This post has actually inspired my Christmas/Yule presents for my partners and friends for this year. <3

  19. abbas

    I was depressed 9 years after my divorce, my doctor’s medication did not calm down, I eventually became convinced of the power of the stones, and with the use of turquoise, carnaline and citrus, I felt a significant improvement.

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