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Activate Your Upper Chakras with Crystals

Activate Your Upper Chakras with Crystals

Activate Your Upper Chakras with Crystals

Learn the Chakra Hacks to open or activate ALL your Upper Chakras with just one crystal. Awaken your spiritual power, sharpen communication skills and enhance your intuition with any of these four powerful chakra crystals!

Your Upper Chakras

First let me define what I mean by ‘Upper Chakras’. The Upper Chakras are all the Major Chakras, from and including the Heart Chakra up to the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. They include the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra (See the Chakra Chart diagram below).
There are also chakras above the Crown Chakra that I call the ‘Higher Chakras’. We will focusing on just the Major Chakras within the physical body here.


Chakra System Chart

The Upper Chakras start above the Solar Plexus Chakra

What Your Upper Chakras Do

Your Upper Chakras concern themselves with more spiritual concepts and abilities. They deal with things from emotions, psychic abilities to your connection to the divine. They also rule the mind and communication. These are non-physical aspects of ourselves and less mundane than the Lower Chakras. Lets look at why you might wish to activate this Chakra Group:


3 Reasons To Activate Your Upper Chakras:

1 – To tap into your Inner Wisdom
2 – To awaken your Psychic Abilities
3 – To live a more Spiritual or Conscious life


Activate Your Upper Chakras with Crystals. 4 Hacks to awaken your spiritual power!

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Introducing The Chakra Hacks:

All crystals resonate with different chakras, but some crystals will work with several chakras at once. You don’t have to carry or wear lots of different crystals if you use these multi-tasking stones. The following carefully selected crystals will activate ALL of your Upper Chakras. So you would only need one crystal. These Chakra Hacks are perfect for aspiring Buddhas and Avatars on the go!


Tip: If possible try to wear, carry or place these crystals somewhere in the upper body area.


Crystals to Activate ALL Your Upper Chakras:



Well known and well loved, Amethyst is an essential crystal that goes a long way. This violet stone opens the Crown Chakra and activates all the Upper Chakras to allow spiritual energies to circulate between them. It is particularly good for psychic abilities and spiritual development.


Amethyst Crystal Point for Psychic Abilities

Amethyst crystals are easily available


Blue John

Blue John is a form of indigo blue and purple Fluorite from England. It may also have white and yellow banding. You can substitute this with Fluorite crystals which have deep blue and purple colouring. These crystals breathe life into your Upper Chakras and activate your self expression and deep psychic insights.


Blue John Crystal

My very dark Blue John Crystal



Azeztulite is a mostly white form of Quartz crystal which carries a very high vibration. All genuine Azeztulite these days now comes with a small certificate of authenticity. This crystal fills your Upper Chakras with pure white light. It stimulates these chakras and connects you with your spiritual nature and higher consciousness.


Azeztulite Crystal

Azeztulite Crystal’s are usually not large in size

Gibeon Meteorite

This stone comes from actual meteorites dug up in an area of Namibia, Africa. They are silvery with triangular geometric criss cross patterns throughout. Gibeon Meteorite gives your Upper Chakras wings! Its galactic energies connects you with the Universe and supports personal transformation.


Gibeon Meteorite

A small Gibeon Meteorite pendant I have


I hope these Chakra Hack crystals will awaken your spiritual energies. If you want to learn more about crystals and the Chakra System check out my book Crystal Healing For The Chakras. Learn how to use crystals to cleanse, balance and activate all your chakras.
If your interested in learning more about crystal healing do check out my Beginners Guides and other helpful articles in the Resources section by clicking Here.
Let me know of your experience with these chakra crystals. I would love to hear from you, so let me know in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
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