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How To Make A Crystal Grid For Protection (Free Template)

How To Make A Crystal Grid For Protection (Free Template)

How To Make A Crystal Grid For Protection (Free Template)

Learn how to make a Crystal Grid for protection. Download my FREE Printable Crystal Grid Template and harness the power of your crystals. Create a crystalline shield of light to protect yourself or someone else.
You may need a few crystals for this (Wait, did I just give you an excuse to shop for more crystals?…) You will also need some space where your crystals will not be easily disturbed. Lets get started…

How I Used a Crystal Grid For Protection

I have a friend whose son was experiencing what seemed to be some kind of psychic attack. This was scary for them and nothing seemed to make it stop so they asked me if I had any ideas. I quickly made a crystal grid using protection crystals. I placed the name of her son under the central stone. Within a few hours the situation reduced and then suddenly stopped.

When to Use This Crystal Grid

I designed this Crystal Grid for Psychic Protection. This can be for yourself or someone else who has asked for help. It can block Psychic Attacks, Harmful Energies and Negative Entities. The grid can also help shield you from negative attention from others.
Psychic protection quote

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How Crystal Grids work

Crystal Grids use crystals and sacred geometry to focus and amplify your intentions. Many people find gridding to be a powerful and effective tool. A Crystal Grid can broadcast your intentions out into the Universe. There is no one right way to create or use a Crystal Grid.
“The chosen crystals, placements, numbers and the geometry that make up a Crystal Grid all have their role and purpose”
They are like the ingredients of a cake. Of course you can replace the crystals and create your own grids. But when you follow a set template, like a recipe for a cake it is always going to have more predictable results.
To make this a little easier for you I have included some good substitute crystals for this grid which will work just as well. Always go with your intuition. If the Black Tourmaline does not feel right for you, and you are drawn to the Apache Tears. Then use Apache Tears. This will be a better fit for you and will work just as well, if not better.
Crystal grids book by Ethan Lazzerini

There’s lots of simple to more advanced crystal grids (with free templates) in my bestselling book. Click the photo for more info!

Select Your Stones

For this Crystal Grid For Protection you will need the following crystals (A handy Crystal Checklist also appears on the printable Crystal Grid Template).

What You Will Need:

1 x Clear Quartz Crystal Point or Wand.
1 x Medium to large Amethyst or Clear Quartz or your Guardian Stone. In the form of a Standing Crystal Point, Sphere, Pyramid or Large Tumble Stone.
6 x Black Tourmaline Crystals, shards or Tumble Stones. Or use Apache Tear, Smoky Quartz or Black Obsidian.
6 x Hematite Tumble Stones. Or use golden or red Tiger’s Eye or Almandine Garnets.

Using Guardian Stones In Your Crystal Grid

If you have read my Free Ebook Discover Your Guardian Stone you will know how to use Astrology to select yourself a personal crystal for protection. This same system can be used to find a Guardian Stone for someone else if you have their birth details.
Some Guardian Stones may not be easily available as Points or some of the other cuts. It is perfectly acceptable to use a large Tumble Stone.
Just make sure this crystal is bigger than the other crystals placed on the Crystal Grid. It does not have to be bigger than the Quartz Crystal Point or Wand. This is only used to activate the Crystal Grid.
Please Note: If your Guardian Stone is Black Tourmaline or Hematite then you already have its power built into this Crystal Grid. In this case you would use a Clear Quartz or Amethyst as the central stone.

Using The Crystal Grid Template

I have made you a printable Crystal Grid Template which you can use to arrange your stones. I have incorporated carefully chosen high vibration colours (violet, blue and silver) into the template for spiritual protection. I also used repeating words like a mantra within the geometry to further charge the crystals with the desired purpose.
Don’t worry if you do not have a printer or do not wish to use my template. Just use the template as a visual guide to placement. The template is free to download instantly 🙂. No need to enter your email address or sign up for anything.
Just download the PDF file by clicking the link below. Print it out in colour with a ‘fit to page’ setting on white paper or card if you have some.

Crystal Grid Template for Protection


Placing Your Crystals:

1. First cleanse your crystals in your prefered way (Read How to Cleanse Your Crystals if needed)
2. Write the name of the person to be protected within the blue circle in the middle of the grid. If you are not using my template then write it on a small piece of paper.
3. Place the Amethyst, Quartz or Guardian Stone in the middle of the grid on top of the blue circle and name.
4. Next place the six Black Tourmalines, Apache Tears or Black Obsidian crystals on the six violet circles.
5. Lastly on the outer ring place the six Hematites or Pyrite crystals on the six blue circles.
Crystal Grid for Protection

This Crystal Grid for Protection uses an Amethyst Point in the center

Activating Your Crystal Grid

It’s important to program the crystals in a Crystal Grid. You are going to be programming many crystals with the same intention using a separate Quartz Crystal Point or Wand. Plus this crystal is used to link up the crystals and ‘activate‘ the grid.
I know this sounds a little Star Trek but it gets easier once you have done it a few times. First get clear about your intention for the grid.

Activating Method:

1.  Close your eyes while holding your activation crystal. Focus on the crystal and your intention for a few moments.
2. Open your eyes and point the tip of the crystal towards the top of the central crystal in your grid.
3. Visualise a beam of white light leaving your activation crystal and going into the central crystal.
4. Say to yourself or out loud an affirmation of your intention to program the crystal. Try something like this (Also appears on my grid template):
“I program this Crystal Grid and Shield of Light to Protect …………. from all forms of harm.”
5. Still focusing on your intention trace a straight line with the activation crystal from the central crystal outwards towards one of the crystals in the inner part of the grid. Repeat for each of these crystals. Visualise a beam of light joining up the crystals like spokes of a wheel. 
6. Now point the activation crystal at all the crystals in the inner part of the grid. Go around clockwise in a circle joining them together.
7. Then do the same thing as you connect the central crystal with all the crystals in the outer ring of the grid. Trace a line out to them, one by one. Complete this by connecting all the crystals to each other by going around the outer ring in a circle.

What Next?

Your Crystal Grid for Protection is now fully activated and working away. You may wish to cleanse the crystals once a month if it is out for a long time.
Remember to deactivate your grid before using the crystals for anything else. See my article on Deactivating Your Crystal Grid for more info
If you’re interested in learning more about Crystal Grids and Sacred Geometry, check out my new book Crystal Grids Power.
If you make this Crystal Grid I would love to see it. Please share a photo of it and tag me on Instagram or post to my Facebook Page. Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response.
If you know anyone who may be interested in this article please share the link with them or use one of the sharing buttons at the end of this post.
With gratitude,
Copyright © Ethan Lazzerini


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32 thoughts on “How To Make A Crystal Grid For Protection (Free Template)

  1. Toni Bergemann

    I am just a learner so I appreciate the advice and help. I have one question (at least for now, lol) Do all the stones in the grid have to be the same or can you use stones that resonate with you and have similar properties, ie, rainbow obsidian and mahogany obsidian and others in the protection circle

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Toni, this is my recommended combination of crystals for this grid and this has been tried and tested. You can substitute other protective stones if you’re confident doing that but it will be a little different. In my book Crystal Grids Power I offer suggested substitute crystals to my readers.

  2. Pav

    I am wondering what I should do with a “wish/manifestation” that I put under the center stone after I take the grid down? What do I do with the piece of paper afterwards? 🙂

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Great question Pav! I think it is up to you. You could keep it and place it in a journal. Or if you like ceremonial methods you can burn it, symbolicly releasing it. Or hold it in your hands, thank the crystals for their work and put in in the paper recycling.

  3. Danielle

    Good morning! Can this also be used for protection again a person? Or is there something different I can do that would be more effective? Thank u for ur time.

  4. Erica

    Hi Ethan I am wondering if you can make a combo grid for husband and wife or do I need two separate grids? I seem to have people who are stubbornly persistent and will not leave us alone. Thank you for your time putting together this website.

  5. Cláudia Leitão

    I would like to download the grids, but only some of them.
    How can I do all of the ones you have on your page.
    Thanks for listening

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Claudia, I am not sure I know what you mean. This article just has the grid template for this grid, the same with other blog posts. If you mean the grid templates that came with my book that is a single file containing all the templates and you print what you want.

  6. Pingback: Free Crystal Grid Templates to download and print - Ethan Lazzerini

  7. jp

    Hi Ethan,

    Thank you so much for answering my previous question. I appreciate it. What is the different between this grid with the one with black tourmaline for each corner of the house and the red tiger’s eye. Can you use either one or both together or not? Which one is better?

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Like recipes, there are many different grids with the same intention. They are just options, different ones may suit different people. This is a regular general protection grid that is usually used to protect a person. A location-based grid would protect a room or your home and anyone inside that location at the time. You could still use both if you really wanted to.

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thank you. I go into detail on this in my book but otherwise any flat surface where it is unlikely to be disturbed. Avoid bathrooms and don’t put it too close to big electrical appliances like TV’s etc.

  8. JP

    Thank you so much for replying, I appreciate it. Thank you for all the information. Can you add selenite with the black tourmaline (and or maybe hematite) or black tourmaline, with white quartz and selenite for the four corner of the house and the red’s tiger eye at the front of the door?

  9. MK

    Hi there how long does the grid have to be up to be of help to someone. Can you take it down once there is improvement. If protecting more.than one person do you put all the names in the middle.

  10. Mia Brito

    Thank you! I was wondering if this same grid with different crystals( Citrine, Malachite, Jade, Peridot)could be used to manifest the purchase of a house? And if so, in which format would I lay them out?

    Thank you in advance for all your help.

  11. Cindy

    Hi Ethan!
    I have learned a lot from your books, website and emails. I have your books, “Crystal Healing For The Chakras” and “Crystal Grids Power”. I consider you to be a trusted source for information.
    My question is, will this grid be effective if printed in black & white? My son will be deployed soon and I would like to set up a protection grid for him. He did not ask for help however, but I brought him into this world and have a sense of responsibility, even though he’s a grown man. I had looked up his Guardian stone awhile back and was blown away when you suggested to use Amethyst or your Guardian stone. His is Amethyst! Coincidence or synchronicity? This world is truly amazing! Crystals have certainly changed my life since I began using them. Thanks again Ethan!

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Thanks for the positive feedback and for getting my books, I really appreciate it. You can still use the grid template in black and white if you don’t have a colour printer as the geometric arrangement is the most important thing really.

  12. starseed

    Hi Ethan,
    I really enjoy your grid info. My question is, can we use smoky quartz instead of clear quartz?
    Thanks very much!

  13. Bea Robbins

    Dear Ethan
    The first book of yours I read is Crystal Grids Power.
    I was so impressed I immediately purchased the other 2.
    Now I am about to put a grid together, I find I am unable to print your grids.
    It said black and white when I went to print it. I was happy, because I don’t have color ink in my old printer.
    Alas, the paper was “blank” when it exited my printer.
    However, when I clicked on a grid, it showed purple & blue. Is this my problem?
    1) Do I need colour ink to print them?
    As well, I could not access the downloads per instructions in your book at
    So, I went to your newsletters, I have saved, and found 3 to print.
    2) How do you access the single file of grids templates from your book?
    Your reply to #7 Claudia that they could be printed separately. So far, I am unable to access them.
    Thank you for all the information packed newsletter you send out.
    You are also my hero. I am so blessed to have chosen your crystal grid book over all the others.
    Thank you for your help
    L&L from Canada

    1. Ethan Lazzerini Post author

      Hi Bea,
      Thanks for getting my books, sorry to hear you have had some trouble. The individiual grid templates like this one are not the ones in my book. This one here is a full colour grid but a black and white printer should still print it. Nobody has reported this before so it might be your settings, printer or computer.

      The link you posted above is not in my book, which is why it wont work. The link you need appears in bold text at the start of chapter 8. The only way to access it is to use that link but it has to be typed exactly as its shown or it wont work. If you have any more questions just send me an email and I will get back to you there. Take care

  14. Bea Robbins

    Happy dance. Once I saw my error by omitting a word, it worked beautifully. Thank you for your help.
    My eyes are in desperate need of healing….now I have your books, the grids and crystals are on their way.
    Thank you, thank you thank you.

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